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Stove and Soul is a hub for sharing my recipes, ramblings and intuitive tidbits. I do believe home is where the heart is and the kitchen is the heart of the home; therefore I believe a happy home begins with food that feels good!

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It's niggly but Facebook's new policies wont allow me a name change, so it's off to a new page we go!

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Hi friends, I’ve been off grid for over 2 years and have decided to re-ignite this page under the new name STOVE and SOUL (still awaiting FB permission).

What’s been happening?
I have been busy with life; moved cities, built a home and made two babies. I have since been grappling with the concept of balance and adjusting to my new normal. I’ve gone from chef to personal trainer to stay at home mum and with each walk of life my 2 quintessential virtues have remained the same; to enjoy a harmonious home and to eat food that feels good!

Why this page?
I’m proud of the content on this page and I worked hard to empower friends and followers of Wellbeing Health and Fitness. This next chapter of my life, I feel, is a natural progression from here as Stove and Soul.

What’s changed?
Well I’m still me. Sporting a few extra kilos and now the proud owner of some new stretchmarks and wrinkles, but I’m still me.
I’m a private person by nature and I need solitude to revive. However, with my recent graduation to
mother of 2 I have felt, at times, isolated and overwhelmed. So it is my wish to connect with like- minded souls here. I want to share my recipes, my wins and anything home and garden that will hopefully inspire you to do the same. I’m not a purist of any kind but I am a realist, so join me in my quest for progress, not perfection.

Where to from here?
Like many parents, I wear many hats, but my tallest will always be my chef’s hat. Cooking makes my heart sing. Period. So as I embark on this digital journaling (that’s a mouthful), please know that I am only human. I have chia seeds next to cocoa pops in my pantry. I love organic gardening but I use disposable nappies on my kids. And I crave exercise as much as I crave sleep and chocolate. So if you don’t like what I share, be kind. Don’t be a dork and tell me I’m doing it wrong. Instead, tell me what you’re doing and why, then we can go about doing what serves us best.
STOVE and SOUL is all about love, the love of food and sharing a happy home with your favorite people.

Bon appetit,
Mamma Cass

Stove & Soul by Mamma Cass - sharing real life reflections, recipes and creative cooking ideas for families.
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Preparing for a St John first aid course

I'm having Adrenalin for dinner!

Tonight I encountered my First Response to a gnarly car accident and it alarmed me that only myself and 2 others approached the scene. Luckily there were no life threatening injuries, but I am still grateful for my First Aid Training.

I so hope more people can equip themselves with First Aid skills and confidence. Check out St Johns, they run fantastic courses New Zealand wide;


stjohn.org.nz What do you need to know and do before you attend a first aid course? Here’s essential course information for students who plan to attend first aid training with St John

You don't need an 'All or Nothing Attitude' when it comes to achieving goals, especially when it relates to fitness. Just get started and start taking small steps if that's all you can manage right now - it beats standing still!

Happy Thursday,
Cass x

Small steps equal big gains!


We need your help!

Who's keen for Junk Free June? CLICK the link and get committed to eating REAL foods :-)

junkfreejune.org.nz Get ready for a Junk Free June.

Love this Quote from Find Your Bliss!

I'm proud to be writing Heath Related articles each month for Style Magazine!
Look out for this month's issue........


Not all calories are created equal, and neither are sugars!

You don't need to re-invent the wheel to improve your health, just cut the crap and leave the processed drinks on the shelf. Once and a while isn't going to have a game-changing effect, its what you consume on a DAILY basis that counts.....

I thought it was time to pull this out again. Its from a recent Stanford University study which is the most compelling evidence yet concerning the notion of not all calories being equal. These results are all the more remarkable because they were found irrespective of body weight or levels of physical activity. Ps by Diabetes they mean Type 2 Diabetes :)

[05/03/15]   QUESTION - Peanut Butter;Smooth or Crunchy?........


Even Just A Little Bit Of Physical Activity Helps People Live Longer

A little goes a long way and that's why I love using Power Plate for fast yet efficient training!
A great article from Huffington Post.....

huffingtonpost.com By Kathryn Doyle (Reuters Health) - Staying active, even only slightly, confers major longevity benefits, researchers say. During many years of follow-up, people who did less than the minimum recommended amount of phys...


This is a rich and vibrant sauce that’s cheap to make and will add a nutritional boost to any protein or vegetable dish. Grab the last of the season tomatoes now to make this gem!

Makes Approximately 1 Litre of sauce;

1.5 Kg Tomatoes or 4 cans of tinned whole tomatoes
2 large onions
5 cloves garlic
6-8 fresh basil leaves
1 TBL chopped or dried Oregano
½ Cup Red wine
¼ Cup Good quality Olive oil
4 anchovies or 10 black olives, pitted and chopped
2 TBL Raw sugar
Salt and Black pepper

Dice tomatoes and remove only the cores. Place all the flesh, seeds and juice aside in a bowl.
Dice onions into 1 cm pieces, peel garlic and smash with the side of a large knife. Roughly chop 2-3 times (you want moderate sized bits that are bruised for maximum flavour).
Heat oil in a medium sized pot over moderate heat, add garlic add ‘swill’ around the oil until fragrant.
Drop in basil leaves and heat until they blister, be careful not to brown and over cook them.
Add onions and cover with a lid. Cook for 3-5 minutes until soft and enjoy the aroma!
Add tomatoes, anchovies or olives, oregano, sugar and wine and bring to the boil, uncovered. Add a little salt and ground pepper.
Reduce to a simmer and stir occasionally, cook for 1.5 hours over a gentle heat until pulpy and sweet.

Adjust seasoning and pour hot sauce into warm, sterilized jars.
*Serve over roasted mushrooms, baked polenta, roasted chicken breast, or make a light bolognaise by heating sauce with cooked chicken mince and served over quinoa.

Belissimo Mamma!

I think I'm in love......

Gluten and Dairy Free

This loaf is the Bee’s Knees with a naturally sweet and zingy flavour. The texture is crumbly like cake yet firm enough to slice and toast 1-2 days after it’s made.

Makes 1 Loaf in a 23cm/13cm Pan
1 Cup almond meal
1 Cup desiccated coconut
1 Cup gluten free flour (starchy, soy free blend)
1 TBL tapioca or corn starch
½ tsp salt
2 tsp baking powder
1 rounded teaspoon LSA (Ground linseed, sunflower, almond)
2 tsp fresh lime zest (about 2 medium limes)
¾ Cup raw organic sugar
2 eggs (Size 7)
¼ Cup Oil
1 tsp vanilla extract
¾ Cup almond milk
1 ½ Cup frozen raspberries
1 TBL Raw sugar (optional)
2 TBL desiccated coconut
¼ cup fresh lime juice
1 heaped teaspoon powdered stevia

Pre-heat oven to 180° fan bake.
Line the base and sides of a heavy bottomed loaf tin with baking paper and oil the ends.
Sieve flour, tapioca, baking powder and salt into a medium sized bowl and stir in almond and coconut.
In a separate large bowl; add eggs, vanilla, zest, oil, LSA, sugar and whisk until smooth.
Add half of the flour mix and all the milk to the egg mix and stir well to combine.
Toss frozen berries into remaining flour then add to the batter, fold to combine.
Spoon batter into prepared tin and smooth the top. Sprinkle over raw sugar and coconut.
Bake for 40-45 minutes in the lower half of the oven until cooked, when tested with a skewer.
Remove from oven and leave in the pan, pierce the loaf several times with a bamboo skewer.
Heat lime juice and stevia in a small saucepot until bubbling then spoon evenly over the hot loaf.
Leave to cool for an hour before slicing, serve with your favourite spread or freeze for later.

TIP: You could use frozen blueberries and swap lime for lemon for another sweet and zesty twist.



Pat Benatar - All Fired Up

I'm all fired up! This has been my theme song for the week, thought I'd share some Wednesday 'Hump Day' Motivation......


Music video by Pat Benatar performing All Fired Up.

ZUCCHINI ‘PASTA’ - Naturally gluten, Soy and Dairy Free

Make the most of fresh NZ courgettes while they’re still available! Finely sliced on a mandolin or with a sharp knife they make a nutritious alternative to spaghetti.

You will need;
2 large courgettes per serve
Garlic, crushed
Olive oil
Salt and pepper

Remove top and bottoms of the courgettes and shred, slice or process into large matchsticks, skin and all.
Heat a pan or large sauce pot over medium heat and add a drizzle of oil.
Add courgettes and garlic, stir and cover with a lid.
Allow to steam and soften for about 3 minutes.
Pour in 3-4 tablespoons of water, season with salt and pepper and cook uncovered for 5-7 minutes until al dente – Cooked but firm, just like pasta.
Serve with fresh pesto or pasta sauce.
*I used Yellow Courgettes from our home garden :-)

Honeyed Jerusalem Artichokes

Tis the season for winter vegetables and these nutritious roots are one of my favourite for their texture and taste. I picked my first lot up from the local market on Sunday. Allow about 100gm of raw weight per person as a cooked side dish.

2 side serves;
200gm Artichokes, washed and scrubbed.
1 TBL honey
2 TBL olive oil or butter
1 tsp cumin seeds
2 garlic cloves

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.
Cut large chokes in half and trim any thick skins away. Your chokes should be of even size.
Par boil in salted water until firm but cooked through, drain in a sieve and leave to dry slightly.
In a heavy based pan heat oil or butter and honey over moderate heat. When the mix bubbles and emulsifies, add cumin seeds and stir.
Bang whole garlic cloves to squash slightly and add to hot honey mix.
Place artichokes, cut side down, into the honey mix. Turn heat up and allow chokes to begin to caramelize. You shouldn’t need to disturb them in the pan for about 3 minutes.
Place in the oven and finish cooking for about 8-10 minutes.
Serve with greens and some lean protein for a super balanced dinner.

Nom Nom.

Cass x

Bit of Easter Holiday Humour :-p

As requested! Here is the Easter Cookie recipe. I doubled it to fill my biscuit tin. Happy Easter weekend everyone, please eat responsibly :-)

Chocolate Easter Egg Cookies

Makes about 20 – Depends how big you make them!

125gm Unsalted Butter
50gm Organic Raw Sugar
2 TBL Condensed milk
175gm Standard Flour
1 tsp Baking powder
2 TBL Cocoa (I used Cadbury’s Bournvita)
200gm White cooking chocolate ( I used Nestle melts)
100’s and 1000’s (I used naturally coloured ones, from Countdown)

Pre Heat oven to 190° non fan bake.
Cream butter and sugar for 3 minutes and add condensed milk. Sieve over the dry ingredients and incorporate well using a strong wooden spoon.
Using damp hands pinch off dough and roll in your palms to form a ball. If the dough is too squishy, allow to set in the fridge uncovered for 20-30 minutes before rolling.
Press gently to make an oval shape and place on baking trays lined with parchment paper.
These biscuits wont spread too much, so 3-4cm space in-between is good.
Once cooled completely dip one end in melted white chocolate and using the other hand, sprinkle with decorations. Use a cereal bowl underneath to catch excess sprinkles.
Allow to set completely before gift wrapping and sharing or enjoying as a treat! :-)

EASTER CUPCAKES – gluten free
Makes 10 regular cupcakes

170gm Butter, softened
140gm Castor Sugar
1 orange, fine grated zest
3 eggs
140gm Gluten Free Self-Rising Flour
2tsp mixed spice
1tsp cinnamon
2 Apples, medium sized
80gm Currants
60gm Sultanas
Juice of 1 orange
1.5 Cups Icing sugar

Preheat oven to 180°C, non-fan bake. Grease and line 10 muffin trays with paper cases.
Cream butter, sugar and zest in a medium size bowl with a beater. Beat for 3 minutes on high until pale and creamy.
Continue beating on medium speed and add the eggs slowly, one at a time.
Scrape down the sides of the bowl with a rubber spatula and sieve over flour and spices, gently fold in.
Peel and grate the apples on a course grater.
Stir apple, currants and sultanas through the batter until just blended.
Divide mixture evenly into the tins and smooth the surface.
Bake for 15-18 minutes until cooked. They should spring back when pressed in the centre. Remove from tins and cool completely.
Sieve icing sugar into a small bowl, add enough orange juice and whisk together to make a wet mixture (similar to golden syrup).
Pipe crosses onto cooled cupcakes.

Austin Blood

Just a friendly reminder for all you Gals out there


1. Everyone has rolls when they bend over.

2. When someone tells you that you're beautiful, believe them. They aren't lying.

3. Sometimes we all wake up with breath that could kill a goat.

4. For every woman unhappy with her stretch marks is another woman who wishes she had them.

5. You should DEFINITELY have more confidence. And if you saw yourself the way that others see you, you would.

6. Don't look for a man to save you. Be able to save yourself.

7. It's okay to not love every part of your body...but you should.

8. We all have that one friend who seems to have it all together. That woman with the seemingly perfect life. Well, you might be that woman to someone else.

9. You should be a priority. Not an option, a last resort, or a backup plan.

10. You're a woman. And that alone makes you pretty damn remarkable.

Austin Blood

Personal Push Up Challenge - Committed and completed!
Well done Bryce @ Fit 4 Business. Made me proud


A childhood - Kiwi classic that might just make your day if you are gluten intolerant. There will always a minority who may not be able to enjoy them due to other allergies but its a step in the right direction. And they are made from non GM ingredients. High Five Sanitarium!

Spring has sprung and so has our new Gluten Free Weet-Bix with sunflower seeds and puffed rice – available in Coles stores this week! #mynewgf #weetbix

[10/04/14]   3 of your favourite things....GO!

Mine are:
My Family
My Bed


Enough Said!

Happy Weekend Everyone :-)

Cass x


These are fresh, colourful and nutritionally vibrant as a side dish. Stuffed peppers can be prepared ahead of time and barbequed or roasted easily while entertaining guests.

1 Medium Pepper, cut through the middle lengthways with stalk intact. Remove the centre and seeds carefully with a small sharp knife.
1-1 ½ Tomatoes (preferably low acid)
2 White Anchovies OR
1 TBL Goats Feta cheese
2 large basil leaves plus extra for garnish
Sherry vinegar
Olive oil
Salt and Pepper
Iced Water, in a large bowl

PRE HEAT oven or BBQ to moderate heat - 180 degrees
BRING a large pot of water to a rapid boil, season with salt.
REMOVE tomato core and score the bottoms with the end of a sharp knife, in a criss-cross cut.
DROP tomatoes into boiling water for 10-20 seconds until skins just start to split, remove with tongs or slotted spoon and plunge into iced water.
PEEL the skins off and cut in half, set aside.
PLACE anchovies or feta into the capsicum halves, sprinkle with torn basil leaves and season with pepper.
STUFF the tomatoes in, cut side facing down until snug and full.
DRIZZLE with sherry vinegar, olive oil and dust with sea salt and pepper.
COOK for 20 -25 minutes until peppers are soft but not mushy and starting to blister around the edges.
KEEP warm and cover with tin foil or serve immediately garnished with fresh basil.

Alfresco dining at its best!

[10/02/14]   Hello Friday!

I'm off on a weekend get away to celebrate my Birthday. Still going to pack my walking shoes and yoga mat so I can keep active over the weekend.
Also means I will enjoy my 60 minute massage and a cheeky soak in the hot springs!

Loving life.

Cass x


The seemingly innocent rice cracker is often just another highly processed product when you review the nutritional panel. This packet here is sold as “Seaweed Crackers” but I can’t understand why when the seaweed strip is a mere .5% of the total content. They should be called “Sugar Crackers” as sugar is indeed the second highest component after rice.

Another alarming point is “Vegetable Emulsifier” is supposed to mean something and as an Australian food company shares it’s a nasty little number! From http://mbm.net.au

Vegetable Emulsifier (473)
Esters of sugar and synthetic fats - produced from glycerol and natural fatty acids. The fatty acids are mainly from plant origin, but also fats of animal origin may be used. The product generally is a mixture of different components, with a composition similar to partially digested natural fat esterified with sugar. Emulsifier and modifying agent. The products are first digested to sugar and fats. The body metabolises all components identical to sugar and natural fat. The individual components of the mono- and diglycerides are also produced normally in the body when digesting normal fat. May cause stomach pain, nausea, bloating, diarrhoea. May contain residues of solvents used in making. Although mainly vegetable oils are used, the use of animal fat (incl. pork) can not be excluded. Several groups, such as vegans, Muslims and Jews thus avoid these products. Only the producer can give detailed information on the origin of the fatty acids. Chemically the fatty acids from vegetable or animal origin are identical.

Read before you buy and don’t get sucked in by misleading food labelling. Take a few extra minutes this week to compare some of your most purchased products at the supermarket. Investing in your health now can prevent ailments and diseases in the future.

Happy Shopping,


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