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Stroke is treatable - Daily Times 03/08/2021

Stroke is treatable - Daily Times

"Stroke isn't the End of story, its just beginning".
By our Worthy Professor Dr.Qasim Bashir, Services Hospital, Lahore.

Stroke is treatable - Daily Times   Stroke can occur after a sudden disruption of blood supply to a part of the brain, sometimes causing a loss of ability to move particular parts of the body [Face, arm, leg], inability to see or speak and sudden change in balance. There are three types of stroke that require immediate recognition....


Male patient K/C of HTN.
P/C: Altered behavior,speaking difficulty and right sided dense hemiplegia
CT-Scan: Left putaminal bleed with ventricular compression
Diagnosis: Hypertensive Bleed

Photos from NeuroImaging Services Hospital's post 26/06/2021

P/C Headache followed by right sided body weakness
K/C of Hypertension
CT-Scan : Left Thalamic bleed with intraventricular extent.
Non-communicating hydrocephalus with 3rd ventricle compression.
Diagnosis: Hypertensive Bleed


Periventicular sol with surrounding edema n post contrast diffuse enhancement more liky lymphoma.


Patient presented with high grade fever with altered state of conciousness for 3 days with positive signs of meningeal irritation...with neutros predominant lp n high proteins 584 n low is improveed after giving treatmnt of pyogenic meningitis.


Stroke Program

Services Hospital currently started Tissue Plasminogen Activator Program for Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients with window period of 3 hours...
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Stroke Program





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