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It is a viral infection transmitted to humans through the bite of infected mosquitoes. 🦟

🔷 Symptoms:

🔹Aches and pains (eye pain, typically behind the
eyes, muscle, joint, or bone pain)

🔷 Treatment:

There's no cure or specific treatment for dengue. You can only relieve the symptoms and see your healthcare provider.

🔷 Things to do to recover from dengue fever fast:

🔹Rest as much as possible.
🔹Take acetaminophen (also known as paracetamol)
to control fever and relieve pain.
🔹Avoid bleeding (do not take aspirin or ibuprofen)
🔹Drink plenty of fluids(water, isotonic drinks, fruit,
juices and soup) to maintain hydration.

➡️ Prevention:
Use insect repellent, wear long-sleeved shirts and
long pants, and control mosquitoes inside and
outside your home.

🔷 Symptoms of severe dengue:

🔹Belly pain, tenderness
🔹Vomiting (at least 3 times in 24 hours)
🔹Bleeding from the nose or gums
🔹Vomiting blood, or blood in the stool
🔹Feeling tired, restless, or irritable

➡️ Immediately go to a clinic or hospital if you or a
family member has any of the above mentioned

❗Severe dengue is a medical emergency.❗
❗It requires immediate medical care❗







Daily wellness checklist 👇🏻







Ya Allah!
Help and protect the lives of all the victims of this flood. Grant sabr to all those who have lost their families, Loved ones, homes, animals and their livelihood.







This "Eid ul Adha" don't just sacrifice your animals. Also sacrifice your ego, arrogance, jealousy, suspicions about people, resentment and keep your heart content and pure. Happy Eid ul Adha to all of you.✨







Don't miss to fast on 9th Dhul Hijjah (day of Arfah). May Allah give us taufeeq to avail this opportunity.







Journey of life 👣

And life goes on 👣







Brain health matters. 🧠







Think positive ✨


❗Health Tip❗


Life is about being real. ☘️




The 8 gates of Jannah are the sub-gates that will be accessible by the believer who gets entry through the main door of Jannah. May we all meet in Jannah. 🤲🏻


Did you know ⁉️


Your body is under constant attack from so-called free radicals, which can damage important molecules like proteins and DNA. Antioxidants can effectively disarm free radicals, thus protecting against aging and many diseases that are partly caused by oxidative stress, including cancer.



Eid Mubarak to all of you. ✨


Tawakkul is key to happiness & success. Having trust in Allāh's(ﷻ) plan, for you, will make you appreciate your trials are more than a blessings, stay strong for yourself, stay strong for the one who created you, because Allah(ﷻ) will Never burden a soul beyond it can bear.


❕Alhamdulillah for everything❕


❕Health Benefits❕


May this Ramadan give us peace of mind and heart.
May this Ramadan bring us closer to Allah.
May Almighty Allah accept our fasts and prayers.
Ramadan Mubarak to all of you.✨

📿 🛤️


"Sometimes it takes just one unloyal person to make us lose trust in all of humanity. Then it takes just one truthful person to make us trust in people again.
Sometimes it takes just one toxic person to make us hate the whole world. Then it takes just one caring person to make us fall in love with the world again.

Never underestimate the power of just one person, because each of us has the capacity to either brighten up or completely destroy someone else's world."

~Mark Fahmy


May this Ramadan be life changing. 🤲🏻


◾ The Sunnah way Of drinking water is:

🔹 Drink water with your right hand.
🔹 Drink water by sitting.
🔹 Start drinking water with saying Bismillah.
🔹 See the water before drinking.
🔹 Drink water in 3 Sips.
🔹 Remove utensil from your mouth after each sip.
🔹 After finishing each sip say Alhamdulillah.
🔹 After 3 sips of drinking water,
say finally Alhamdulillah.

◾ Benefits Of Sunnah Of Drinking Water:

🔹 Kidneys never fails.
🔹 Knees are functional always.
🔹 Backbone is always strong.
🔹 Heart Valves never stop.
🔹 Mind is always active.


When someone asks a medico:
How's life going on?


Misconceptions regarding Shab-e-barat (15th shaban) and their answers:

🔹 Misconception # 1:

Allaah descends to the first heavens on this night to forgive us.

The Prophet (Sal Allaahu Alayhi wa Sallam) said: "Every night when it is the last third of the night, our Lord, the Superior, the Blessed, descends to the nearest heaven and says: Is there anyone to invoke Me that I may respond to his invocation? Is there anyone to ask Me so that I may grant him his request? Is there anyone asking My forgiveness so that I may forgive him?. "
(Bukhari 1145,Muslim 1261)

🔹 Misconception # 2:

This is the night when our fate, lifespan, and provisions are decreed.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “When the drop of (semen) remains in the womb(of mother) for forty (days) or forty nights, the angel comes and says:
“My Lord, will he be good or evil?” And both these things would be written.
Then the angel says: “My Lord, would he be male or female?” And both these things are written.
And his deeds and actions, *his death*, his livelihood; these are also recorded.
[Sahih Muslim Hadith 6392]

🔹 Misconception # 3:

Deeds are shown (to Allaah) on 15th shaban

Prophet (peace be upon him) said “Deeds are shown (to Allaah) on Mondays and Thursdays, and I like my deeds to be shown when I am fasting.”
[Tirmidhi, 747; classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Targheeb, 1041. ]

🔹 Misconception # 4:

The night of the 15th of Shabaan should be singled out for special kinds of worship, prayer, etc. and they have a great reward

There is no saheeh hadeeth concerning the night of the fifteenth of Shabaan.So this night is ordinary like other nights and the reward for praying/worshiping in this night will be the same as other nights

🔹 Misconception # 5:

Fasting on the day of 15th shaban has a special and great reward

Fasting on 13th 14th 15th of every month is recommended not only on 15th shaban
Prophet (peace be upon him) said “If you fast any part of the month, then fast the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth.”
[Tirmidhi, 761; al-Nasaa’i, 2424; classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Targheeb, 1038. ]

🔹 Misconception # 6:

This is the night when the souls of departed ones return to their families.

This thing has no basis in quran or ahadith.
The souls can never return to this world. This is a fabrication and lie invented by people

🔹 Misconception # 7:

Look at all those people doing it. How can they all be wrong?

Allah says, “And if you obey most of those in the earth, they will lead you astray from Allah's way; they follow but conjecture and they only lie.”
[Al qur’an 6:116]
So this is a weak argument that majority of people do it and believe in it.



Sleep helps your body and brain function properly.
A good night's sleep can help improve your learning, memory, decision-making, and even your creativity.
On the other hand, insufficient sleep has been linked to a higher risk of conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, kidney disease, high blood pressure and stroke.

🔷 The amount of sleep you need depends on various factors — especially your age. Following are general guidelines for different age groups:

🔹 4 - 12 months ➡️ 12 to 16 hours per 24 hours, including naps.

🔹 1 - 2 years ➡️ 11 to 14 hours per 24 hours, including naps.

🔹 3 - 5 years ➡️ 10 to 13 hours per 24 hours, including naps.

🔹 6 - 12 years ➡️ 9 to 12 hours per 24 hours.

🔹 13 - 18 years ➡️ 8 to 10 hours per 24 hours.

🔹 Adults ➡️ 7 or more hours per 24 hours.

💤 👩🏼‍⚕️


Just focus on deen, work hard, and the rest will fall into place.✨



🍒🍇🍌 🫐🍎🫒


Did you know ⁉️

🧅 💰


Carry on doing good. ✨


It's totally unIslamic. 🚫


Dear sisters!
One day you will all be covered from head to toe.
Don't let your last day on earth be the first day you wear hijab. ⚰️

~ حجاب ھے میری عظمت .. حجاب ھے میری ھمت
کسی کا ڈر نہیں مجھ کو .. مجھے بس ڈر خدا کا ھے

🤔 ⏳


Eating too much food causes weight gain and associated health problems obviously but it causes spiritual harm as well. Too much food hardens the heart , dulls the mind, increases drowsiness and makes it even more difficult to control ones lust and desires.

For this reason, one should only eat what is necessary to maintain optimal health and energy.

🥗 👣


The concept of rizq is so beautiful. Like even when you eat a piece of fruit it was always written for you, from the moment it grew from the tree, it went through all these people and travelled all this way until it was in your hands. It was always meant to be yours. Everything in this world that is meant to be yours has your name on it and Allah has willed it to eventually reach you, one way or another, from every rice grain you’ll ever eat, to every person you’ll ever love. It’s so comforting to think about. 🤍

~Via Muhajibah


When the path seems long
Learn to trust in your footsteps.
Trust that you will one day reach your destination
Trust that you possess everything you need
Trust that when you face hardships and roadblocks along the way, you will be able to venture onwards
And trust in yourself and your ability to get somewhere
By taking the first step
Planting the initial seed
And embarking upon the first adventure.

Sometimes when the road ahead seems long
It is easy to feel overwhelmed by what lies ahead
And discouraged when contemplating the number of steps that are required
To arrive at the journey’s end.

But you don’t change your life through one huge, brilliant act. You change your life one step, one moment, one choice and one action at a time by being intentional about where you devote your time, effort, energy and attention. Consistency allows you to move closer to your goal and make progress. We each move at different paces and different rates during different seasons of life, but may continue to make progress by focusing on persistence.

Everything that is now magnificent and brilliant once started out small.
The tallest tree stemmed from the smallest seed
And just as what you begin with is not indicative of what you will end up with
Where you begin is not a reflection of where you are going.

Starting small brings experience and may pave the way for bigger and better success and while new things may be initially small, they may grow and flourish over time, producing bigger results.

Moving at a slow pace does not make you unproductive
Hardships, tragedies and challenges do not make you unsuccessful
And no matter how small your progress is, each day you are one step closer and further along your chosen path.

We often desire for change to be instantaneous, to immediately see results and reap the fruits of our labour. However, with time and experience, we come to observe that choosing to plant a seed is more important than the rate at which it grows. And while your start may be small, it is who you become in the end that truly matters.

~Tahlia Hunter




Be positive and optimistic. 🌼


"If you're going through something that is causing you pain. The life hack you need is Tahajjud. Wake up 20 minutes before Fajr, pray 2-4 rakat and in your sujood cry your heart out tell Allah all your troubles, worries & hopes, you'll heal 2x faster" InshaAllah!



Avoid bad postures and prevent your self from back pain, spinal dysfunction, joint degeneration, rounded shoulders and a potbelly. Suggestions to improve your posture include regular exercise and stretching, ergonomic furniture and paying attention to the way your body feels.

🏋🏼‍♀️ 💰


Did you know ⁉️

🏋🏼‍♀️ 🌟


When He guides, no one can misguide!


Did you know ⁉️


~ بڑے دلیر ہوتے ہیں
جو خود سے روز لڑتے ہیں


Did you know ⁉️

🥗 💰




Drinking 1 cup of turmeric milk helps to clear your acne, prevent further breakouts, promote hair growth and helps in weight loss too as it contains Vitamin D and antibacterial properties.

🥗 👩🏼‍⚕️


🔹10 ways to keep your heart healthy:

▫️Cut down on salt
▫️Eat less sugar
▫️Limit saturated fat
▫️Fill up on fruit and veg
▫️Go for more fish
▫️Quit smoking
▫️Cut back on alcohol
▫️Get more exercise
▫️Manage stress

🫀 ❤️‍🩹




Health benefits of lemon 🍋

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