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Our aim is to provide on-site health screening and counseling services. Our theme is; Preserve it. Live Once" Lifestyle diseases are on a rapid increase .

Health is a serious matter to God. Man's choice is bent toward destruction of all sorts. Glow Health's SHAPE program focuses on the mind, body, and soul wellness. This is wholistic in its nature.

Take back your health. Contact us.

High blood pressure is a health risk if not corrected soon. Specific natural juice is customized to assist normalise HBP. We have clients who have had conditions of HBP and now signed up for the smoothie thats doing womders for their lives.

SHAPE is an acronym for Sharing his(God) Awesome Presence Everyday. It is the Exercise avenue of Glow Health lifestyle Service.

Start now! Live your drèam.



Do not tell people to change untill it begins in and with you.

My family, my friends, my coleagues and my country.


The road is long and tiring.
The going is tough but the strong will still stand.

Change mindset
Get power juice
Go for balance meal
Regular exercise

Time t0 change, time to transform and pursue longevity.

Glow Health affordable services and natural products are powerful and effective.
Based on natural foods found in Papua New Guinea, we customize meal plans and juice plans. We offer fresh fruit and raw vegetable blends. We also offer best exercise programs for individuals, families or couples.

Contact us # 75983735/75986093
Email: [email protected]


Ecc 3:9 What profit hath he that worketh in that wherein he laboureth?

Did my nonstop uphill run on Poreporena Freeway this morning. The climb was satisfactory.

I pledged to fight the escalating and sweeping lifestyle disease in PNG. Many are hospitalized, dying unaware of its attack. A mindset change, a positive and determined will can trigger you to a transformational journey.

SHAPE model through glow health offers you this awesome opportunity you will not regret.

Make an appointment now on our GLOW Health fb page today.


The onslaught of lifestyle diseases is unprecedented in PNG.

Prevent it, maintain your health. Transform it meticulously, with a marked difference, enjoy your health and live long.


Organic or Processed?

God designed the human body to be fed with the food He created, not with the food men made out from His creation. And food was his medicine too.

Gen 2:9 And out of the ground the LORD God made to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food, the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Choose right, and live right, this is honoring God.

Change begins with you. Lifestyle disease must be overcomed with proper nutrition, and adequate exercise. Additionally clean water, sunshine, temperance, good air, adequate rest, these all become part of your lifestyle because, you trust God as a the source of your resource.

Organic and Natural foods are healthy for the body.
Juice or blending foods are key for the body's immunity and longevity. Research shows they provide good and essential nutrients to the body as well as slowing down aging.

GLOW HEALTH provides services that help the body meet its specific nutritional requitements through diet plan and juice plans. We provide specifics for different body conditions including detoxing, weight loss and natural skin beauty.

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Diet plays a central role in a person's overall health, but archieving a good diet is not as simple as it sounds. Eating the right foods no longer insures proper health due to over-farming the land where food is grown (causing nutrient loss), excessive food processing, the use of additives and other chemicals, and toxins contaminating tje food supply. Therefore, it is imoortant to pay attention not only what foods are eaten, but also how that food was grown before it reached the table. Consumers should consume far less fat,animal protein, and processed foods, and eat more complex carbohydrates,fruits and vegetables. (Alternative Madecine, 181)

We offer no gimmick, quick fix, guaranteed cure. What we do offer are practical, liveable programs and services that can transform your health and life for better and longevity.

Choose our services and You will never be the same again.

Magic Run!
The second attempt today from yesterday's climb since several months gap was magic.
I did a self talk, mind and, muscle prep., then a determination before the run. At the start all seemed well, halfway through the thought of the climb, the distance were pressing in. But a constant determination eliminated the pain, strain and shortened the distance with a will determined to complete the climb. Magic because unlike yesterday's strains, weariness and fear that pressed in thebpossibility to abort the consistent jog was not present in today's run. At the top, the feeling of fitness, and accomplishment capped was exhubatant.

Transform your body mass with the best exercise plans.

Challenge now is to climb it twice a week for my personal best.
Blessed Weekend.

HBP Decrease-174/92-141/89

After offering specific high blood pressure juice plan for a week to the lady on the right of my wife, her hbp dropped significantly and her skin replenished-glowing.
She know says, she feels good and refreshed, she feels lighter and her mind sharper and alerr.

GLOW Health offers meal and juice plan based on natural local foods -solid and liguid forms.



The best way to eat up a cake is bite size. The same principle is true for any challenges. We can only run up a mountain one step at a time.
I didn't run up Pore porena mountain on my first attempt. I did it a little at a time until i could manage a one hit.
I did not run the Crown Plaza hill on the first hit. I walked it numerous time from the Southern end, walked across and down Grand Papua before running it.
After running it diferent sessions, today I mamage 2 climbs each on both hills, up from the Southern end to the top of Crown, down to the Western end via Grand Papua and back, a bit of walk and attempted the second roumd.

CHALLENGE TO any male, MID 50s and late 50s to join me to take back your health on Sundays mornings 630am at Ela Beach.
If I can, you too can! It requires training, will power, endurance, determination and stemina.

Disease finds no reason to avoid anyone but human beings do find all the excuses and reasons to justify the attack by the disease.

Come and get transformed through SHAPE (Share His Awesome Presence Everyday) exercise program.

'Those who care for their life, prioritize their health' dkg

Glow Health in session with interested executives and staff for the Department of Community Developmemt and Religion in the conference room today.
Our focus is preventing, maintaining and restoring from chronic disease such as, Cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer, respiratory, arthritis, gout etc through natural foods grown and sold in PNG markets and shops.

Nutritiinal Assessment, Nutritiional counselling,,Customized Diet prescriptions (meal plan), Juice plan, massage therapy, fitness test, exercise therapy and spiritual counselling.

God Loves Our Wellbeing (GLOW) is your choice when you do not have any alternative.

SHAPE is the newest program of GLOW Health PNG. It is an acronym that stands for Share His Awesome Presence Everyday. This is a Fitness and Weight Loss program. It is new and dynamic for those who want to get into shape. You can be a lifetime or short term member. Check us out.

Getting into SHAPE
Many think shaping up is something of a past. Getting into shape is God's ideal for his people because he creates them in his image and tje fact that eternal life lacks any meaning of old age is significant to getting into shape by looking young and staying young through proper exercise.

Our bodies are made to be used. Any form of physical activities are the avenues our bodies are used. Exercise is not a luxury, it's one of the most important investments in our health and well-being that we will ever make. it's key to archieving physical fitness. It means a combination of muscular strength, endurance,flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning. The dividends are tremendous.

At GLOW Health PNG we provide this service as a way to assist customers to get into shape-S=share,H=his, A=awesome, P=presence, E= everywhere.
Contact us now.

The impact of GLOW Health is spectacular. It attracts all levels of people. It deals specifically on lifestyle disease with prevention, maintaining and restoration of mind and body health.
Yesterday it progressed into a new venture with the executives and staff of Community Development and Religion. Report on the assessment done indicates a serious attention needed on chronic lifestyle issues by all departments in the country.
Our focus is Nutrtional assessment and diagnosis, diet or meal prescription and exercise programs to prevent and correct the invading lifestyle diseases.

Love your body? Care for it.

Contact us today and save ypur space with a lockdown special before end of May, 2020.

[05/24/20]   Diet has, probably, become increasingly significant in our Melanesian culture from the past. Numerous cultural activities have been associated with food. Activities such as, deaths, engagements, marriages, cultural dances, feasts of harvest, gathering, and many more. This has affected our daily mental, physical, and social life.
Instead of facing the problem of obtaining enough food to survive, we have overabundance. Our only problems are the selection of the type of foods and how much we should consume. These are perhaos the challenge that lead to overweight.
Those who struggle with overweight today plant the seed of attracting lifestyle diseases.

If you are one who desires to loose weight, GLOW Health has an established program the can assist you to achieve your goal.

Contact us for more information.

Exercise truely a vibrating passion. Since I decided on this lifestyle journey more than a decade ago with more consistency, my health-cardio, stretch and muscle toning and strengthening has been superb.
This journey is a lifestyle now. I love it each day. I now realize what my dad said each time he came into the city, 'I want to go back to the village quickly' when we would ask him to stay longer. His muscles were adaptive to gardening work. A day without gardening or physical activity felt like sore on muscles with pain etc. Living without physical activity crushes the body system against its normal operations it was designed for.
At creation, God mandated Adam to 'till the ground and keep it' Gen 2:15. Human body was designed to work with benefits. In order for the body structure to carry the body, it must be kept in order, fit and able to move at the required speed. Studies on exercise show numerous benefits to the body.

If you are reading this message and are not been moved, a nerve, to determine to begin, is a the greatest error. You should go out spend at least 30-45 mins 4 times a week to place your life out of risk from lifestyle diseases.

Just do it, now!

[05/23/20]   Health reform only necessary after educating people on simple food preparations.

But until we can present health reform foods which are palatable, nourishing, and yet inexpensive, we are not at liberty to present the most advanced phases of health reform in diet. Letter 98, 1901 (written June 19, 1901). HFM 50.4

We are temporarily located in Julz Health at Brian Bell Plaza, 1st Floor. Opening days, Tuesdays & Thursdays by appointment.

For complete Health transformation.

...See a happy Customer share his experience on how our programs have transformed his lifestyle.

[05/12/20]   You have one life, one body. Make a real effort. (Dei)

[05/07/20]   Our customised Meal Plan can transform life.

We have been coaching a client with meal plan and meal preparation for a week and a half. The client, a young man had been diagnosed with HBP for a couple of years.
Yesterday went out for his exercise program along the recreation center. There he met his friends who had been exercising some weeks ago saw him and were surprised at his glowing skin of his face and inquired how this had happen.
At that moment he marketed what glow health had been coaching him with meals daily that made a remarkable difference.
This inquiry led to couple sign up for GLOW Health coaching. This testimony reflects the quality of service we provide for the citizens.
You do not have to wait for a miracle to happen. You create that miracle by signing up with us to make an impact and difference.

We customize meal plan based on our local food we have and for your specific health condition. We also provide juice plans to help your specific condition and for your overall skin glow or replenishment. Additiinall we offee an exercise program for the initial start up to get you up and going.

We can change your body aglow in time. Go to the top of this page and book your appointment.

[05/04/20]   Testimony
A young man came to us with an inflamed ear. Our nutritionist prescribed his meal plan. Aftera few days following a balanced diet his ear cleared up and was over joyed with the balanced meal plan by Glow Health.

We believe in God who directs us with wisdom to help mankind.

[05/04/20]   The longer you procrastinate, it can be fatal.

Your food is your medicine.

Balanced Meal
Get the best customized meal plan to prevent lifestyle disease. And mainttain your immune system and health.

Loose Weight
Go for your weight lose program., and a fitness one to eliminate undue joint, muscle and body pain.

Juice Therapy
Customize to suit your specific condition.

By qualified Nutritionist and Dietician

Contact us for an appointment# 75983735/72995831

[04/30/20]   We do:
1. Nutitional health assessment and counselling
2. Meal and Juice plans for different diseases
3. Assist with basic execise programs
4. Massage, and water therapy
5. Mind and spiritual counselling

Our current location is:
Julz Salon, Brian Bell Paza Boroko

Our People Need Help!

COVID19 has only emerged now. Our people have been suffering from lifestyle diseases more.
Four of the most prominent chronic diseases – cardiovascular diseases (CVD), cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and type 2 diabetes – are linked by common and preventable biological risk factors, notably high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and overweight, and by related major behavioural risk factors ...
At GLOW (God loves our wellbeing) Health, we provide quality service from Nutrition hralth diagnosis, prevention to maintaining the body from these diseases.
We give meal and juice plan prescriptions focusing on preventing, healing and maintaining the body health.

We customize meal ot juice plans to fight the disease using our local natural food, vegetables and herbs.

You have a family member, relative or friend in need of our nutrition and diet experts to assist?

Contact us for your space or click on the top button "BOOK NOW"

Exercise for life.
Exercise will aid the work of digestion. To walk out after a meal, hold the head erect, put back the shoulders, and exercise moderately, will be a great benefit. The mind will be diverted from self to the beauties of nature. The less the attention is called to the stomach after a meal, the better. If you are in constant fear that your food will hurt you, it most assuredly will. Forget self, and think of something cheerful. CH 53

Lacking stamina? We will boost your body vitality.

Call or email us for assistance on loose weight and fitness activities

Thousands of patients die waiting for beds in hospitals – study

Study show thousands die due to long waiting hours in the hospitals. Learn to prevent your health and avoid the tragic wait. Doctors’ report finds 5,449 deaths since 2016 followed delayed admission to A&E

GLOW Health

Be on the alert of your own body immune system. Take this offer!

Go for a meal plan. It will boost your body immune system!

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For complete Health transformation.




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