As a registered natural health practitioner (BNatMed) I like to work alongside people, empowering them to make better lifestyle and nutritional choices. I work with the bodies own defense systems creating long lasting change and wellness.

Vitonix revolutionizes healthcare for those who are motivated to obtain greater positive health results and for those living with degenerative conditions.

What can your herbalist do in this time of lockdown..
See New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalist's slide show

Could vitamin D play a role in coronavirus resistance? Research thinks so

Interesting article, as how many of us are vitamin d deficient??? Get those Ray's while you can New Zealanders! Vitamin D supplements may aid in the resistance of respiratory infections such as the coronavirus or limit the severity of the illness in those infected, according to researchers.

[03/28/20]   Tea for respiratory health: Hobbs’ Blender Tea Recipe:

Gather handful of fresh herbs: rosemary, sage, oregano, mint — you choose! If using dried herbs, soak for 30 minutes in hot water.
Place in blender with enough water to cover them - blend until creamy.
Add 3X freshly boiled water, let cool, and blend again.
Add juice of a lemon, and/or honey if desired.
Steep 10-30 minutes. Blend again.
Strain if desired, or enjoy as is. This is a strong tea! By blending up the herbs allows the plant constituents to be more readily transferred into the tea.

Be well, and see you all after lock down.
Virtual consults are available if needed 💚

Due to regulatory constraints this post on how to strengthen immunity using herbal anti-virals has been removed. For those wishing to use herbal medicine to mitigate seasonal ailments please contact me directly. Skype/messanger consults are available.

Morning world, first day at Restore wellbeing Te Atatu peninsula as one of the lovely naturopaths and medical herbalists on board. Photo taken this morning in the magic rush and bustle of children v work dynamic and then boom the universe provides us with a little reminder to stop breathe and smile. Arohanui Lieke Bliekendaal #vitonix #breathe #workingmom #restorewellbeingnz #Herbalist #teatatupeninsula #westauckland #wellbeing #naturopath #teatatu #newlynn #henderson #gleneden #massey #nutrition #wholefood #fitgenes #nutrigenomics #lovelife #westaucklandkids #mamaandbaby #ageregression #agewell #stressreduction

Naturopath and Medical Herbalist available for walk-in's Kaiwaka St John's Ambulance Centre this Thursday! (Tomorrow) from 9.15am till 2.00pm.
Call 0800 848 6649
Aroha nui
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Polystyrene recycling business! About time! Please share

At DIVERT we really hate Polystyrene. It blows in the wind. It floats, It breaks down into smaller beads, It is consumed by and kills marine life and sea birds, it fills up landfills fast...
We hate it so much that we decided to do something about it, so we invested $37,950 into the EPS Compactor that you see here. (not to mention a box truck to collect it in as well)

The trouble is that after 3 months of meeting with hundreds of large businesses around Auckland (Importers, Distributors, Manufacturers etc) NOT A SINGLE BUSINESS has taken us up on our polystyrene recycling service!
We have not had $1 of income from this division of our business.

Perhaps our market research was not comprehensive enough, perhaps other recycler's are already servicing the market, perhaps it was blind faith to invest in this machine hoping we could make a difference, perhaps New Zealand businesses (Owners and Staff) just do not care about the environment enough to actually spend money on sustainable material processing solutions.
If you think we must be too expensive, our pricing to remove + recycle the polystyrene is volume based: $14.99+GST/m³ for 10m³ or more, up to $29.99+GST/m³ for up to 1m³.
As a point of reference, the minimum fee to drop off any polystyrene to Auckland landfills is now $118.
It costs $3,000 to dump 1 tonne!
We never saw this part of the business as being hugely profitable, we just hoped it could sustain itself.

The compactor shreds the (clean) EPS-6 Polystyrene into smaller chunks, then uses a pressure process with an auger ram (not heat or chemicals) to compress the polystyrene to 1/40th of its original size. It ends up in 'briquettes' that are about 1m long x 0.3m x 0.3m, which are then stacked 4 x 4 on top of a pallet - Each of these pallets then weighs 200-250kg.

Recycling Brokers then receive it by the tonne (occasionally they will pay up to $200 for a tonne, but as a low value commodity its price fluctuates wildly and virgin plastics are actually cheaper than using reclaimed content!) They then export it to Asian markets who receive it as a clean, sorted waste to be recycled into other plastics. (another form of polystyrene is the clear, hard plastic used for CD/DVD cases)
We are exploring uses within NZ as well - eg emerging technology should soon allow polystyrene to be used as a substitute for thickening agents in the production of road marking paint.
For now our focus is on preventing polystyrene from filling up our landfills, or worse entering the ecosystem.
We just need some customers so together we can make a difference!

Please share and spread this post - We would really appreciate that!
We would also like to congratulate the The Warehouse Group including Noel Leeming on the incredible sustainable practices that they have rolled out internally Nationwide to deal with polystyrene and other materials they generate!


Food that Talks to our genes:
We once thought that food was just a source of building blocks (carbohydrates, fats, proteins plus the essential vitamins and minerals). However, recent research now estimates that there may be 5 - 10,000 different molecules or phytonutrients as we like to call them in fruit and vegetables. These phytonutrients provide a huge library of information which is continuously talking to our genes. Eating a whole food diet primarily based on fresh produce gives us literally thousands of these molecules. We are only just starting to understand how everyone of these molecules get absorbed into the cell and how they have the potential to interact with the function of the cell. This is how the science of Nutrigenomics was born.

Need help adopting a whole food diet?
Need help with nutritious school lunch ideas?
Call me, 0800 848 6649 available for skype and person to person consultations. x

Lets take the silly out of the season and get on top rising stress levels - Vitonix is offering "pre-christmas" Acute Herbal Stress remedies. $75 for a 2 week prescription and 45 minute consultation. - Check out our website :
Full herbal dispensary in Mangawhai.
Available in Kaiwaka @ St Johns Ambulance station - Thursdays by appointment only.

Call 0800 848 6649 to check in.

Lieke Bliekendaal
Reg. Naturopath and Medical Herbalist

Amazing day yesterday, so thankful to be part of Kaiwaka health collective and the wonderful practitioners it brings with it
Aroha nui 💚

Come down and check out our open day market! We’ll be here till 2pm @ the St John Hall, Kaiwaka 😊

Another great start to a great day
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Realest Natives



Nutrigenomics: You are what you eat with Dr Christine Houghton

Dr Christine Houghton is an inspiration and a pioneer in her research regarding real food and its interaction with the body... turns out Hippocrates was right!... Well worth a watch.

Subscribe to the podcast: Don’t underestimate the power of food in our past, present and future evoluti...

The medicinal properties of Pomegranate There has been an explosion of interest in pomegranate in recent years and over the past decade, significant progress has been made in establishing the individual constituents and pomegranate’s pharmacological activity. Extracts of all parts of the fruit appear to have therapeutic properties (Lans...

Fallen out with mrs smoothie this winter?
This is my on the run breakfast:
Frozen organic berries, fairtrade bananas, raw organic muesli and that beautifully made raglan vanilla coconut yogurt.
Make the night before as to not dawn freeze your tongue off. #boom #healthyliving #vitonix #eatontherun #aucklandnaturopath #lovethislife

Minding your mitochondria | Dr. Terry Wahls | TEDxIowaCity

Great 18-minute watch for age-related conditions.
Just a reminder of the ancient quote:
"Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food".

Note from TED: This talk, which features health advice based on a personal narrative, has been flagged as potentially outside TED's curatorial guidelines. Vi...

When you just feel like eating your fruit! #goodfriday #vitonix #lovethislife #healthyliving #herbalist

Mark Hyman, MD

This is the approach I take when dealing with eczema!

Simply put, eczema is a sign that your body is inflamed. The solution is figuring out what’s going wrong inside your body and reducing that inflammation.

Full video and article:

How Herbalist's deal with Autoimmunity!

Herbal Approaches to Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune diseases are becoming increasingly common and many diseases with previously unknown etiologies are now known or thought to be autoimmune conditions. The disease process causes inflammation and progressive destruction to tissue. Women are more likely to experience autoimmune disease than men, suggesting a possible hormonal link. Genetics also play a role as the tendency for developing autoimmune disease can run in a family. Ethnicity can influence the prevalence of some autoimmune conditions. Stress, nutritional deficiencies (especially zinc, Vitamins C, D, & E, selenium, carotenoids, and other antioxidants), food allergies, environmental pollutants (mercury, hair dyes), xenoestrogens, sunlight (lupus), and viral/bacterial infections may all be triggers for autoimmune diseases.

Several theories exist as to the causes of autoimmune diseases. Chronic low-grade bacterial or viral infections and molecular mimicry – where there are close similarities between microbial proteins, as well as gluten and casein proteins, and human proteins. The immune response directed toward the foreign protein crossreacts with the similar self-antigen.

Autoimmune diseases fall into two broad and overlapping categories. In organ-specific disease, localized trauma or a lesion produced by autoantibodies or cell-mediated reactions against a specific target antigen located in a specific cell, tissue, or organ. Organ specific conditions include Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Grave’s Disease, myasthenia gravis, glomerulonephritis, primary biliary cirrhosis, type 1 diabetes, Crohn’s Disease, ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis, vitiligo, autoimmune hepatitis, and autoimmune adrenal disease. In systemic autoimmune disease, tissue damage and inflammation occur in multiple locations in organs or tissues without relation to their antigenic similarity. Systemic autoimmune diseases include systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), Sjogren’s Syndrome, scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis, progressive systemic sclerosis (PSS), polyarteritis nodosa (PAN), polymyositis, and relapsing polychondritis.

In addition to patient specific protocols, treatment for autoimmune diseases should include herbs from the following categories:
• Immune amphoterics or immunomodulators (e.g. American or Asian Ginseng Root, Ashwagandha Root, Holy Basil) normalize hypo or hyper immune activity.
• Antiinflammatory agents (e.g. cinnamon bark, sarsaparilla, turmeric) stabilize mast cells, reduce histamine release, and inhibit allergic response.
• Alteratives (e.g. burdock root, calendula flowers, cleavers, dandelion root) increase elimination of metabolic wastes.
• Antibacterial agents (e.g. andrographis, garlic, myrrh) may be necessary to resolve chronic infections. )
• Much of the immune system is located in the gut lining so the health of the GI tract is vitally important. Herbs that heal the gut include aloe gel, chamomile, marshmallow root, plantain leaf, slippery elm, turmeric, and yarrow.
• Digestive/hepatic tonics (e.g. angelica root, artichoke leaf, dandelion root) promote effective digestion and liver function and can help prevent immune dysregulation.

This blog is intended as an informational guide. The remedies, approaches and techniques described herein are meant to supplement, and not be a substitute for professional medical care or treatment. They should not be used to treat a serious ailment without prior consultation with a qualified health care professional.

Acetaminophen Use Alters Sex Hormones, May Cause Birth Defects?

Interesting article form medscape Metabolomics study identifies 'unexpected effects of a commonly used drug, acetaminophen, on hormone metabolism. Closer scrutiny of this commonly used medication is warranted.'

Beat diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and dementia by choosing the right foods If you knew about a "miracle pill" that could significantly boost your health and lifespan, wouldn't you want to know more about it? According to Dr. Michael Greger, a renowned doctor at some of the top medical institutions in the United States, a "simple dietary prescription&

Precision Dietetics Urges Personalized Approach to Dietary Recommendations Genetic differences shown to influence health responses to diet, calling into question population-wide dietary guidelines.

Apple Cider Vinegar Warning.... When And How To Use It Right

Renewed enthusiasm for apple cider vinegar In recent years, apple cider vinegar has attained fame and glory amongst the alternative health community. It’s supporters claim that this product of ferme

The MSG in your supplements - Gene Food

I've recently come across this! Updated January 24th, 2018 Most everyone has heard of the dreaded monosodium glutamate, or “MSG” for short (remember the word glutamate in that phrase). The stereotype is that MSG is an additive in many Chinese dishes, and so it’s easily avoided, but it’s actually much more common than you m...

8 Foods That Fight Inflammation

Easy list for beginners! Often we meet a friend we haven't seen for a few years, and they've barely changed at all. Others have aged so much we barely recognize them. The difference? Good genes can't be discounted, but the most important elements of aging involve lifestyle, especially eating a...

What a new age coffee date looks like! Thanks Rachel! #lovethislife #wellnessday #vitonix

Vitonix's cover photo


#whenigethomefromwork and the house is like a bomb #obliterationroom #ilovemykids

#whenigethomefromwork and the house is like a bomb #obliterationroom #ilovemykids

Sometimes though, we need further reaching antiflammatory effects then just the G.I tract ( see previous post re encapsulated turmeric). This is where a medicinal herbal extract can do just that. Conditions turmeric would benefit: osteoarthritis, R.A, liver dysfunction and long term as a preventive for cardiovascular disease... love that turmeric ...

Turmeric for G.I health, super easy to encapsulate yourself! #turmeric #naturopath #herb #health #auckland #harvestnaturalhealthcentre #guthealth #antiinflammatory #wellness

Our Story

Hello, my name is Lieke and practice as a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist. I am based in West Auckland – Te Atatu where mineral therapy and a full herbal dispensary comes to life. I have a Bachelor in Natural Medicine qualifying with the clinical excellence award (2015) at South Pacific college of Natural Medicine. Vitonix - Lieke Bliekendaal is currently registered with the NZAMH and NMHNZ, two governing bodies associated with Medical Herbalists and Naturopaths

The human need for absorbable well utilised minerals is really coming to the surface in my practice, I therefore use mineral celloids and herbs to improve energy and mood, enhance childhood health and treat childhood ailments, improve cellular function and improve connective tissue and joint health. The personal mineral prescription works beautifully with medicinal herbs to nudge the body back into homeostasis.

I enjoy working with children and offer a wide range of homeopathic options for families who have decided not to vaccinate but would still like to prevent childhood or travel associated conditions. This form of therapy is called homeoprophylaxis or homeopathic vaccination.

For those clients who may be a little older, I spend time assessing unresolving inflammation in the body and combine naturopathy with a slant towards genetics. Sometimes we may need to turn on or dampen off genes, that over time have impacted our health. I do this via a nutrigenomic approach which means that food and diet will always be at the forefront of our recommendations.

The incorporation of nutrigenomics and herbal medicine heals via working not only with the condition but working upstream of the condition’s symptom picture. Via this method we can create lasting results by simple easy to follow adjustments.

For more information and appointment bookings please contact

Lieke Bliekendaal - 0800 848 6649

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