Dr. Muhammad Naveed Karam - Pharmacist, Islamabad Videos

Videos by Dr. Muhammad Naveed Karam - Pharmacist in Islamabad. I'm pharmacist. My mission is to save life and promote best treatment with low caste.

Mung ba pa 120 bndy pora pora amal kao😜😂

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Mung ba pa 120 bndy pora pora amal kao😜😂

Allah is our lives driver.So, don't be afraid and don't worry.

Happy World Pharmacists day.25 September.

Proud to be Pakistani.Pakistan Zindabad.

Life is too short..

✌️🔥جلتی ہے دنیا ھمارے انداز سے 🔥🔥 👌اب دنیا کی خاطر خود کو تو 💯😍 نہیں بدل سکتے ❤️❤️❤️Pharmacist. 👨‍🔬

جب آپ کسی سے اچھا کرتے ہیں تو اللہ تعالیٰ آپ کو وہی سے بدلہ عطا کرے گا جہاں سے گمان بھی نہ ہو.Do good and have good.

May Allah shower you with gifts of love, bravery, wisdom, contentment, health, patience and cleanliness. "Happy Islamic...

Happy Eid Mubarak. 🌙❤️

Motivational speech boyfriend vs father.

Jitna qesmat me lekha hy utna hi melega.Agar khidmat k neyat se Kam Karogy to kamae k sath sath sawab bhi melega.

Physical benefits of prayers.

‏میں ڈاکٹر محمد نوید کرم (فارماسسٹ)، پاکستانی ہوں اور ہم غزہ و فلسطین کے ساتھ کھڑے ہیں۔‎#WeStandWithGaza ‎#WeStandWithP...

Eid Mubarak to all of you my dear friends.Wish you very happy Eid Ul Fitr Mubarak.

When you get married to a senior pharmacist.😜😂

Barha Insan bnu Barha admi nhi.Dosro keleye socha shuro Karo srf apne leye nhi.

You can check your lungs and oxygen.Try and if you can stop your breath from point A to B then you are free from Corona.

اللہ جس کو چاہے عزت دے اور جس کو چاہے ذلیل کرے...(فارماسسٹ) ڈاکٹر محمد نوید کرم.

Such a great and wonderful message for younger and mostly for parents.جوان نشہ کیوں کرتا ہے.

New research on COVID-19.Watch carefully and share with your friends, family and loved ones.

Wear mask. Save life.Stay home stay save.

Beautiful Veiw of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University Sheringal, Dir...

For hostel students...Kitne musibatein jelty hy wo hostel mein.

Love of Dad ❤️💖And son❤️💋

Bilkul reality.Mere sath bilkul aisa hy huta hy aor huwa hy.

This message is for those doctors who take commissions from companies and writes their products.Please gharib ka bhi khy...

Mera brand Mera dad Dr. Bakht Karam.Proud on him. ♥️❤️💖💕