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Yoga for every-body.... General, Restorative, YIn, classes.. Its never too late to discover the magic of yoga...

Yoga Teacher and Therapist. Yoga is a journey, an experience, NOT a pose...We use the poses to connect to our mind, breath, and spirit and through this we slowly transform.. bringing more kindness, love and respect into this world...learning to engage with empathy when connecting with others and not reactivity….. Whether you're a lifelong yogi or just beginning a Yoga practice, grounds you, empowers you, enablingyou to become both strong and soft, open and living without fear or the need for approval. Just give it a go if you have not already and you will see the power it has.... Kids Yoga Integrated Yoga Restorative Yoga Yoga Therapy Yoga Nidra/Meditation

[04/27/20]   Its been a while since the move from Auckland to New Plymouth and my new Yoga Space to open🤔..
and now its a different world!
So with the possibility of teaching classes in my home studio being months! away I am starting CLASSES THIS WEEK live streaming via ZOOM. :) Very easy to set up a zoom account for yourself.

FIRST SESSION THIS WEEK is a free intro session as to what you will be learning with Yoga and Q&A.

Wednesday 5.30pm - BEGINNERS YOGA - to Explore the fundamentals
(6 week course)

Thursday 6.00pm - GENERAL YOGA - a little more Hardcore, but no fancy gymnastics, this is a focus on strengthening your body.
(6 week course)

Friday 6.00pm - YIN YOGA - to Restore

Saturday 9.00am - GENERAL YOGA

Please email me [email protected]
or via messenger for further details, links and booking.

Aum Shanti


Happening now in Auckland, New Zealand

Lets END our Supermarkets wrapping fruit and veges in plastic! Let them hear our voice.. that its not ok....

change.org Can you spare a minute to help gabrielle matches?


Sign now 👉Restore NZ beaches to public ownership

THIS is Yogic Philosophy. Yoga is available to all regardless of your race, colour or creed., as must our beaches be...available freely to ALL KIWI'S not a few...

change.org 1164 signatures are still needed!


Google's Digital Book Burn: Alternative Medicine Content Now Vanishingly Rare, Despite 1 Billion Health Searches a Day

OOOOHHHH dear the power of Google.
What will happen.. when the internet is allowed to be so heavily edited.. so suit Pharma and Govt Agencies.

greenmedinfo.com With about 1 billion health searches happening on Google every day, it's not hard to understand why censoring natural health information serves a multitude of interests, not the least of which is Big Pharma's bottom line.


Join The 5G Crisis: Awareness & Accountability, online and free from August 26 - September 1, 2019!

New Zealanders.. WAKE UP to this,...its bad news!!! and its already happening in New Zealand....

the5gsummit.com 5G wireless… the industry HAS NOT shown it to be safe for your health or privacy — yet THOUSANDS of peer-reviewed, independent studies show otherwise — and they’re building it anyway. Understand the dangers and learn how to implement better solutions in your community!

Greenpeace New Zealand

Appalling that this is still allowed in NZ!
You can sign the petition to stop it ....

PLEASE SHARE & Join the campaign today: https://act.greenpeace.org/page/42769/petition/1

Bottom trawling is one of the most brutal and devastating forms of fishing available.

Monster fishing vessels drag vast weighted nets through delicate ecosystems, such as submarine mountains or 'seamounts.' In the process, they destroy these fragile ecosystems in their wake.

These underwater mountains are hotspots for ocean life, and often contain species found nowhere else on Earth. We should be protecting them, not allowing the fishing industry to bulldoze them for profit.

Just Breathe Yoga now has a new home in

Yoga classes are not running yet, but Private Sessions are. So if you know anyone in NP, who maybe in need of some Private Yoga or Yoga Therapy Sessions, or joining a class share this post..

Once I have finished unpacking !... An email will go out with an update of classes/workshops.

And thank you to all those lovely students in Auckland who have supported me over the years.. I miss you ! and hope you find your way to New Plymouth one day. :)


Somekind of Revolution is needed..?

GDP is a gross way to measure Human Welfare....

George Monbiot has some big ideas on stopping climate breakdown.



Wireless Industry Confesses: "No Studies Show 5G is Safe"

Science on 5G and your health.
Humans have never been exposed to these levels of frequencies.

greenmedinfo.com Last week, U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal grilled wireless industry representatives, who admitted the industry has done ZERO health & safety studies on 5G technology. Meanwhile, dozens of independent studies indicates that 5G is a risk to all biological life

EMF - Electro Magnetic Field
...is becoming more toxic as everything goes wireless... especially to young children. Their skulls are much thinner than adults, but they are getting the same magnitude of frequency exposure to their brain as an adult ..everytime they are on a cell phone, ipad, computer... FOOD FOR THOUGHT


Brussels Becomes First Major City to Halt 5G Due to Health Effects

Not something I would normally share here but our health is a huge part of Yoga and 5G has dangerous levels of radiation. Please do your research, inform yourself. It needs to be stopped, It is not energy saving, its not safe. Be aware before we find ourselves living in a Radiation Field with transmitters and towers on every corner.!

takebackyourpower.net Great news. A Belgian government minister has announced that Brussels is halting its 5G plans due to health effects.


Can you spare a minute to help gabrielle matches?

VERY INTERESTING - are we slowly losing our Democracy as decisions get made without Public Knowledge..?

change.org 2285 signatures are still needed! In a Democracy, why should Ngai Tahu have more say than YOU?

Are you listening or just hearing...

LESS IS MORE -What do you really need...?

The last 10 days (4 more to go )in this 2 man tent has been our wee home! We have one pan and a pot for cooking. And look at that frittata we made.!
It's really interesting as I observe people arrive at their camp site and start to unpack their car, which contains everything but the kitchen sink! and they are only staying for a few days...
How much baggage we carry with us ...
Mentally, Physically, Emotionally,
How can you simplify your life? what burdens can you let go of in order to live with more ease, lightness, spontaneity...?
Cull your closet, reduce purchases, are you slaving to a huge mortgage...could you live in a smaller house, ?
DE-CLUTTER your life...its fantastic for your family, yourself and your bank account.


It’s been an adventure in this land. It’s an attack on all your senses! and then some . The amazing, the strange, the smells, sights, poverty like most of us have not seen and wealth. The rubbish and pollution. Such extremes exist here. and yet all living alongside each other in harmony..
Just a few days to go and then the plane home.💕🙏


7 Anti-Inflammatory Foods and Spices to Include in Your Diet

Let food be thy medicine....

chopra.com Inflammation is a concern for many. These seven foods and spices can help reduce inflammation, which in turn can help you to manage chronic pain and reduce the chance of more serious conditions.


I Joyfully Decluttered These 5 Things to Boost Happiness

A great article on BOOSTING HAPPINESS - letting go of
Needing you to like me
Needing to know all the answers
Letting outward circumstances dictate your joy
Listening to external voices.. and not your internal...

becomingminimalist.com It is neither the pursuit of simplicity nor absence of stuff alone that determines my happiness. Happiness is rooted instead in a sense of freedom, of living on purpose, and in inner calm.


Overcoming the 8 Obstacles to Mindfulness

The "being rushed" obstacle is my challenge..

chopra.com Lapses of mindfulness happen to the best of us. Here are the eight most common obstacles to mindfulness and how you can transcend their power over you.


Why Is It So Difficult To Tell The Truth? | goop

Living in our own world of self-created lies and avoiding the truth of our life experience
takes great energy and produces an even greater amount of stress.”

goop.com Honesty is crucial to a healthy relationship with ourselves and others. So what is so difficult about the telling the truth?


Courses/Tasters | Auckland | Just Breathe Yoga and Yoga Therapy

ARE you? joining us for the Wonderful Restorative Yoga starting this [email protected] 7.30pm

justbreatheyoga.nz Explore Yoga and book into experience with Just Breathe Yoga Courses/Tasters and Workshops. Develop strength, flexibility, inner calm and mental clarity.


What things spring from a place of “NO AGENDA”? often "surprising results". In our efforts to be effective, we seek to control, and when that control creates pressure and need... we become locked in and rigid. We spin our wheels for a solution. We stress out big time...."No agenda" is the opposite of all that.

A FEW FIXES for those that are continually plagued by stress.

Despite the flourishing yoga and wellness industry, the real fix to chronic stress still continues to elude many of us.

For alot of us, developing a yoga or meditation practice is the ticket to reducing your overall burden of stress; but for others, I think it's necessary to make bigger, more fundamental changes to the ways we spend every single minute of our day. If you want to decrease stress, begin to

Shift Away from phones, screens, social media, fluorescent cubicles, shopping, clutter, sterile environments, dings, pings, notifications, and addiction to busyness,and

Shift Toward nature, stillness, slow food, dirt, bugs, physical connection with human beings, fulfilling work, living more simply, having fun, owning less stuff, and doing less overall. Hurl your phone into a draw ;) and start to choose how you spend the moments of your life :)


Stop the sale of Otakiri Springs to foreign bottling giant Nongfu

Do you want our Water Spring to be sold?? - NOOOOO
A Resource that is for all New Zealanders, not something to be sold
to benefit large Corporations or Governments.
PLEASE sign this Petition and share it if you agree

our.actionstation.org.nz The mauri of Otakiri Springs or as local iwi and hapū know it as Te Otākiritanga ō Te Toki a Iratumoana, is at risk. The removal of water for the purposes of bottling for foreign exchange violates the mauri and sacredness of the water.

Are you the finest apple? or a second rate banana?

You must learn
that you cannot be loved
by all people.

You can be the finest apple in the world—
ripe, juicy, sweet, succulent,
and offer yourself to all.

But you must remember that there
will always be people who
don’t like apples.

You must understand that if you are
the world’s finest apple
and someone you love
doesn’t like apples,
you have the choice of
becoming a banana.

But you must be warned
that if you choose
to become a banana,
you will be a second-rate banana.

But you can always be the finest apple!

You must realise that if you become
a second-rate banana,
there will always be people who
don’t like bananas.

Furthermore, you can spend your life
trying to become the best banana—
which is impossible if you are an apple.

Or, you can try again
to be the finest apple.


YOGA for all GENERATIONS Specialising in Breathing Relaxation and Private Sessions

Click image for latest details on Private Sessions, Classes and Upcoming Workshops

justbreatheyoga.nz Hello lovely people, its been quite a while since I sent a letter out.! So whats news? Well, I am focusing more on Private Sessions, wether that is a group, couples or individuals. No matter where they are on their yoga journey, the benefits of individual attention and bespoke sessions for these peo...

Haha Multi Tasking.!


Empathy Is Tough to Teach, But Is One Of the Most Important Life Lessons

Are you EMPATHETIC ..? short video clip from famous researcher Brene Brown.

kqed.org Every person in a child's life can help him or her develop empathy, an important quality for personal and professional success.

Why not join us for the BEST Restorative Workshop this side of the city - The Art of Relaxation.

STARTS next Tuesday 26 June @ 8pm for 4 Weeks. Book online or here on FB.


Stop the Sale of Otakiri Springs to Foreign bottling giant Nongfu

CAN WE STOP SELLING NZ RESOURCES TO CORPORATIONS? ! A decision that will see 1.1 billion litres of New Zealand freshwater being bottled and exported for Corporate gains not kiwis that live here...click on photo to sign a Petition...

our.actionstation.org.nz The mauri of Otakiri Springs or as local iwi and hapū know it as Te Otākiritanga ō Te Toki a Iratumoana, is at risk. The removal of water for the purposes of bottling for foreign exchange violates the mauri and sacredness of the water.

Is it time they did......:)

This Weekend and every day after...

It’s a wise thing to remember ...

The GOALS are so varied, as varied as the people that have a Yoga Practice.. Here is one of what I would consider one of best goals to have


YOGA for all GENERATIONS 2 specialised workshops "THE BREATHING SESSIONS" and "THE ART OF RELAXATION" all starting next week

Namaste - My Latest Newsletter - CLICK on photo

justbreatheyoga.nz Hello lovely people, I wanted to share with you the link (click on the cute old man) to this fantastic 9 part Documentary that I have been watching "The Longevity Project". It echoes so many of my thoughts and the Yogic Teachings too. There are many pearls of wisedom through out the series, one in p...

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Powerful Restorative Yoga
3 Key benefits of a Restorative Yoga Practice - The Antidote to Stress




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