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Fit Tip Tuesday

Fuel your body every day with plenty of real food; lots of vegetables, sustainably raised meat, seafood, good fats like avocado and coconut oil, fermented foods, nuts and seeds, fruit, and bone broth. If you need more info and some inspiration check out the nutritional section and recipes in the online gym. http://www.squareonefitness.tv/join/

Carpe diem! Seize the day! It's a beautiful day outside and I'm working hard inside - creating magic... Time to take a break and enjoy some sunshine and a little sand between my toes while having lunch.

Have a magic Friday and a fab relaxing weekend. X

WOW Wednesday

Here is your Workout Of the Week. If you don't have a kettlebell you could use a small weighted backpack or a dumbbell. Have a good workout! X

Motivational Monday

Beautiful sunrise over Rangitoto Island. Have a magic Monday team! X


Berry Jelly with Coconut Yoghurt - Square One Fitness

Try this delicious little jelly recipe I came up with. Way better then the store brought variety and so much better for you and your kids. These berry jellies contain gut-healing gelatin.

Gelatin has been shown to improve gut health, aid digestion, strengthen skin, hair and nails, help joint recovery, improve cellulite and muscle recovery, support immune function and improve mood to name a but a few health benefits. Add a bit of coconut yoghurt and some more fresh berries if you like and yummo!

squareonefitness.tv These lovely jellies taste soooo good and are good for you too. Kids love them with homemade ice-cream or just as they are with a...

WOW Wednesday

No time for a workout today? Here is a quick little Workout Of the Week that you can do anywhere and anytime. Move your body and get it done now! Do as many rounds as you can. Have a magic Wednesday. X

Happy Friyay! Relax and have a great long weekend! X

So true. :)

Remember how you eat, drink, move, think, breathe, believe and perceive all impact how you show up each day. Your biochemistry, the nutrients you consume, as well as your beliefs impact whether you experience energy or not. We must give our body what it needs to create the conditions inside of us that allow us to feel energised.

Dr Libby

Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over.
- F. Scott Fitzgerald

WOW Wednesday

Another quick, effective workout this week. If you can't do a minute plank on your toes, drop to your knees and hold the position, drawing your belly button towards your spine as you hold. Same thing with the pushups, depending on your ability, you can do them on your knees or toes. For the sit-ups you could add a weight to make it more challenging. Any weight will do; a weighted small backpack would work.

If you are really keen, you could repeat the workout later on today. Have a great one! X

1 minute plank
30 squats
1 minute plank
30 pushups
1 minute plank
30 sit-ups
1 minute plank

Fit Tip Tuesday

It's a good idea to change up your exercise routine and get out of your comfort zone. If you usually lift weights add a yoga class to your week. If you love cardio how about hitting the weight room? Maybe, easing into the change with a Pump or barbell class? Usually walk? Try a few uphills or some sprints. Step ups on a bench at the park is another good one. If you need ideas or motivation check out the OnlineGym for free: http://www.squareonefitness.tv/join/

Whatever you are doing today, challenge yourself and have fun! :)

BBC Breakfast

This shows its never to late to start looking after your health. Age is no barrier to fitness. This guy is 97! Impressive! :)

Charles Eugster is almost definitely in better shape than you. He is also 97 years old...

The retired dentist took up rowing aged 63, body building at 87 and sprinting at 95!

Motivational Monday

Have a magic Monday! X


Cauliflower Fried "Rice" - Square One Fitness

What's for dinner tonight?


squareonefitness.tv Fried rice is one of those dishes that you can easily adjust to suit your taste. You can add in an array of vegetables, herbs,...

We are all so busy these days, especially now as the year starts to unfold. You probably hear this all the time, but it really does make a difference. Meditation is a wonderful tool to fight anxiety and quieten the mind. Use this simple technique if you have trouble getting started. Even just 5 minutes a day makes a difference. :)

WOW Wednesday

Your Workout Of the Week is a Tabata workout. High intensity but only 4 minutes. Smash it out this morning, and feel amazing afterwards! Great workout to do outdoors by the beach like me, or in a park. Have a fab day. X

Want more workouts, where you workout with me? Check them out for free here:

Fit Tip Tuesday :)

11 Simple Gestures to Create Happiness

Sometimes, it’s the smallest things that can have the most meaning. It’s those small gestures from the heart, the little things we do, without expecting anything in return, that bring love and light into the lives of others.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be a grand gesture; the smallest thing can touch us the most. What simple gestures of kindness can you do today?
Read the rest of the post here:


Motivational Monday

Have a magic Monday X


We are never so disposed to quarrel with others as when we are dissatisfied with ourselves, and being exhausted contributes to this. Great energy helps foster fulfilling human interactions.

Happy Friyay! Hope you find time to meditate today. Start small, even 5 minutes will make a difference to how you feel. Relax your mind, it your mind wanders, don't worry bring your attention back to your breath. Have a magic day today. X

Cherries and chocolate – a marriage made in heaven! Beautiful summer cherries are plentiful at the moment here in N.Z. Cherries contain powerful antioxidants that help reduce inflammation, aid in sleep, help with joint pain and have many other benefits. Add to that the powerful cacao packed full of magnesium to enhance mood, regulate sleep, and contribute to a healthy heart and brain.

I was given a lovely box of Central Otago cherries so I decided to make this delicious raw treat again. It’s really fun to make and oh so delicious. You could use it as a special occasion cake for a birthday or just because….

Check out the recipe here:

Workout of the Week

Only 7 minutes! Smash it out this morning and feel great all day! For free video workouts (where you can work out along with me) check out: http://www.squareonefitness.tv/join/

lol :)

Fit Tip Tuesday

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. Create an exercise routine at the same time each day, and it will become a habit. Have a magic day today! X

NEW In The Online Gym This Week

Are you ready to get started and make 2017 the year you get fit and healthy? This week to help you along we have HIIT Beginner 50, HIIT 69 and a new super effective Core workout! Sorry, I didn't have too many new workouts out last year as 2016 was a big year for me.

I've been really busy working on some new exciting plans for 2017. All will be revealed in the next few months. Get stuck into these really effective, fun workouts and your old faves and have a great week. Drink plenty of water, eat clean, spend time in nature and make this year your best yet! See you on the inside. X

Happy Friyay! :)

What is the number one New Year’s resolution?

2016 has come to an end, and a shiny new year beckons, sparkling with our hopes, dreams, aspirations, and the promise of yet unknown adventures. At this time, we often find ourselves thinking about the year ahead and New Year’s resolutions...

Have you made some New Year resolutions? Already fallen off the wagon? Read my tips on how to keep them well into the new year.


This is a great idea. :)

Just thought you might need a reminder that you are awesome! Have a great day. x

A little mantra for you this morning. You have got this! :)

WOW Wednesday - Workout Of the Week

Not much time today to workout? Try this quick, effective workout.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts give you the most efficient workout in the shortest possible time. They alternate between intense bursts of activity followed by periods of less-intense activity to maximise results. The bonus is you don't have to spend hours in the gym! Need more? I have many video workouts in the Online Gym. Come workout with me and check out my guided workouts for free here: www.squareonefitness.tv/join/

Have a magic Wednesday! X

Health Tip

This is a list of the fruit and vege with the most pesticides and chemicals called the dirty dozen. It's best to buy the dirty dozen list of veggies and fruit organic. You can buy the clean 15 from the supermarket to save $$$.
Organic is always the best option, if possible, to ensure you and your family are not consuming unwanted chemicals and especially if you experience any negative health issues.

Hope your New Year is shaping up well and have a magic day today. X

Fit Tip Tuesday

What adventures do you want to go on this year? :)

If you could go on an adventure anywhere in the world this year, where would it be?

Share with us below!

Dr Libby

One of the simplest ways to generate more energy is to release those things that are not ours to fix.

Simple and powerful...



Something to think about as we head into the new year 2017...

Don't let them...



Revealed: New Zealand's most Instagrammed locations - Travel - NZ Herald News

Takapuna Beach is third most Instagrammed location in New Zealand! Not bad for our lovely little beach. :)

nzherald.co.nz Everything from lakes and beaches to cities and movie sets have featured in New Zealand's most Instagrammed locations this year. - New Zealand Herald

WOW - Workout Of the Week

It's getting close to Christmas, and I know its a really hectic time of the year for you. Even if you think you are too busy, make time to move every day. If you are short on time, try this quick workout, smash it out and set yourself up for a magic day ahead. X

Fit Tip Tuesday

Connecting to the ground can help to correct your internal body clock and relieve stress. Many of us spend most of our time indoors, so we become physically cut off from the earth. Maybe take a walk on the beach, or run barefoot through the grass. Do something every day that will put your body in direct contact with the earth.

WOW - Workout Of the Week

No time to get to the gym? Try this quick workout, it will have you feeling good in no time. Need some motivation? Try some of our workouts for free for 7 days, plus recipes, education, tips and advice. 1st day of Summer and a beautiful day here in Auckland, NZ. Hope your day is going great. :)

Fit Tip Tuesday

Are you taking time for self-care today? I know its hard to do sometimes, especially at this time of the year, but see if you can find time to look after yourself; eat well and get a bit of movement in your day.
Get to bed early, try not to worry, and have a laugh with friends or family. Have a magic day everyone! X

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