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Katie is amazing. She is so much gifted. Highly recommend her
I'm all about the love!!
I just watched this tonight and it makes so incredibly excited about what an amazing system Bodytalk is that I use in my clinic every day and how, you can take people out of fight and flight and get to the route causes of illness and not just treat a symptom. If you get the chance, watch this doco. It really hits home how important the mind body connection is in healing chronic illnesses, pain and disease. I have experienced it my self healing from an auto immune disease, chronic pain, food allergies and a brain injury. None of which was because of traditional medicine.

Hi, We are The Good Work Collective.We are passionate about using Energy Medicine to help bring you body in to balance in every way.

Hi, We are The Good Work Collective.We are passionate about using Energy Medicine to help bring you body in to balance in every way.

A beautiful example of how our energy and theirfor our immune system can be affected by fear.. just check in with what you are letting into your thoughts and your reality at this time... you can choose to not consume sources of media and information 😊

21-Day Tapping & Affirmations Program your mind for success with EFT & Affirmations



The Light BEings of Earth will join together for the largest Mass Meditation ever during the 2020 StarGate which opens on April 4th to Clean Up the Energy on the surface.

All 4.5 billion StarSeeds of Earth are BEing called to come together in a Mass Global Meditation on April 4th, 2020 when this incredible Celestial STARGATE Opens.

This Meditation will create the largest Global Conscious Cohesion ever achieved on this planet and is for the purpose of Manifesting Unity and to stop the cabal coronavirus in its tracks.

The exact moment of the Mass Global Meditation and Focus time for the StarSeeds of Earth is:

April 4th, 2020 at 07:45 PDT
April 5th, 2020 at 02:45 UTC

Do your part Great Ones.

This is our Great Hour.

with Sacred LOVE of ONEness,

~ 💜 ~

Breathe to Release, Heal, and Transform

In Chinese medicine the best thing you can do is keep your lung qi strong which helps your energy and immune system be in an optimal state. Breathwork is one of the most amazing ways to do this!

My lovely friend Lynn is doing a free breathwork session to help with this ❤ Join Lyn for an online breathwork experience to help release the stress and emotion you are feeling right now and to support your lung function.

BodyTalk Session for Stress Reduction & Immune System Support

When you are in fear and stressed it weakens your immune system!

Here is a free session to help your body mind deal with these crazy times 🙂

Free BodyTalk Session: Reducing Stress & Supporting Your Immune System

BodyTalk is a system of Energy Medicine which taps into the bodymind's natural inborn capacity to heal & repair. This session was originally conducted on March 19, 2020 as a way to support people during the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. Even though you're watching this video after the fact, it will still have impact.

Typically BodyTalk sessions are conducted one-on-one & are oftentimes done in person. However, the sessions are also very effective when done by phone or video & also when pre-recorded - which is how I typically work with clients in Europe, Asia, Africa & Australia. And because this session is for anyone & everyone, the session itself is of a more global nature - something which everyone will benefit from.

You do not need to believe in BodyTalk or Energy Medicine for it to work or be effective. However, being open-minded definitely helps.

BodyTalk is a system of Energy Medicine which taps into the bodymind's natural inborn capacity to heal & repair. This session was originally conducted on Mar...

Thoughtful words...

Another way to look at our current situation....
There is so much fear, and perhaps rightfully so, about COVID-19.
But, what if...
If we subscribe to the philosophy that life is always working out for us, that there is an intelligence far greater than humans at work...
That all is interconnected.
What if...
the virus is here to help us?
To reset.
To remember.
What is truly important.
Reconnecting with family and community.
Reducing travel so that the environment, the skies, the air, our lungs all get a break.
Parts of China are seeing blue sky and clouds for the first time in forever with the factories being shut down.
Working from home rather than commuting to work (less pollution, more personal time).
Reconnecting with family as there is more time at home.
An invitation to turn inwards -- a deep meditation -- rather than the usual extroverted going out to self-soothe.
To reconnect with self -- what is really important to me?
A reset economically.
The working poor. The lack of healthcare access for over 30 million in the US. The need for paid sick leave.
How hard does one need to work to be able to live, to have a life outside of work?
And, washing our hands -- how did that become a "new" thing that we needed to remember. But, yes, we did.
The presence of Grace for all.
There is a shift underway in our society -- what if it is one that is favorable for us?
What if this virus is an ally in our evolution?
In our remembrance of what it means to be connected, humane, living a simpler life, to be less impactful/ more kind to our environment.
An offering from my heart this morning. Offered as another perspective. Another way of relating to this virus, this unfolding, this evolution.
It was time for a change, we all knew that.
And, change has arrived.
What if...
- Gutpreet Gill

Dealing with the Corona Virus : Practical Steps and a meditation

Remember that stress and anxiety can compromise your immune system. Stay calm and listen to these practical tips for both protecting yourself and not spreadi...

The Sanctuary - BodyTalk clinic & holistic events

Free bodytalk session for body chemistry and virus prevention ❤

Free healing session for upgrading/balancing immune response with The Corona Virus.

Update. Really Cool session that dealt with cultural and individual communication imbalances with in the throat Chakra and it's impact on the Lungs.

Improving communication and heart centeredness and balancing heart protection with energy flow.

Upgrading the Thymus' programing to be able to more clearly recognize the corona virus.

Balancing the overall immune system response.

Upgrading the ability for ACE2 receptors to discern from the corona virus vs communication inputs that are necessary and healthy.

As well as some general 3-brain balancing, etc.

Feel free to share this far and wide. listen to it with your children around. The torsion field and focus is largely transmitted along with the sound and your awareness, so your focus on the session will help everybody around you.

Thank you for watching/listening/ and enjoying!


In this time of global chaos and fear, It is more important than ever to be grounded.. Look after each other out there whanau. 💚

An Important Message from Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.
March 10, 2020

Dear Family of Love and Seekers Everywhere,

Coronavirus: Do Not Fear the Bogeyman

The world is currently gripped in fear of the scary coronavirus. Let’s first get one fact clear: If you have ever had a cold or flu in your life, odds are that it was the result of a coronavirus infection. Yes, coronaviruses cause colds.

But, we are being programmed with the belief that this particular cold virus is “deadly.” This fear has shut down concerts, conferences, and major public events all over the world. The fear has led to quarantines and closing down of international travel. It has even led to a major scarcity of toilet paper in Australia, were concerned citizens emptied the shelves of this commodity in anticipation that they will be walled up in their homes with this infection.

First, how deadly is this version of the virus? Yes, there have been corona-related deaths reported with the statistics suggesting that ~2% of the infected population dies. Wow! That number is almost 1% more deaths than are attributed to any conventional flu the world experiences. What is misleading is the fear that everyone who carries this virus may die from their cold. This is simply untrue! The health of almost all the victims of this coronavirus was already compromised before they were infected.

For example, the following information was provided by the news in regard to the 6 patients that died of the virus in the state of Washington last week (I added the bold print):

Washington State

Six people have died in Washington and health officials have identified 18 cases.

Four of the cases in King County were linked to the Life Care nursing facility in Kirkland. More than 50 residents and staff at the facility are being tested.

The deaths announced Monday, according to health officials, included:

-A male in his 70s, who lived at LifeCare. He had underlying health conditions and died Sunday.

-A female resident of LifeCare in her 70s. She also had underlying health conditions and died Sunday.

-A woman in her 80s, who was already reported as in critical condition at EvergreenHealth, died Sunday.

-A Snohomish County resident at EvergreenHealth also died but details of that patient have not been given.

Two previously reported deaths included a man in his 70s who had underlying health conditions and had been a resident of LifeCare. He died at EvergreenHealth on Feb. 29. The other was a man in his 50s with underlying health conditions. He was admitted with serious respiratory issues and tested positive for the virus. He died at EvergreenHealth Medical Center in Kirkland.

As emphasized in this report, the health of all those that died with the coronavirus was already compromised. Healthy people get cold and flu symptoms, while those already sick and near death’s door may experience the “Grim Reaper” when infected by the virus. True, sick people are more vulnerable to the virus; healthy people really have nothing to fear.

As presented in The Biology of Belief, stress is responsible for up to 90% of illness, including heart disease, cancer and diabetes. When an individual is in stress, the release of stress hormones (e.g., cortisol) shuts down the immune system to conserve the body’s energy for running away from the perceived stressor, that proverbial “saber-toothed tiger.” Stress hormones are so effective at compromising the immune system, that physicians therapeutically provide recipients of organ transplants with stress hormones to prevent their immune system from rejecting the foreign implant.

The conclusion is clear: The fear of the coronavirus is more deadly than the virus itself!

The media (perhaps in conjunction with the pharmaceutical industry) is compromising people’s health using the fear card! This is the result of negative thinking (the nocebo effect) which is the complete opposite of the placebo effect manifest through positive thinking! If you make efforts to stay healthy, with good nutrition, exercise, taking vitamins and supplements, and more importantly, avoiding stress (e.g., the “fear” of the virus), even if you do get infected with the virus, you will likely only end up with a cold and/or slight fever.

If you are someone with a compromised immune system, it is supportive to surround yourself with loving family and friends, nature, and positive thoughts as well as any other nutrition and vitamins that you may already be taking for your health and wellbeing. Following your intuition about what is best for you is key! The point here is that no matter who you are and what your state of health, you will only benefit from steering clear of the fear and supporting yourself in whatever way feels best to you.

Please remember the truth of quantum physics, the most valid of all sciences on the planet: Consciousness is creating your life experiences! Are you being conscious of disease … or of health? Wishing you all Health, Happiness and Harmony.

With Love and Light,

“In order to have faith in his own path, he does not need to prove that someone else's path is wrong.”
― Paulo Coelho, Warrior of the Light

New research shows that trauma may show up in ways we never understood before.
Everyday we gain more knowledge on the effects of trauma.
Be kind and gentle with yourself.
We know you are strong.
And we also know that if you are a Strong Woman (which you are), chances are you’ve faced some trauma.
Give yourself some love.
Cut yourself some slack.
You are on your path of healing.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.


This seems to be comming up for myself and all my clients this week!!
Release the future and future outcomes. If we try and control it we might miss out on something better, something more magical or a lesson that is so extreamly valuable (as painful as it might be) that we cant afford to miss it and take notice and learn from!

7 Ways a Full Moon Can Mess with Your Emotions

The full moon on Sunday night deffinately had it's way with me 🙈 The full moon illuminates both the good and the bad inside of all of us, no matter what your astrological sign.

Full Moon Blessings~
The Full Moon in Leo will be gracing us on February 8th and 9th depending on where you are in the world. This is a powerful moon that is aiding us in the process of recalibrating the heart and upgrading the heart chakra to new levels we have yet to experience on a collective level. The collective has been receiving many upgrades with relation to the heart as well as the sacral chakra. The divine masculine within and without has been focused on moving through the repressed ancestral karmas that have left the heart chakra blocked for many decades. We now see a great blast in heart chakra energy - and a complete opening that we have yet to ever experience. This effects all of us as the divine masculine energy is within us all. The masculine energy is coming out, proud of emotions, and proud of it’s desires to be apart of a larger community. Self worth is a big one for this moon- we are moving through anything and everything leading up to this phase that is not in alignment with our worth, that has prevented us from embodying our highest self, and viewing ourself in the highest respect at this time. There is a large focus on the physical appearance, merging the physical appearance to encompass and embody the internal shifts and changes that have occurred. Switching up your look, your style, your appearance in some way is prominent at this time. Additionally, this energy is bringing into focus money. What is your relationship to money? Any and all blocks regarding your finances will be made clear now. You will begin to understand what has held you back from the divine abundance that is your birth right; the beliefs, the conditioning, the patterns that have held you in doubt, lack, and conditioning that has led you to believe that you cannot have the abundance that you desire. We are re-evaluating how we allow money into our lives, where it comes from, where we exchange it, who we exchange it with. The way we view money now is shifting. We are awakening to the fact that prosperity comes when we have the courage to follow the heart.

The larger collective has been receiving many upgrades, as these energies begin to be integrated, many are now leaving the traditional “safe” way of being to lead their own path. Many are now feeling the call to rise into a higher purpose and a higher mission, as there is a push to rise to serve the collective utilizing unique abilities and gifts now. There is a sense to go off and lead in ways that have not been done before. Many are understanding that they are here for a bigger purpose and the traditional sense of career may be stifling to some. Now, many seek to apply their knowledge and abilities in the way they have been design and called here on earth. Awakening to earth missions, the collective is beginning to move through doubts and fears regarding following this path while maintaining prosperity. Whatever needs to be cleared in order for you to fully trust this process, to align with your mission, and align with the prosperity that life will bring to you when you are aligned with this are surfacing and purging now. The lion is proud, secure, and believes in itself. We are being called to embody these traits as we move forward into this energy now. The lion is a leader, we are being asked to let go of what we know in order to forge our own path, to lead the way for many to come. We may not feel prepared but we are being asked to embody bravery as we wander into the unknown and trust that each step of the way we will be provided for, our needs will be met, and we will see the miracles that come from following our truth and authentic path. Many are finally having the “what the hell” moment to do what they have always wanted to do in the realm of career, pushing forward to their dream work, and having the courage to pursue this now. This moon is all about having the courage to live our truth and let the heart be our guide.

Relationships have been undergoing many shifts and changes during this upleveling process. Friends and partners leaving and coming, old relations coming back in, and triggers have been occurring through these interactions to help us heal wounds and release what is no longer serving us. Our collective idea of relationships and what they are has shifted during this process, we are seeking and longing for deeper relations and community. We seek to be understood, to form bonds with others on a intimate soul level, we are longing for soul family. There has been a lot of release and we may have been feeling very alone, unseen, and unheard during this process as many relationships have finalized. Now we reach a point where the opportunity for deeper connections to come is at a very HIGH level. With the sun in Aquarius and the Moon moving into Leo for this Full Moon, relationships will be front and center. If you have been calling in a new partner, a new community, and soul deep friendships pay specific attention to who comes into your life during this phase. Who we meet and positively reconnect with now plays an important role in where we are going. People will be entering in now to serve as divine guidance handing us the tools, the ideas, the support, and the opportunities we will need to align with our life’s purpose and mission. Our hearts are being blasted open with this energy to receive and be open to receiving love in new ways. There is a high focus on family, immediate family as well as soul family. There is a lot that is being worked through during this phase in relation to ancestral karma that has been stored in the heart chakra. We are breaking through it to clear it full and final. With this you might find that you are extremely sensitive, highly emotional, and wanting to spend time around those you love. Loved ones that have passed may be making their presence more known at this time as well.

There is a lot of healing continuing to happen around our relationships particularly in our immediate families. Wherever there has been hurt, expect it to be revealed now in order to be healed and mended. Any family trauma and conditioning will be emerging to be worked through to benefit you in opening your heart to receive. The heart in the center of who we are, at our core we are love. Now is the time we collectively return to love. We are being given the key to open ourselves back up to live from the purest place possible. There is additionally a high focus on self-love during this phase and leading up to this moon. We are working on the self on a deeper level, it is really illuminating what has held us back from loving ourselves in big ways, that may be uncomfortable. Old habits, triggers, mindsets, and believes that have prevented you from fully loving yourself will begin to surface leading up to this moon as we are asked to release them fully now. When we fully love ourselves, we are then able to love others fully as well as see them fully in love. The focus individually is self-love for the bigger purpose of generating universal love throughout the collective.

However, with the shadow of mercury retrograde also present this is also a time of reconciliation between past relationships. You may find that people from your past are emerging at a high rate and you are running into them or hearing from them now. You may even find yourself having the urge to reach out to those from your past to tie up loose ends and making things right. With Mercury currently stationed in Pisces, the dream state will be of great significance in this area now. You may find yourself dreaming of past issues and relationships now as we are clearing the unconscious more significantly during sleep states. We are additionally continuing to receive a lot of upgrades in energy overnight. When high energy comes in, it pushes all lower energies to the surface to be purged. Thus, much of this will be purged during the dream states. You may find that your dreams are very real, vivid, and lifelike. You may find yourself waking up confused and disoriented during this time as the dream state is very real. We are fully immersed in purging our heart space with a deeper upgrade from the energies building up into this Full Moon.

This time is about owning our self, having pride in being our authentic self, and feeling the courage to pave our own way. This is encouraging us to have the courage to open our hearts once again to the divine love that has been awaiting us. This is about living as a unified collective. This is the culmination point of coming together as one unified source of energy. We are all connected and we will begin to all acknowledge this on a deeper level now. We will all be purging from a collective level as well as personal. Things may seemingly come out of nowhere that you have no relation to. We are purging as one, we are purging as the collective. We are beginning to understand that more can be accomplished when we come together as a collective, when we co-create, and heal together as one. This is installing the pride in knowing that our authenticity has a unique and powerful role in the collective.

The mind has been feeling all of these shifts the most; wanting to overanalyze, to spiral into doubt, depression, and play victim. Our mind’s have had a influx of mental activity as the ego tries to comprehend what is occurring now. We are very analytical creatures, we like to weigh things endlessly within our mental space, and we seem to think our way through things more often than not. The other greatest aspect of this moon is ushering us to move away from leading with the mind. This is asking us to release the thoughts, to release judgement, to release operating from the mental sphere and come into the heart to let the heart guide us. We are being asked to let go of logic as our compass and tap into our emotional guidance system to lead us to where we need to be. We are being asked to have courage to follow the heart now, to allow this to be what we listen to, to allow our emotions to show us what is right and what is wrong. We are being asked to let the mind fall back as we allow the heart to take the forefront. What calls to your heart? Where has your heart been telling you to go, telling you to do?; who does your heart tell you, you are? We are being asked to let go of the mind to surrender into the moment of following love and letting it guide us like bread crumbs from here forward. For where your heart leads you, will hardly ever make much sense to the mind, but it will never steer you in the wrong direction. Let your emotions be your compass; what feels wrong? what makes you feel frustrated, stuck, lost? What makes you feel good, happy, energized, and excited? We are being asked to tap into the body now at a greater level to become more aware of the insights that lie within our physical being. Our hearts are being blasted open in order for us to become more attuned with the knowledge and wisdom within them. They carry everything we need to know. We are being asked to follow this now. The mind is going through a purge and you may be subjected to overthinking, insomnia due to high mental activity, fixation, obsession, and anxiety due to the minds increased speed of processing through old patterning. You may find yourself living in your head during this phase and you are being asked to ground and center. It is a great time to utilize this mental energy towards something that lights you up, learning new things, and creative outlets. Channeling this mental energy in a healthy way is key. When the energy of the mind does not have an outlet that is when it will pull things out of nowhere that are untrue in order to stimulate and occupy it, more often than not, negative thoughts/patterns. When you find that you are stuck in this downward spiral of mental activity ask yourself how you can channel this energy in a productive way. Channeling energy creatively now is highly supported and a great outlet for all the mental activity.

Right now we are being called to open our hearts as a means of being able to serve in the ways we have been called. We are opening our hearts in order to hold space and have the capacity to serve others in the way our unique mission and purpose has called us to. The heart has to remain open and be open for one to fully be able to give to others without greed, impatience, or misunderstanding. We are opening our hearts so that we may connect further with those we are called to work with. We are opening our hearts to connect at a deeper level with the world. We are opening our heart to heal the ancestral karma that has seen emotions as weak and has told us that love is to fear. We are healing the heart and opening it fully now as we leave fear and return to love, as we leave separation and enter into community, and as we walk away from conforming and step into courage to follow our hearts. We are opening our heart to see that prosperity doesn’t come from withholding, it comes from giving more. We are healing the heart to see that love is not manipulation and control, it is freedom.

During this process we will continue to experience physical side effects such as carpal tunnel, phantom heart attack symptoms, heart palpitations, rashes, skin irritations, feeling wired, intense vivid dreams, hot flashes, flu-like symptoms, roller coaster of emotions, intense emotional highs and lows, past traumas surfacing, confusion, depression, GI issues, appetite changes, rib/mid-back pain, chest congestion, chest pains, acid reflux, heart burn, numbness and tingling throughout the arms down into the hands, frustration, anger, tension, intense third eye pulsing, waking up abruptly at 2-4am, feeling a “heavy” heart, intense compassion, increased empathic abilities, loss of voice, sore throat, worry, doubt, self sabotaging habits resurfacing, feeling “everything”, teeth sensitivity, vibration within the body, the sensation of feeling dopey or drugged, and waves of deeply intense states of bliss and love.

We are being asked to step into love for all. We are being asked to heal the wounds that stabbed our hearts once before to renew the beating of them on a universal level. It is a great time to get clear as to who you wish to call into your life. What does your soul family feel like? What does your soul partner feel like? How is life different when you live from community rather than self? What role do you play in this group? What do you wish to bring to the collective ? What do you wish the collective to bring to you? Who are you surrounded by? What kind of humans are around you, what qualities do they have, what are they like, what do they do? What do you love to do? If you can make endless amounts of money doing what you love, what would that be? What would you do? Where would you go? How would you live? Where do I feel called to give love? How can I show-up and love myself more? The build up of this energy is centralized around having the courage to live your dreams, get clear on what those dreams are now. Allow yourself to OWN your dreams and follow the path to them whether it makes sense or not; logic has no place in magic.~

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