Young patient Naqeeb-Ullah, Imam from Quetta, Hafiz Quran, was operated on 20 May 2019 (in Ramadan), to fix his nose, left side of face, which is making left eye be raised, so he is seeing double. He had motor-cycle accident not treated properly in Quetta a year before

Unfortunately he can not clear his outstanding bill, Rs 72,646 which is the minimum to be paid; remaining Rs110,000 has been settled by DR MUGHAL'S HEALTH CENTRE

This includes Rs34,600 for plates & screws, and Rs38,046 balance from hospital

Can anyone help from Zakat or Khairat?

We Help You Take Care Of Yourself. We have Counselors, Therapists, Psychologists, Eye Specialists, Dental Surgeons, and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Operating as usual


Contact 📱 0343-9198049

Dr Ismail Memon, Registrar
P**istan Eye Bank Society Hospital


کورونا وائرس، ماسک لگانا کس حد تک کارآمد ہے؟

Follow & wear


Thank you, Dr Jehanzeb Mughal & Geo News Urdu

Photos from DR MUGHAL'S HEALTH CENTRE's post 09/11/2020

Timeline photos 31/10/2020

The team which is
Together we make the

Did post-traumatic alar deformity correction, using cartilage from the ear


منہ کا کینسر: ’جس چیز میں چھالیہ ہوگی، اس سے کینسر ہوگا‘


Recorded for - Voice of America

Photos from DR MUGHAL'S HEALTH CENTRE's post 09/07/2020

The look of fulfilment & satisfaction after it took 8hrs on Wednesday, to successfully remove a large tumour from the RT upper jaw, cheek bone, sinuses and most importantly save the eye!

Followed by good reconstruction 👍


Photos from DR MUGHAL'S HEALTH CENTRE's post 04/07/2020

‪ due to betel nut (chhali) & , seen amongst other such cases on Thursday & today in clinic‬

‪Ranging from operable, challenging to inoperable ‬

‪All avoidable ‬

‪ ‬
‪ ‬
‪ **istan ‬ @ Dr Mughal's Health Centre

Photos from DR MUGHAL'S HEALTH CENTRE's post 27/06/2020

Both these sanitizers produced by Ophth Pharma Pvt Ltd are available for purchase at Dr Mughal's Health Centre


Another rampant

You may loose control of the car, have an accident or brake suddenly & crush your child like a melon, between yourself & the steering wheel. Internal organs will rupture & bones will break

Why do you want to kill your child?!

ایک اور اشد بے وقوفی

آپ گاڑی کا کنٹرول کھو سکتے ہیں، حادثہ ہوسکتا ہے یا اچانک بریک لگ سکتا ہے اور اپنے اور اسٹیئرنگ کے بیچ اپنے بچے کو خربوزے کی طرح کچل سکتے ہیں۔ اندرونی اعضاء پھٹ جائینگے اور ہڈیاں ٹوٹ جائینگی

آپ اپنے بچے کو کیوں مارنا چاہتے ہو؟

Photos from Ophth Pharma Pvt Ltd's post 17/06/2020

Photos from Ophth Pharma Pvt Ltd's post

Photos from DR MUGHAL'S HEALTH CENTRE's post 10/06/2020

Moment to celebrate despite these difficult times of pandemic.

A proud member of staff completed one year of her dedicated and wonderful services at Dr Mughal’s Health Centre


Dr Abdullah Arifi
BDS MCPS, Senior Dental Surgeon

Performing routine dental treatment on patients, with PPE & all the necessary protection

Appointments 02135349773, 03002001080 & 03222001080


#کرونا جیسی مواصلاتی بیماری سے بچانا ہے، بذریعہ:

1: ویکسین جو 40٪ آبادی استعمال کر چکی ہو، یا

2: 70-90٪ آبادی میں اینٹی باڈیز سے مدافعتی ہوگئے ہوں۔

#پاکستان میں ابھی کے لئے دونوں اوپشنسز نہیں ہے!

ہاتھوں کی صفائی، ماسک پہننے اور جب تک بالکل ضروری نہ ہو باہر جانے سے گریز کر یں‬


is to protect from communicable infectious disease such as , either by:

1. Vaccine which 40% population have used, or

2. 70-90% have become immune by developing antibodies

**istan is at NEITHER for

Continue distancing, washing hands & wearing mask 🙏


‫⁧‫#کرونا‬⁩ کا ابھی تک کوئی تصدیق شدہ علاج موجود نہیں ہے، اور جن کی آزمائش کی جا رہی ہے وہ تجرباتی ہیں، جن کی تصدیق شدہ متفقہ نتائج نہیں‬

‫براہ کرم کوئی دواؤں یا انجیکشن خود آزمانے کی کوشش نہ کریں‬

‫ہاتھوں کی صفائی، ماسک پہننے اور جب تک بالکل ضروری نہ ہو باہر جانے سے گریز کر یں‬


There is no confirmed treatment for yet, and all options being tried are experimental, unconfirmed, and without peer-reviewed results.

Please don’t attempt to try any medicines/tablets or injections yourself.

Focus on prevention by cleaning hands, wearing mask, and avoiding to go out unless absolutely essential.


Geo News Urdu


P**istan Eye Bank Society
Department of Dental & Maxillofacial Surgey
Open Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday; until further notice

Dr Jehanzeb Mughal


CM Sindh, Murad Ali Shah, has advised total isolation to everyone in Sindh - stay home for 3 days; Saturday 21, Sunday 22 & Monday 23 March



Routine OPD of Dr Jehanzeb Mughal, will not be happening as of today, however, emergency & post-ops will be seen.

Contact: 03439198049

ڈآکٹر جہانزیب مغل کی آج سے معمول کی او پی ڈی نہیں ہو گی، لیکن ایمرجنسی اور پوسٹ سرجری والے مریضوں کو دیکھا جائیگا-

رآبطہ 03439198049



Viruses don’t show aggressive virulence in high temperatures, hence we tell patients do steam whenever anyone shows virus issues.

So yes, wash hands, but also cleanse areas in head & face (by steam) where it’ll cook!


مسواک سے منہ کی صفائی

Miswak & oral hygeine



Enjoying their new office-uniforms


(washout) for clicking joint

In-Office Anaesthetisia
Consultant lead services by:



Closure of Oral Fistula (painlessly) by inoffice . Turnaround time of induction, procedure & patient leaving is 1hour

Consultant Aneaesthist (FCPS) & Qualified Technicians




In-Office Anaesthesia Facilities available with Consultant Anesthetist, and Qualified Technicians, for General (GA), and Monitored Anesthesia Care (Sedation)


Jaw-Surgery changed her face & life! 17yrs with learning disability, unable to chew food, speak properly & always drooling. I did her without any teeth braces. Before surgery & after 6wks **istan


My preference of technique over the years, in managing is to now do the neck dissection (no more than 5-10cc blood loss), comprehensive removal of the tumour, in this case left cheek, retromolar area, medial pterygoid plate with muscle (using modified Weber-Ferguson incision for access), and locally rotated Masseter-Muscle Flap for reconstruction. As you can see, the patient is in my clinic, just 3 days after surgery, without needing ICU, or blood transfusions. Average hospital stay is around 3-4 day’s, and results similar, since I’m using Masseter & Temporalis Muscle Flaps for reconstruction. Financially the cost of surgery has come down to just 30% of what is charged by hospitals such as AKUH, LNH, or anywhere were free-flaps, tracheostomy & messy neck dissections are done! **istan


Please listen to appeal by Mr Mohd Abrar.

He needs your Zakat & Khairat for surgery to remove cancer from left neck

Contact 0312-8719930


Mohammad Yaseen, age is 60yrs, resident of Orangi Town, works as a cleaner/helper (khadim) in Ghousia Masjid, came to my clinic on 29/9/16, at Charity Hospital, Nagan Chowrangi. He is the father of 4 girls, and 1 son. Two of the girls are married. He has Cancer of left cheek, and lower jaw, which needs to be removed URGENTLY. He has been unable to arrange the funds required, and time is crucial. Please contact him to help on: 0321-3165407


Position is available of Clinic Manager, which includes both office, and outdoor.

Job Description: Managing appointments, liaising with Consultants/Psychologists/Therapists, patient admission and discharge, co-ordinating closely with the Medical Director on all matters including maintenance, and smooth functioning of Dr Mughal's Health Centre.

Minimum education requirement is Bachelors, with computer skills (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and must have own transport (motorbike). Monday - Saturday; 9am - 7pm

To apply email: [email protected]om
Include attested copies of educational degrees/certificates, experience certificates, and reference letters


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Recorded for #VOA - Voice of America
#HumaiNtumSePyarHaiGeo News Urdu
#coronavirusinpakistan #CoronavirusOutbreak #BeSafe #PakistanViruses don’t show aggressive virulence in high temperature...
مسواک سے منہ کی صفائیMiswak & oral hygeine#DrJHealthTip#MaxillofacialSurgeon#Pakistan
Closure of Oral Fistula (painlessly) by inoffice #anaesthesia. Turnaround time of induction, procedure & patient leaving...
My preference of technique over the years, in managing #OralCancer #MaxillofacialSurgery is to now do the neck dissectio...
Please listen to appeal by Mr Mohd Abrar. He needs your Zakat & Khairat for surgery to remove cancer from left neckConta...
Today we welcomed actress #SanamChauhdry for teeth-whitening. Stay tuned for the result...






Faran Homes, 10th Street, Khayaban-e-Shamsheer, Phase 5, D. H. A

Opening Hours

Monday 09:30 - 18:00
Tuesday 09:30 - 18:00
Wednesday 09:30 - 18:00
Thursday 09:30 - 18:00
Friday 09:30 - 18:00
Saturday 09:30 - 18:00

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