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Derealization Is a Type of Dissociation That Can Make You Feel Like You Are in a Movie Derealization is a form of dissociation that causes the world around you to feel like a dream or a movie and is often caused by trauma or overwhelming emotional experiences.

Why Most of Us Will Never Win Arguments Facts and accusations won't win anyone over. This might.

Workplace bullying: 'Fear is the biggest factor' A quarter of employees think their firm turns a blind eye to workplace harassment, says a report.

Aroha's Way

Following on from my last post.... crying is good for you 😭 Please allow your children (and yourself and other adults) to cry. It releases emotions in the most natural and beautiful way 💜 Instead of saying, ‘you’re okay’ maybe we could say, ‘let it out.’
In our new book, Let It Go, we talk about sadness and show a boy crying. Our children need to be able to express their emotions in healthy ways and not made to feel like crying is weak.

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Brain Pickings

On Elizabeth Gilbert's birthday, her gorgeous, steadying, life-tested wisdom on loss and love:


How Trauma Hijacks a Client’s Memory, with Peter Levine

Peter Levine PhD looks at 3 ways a traumatic experience can alter a person's memory.

Peter is is the developer of Somatic Experiencing, and is one of the world's leading experts on treating trauma and PTSD.

Here, he details what can happen to the hippocampus when a person is in a traumatic state. He looks at the effect trauma has on a person's short term memory, and how you can recognize this connection during a psychotherapy session.

Peter also shares how trauma can affect emotional memory as well as episodic memory. This can be vital information to add to your overall strategy for healing trauma.

Like Minds, Like Mine

One of the first questions people ask when a loved one is going through mental distress or illness is, "but how can I help?"

Being there for someone in distress is sometimes the opposite of what we might think. We might think we have to have medical training or all the answers; but in reality, having all the "answers" can be really frustrating for a friend or whānau member who just wants to be heard.

When someone tells you about their distress or tough times, focus on trying to hear them rather than 'fix' them.

This beautiful infographic by Keeley Shaw Art shows how it's done

An Exercise to Boost the Brain's Natural Anti-Anxiety Drug? - NICABM Is there an exercise that can boost feel-good chemicals in your brain while reducing anxiety and improving your mood? The answer is yes – it’s yoga. Now yoga isn’t the only exercise that’s been shown to be effective in reducing anxiety, but Chris Streeter, MD and her colleagues from the Bost...

Mental Health Matters Wales

The Brené Brown Approach to Being Enough The Power of Embracing Vulnerability

The 3 unconscious fears stopping you from finding love Anita Chaudhuri examines meaningful and fulfilling romantic connection and, with the help of experts, identifies three unconscious worries that may be standing in the way of you finding and keeping the love you deserve

Patrick Walden Psychotherapy


Anger can be a challenging emotion to work through.

Sometimes our anger can be frightening. Or, maybe we consider it inappropriate to even feel this way at all.

Not only that, when anger is misdirected, it often leads to poor choices, damaged relationships, and even violence.

So what’s really going on in the brain and body when anger is triggered?


Why your ‘weak-tie’ friendships may mean more than you think Close friends are important – but research shows that building networks of casual acquaintances can boost happiness, knowledge and a sense of belonging.

Why Parental Estrangement Is Sometimes Unavoidable ... and why some families are able to heal while others cannot.

8 Keys to Getting Over a Rough Breakup 2. Focus on the relationships that help you thrive.

Why Sociopaths Are So Dangerous, and So Hard to Identify

The Many Stages of Recognizing Maternal Abuse Feelings of powerlessness and self-doubt, before finding acceptance.

Janet Lansbury

Aroha's Way

Behaviour is another form of communication. As an adult, we can help our children learn to find what’s underneath, what’s actually going on. Learning at a young age will help them as they grow to regulate their emotions and know they aren’t ‘bad’ or ‘naughty’.

Happy ever after: 25 ways to live well into old age Determined to enjoy longer and healthier lives, two women researched the science to find the key. Here, they share what they discovered

Why Some People Can't Stand Being Alone but Others Embrace It ... and why solitude agrees with the authentic and autonomous.

Personality Disorders Awareness Network (PDAN)

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Counselling and Psychotherapy

Why Exercise Is Such a Powerful Tool for Fighting Anxiety Perhaps the simplest, cheapest, and most effective treatment we know.

Leave those kids alone: 'helicopter parenting' linked to behavioural problems Children with over-controlling parents aged two struggled to manage their emotions later in life, study finds

How to Tell That a Partner is Gaslighting You Deflecting, manipulating, and flipping criticism.

8 Physical Ways to Diffuse Anxiety When Breathing Won't Work In moments of panic where anxiety feels like it’s past the point of no return, techniques that are physical or sensory-oriented can snap you back to the moment. Here are eight small and simple physical ideas for getting your mind and its racing thoughts and back into your body and reality.

It’s time to tune in: why listening is the real key to communication Whether at work or at home, success depends on how good a listener you are

Why You Should Be Wary of Someone Who Calls Their Ex “Crazy” ... and why partners with strong emotions, especially women, may be dismissed as "crazy."

How To Know If You Can Trust Someone - Brené Brown - BRAVING

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The Addict in All of Us An Interview with Gabor Maté

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