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I want to tell the whole world about the good deeds Dr folonsho did for me, I was diagnosed of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is the most common type of heart disease and cause of heart attacks., I was told by my family doctor, that I have only 8 months to live on planet earth, I was so depressed, I was thinking about my family, I don’t want to leave them behind, THEN i heard that Dr folonsho is curing Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), I never believe in herbal medicine, I collected his email from the testimony i read online just like mine, i want other patient suffering from this disease to also get cured the doctors decision is not the final decision God can still help you. I contacted him via email, he told me not to bother myself,that everything will be alright, I believed him, due to the way he assured me, which I did, he prepare a herbal medicine for me, and told me that am free from my Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), he also asked me to go for checkup, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) disappeared from my body totally, I am forever in debt to him, I owe you a lot Dr folonsho. If you have any deadly disease, ALL TYPES like CANCER, GONORRHEA, HIV/AIDS, SYPHILIS, and ANEMIA HEPATITIS B HERPES any disease you can think off. Kindly email him now on:[email protected]. COM or via what's app +2349027505789 Thanks for reading
Hi Only access to buying tickets came through from Eventbrite. No access to printing complimentary tickets to this weekend. I click through but it tells me that the page is not available any more...I guess for comp tickets
Just wanted to say a huge thank you!!! Have been inspired by your workshops during the yoga and wellness retreat in Niue this weekend. Words can’t express what a positive impact the weekend had on me 🙏❤️ Thank you.

We believe that every individual has different needs and different lifestyles therefore the ‘one size fits all’ approach to health is no longer the best approach. That’s why we personalise our programs to suit your individual needs; to bring you back, and help you maintain your Balanced Well-being! Whether you have a chronic condition, or require knowledge to help prevent illness; whatever your health status– we can help!

Humans!!! ✊🏽
From one of my clients slaying bowel cancer ...
I just HAD to share this.
She has JUST got out of surgery to remove the stoma bag so she can “go #2’s” naturally again instead of emptying a bag attached to her abdomen full of waste 💩. TOTAL ROCKSTAR!!! This doesn’t happen often, so I kinda cried just a little bit.

“No more sh*t bag!!!”


J, you are an inspiration to SOOOO many people. Keep shining your light cause now I can TOTALLY tell you I think the sunshines outta yours!!!
🤣🙌🏽 yeeeehaaaaa!!!

I hope there is someone out there you all can say is the sunshine of your ... 🌞🌏

#cancer #bowelcancer #hardwork #dothemahi #stomabag #coloncancer #stomabagreversal

KGET - TV 17 Bakersfield

Super interesting... love to hear what others think.

LIVE: Local doctor from Accelerated Urgent Care gives his take on COVID-19 in Kern County

⁣Can’t ask for much better than that!!!⠀


Hard work, lots of love and support, huge dietary and lifestyle changes, scientifically researched off-label drugs and supplement protocol.⠀

Don’t let anyone tell you how long you have left, there is hope! ⠀

#metromap #COC #cancer #bloodcancer #alwayslearning #hopeisreal #radicalremission #evidencebasedmedicine

A few years back I spoke to some incredible people about mitochondrial health and it’s role in creating abundant energy.

How these tiny batteries inside all your cells is designed to provide you with kick ass vitality, help regulate your metabolism, maintain calcium homeostasis (balance), they also are the first step in biosynthesis of your sex hormones which directly links to brain health. If anyone looks into @drdalebredesen it @drterrywahls work they too focus on mitochondrial health for longevity and disease prevention and optimisation... sheeesh, let’s face it, those of us interested in health want to make it till old age without being restricted by disease or a zimmer frame if we can help it, right?

Mitochondrion are SOOO delicate and are dramatically influenced by what you are exposed too - think fragrances, cleaning products in your house, moisturisers, toiletries, roundup and the sprays in our produce to name a few. And it doesn’t have to be much.

How do we boost their function??
Well...what you eat, your exercise (worse off are those that don’t) is a great start. Mitochondrion are effected by your stress levels and sleep deprivation.

AND... they are positively boosted by fasting. I’ll write a post about that next!

Mitochondria are CRITICAL for every single function in your body!!!

There is so much more to say about it these incredible wee energy boosters but for now I’m going to take my @mitoq, get some exercise, use @ecostorenz or baking soda as cleaning products, plus over time I have slowly weaned my toiletries so now I only have clean products and have been following @ethicallykate who has provided some great tips!

There is so much we can do to help boost our cellular health!!

Any tips you guys can share?

⁣2016 I gave a talk to a cancer foundation, talking about the level of issues we have and the extent of health effects with #roundup. I found this old talk while preparing for a chat with @nick_allen where we are going to delve into #mulitplesclerosis and the many factors involved, for example glyphosate causes gut permeability = leaky gut means leaky blood brain barrier (research shows this clearly) and with #MS there is a huge inflammatory cascade that happens - if the blood brain barrier is permeable, these T-cell mediated inflammatory chemicals enter the brain tissue.... one mechanism for progression of autoimmunity and demyelination ... ⠀

Education is your BEST tool because when you know the what and how, you can create a plan of what to do. ⠀

@drterrywahls (if you have just been diagnosed with MS she is a GREAT resource!!! 😍) says it well, anyone with a chronic disease has to be willing to do the work if they want to get better and the more they understand the mechanisms, the easier their mindset shift is to get there.⠀

I absolutely understand how overwhelming it can be to start with, it shares many similarities to a cancer diagnosis, which needs time to sink in. For many it’s just too overwhelming and that’s ok ❤⠀

Today I really want to discuss fasting, and the research currently. Although we are only just beginning to understand it’s potential, a 5 day fasting diet promotes cell regeneration and re-myelination of axons, and the research is still in its infancy. Exciting times! ⠀

#diet #diettherapy #microbiome #drdalebredesen #genetics #infection #environmentalfactors #gmo #glyphosate #gutpermeability #toxins #sleep #stress #fasting ⠀

@longevityfasting ⠀

[04/05/20]   Wow, this guy - a student of politics AND science. With no ties to financial gain.

Interesting to watch, I’m more curious than anything so would love to know what others think?? It’s a long watch 😬

I just feel so blessed and privileged to get to work from the home office. And... am healthy enough to do so. Please spare a thought for all those out there helping perform remedial tasks like stacking supermarket shelves, as well as mates of mine in hospitals and doctors surgeries to keep us all safe and healthy.... so the rest of us can maintain some cense or normality. I feel deeply upset thinking about those stuck in violent relationships at a time like now. Plus all of those people undergoing chemotherapy - I am thinking of you and sending you love and strength. If anyone knows of anyone who might be feeling lonely or alone, please call them. We are all responsible for creating a compassionate and generous community that cares about each other’s welfare. 💚🌈 Arghhh I miss surfing so much, and giving hugs to strangers... Just saying.

⁣Working from home can be a serious luxury! Problem being that five-minute break can turn into a half hour scoff fest in the fridge...- YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! 😆⠀

I’m embarrassed to say yesterday I chowed down so much food and it wasn’t even at meal time! It - anyone else having the same problem? 🙋🏼‍♀️⠀

Here is what I am committing too:⠀

Literally unless it’s for a herbal tea or more water, no access to the kitchen.⠀

Drink water—and make a game of it.⠀
Start early! Hydrated people tend to have less cravings so I'm aiming for eight to 10 glasses of water each day, this includes herbal teas.⠀

Also only one coffee a day - for me, has to be before 9-10 am... somwtimes two if I can squeeze it in before the cut off!! 🤣⠀

Make lunch my most important meal, not breakfast. It is absolute rubbish breakfast is the most important meal of the day! If you can make your lunch a “brunch” thats even better - you are officially extending your “fasting window” and could make it a 16:8 fast - congratulations! 🤟🏽⠀

Set meal times.⠀
Are you genuinely hungry or bored? Eating on a schedule will help you fight cravings and stay satisfied throughout the day, it will help you be mindful of whether you’re eating... ⠀

Then, commit to not eating the next meal at least for three hours, five or longer even better. Or the time you set for yourself… keeping busy until that tie is good practice and teaches you that being hungry is actually okay and won’t kill ya!⠀
I'm gojng to lift my exercise so may get hungrier but will see...⠀

Take a break outside. ⠀
This is a great way to stop you walking to the fridge, opening it for the zillionth time hoping for something to materialize that wasn’t there 4 minutes ago. Like I wish a peanut slab would.. argh… love those. 🤤⠀

Stock up on nutrient-dense snack foods.⠀
What ever, sometimes you just need a snack!! ⠀
Look to stack the fridge with super high nutrient-dense foods, such as vegetables you can cut and dip in hummus, GMO free edamame and miso, bone broth, hummus and baby carrots, left over chicken drumstick, olives, an apple with nut butter, pesto or pate with seed crackers, or an apple with almonds...

What are you guys doing???

COVID-19 Resource Centre


Any other scientist-minded people out there wanting to search the data so far LANCET has some great papers.

I have a 20 page document so far. Spent the past 2.5 days geeking out, I've watched 5 webinars from the worlds leading experts, read a table stacked full of recently published papers... and reckon I'll have something to share by Monday thats hopefully easy to read and understand.

I'll also share what I am doing and what I am going to suggest for my parents, and family member's children. My Dad is on blood pressure meds so is at a higher risk, I choose not to worry and be reactive, I'd rather put that energy into something productive...

Loads of love to everyone x This resource centre brings together new 2019 novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) content from across The Lancet journals as it is published.

A Review of Micronutrients and the Immune System–Working in Harmony to Reduce the Risk of Infection

GREAT paper for anyone wanting to learn more on immunity and micronutrients. Knowledge is power!

One below : Micronutrients with the strongest evidence for immune support are vitamins C and D and zinc. Immune support by micronutrients is historically based on vitamin C deficiency and supplementation in scurvy in early times. It has since been established that the complex, integrated immune system needs multiple specific micronutrients, including vitamins ...

Cereal makers sold us a breakfast myth

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?? Quick summary in this youtube clip for anyone interested. x

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Join the Video Lab! Subscribe to our channel! Cereal companies ...

⁣⁣To continue on with the previous post from, we are going to share some of our tips on how to help manage your hunger and sleep during the @longevityfastingdiet (LFD):⠀
1. Hydration – it is important to stay well hydrated during the LFD. Ensure you drink plenty of water during the day to alleviate hunger cravings, help with your mood and improve your mental state. Getting dehydrated will only inhibit your sleep further.⠀
2. Increase your salt intake – the usual recommendations around salt intake are inadequate during a fast so it is important to increase your salt intake. Extra salt is needed to decrease the rise in insulin which will reduce hunger. Research shows that 5-6g/day is beneficial. That looks like big pinch of quality salt in each litre of water you drink and add extra to the LFD meals. ⠀
3. Make your meals count – you’ll naturally want to demolish your food but try to slow down and practice mindful eating. Eat slowly, take small bites and don’t be distracted while you eat. You want your body to think that it is receiving more food than it is.⠀
4. Eat later in the day – if you really struggle with poor sleep at night during a fast, try to eat your last meal of the day a bit closer to bed. This will help ensure your stomach doesn’t feel empty when you are trying to drift off to sleep.⠀
5. Prepare – Decrease the amount of carbohydrates you get in your diet in the days leading into a fast. This will decrease the period of time that you are going through the keto-adaptation phase during the actual fast.⠀
6. Mindfulness – Practicing mindfulness through breathing exercises and meditation can help to cope with hunger and food cravings before bed leading to improved sleep. It also helps to prepare yourself mentally leading into a fast and accept that there may be an adjustment period where you don’t sleep as well. This will help reduce the anxiety that can occur in the evening when you may not be sleeping as well as normal.⠀
7. Binaural beats – listening to binaural beats at certain frequencies can increase the delta brainwaves which are usually connected to deep sleep. You can find binaural beats on Youtube or Spotify.⠀⠀
What works for you??

⁣We’ve had a few questions come in asking if it is normal to not sleep as well during an extended fasting period such as our @longevity_fasting. The short answer is YES, this can certainly be an issue for some, the long answer is below.⠀

Most people find that sleep issues occur at the beginning of a fast and go away quickly once your body adapts to the new regime. It can take as little as 2-3 nights for your body to “realign" with proper sleeping but for others it can be an issue for the entirety of the LFD. ⠀

There are a few reasons why this can occur:⠀ ⠀
• Orexin and glucose - If you’ve ever wondered why you suddenly feel tired after eating processed food, the answer is in glucose. Once glucose is released into our blood system, it smothers the flow of orexin which leads to fatigue and energy decrease. Without enough calories our body produces orexin, a neurotransmitter made for the purpose of increasing body temperature, craving food, boosting metabolism, and increasing alertness, which can lead to poor sleep while fasting. ⠀

• Another hormone associated with fasting is adrenaline. Adrenaline keeps us awake, decreases appetite and assists with weight loss by burning body fat. When we begin to fast, our body stops relying on the energy that it gets from food, and starts using energy from stored fat called “ketones", known as keto-adaptation. During the 2-3 day keto-adaptation phase adrenaline is released which can make sleeping difficult during this time. ⠀

• Since we have been relying on food as a source of energy for our entire lives, a sudden decrease in the availability of food can result in an energy boost as a way to try and help us find more food… some could call this “hunting” mode. Once one goes through this period, food cravings will decrease, and sleep should go back to normal. The more carbohydrate rich the diet is before the fast, the longer it can take. This is also true for those with high fasting insulin levels. ⠀

In the next post we'll share some tips on how to improve sleep while fasting!⠀

Our 9th March intake of the LFD sold out and we have only a handful of spots left in our March 23rd LFD intake so if you want to secure your spot you better get in fast! Orders for this intake close this Sunday at 8pm if not sold out prior. Link to order and information on what fasting mimicking is and how beneficial check out the link in the bio or go to

⁣We have a new member of the family. ⠀
Please welcome Pepe... smart ass, tough little sh*t full of spunk and so different to Kura.
I moved my practice out of Ponsonby in October last year and cannot take Kura my therapy dog to the surgery on the North Shore with me... so was time to get him a mate to keep him occupied. They go with Andre to his surf shop those days and stay with me when I’m on Skype consults the other days of the week.⠀
@ultimatesurfnskate ⠀
Best decision ever.⠀
Kura is just as besotted as Andre and I are. I love them!!! ARGHHH I didn’t know my heart could be this full 💛⠀

It’s such a privilege to have the opportunity to learn from and with these wee ANGELS. Arghhh I am sooo in love with them - anyone else feel like that about their bubbies??⠀
How freakin epic when you come home from a tough day? Cuddles and fun. ⠀
My Dad is somewhat of a cat whispers and I’ve NEVER had a dog before ...⠀

TOTAL convert. ⠀

Once I’m settled into the new place I may see clients from Stanmore bay... only problem is Im sure it won’t be to see me!! 🤣😂currently I’m fully booked into mid-April face to face but earlier appointments available online. ⠀

You know, the whole “hygiene hypothesis” is also so true and has been proven... Better microbiome and immunity when living with animals and not sanitising the environment we live in. I’ll dig out the study and do a post on it soon.⠀

Please send in your Bubbie pics!!!

⁣Surround yourself with awesomeness... (tick) ☺⠀

I’m currently in Melbourne at an “Integrative Oncology Symposium” , sitting inside filling my brain with info in genetic mutations, dendritic cell therapy, cellular therapies, SOT, hyperthermia, next gen sequencing etc... 😣Brain is FULL!!!⠀

You know what.⠀
I’ve talked with so many of the BEST specialists and doctors with regulars to cancer treatment. They all agree on:⠀

You gotta work through your past sh*t. ⠀

I just spent an hour with one of my favourite Aussie integrative cancer doctor’s, Dr Taufiq Binjemain who is the clinical director of NIIM on the gold coast. He’s lectured in NZ before with my good friend and oncologist Dr Goodwin. ⠀
He’s learning to surf - also why he’s such a good dude!! 🙌🏽⭐⠀

We talked about “How to Starve Cancer” protocol and his upgrades on that, also even more awesome was Kelly Turner’s book “radical remission” and how almost all of the 9 key factors affecting radical remission are mentally and spiritually based... healing from the inside isn’t just about what we can see. It can be past hurt and trauma and that too needs to be addressed.⠀

It made me think how we all have masks to harbour our past painful physical or emotional experiences, keeps is safe and for so many of us it means stepping up, which in it self is scary AF. I do my very best to just be me, and can now recognise when I’m reaching for a mask to try and stay “safe”... which in itself is an illusion we construct right? ☺⠀

I won’t go all woohoo on you about quantum physics, subconscious mind and intracellular matrix healing.... promise 🤣 ⠀

Previously I’ve spent years (and a LOT of money) seeking professionals and guidance to help me process things that have happened in my life. I’m not afraid to ask for help anymore, but I remember how hard it was to begin. ⠀

After talking with Taufiq I think I will begin to refer more of my cancer patients back to EFT/body talk etc ... ⠀

If anyone has great mind-body practitioners they have seen/seeing please can you tag them below. I want to start following them!!⠀

#healing #cancer #radicalremission #oncology #EFT #bebrave #havingafaith #connection #purpose #ther

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