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Introducing to you, a new approach in New Zealand to the assessment and treatment of patients that require orthotics and prosthetics. SHORE ORTHOTICS offers patients a comprehensive range of superior products and services.

Our Orthotic Specialist Staff are highly qualified, they will evaluate and design Orthoses (braces) for patients requiring protective support or correction due to injury, muscle/ bone impairment, disease, or deformity. We will work with you in supplying foot orthotics, usually we make custom orthotics which are made in-house and therefore cost effective. Often our custom orthoses are the same price as off the shelf orthoses from other suppliers. Using the gait analysis in Auckland based clinics we can identify the issues causing the problems. Utilising our training and expertise in biomechanics, gait analysis, material science and diagnostic imaging techniques, we work to restore mobility, to prevent or limit disability and return people to their optimal life style. Shore Orthotics implements a Foot Guidance System (FGS) that reflects a "less is more" philosophy. The foot is gently steered back to its normal path, whereby reducing the risk. We supply foot Orthotics, Custom foot Orthotics, Gait Analysis. As well as Ankle and Knee Orthotics for the lower limb. For the rest of the body we offer all Orthoses.

‘Brace’ is a discreet compression-wearable that helps teenagers with expanded rib-cages | Yanko Design ‘Brace’ is a discreet compression-wearable that helps teenagers with expanded rib-cages By Sarang Sheth 02/20/2020 The unseen problem that most medical designs often fail to consider is social stigma. Stigma is why some people don’t like using their asthma inhaler in public, or why some kids o...


Here at Maharohas, we've taken the humble flip flop and designed it from the ground up using all natural materials.
No guilt, no pollution, no worries.
Nature knows best
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Fresh Foam Vongo Moon Phase

New Balance Vongo Fresh Foam on special at the moment. We highly recommend this shoe for the mild to moderate over pronation. 👏🏃‍♂️ The first men’s stability shoe in the Fresh Foam family, the Fresh Foam Vongo uses an innovative, one-piece midsole to deliver the support you need. Combined with breathable mesh for comfort and a perforated midfoot wrap for structured flexibility, you’re ready for the long run.

[08/26/18]   Fitted our first EXOS Ankle Orthosis

Exos Free Motion Ankle | DJO Global Fitted our first EXOS Ankle Brace. Excellent results. Exos Free Motion Ankle is the first prefabricated Ankle Foot Orthosis that can be fully customized and formed to the patient providing functional stabilization of the ankle- foot complex addressing bony abnormality, chronic instability and post-trauma rehabilitation.

Kevin Kirby on Twitter “The "plantar venous pump" pushes approximately 25 ml of venous blood from the plantar foot upwards with each step which is thought by some authors to reduce the impact energy of footstrike during walking and running.”

Tekscan Medical

Great article on one of the systems that we use daily. 🏃‍♂️

From our blog...


Updated for 2018: Best running shoes for flat feet.

Tekscan Medical

From elite athletes to the elderly, everyone needs balance. See how Tekscan can enhance your balance assessments in our latest blog post.

The Gait Guys

We remember that we have 3 systems that keep us upright in the gravitational plane: The visual system, The vestibular system and the proprioceptive system. As we age, we seem to become more dependent upon the visual system to maintain stability of the head (which is largely under the purview of the vestibular system). Older folks seem to be less stable than younger ones....At least when it comes to head stability.

This study looked at the neuromechanical mechanisms of head stability in younger and older women during gait initiation, a time when we employ the visual system for things like balance and foot placement. The visual system in this case is king and trumps the other systems in that it will do whatever it need to to keep the eyes level with the horizon.

They used a stereophotogrammetric system to measure angular displacement and acceleration and surface emg (no, not the best) to look at activation latencies of neck (particularly the SCM), trunk and pelvic muscles. Older women had higher variability in angular displacement of the head (possibly age related breakdown of the vestibular system?), decreased ability to attenuate accelerations in the saggital (forward) plane, and increased SCM activation latencies.

The bottom line?

Make sure the older women you are working with have:

- better functioning joints
- better functioning muscles (appropriate skill, endurance and strength)
- better proprioception

You could help these by:

- manipulating and mobilizing joints that have pathomechanics
- improving muscular function through endurance and strength based exercises of the neck as well as core
-improving muscular function through modalities you use
-give them more proprioceptive based exercises, especially ones which incorporate the head, like head repositioning exercises,
-encourage them to engage in proprioceptive heavy activities, like rock climbing (which also works the axial extensors), cross country skiing, bike riding, etc

Maslivec A, Bampouras T, Dewhurst S, Vannozzi G, Macaluso A, Laudani L. Mechanisms of head stability during gait initiation in young and older women: A neuro-mechanical analysis.
J Electromyogr Kinesiol. 2017 Nov 23;38:103-110. doi: 10.1016/j.jelekin.2017.11.010. [Epub ahead of print]

link to free full text:

Kevin Kirby on Twitter “Boston Globe reporter got metatarsal stress fracture from running in Vibram FiveFinger shoes and wrote this article about his experiences. (Vibram claimed their shoes reduced injuries and settled out of court for false health claims.)”


The New Balance 1260 V7 is a premium support trainer with a cushy ride.


The Saucony Triumph ISO 4 switches to a full-length Everun foam midsole.

So what's the shoe like? Here's what solereview thinks:

Kevin Kirby on Twitter “What is Dorsal Midfoot Interosseous Compression Syndrome (DMICS), how is it diagnosed and how is it best treated?”


The New Balance 880V7 is a competent running shoe best used as a daily trainer.

Foot exercises and foot orthoses are more effective than knee focused exercises in individuals with patellofemoral pain. - PubMed - NCBI Great Article that endorses using foot orthotics for the treatment of knee pain. J Sci Med Sport. 2017 Jun 28. pii: S1440-2440(17)30445-0. doi: 10.1016/j.jsams.2017.05.019. [Epub ahead of print]

The Gait Guys

Idiopathic Toe Walking in kids..Is it flexor dominance?

You see this at times in the office. Kiddos (or adults) who walk on their toes for no apparent reason. many have shortened heel cords with limited ankle dorsiflexion . Some studies report an incidence of 7-24% in pediatric populations with an average of about 5% in children that are 5.5 years old . It seems to occur in about 2% of normally developing kids aged 5.5 years and 40% of those that have some sort of neuropsychiatric diagnosis or missed a developmental window, with an increased incidence familialy. The question here is why, not what.

We have discussed our opinions of flexor dominance here many times and suffice it to say that increased corticospinal activity seems to have the double whammy effect of increased firing of the distal flexors due to a lack of input to the axial extensors in the rostral and caudal reticular formations respectively(possibly from decreased spindle and /or GTO input and/or mechanoreceptor dysafferentation?) and lack of reciprocal inhibition of the extensors from the increased firing of the flexors segmentally. Is it the cortical abnormailities and missed developmental windows seen in so many of these folks that drives this? These are the sorts of things that keep us up at night....

more on the blog with full references

Gait Matters

Our understanding and management of Musculoskeletal Disorders is impaired by our lack of appreciation of the importance of Gait.

The Gait Guys

It is not just about the tendon. A perspective on asymmetry.

We are coming back to this important article again.
When you have a tendon problem, you have other problems. There is the muscle-tendon relationship, there is the CNS component, and there are the other muscles regionally within the related loaded chains. Because of these multiple integrated components, this "illustrates the human body's capacity to adapt to tendon pathology and provide the physiological basis for intervention or prevention strategies".
"If a component in the loop loses its integrity, the entire system has to adapt to that deficiency. "
We have discussed on recent TGG podcasts this important ability of a tendon to have sufficient stiffness, to be more precise, to produce sufficient stiffness. Degenerative tendons exhibit less stiffness and so when this issue is present, we move into the adaptive strategies of the entire system that was alluded to above. Adaptation begins; agonist, synergist, antagonist muscles, CNS, motor pattern adaptive patterns ensue.
It has been suggested by this study that these compensations are unilateral, on the affected side, thus driving asymmetrical neuromechanical adaptations.

Kevin A. Kirby, DPM

What is "stress-relaxation" and why do all body tissues exhibit this time-dependent load-deformation characteristic?


ACC NEW ORTHOTIC CONTRACT Changes in the new ACC Orthotic contract (effective 1st July 2017), GP's and Physiotherapists can now also for the first time refer patients directly for Orthoses.

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