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At this stage our doctor Dr. Poyap J Rooney is available on appointments only ususally after 4pm on weekdays and Saturday morning. For testing we are open Monday to Friday 9am to 4:30pm


A Primer on Intermittent Explosive Disorder - Psychiatry Advisor


psychiatryadvisor.com IED has comorbidities, including mood disorders, lifetime prevalence of anxiety disorders, personality disorders, and substance abuse.

Hi all,

The concept of art therapy is now well established and there is firm scientific evidence for its benefits in its different forms in achieving and maintaining good mental health, when it is seen in the context of a wider supportive biopsychosocial environment.

I other words we treat the whole person and there is a team involving a good GP, psychologist and other social worker, the patient's family and friends, church or other non religious spiritual group, a club which can be a sports or another hobby club, and what I want to advocate here is an Art Club...

In this time in particular ART is a key 'nudger' of us individually and societally towards a better tomorrow..

I encourage everyone here to continue your creative pursuits, mobilise and inspire (don't force) your family, your friends, your clan to create!


This little doodle is the conception of what I want to dive into next. The ideas in the words are not new see 'Egan's Skilled Helper Model'

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Black Dog Institute


blackdoginstitute.org.au The Black Dog Institute welcomes the Federal Government's $74 million Mental Health Support Package in response to COVID-19.


Preparing for COVID-19 - Message from the ESICM President & colleagues in Northern Italy

mailchi.mp Dear Colleagues   Everyone is closely watching and monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak.  This global emergency is presenting major challenges for our profession as we attempt to anticipate, tackle and eventually get ahead of it.    As there are many new experiences with this type of virus, we need ...


No Nonsense Self Defense - Reliable information for dangerous situations

The No Nonsense site will provide you free, easy-to-use information to keep you safe from violence and crime. Our goal is to give you common sense information you can use right now to ensure your personal safety and protect your property.

nononsenseselfdefense.com Answers about crime, violence, crime prevention, personal safety, and self-defense


Zach Williams and Dolly Parton - There Was Jesus (Lyrics)

No one will be happy all the time. You are not human if you do not feel down sometimes in your life. When we realise that we are a part of something so grand and eternal we will feel awe and humility at the same time.

In this time all our normal businesses come to a standstill because we remember Jesus. But let us NOT package and limit the greatness only to these few weeks but extend it to our every living moment.

You do not need to be a preacher and know every verse of the bible in order to connect to the higher being to whom we are all connected forever.

Take time to breath, feel and increase your own awareness of your connectedness. Love yourself deeply and completely. Accept your flaws and weaknesses and the fact that you have been wronged and you have wronged in the past. Try your best to resolve conflicts that can be resolved, at least make an attempt.

Take care of yourself like you are someone that deserves and needs taking care of. Be useful to yourself and extend your kindness to your brothers and sisters.

Have reasonable boundries and protect them while respecting others boundries.

Do YOUR best! Be awsome.


youtube.com Hebrews 12:2 Fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down ...

World Health Organization (WHO)


Choose water 💧 over sugary drinks 🥤!

Mangos thrive in Port Moresby. Why not use them creatively to make cool spaces like this.

In ground composting. Stop burning leaves, grass cuttings and weeds. Dig a hole, Chuck these rich organic material in, add water and mix over 2 to 3 months and you got yourself rich fertile material for your veggie garden. Plus you keep physically active in a fun and creative way. Video in tok pisin

Better Health PNG

Making cervical cancer disappear.
• HPV vaccination program
• Cervical cancer screening program.

Dr. P J Rooney

Between 1982 and 2019 the rate of cervical cancer caused deaths (number of death per 100,000) in Australia decreased dramatically from 5.5 to 1.8.

With the relatively recent introduction of a less invasive, more convenient national cervical cancer screening program in 2017 and national HPV vaccination program, cancer of the cervix will become very rare in the next 1 or 2 decades.

While the screening program is aimed at picking up women who have developed the very early stages of the cancer so that it’s progression can be halted preventing death, the HPV vaccination stops women getting infected by the virus that causes the cancer in the first place essentially. This alone will lead to a massive drop in the incidence of cervical cancer and for as long as the vaccination program is maintained we will see less and less women with cancer of the cervix.

Now what do we need to do in PNG to maximise the power of this wonderful medical scientific public health knowledge and breakthrough.

This will be the topic of my next video. Stay tuned.

Better Health PNG

So I've created this page for sharing my thoughts on health in PNG. A big topic with equally big complexities which there are no easy quick fixes. My thought are merely that my thoughts agree with them or disagree with them but whatever you do be positive and do what you can to improve your own health, the health of your family, community and nation. Dr. P J Rooney


WHO Papua New Guinea

Globally, about 100 million people are pushed into extreme poverty each year because of out-of-pocket spending on health. We need affordable, quality health care for everyone, everywhere. #HealthForAll.


PNG the land where were are happy to be fed rotten fish from anyone willing to sell it to us.

A quick read... 10 mins. Let's hope our health department improves

spmt.wordpress.com Removing ISO 9001 prerequisite for medical goods supplies companies is negligence of the highest order. • Ignorance is not a defense • Negligence is a crime. • Moral and Patriotic bankruptcy of our…

Gary Juffa , Sir John Pundari na ol narapla member blo Public Accounts Committee I painim planti bikpla rong iwoklo kamap lo helt depatment blo yumi

[12/05/19]   'Improvements in patient outcomes are best achieved when healthcare providers are aided by digital technologies, not overwhelmed by them'.


If you are going back into exercise after not doing so for a while start off like I did. For the 1st 3 months I simply walked only 3 to 4 times a week and after doing this for some time I am now comfortable going for a little trot.


About the Series

secondopinion-tv.org Seen on public television stations across the country, the goal of Second Opinion is to promote good health, improve doctor/patient communication and empower viewers to take charge of their own healt

2Toea tingting igo long ol lida marn meri blo yumi. Jezzine Barracks, The Strand, Amazing Port Moresby, NCDC


6 more babies die pushing measles epidemic death toll to 39 Latest Talamua On-line News

talamua.com Mothers with their babies waiting outside one of the Measles Isolation Units at the Moto’otua Hospital Staff Reporters   APIA, SAMOA – 28 NOVEMBER 2019: The measles epidemic has claimed its highest number of fatalities in the last 24 hours. Six (6) children – 2 in the 2-6 months age group and...

The estimated 250,000 people with diabetes all receiving very suboptimal to no treatment are dieing 10 to 15 years earlier then they should.

Those with who will develop type 1 diabetes are even less fortunate dieing in their 20s or more likely earlier due to no access to insulin.

Those living with hyper or hypo thyroidism live a life of utter anguish with proper monitoring tests and drugs. There are many many more people suffering as we speak due the NEGLIGENCE that has been the norm at NDOH.

Talking about one of my fav topics again.. But this time I'm experimenting with an in ground compost for larger scale composting.. scaling up.. might end up trying my hand at agriculture soon


Health care for all: let’s make it a reality


This video invites you to sign the petition for Universal health coverage (UHC): http://www.who.int/petition UHC means that all people have access to the qua...


Health for All Film Festival

Any film makers in PNG willing to partner with us to produce a short 8 minute film about health in PNG? Let us know

who.int Filmmakers are invited to submit applications for the first-ever Health for All Film Festival, organized by the World Health Organization. The festival seeks to showcase the role of individuals and communities as champions for health and wellbeing and to take control of their health through individu...


November 7, 2019

By Prof Glen Mola head of obs and gynae.

Dear PNG-NCD community,

PMGH is just not coping with the load of patients in just about every department of the hospital. I would like to write about the maternity section. Last year we had over 14,000 births in our 24 bed delivery suite.

We do not have the space, we do not have the resources and we do not have the staff to look after all these women properly.

Port Moresby is the only capital city in the world (of size more than half a million people) with only one public hospital. For our size we should have at least 3 large public hospitals and a number of functional district hospitals as well in the city.

We have tried on many occasions and over a span of 20+ years to build the capacity of Gerehu hospital, but even today there is no public maternity section at the Gerehu hospital.

PMGH is meant to be the national referral and teaching hospital, but it has to operate at the level of primary care, because there are no level 4 or 5 hospitals in Port Moresby for women to go to have a safe supervised birth.

This means that at PMGH we are swamped with thousands of women having essentially normal birth (but requiring careful observation for any obstetric or newborn emergency), and this often means that we do not have the space or the staff available to properly look after the very high risk and problematic and extremely dangerous pregnancies properly.

Can the government please stop building prestige (look at me) projects, and put resources into the ordinary care facilites that ordinary people need every day please.

We have the health planning capacity to do the appropriate health planning but we continued to be stymied by inappropriate agendas of high tech (that is necessary for the rare complications), but not required by the great majority of citizens needing health care at regular intervals in their lives.

Professor Glen Mola, Head of Obs and Gyn SMHS-PMGH

[11/20/19]   The health and fitness of any workforce directly impact on performance and productivity.
Medical conditions that greatly affect the working class which we often hear about include:
• Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, ischemic heart disease and strokes.

• General physical inactivity and lack of cardiovascular fitness.

• Drugs, tobacco, and alcohol.

• Mental illness - especially post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), depression and anxiety.

• Persistent asthma, chronic bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

• Sexually Transmitted Illness (STI) – HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B, Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia and a few more

• In women - Pelvic inflammatory disease, breast cancer, cervical cancer.

The PNG public service, pre-employment medical examinations are all useless and need review and improvements.
They are done very haphazardly and will little integrity. Many Prospective employees who may have serious pre-existing medical condition(s) are ticked off as fit to work with little regard to their condition(s) and no proper plan to assist them in the long term care.
Once individuals are inducted into the public service as permanent employees, they do not undergo any further medical checks.
A lucky minority will enter the workforce with no pre-existing medical condition and remain relatively healthy and fit for their job until retirement.
For the majority however, they inevitably develop some sort of chronic illnesses which greatly impact their performance and their family and social life.
It is critical that we have a quality health and fitness program in place for all public employees.
An investment into such a program is highly cost beneficial and would be the most effective way to mitigate the negative impact of the above mentioned conditions and their long term devastating and costly complications.


The PNG Public services urgently needs a genuine formal health and fitness program. We are dieing to early and the solutions are not in highly technological interventions but rather basic but quality, evidence-based primary and preventative...

Hamaspla taim bai yumi harim lo nius olsem wanpla bikpla saveh mahn blo yumi i kisim hart atek na i cut off na indai. Las wik tasol mi soreh lo harim olsem wanpla gutpla lida blo yumi Jamie Maxtone-Graham i kisim hart atek na i lusim yumi.

Mi lukim niupla minista blo yumi onarobol Jelta Wong em I bikpla traipla mahn na mi wari olsem em tu nogud em bundaun na indai. Em yanpla mah tumas, ol meri pikini, peles lain, provins na yumi olgeta lo kantri i nidim em lo stap fit na bai em iken wok hart lo halpim lo stretim kantri.

Mi hamamas olsem taim mi givim advias longem lo pesbuk em ino belhat tasol em luksaveh olsem em mas start lo lukautim em yet gud.

Mi bai hamamas sapos olgeta ol lida blo yumi i start lo lukautim helt blo ol. Ating planti taim wok politics em wanpla stressful, or wok blo kilim ol lida lo wari.

Sapos ol lida blo yumi i sanap storong na lukautim helt blong ol, displa bai I sowim yumi ol pipol wenem samting tru em importen lo laif….

Rest is peace Jamie Maxtone-Graham

spmt.wordpress.com   Hamaspla taim bai yumi harim lo nius olsem wanpla bikpla saveh mahn blo yumi i kisim hart atek na i cut off na indai. Last wik tasol mi soreh lo harim olsem wanpla gutpla lida blo yumi Jamie…

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