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Highly qualified Pediatrician with a number of certifications including M.B.B.S, FCPS

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Human milk versus formula milk
Some benefits of human milk which are not present in formula/cow's milk are
1 It contains antibacterial factors which protect baby from diarrhoea, ear infections, urinary infection and others.
2. It contains growth factors which help in repair of intestine, immune systems and improve brain function
3 It contains many enzymes which have an antioxidant and anti inflammatory effect.
4 .It also protects against allergic diseases, cancer and diabetes .


Is your baby is crying excessively
Colic occurs in healthy and thriving babies although all babies have crying episodes, colicky babies cry excessively and are difficult to settle. You can try
1. Swaddling that is wrapping your baby.
2 rocking
3. Movement e.g stroller, car ride
4 herbal teas and fennel extract may have benefit.
This condition usually resolves by 3 or 4 months of age.


1. Feeding
Its very important to breast feed your baby after birth. Feeding which is established within 1 hr of highly successful. Even if you have C section you can do this.
2. Don't give honey or ghutti to baby.
3.eye care with 1% silver nitrate drops
4. Cord care with topical chlorhexidene.
5.keep baby in supine position while sleeping.


The most common cause of death in newborns is prematurity.
It's very important that pregnant women should recognize whether their pregnancy is high risk.
Some maternal conditions associated with high risk of preterm birth are diabetes, hypertension, infection and abnormal amount of amniotic fluid.
Regular antenatal visits are important to recognize these risks.


I am starting a new campaign to create health awareness. The material which I post is after extensive study, research and hard work.
I have chosen topic on weekly basis.
This week is for health of baby before birth.
Taking FOLIC ACID 0.4 mg daily can prevent brain and spinal cord malformations in newborn.


I dedicate this page for the health education, counselling and support of parents. We work as a team to impart best physical and mental health to children, In sha Allah.


Dr Ayesha Mushtaq

Dr Ayesha Mushtaq Highly qualified Pediatrician with a number of certifications including M.B.B.S, FCPS


Treatment of infections
Heart problem
Chest problem
Stomach problem
Child nutrition care
Decrease appetite issue
Micro nutrient suppliment
Vitamins deficiency treatment
Iron deficiency treatment
Child Vaccination
Growth problems
Short stature
Asthma treatment
Diarrheal diseases





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