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In vitro - ivf efficiency – what does it depend on? | 24/07/2014

In vitro - ivf efficiency – what does it depend on? |

In vitro - ivf efficiency – what does it depend on? | More and more couples deals with infertility problem. A significant majority of them considers or decides to undergo in vitro fertilization. The in vitro success mainly depends on individual conditioning and health condition of both partners. Usually based on the test results and medical history, we…

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Anatomage Virtual Autopsy Table Extends Possibilities in Anatomical Education

Among the rows of equipment vendors and service providers at RSNA 2012, we found an interesting virtual autopsy table that may help change the way anatomy is taught in medical schools. Developed by Anatomage of San Jose, California, it should complement traditional dissection for understanding anatomy while getting students comfortable with looking at tomographic and volumetric images of their subject.

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Pre-congress Workshop:
Workshop on Mechanics of all available Micro-Manipulators Workshop on Batch IVF
Workshop on PGS/PGD
Workshop on Vitrification

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The world's first integrated cell culture observation device

The Nikon BioStation CT allows imaging experiments to be conducted without ever removing the cells from the incubator. Consisting of a standard sized tissue culture incubator with an inverted microscope inside, BioStation CT holds 30 vessels ranging from 96 well plates to 75cm2 flasks, which are moved between the microscope stage and the vessel rack via a robotic device while maintaining precise levels of CO2, humidity, and temperature. BioStation CT provides images from 2x to 40x phase images with apodized phase contrast (APC) optics and fluorescence images with three color LED illumination. A bird's eye color macro view allows the entire vessel to be viewed from above. Complete security is provided: users access only the samples for which they have clearance. Experimental results are reliably traced and can be accessed remotely via an internet connection or LAN.

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Pre-Shaped Injectable Jelly for Drug Delivery and Tissue Support

Left: A fully collapsed square-shaped cryogel rapidly regains its original memorized shape, size, and volume upon hydration. Right: Photos show the placement of a cryogel inside a 1-mL syringe, and the recovery of a square gel after injection through a normal 16-gauge needle. (Images courtesy of Sidi Bencherif.)

Bioengineers at Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have come up with a compressible gel-based sponge which can be delivered into the human body via injection. The material can be made into any shape and loaded with drugs or stem cells, before being compressed and injected. After injection it will form its original shape, release its substances and degrade. The new technology was described in this week’s Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Principal investigator of the project David Mooney explains that their finding will also make it possible to introduce materials into the body to replace tissue that has been lost. The structure they have created can be used to influence cells in the tissue surrounding the gel-based sponge and maybe promote tissue formation.
The sponge-like injectable is mainly made of a seaweed-based jelly, called alginate. Liquids and large molecules can flow through the sponge because the sponge contains networks of large pores. It is made through cryogelation, a freezing process. By freezing the alginate solution, pure ice crystals are formed, which leads to a more concentrated gel. After melting of the ice crystals, the more concentrated gel stays behind, and thus the injectable cryogel is formed.

The researchers also hint towards numerous other applications like cell therapy, tissue engineering, dermal filler in cosmetics, drug delivery, and scaffold-based immunotherapy. The ability of recreating a pre-defined shape after injection will also be useful in other situations in which one requires a certain shape and size of patches or gap-filling material. What’s next for the research is to tweak the rate of degradation of the injectable structure in such a way that is will degenerate at the same rate as newly grown tissue will replace it.

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MIT CTC Detector May Offer Early Cancer Diagnosis

Circulating tumor cells (CTC) promise a good way to spot early signs of cancer as well as help track the progression of the disease throughout treatment. Because of their extreme rarity in blood, filtering them out quickly and being able to perform tests on them has proven difficult.

Researchers at MIT and Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital have developed a microfluidic device that features long jellyfish-like tentacles of DNA that attract proteins associated with specific cancers. Because these strands have a much higher surface area than previous methods used, the researchers were able to get a ten fold increase in captured cells over similar devices.

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Illumina Offers Personalized Eco Real-Time PCR System

The Eco Real-Time PCR System from Illumina Inc., San Diego, CA, offers four-color multiplex analysis of 48 samples per run, and more important, it can be styled with any of your favorite skins. Just peel and apply a new skin when you are ready for a change.

A stable temperature control is essential for the amplification process, especially during denaturation and annealing steps. The Eco Real-Time PCR System provides complete uniform control and quickly cycles form one temperature step to the next.

The heating system consists of a hollow silver block that is heated and cooled by a single Peltier device. This hermetically sealed hollow block contains a conductive fluid and two opposing agitators driven by electromagnetic motors. During thermocycling, these agitators rapidly circulate the fluid throughout the block, transferring heat from the Peltier device evenly across the block. This new method eliminates thermal variation at block edges, providing a thermal performance of ± 0.1°C well-to-well uniformity across the whole sample plate. Typical run time for a 40-cycle PCR protocol average is less than 40 minutes.

The optical system for fluorescence detection facilitates four-color multiplex applications. It’s calibrated for use with SYBR, FAM, HEX, VIC, ROX, and Cy5, but can be used with other real-time PCR chemistry.

For excitation, two panels of 48 fixed LEDs provide fluorescent dye excitation over a broad spectrum. Each of the samples is individually illuminated to minimize cross-talk between wells. On the detection side, the optical system enables real-time detection of up to four targets in a single reaction. Standard melt curve and HRM analysis protocols support continuous data acquisition in a single dye channel during the melt for increased data collection and reduced run times.

United States customer orders for Illumina’s qPCR portfolio through VWR will be accepted starting December 1, 2012.

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Cambridge Consultants piOna Device for Progesterone in Oil Auto Injection (IVF Friendly!)

Women undergoing IVF treatment commonly need to take progesterone supplements which come as tablets, suppositories, or the dreaded self-administered progesterone in oil (PiO) injections. The viscous intramuscular PiO needs to be warmed before driving the 22-gauge (1.5-inch) needle into the buttocks, something few women find pleasurable.

To address needlephobia and help patients be more consistent with PiO, Cambridge Consultants developed the piOna, an all-in-one device that warms the hormone replacement and provides guidance in preparation for injection. Once ready, the lip of the device is applied to the skin and a gentle push of a button does the rest without the user ever seeing the needle. Visual, voice, and tactile cues lead the user through each step. This is in contrast to having you or your significant other placing a huge needle and then slowly but firmly pressing the plunger while delivering the thick PiO into muscle.

More from Cambridge Consultants:

As well as being faster and easier to use, the new piOna device could help reduce the amount of swelling and additional side effects around the injected area that patients have to endure. By automating the temperature and injection speed of the PiO, it will help the solution dissipate when it enters the body.

Lai Chiu Tang, senior industrial designer at Cambridge Consultants, said: “Fertility treatment is a very stressful and difficult process for a woman to go through and – after discussions with fertility nurses – we felt it was important to tackle the usability issues of self-administered PiO injections. Providing women with the confidence to administer a drug dosage without fear of unnecessary pain and stress will open doors to this technology platform being used in all manner of drug delivery. Improving the user experience will help women all over the world to gain access to health opportunities which were previously perceived to be unobtainable.”

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Amazing : First Time in History of IVF: ICSI Simulator for ICSI Training: Product of Spain

This is called ICSI Simulator. What is a Simulator? Simulator is a Prototype which simulates the original procedure. Like Flight Simulator, Train Simulator, Car Simulator, Helicopter Simulator and many more. Some procedure which is mainly based on expertise of somebody then always it is the Simulator which make a man/woman expert on technicalities before he or she does it on original machine. Modern advanced operating system/ gadgets are very complex in operation, if you begin to operate it without much knowledge it may harm the complex machinery or chip at any point of time. There are lots of Microchips there in operation. Suppose in flight operation, if any beginner starts to operate a flight to learn then it will become horrible. Sometime Pro technical person also needs some practice in Simulator and it happens atleast in flight simulation even during some crash investigations to mimic the crash scenario like speed, angle, altitude, engine health and many more. We always prefer to go to a local Driving school to learn car driving even though we have a brand new car or even an old one. Why? Because it will give the learner a full 'independence to learn' as the learning car has got proper trainer and another set of Accelerator + Break. Then why not for ICSI, which has also got complex machinery like step down motors, micro wheels and other complex things. More over there is a short supply of biological materials and even we get biological material, that also loose bio-elasticity and motility. Thats why first time in world, ICSI Simulator which will help people to learn without any damage possibility of any complex motor system and that also at Night time in your personal laptop for hours......... Excellent One!

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