KP Bone & Soft tissue tumor, and Breast care service

The team offers treatment for Sarcomas/other bone tumours, Breast Care service (cancer & cosmetic),

Operating as usual

Photos from Dr Amjad Ali Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon's post 16/06/2022

Photos from Dr Amjad Ali Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon's post

Photos from Dr Amjad Ali Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon's post 15/01/2021

Photos from Dr Amjad Ali Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon's post


Squamous cell carcinoma!!!
Excised and reconstructed with free ALTF!!
DR asif plastic surgeon


“Cancer Surgery in Covid-19 era"


Tumours in the pelvis are one of the most challenging to deal with and involves long, complicated surgeries.

Here is the x ray of a 13 years old patient who had a cancer (Ewing’s sarcoma) of his pelvis. He underwent a complex surgical procedure under the care of our team surgeon Dr Zeeshan Khan, where the tumour was removed and the patients leg was saved. This procedure was performed 6 months ago.

He’s now walking without a stick on his own leg, although with a limp, which will further improve with time.

Photos from KP Bone & Soft tissue tumor, and Breast care service's post 17/05/2020

A 56 years old man presented with an 18 months history of progressively increasing lump and pain in and around his buttock area and ultimately leading to persistent constipation. Following work up and biopsy, clinical suspicion of Chordoma (A type of cancer)was confirmed.

This patient underwent a challenging operation under care of our team surgeons as this involved removing the tumour from lower part of spine, buttock and bowels.

The tumour was removed completely and patient made a successful recovery.

Dr Zeeshan Khan
For KP Bone & soft tissue tumour, breast surgery service


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As you all know that OPD’s are closed all over the country due to the Corona Virus Pandemic and patients have been struggling to get to hospitals for consultations. This decision shutting down of OPD’s for non emergency cases has been taken by the authorities in the best interest of the people.

I have therefore, teamed up with a third party health care provider (Oladoc) to continue providing consultations for all my patients, via video consultations.

LINK to book appointments 👇👇

God bless you all and stay safe.
Zeeshan Khan

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Stay home, stay safe.
Don’t go out unless absolutely necessary.
No hand shakes, no hugs.
Avoid huddles and congregations.
Wash your hands regularly and don’t touch your face.

Dr Asif Shah
Dr Zeeshan Khan
Dr Amjad Ali


Free fibula to reconstruct maxilla , upper lip and cheek !!

بارہ بور بندوق کی گولی کا شکار ۔ 6 سالہ بچہ۔
Micro vascular free fibula
کے ذریعے چہرہ دوبارہ بنایا گیا۔ 7 گھنٹے مسلسل کام کر کہ ایک مناسب نتیجہ حاصل کیا گیا!!

Photos from Asifz Aesthetic surgery centre's post 06/12/2019

A social dilemma


A young 18 years old boy who had osteosarcoma of his left distal femur (Thigh bone) which was resected and reconstructed 2 years ago by our team surgeon Dr Zeeshan Khan with a distal femur replacement (complex type knee replacement). Here is his function on his recent visit where he’s disease free and is ecstatic with the outcome of his surgery.

Timeline photos 06/09/2019

Another happy and satisfied patient feedback about our team Specialist Breast Surgeon Dr Amjad Ali and his team/breast care unit.
Thank you for the generous words. All feedbacks mean a lot to us and help us further improve our work.

Photos from KP Bone & Soft tissue tumor, and Breast care service's post 07/08/2019

Prosthesis to wear inside bra for patients after Mastectomy

Breast cancer patients who undergo Mastectomy (whole breast removal) have the option of either permanent breast reconstruction OR having a prosthesis like these to wear inside bra. These are made of silicone with various quality grades and weight.

We at Breast Care Unit in RMI peshawar have these prosthesis available. For further information about these, drop your questions here, inbox us or call the unit directly. 0915838000 Extension 5364.


This 32 years old male had a tumour of his hip bone and had a wrong surgery performed somewhere else. After consultation with our team surgeon, Dr Zeeshan Khan, he underwent medical treatment with very good response.

He then had surgery under care of Dr Zeeshan Khan for complete removal of tumour and reconstruction of his hip joint.

In the video, one can appreciate his excellent functional outcome. This patient is now working in the middle east after complete recovery and is under regular follow up.

For further details and to discuss your problem with Dr Zeeshan Khan, please make an appointment at clinic 56, Rehman medical institute, Hayatabad, Phase 5, Peshawar.
PA Mr Naeem 0346 9228490‬.

Disclaimer: Video recorded and uploaded with patients consent.

Photos from KP Bone & Soft tissue tumor, and Breast care service's post 09/05/2019

Our team breast surgeon, Dr Amjad Ali, giving a talk on "Role of surgery in metastatic breast cancer" at the 23rd Annual Cancer Congress organised by Pakistan Society of Clinical Oncology.


This patient had cancer of his right thigh bone (chondrosarcoma).

He was operated by our team surgeon Dr Zeeshan Khan and after removal of his tumour he underwent reconstruction.

In the video one can appreciate his function and experience with our team.

Disclaimer: Video recorded and uploaded with patient consent.

Timeline photos 07/03/2019


These 6 fibroadenomas were removed by our team Breast Surgeon Dr Amjad Ali, from a young patient (1, 2 & 3 from left and 4 from right breast) with IMF based incisions. With this technique the scars are not visible after healing. There was no change in the shape of the breast either. The largest fibroadenoma (No. 1) is 6.2cm in size.

For any further information or questions contact our team breast surgeon here via comments/messages or book an appointment.

PS. Image shared with the consent of the patient.

Timeline photos 22/02/2019

Live session on Breast Cancer Awareness & Management with Dr Amjad Ali on RMI page.

Timeline photos 17/02/2019

An improvisation to use flexor hellucis as a tube to protect our vascular pedicle.

First metatarsal bone is vital for normal walk. This patient lost it in an accident. Fibula along with peroneal artery, flexor hellucis and skin taken and inset into defect. Anastomosis done to anterior tibial artery. Picture number 5 shows the result after 1 week.

اس مریض کے پاؤں کے انگوٹھے کی پچھلی ہڈی ایکسیڈینٹ میں ضائع ہو گئ ۔ جس طرح ٹیبل ایک پاؤں کے نقصان کے بعد بیلینس نہیں رہتی، ویسے ہی انسانی پاوں بھی بیلینس نہیں رہتا۔
اس آپریشن میں اس نظام کو دوبارہ بحال کیا گیا ہے
چھ ہفتے میں یہ مریض چلنے کے قابل ہو جاے گا

Timeline photos 07/02/2019

Our team Breast Surgeon Dr Amjad Ali was invited to the 11th Cancer Surgery Conference as a speaker. He delivered a talk on Breast Cancer and presented his one year data/cases of breast cancer.



I want to share my mother's story ....
In oct 2018 , my mother felt a lump in her left breast... it was the most terifying news for me as my khala ws recently diagnosed with beast cancer. I desperately needed guidance and expertise of a specialist team to address this matter. I was referred to breast clinic at rmi by a colleague. I was more than satisfied to meet the team there . They not only very professionally handled the case from u/s to mammograms to surgical options but the way whole team was taking our case ws very very empathetic and caring. I dont have words to thank , specially Dr.amjad who is not only a very competent surgeon but a very humble and caring human being...the way he treated and cared for my mother was just as a family members would do !
My mother underwent mastectomy and is now due for her chemotherapy soon . Pls remember her in ur prayer. May Allah make it easy for her.. in the end I would say tht please dont ignore if u feel any suspicious change in your body ( as my mother didn't tell anyone for few months) the treatment is easier and better if diagnosed early ...


This young man had a sarcoma (cancer) of his right hand and was operated by our team surgeons Dr Zeeshan Khan and Dr Syed Asif Shah.

He required removal of tumour, fusion of his thumb bone and a flap to cover his defect.

He’s free of disease at 12 months following surgery and has got very good function of his hand.

Disclaimer: Video and images uploaded with consent of patient.

Photos from KP Bone & Soft tissue tumor, and Breast care service's post 04/11/2018

Our team surgeon, Dr Zeeshan Khan will be part of the faculty in the national hip and knee revision courses and will also be delivering lectures with national and international faculty in Orthocon 2018 this month in Karachi.

He will be lecturing in hip and knee replacements and oncology sessions.

Photos from KP Bone & Soft tissue tumor, and Breast care service's post 29/10/2018

Breast Cancer Symposium at RMI Peshawar

Organised by our team Breast Surgeon Dr Amjad Ali

Chief guest: Honorable special secretary health Dr Syed Farooq Jamil.


Sadia is our very sweet 13 years old young girl from Afghanistan who underwent limb salvage surgery under our care 13 months ago for a cancer (Osteosarcoma) of her arm bone.

We used a cheap and in expensive method of reconstructing her shoulder.

She is disease free and has very good function and greats us with a very pleasant smile and makes regular videos of her progress on every visit.

She is one of our many star patients who are cancer (Sarcoma) survivors.

Dr Zeeshan Khan
Dr Syed Asif Shah

Disclaimer: All videos uploaded with consent of patients/Guardians.

Har Sahar Naway Sahar | 23rd-October-2018 | Mashriq TV 25/10/2018

Har Sahar Naway Sahar | 23rd-October-2018 | Mashriq TV

Our team Breast Surgeon Dr Amjad Ali (not Akbar Ali) talking to Mashriq tv live on Breast cancer awareness.

The interview starts at 19 mins.

Har Sahar Naway Sahar | 23rd-October-2018 | Mashriq TV Har Sahar Navay Sahar, is a two Hour Morning show, Guests from different Parts of life will be part of our Show. Hosted By : Adil Yousafzai and Ejaz Khan Pro...

Photos from KP Bone & Soft tissue tumor, and Breast care service's post 21/10/2018

A raw and very beautiful note from one of our star patients who wanted us to share it with our followers and patients who may be suffering from same disorders.

Timeline photos 17/09/2018

All women aged 40 and above who have not had a mammogram in the last 12 months can get their FREE screening mammogram this October at RMI.

All symptomatic mammograms will also be FREE throughout the month of October.

Timeline photos 10/09/2018

Timeline photos

8 year's old girl with rhabdomyosarcoma of arm. Removed along with brachial artery. Radial forearm flap lifted and used to cover the defect. Radial artery anastomosed into proximal stump of brachial artery. Radial artery has become the brachial artery and blood is now flowing thorough the radial artery into ulnar artery and than hand. A very interesting scheme. Something we did for the first time. Alhamdullilah patient is alright and tumour free.
Dr Asif
Dr zeeshan
Dr amjad

What is KP cancer surgical services group

We are a group of surgeons trained in managing cancers of bone, muscles, nerves, vessels, skin and breast. We aim to deliver world class, evidence based care tailored to our patients. We care with compassion, dignity and respect.

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