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Dr Nasheed Baig ( FCPS, MBBS) is an experienced and renowned ent specialist of Rwp/isb with over 12 years of experience providing health care services at renowned hospitals like Shifa inl hospital, Fauji Foundation Hospital, Holy Family hospital and IIMC.

Operating as usual

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Dr. Nasheed Baig | Ent Surgeon In Maryam Memorial Hospital, Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi - Marham


marham.pk Dr. Nasheed Baig is a consultant Ent Surgeon practicing at Maryam Memorial Hospital, Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi. View details, timings, address, and fee. Book appointment 042-32...

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Dr. Nasheed Baig [offering online VIDEO appointments] - ENT Surgeon at Maryam Memorial Hospital in Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi | oladoc.com


oladoc.com Dr. Nasheed Baig is a top ENT Surgeon practicing in Online, Lahore & Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi. You can book a visit or an online video appointment with Dr. Nasheed Baig through oladoc.com

[03/12/20]   If you hadn’t already, now that WHO has declared COVID-19 (Corona virus) a pandemic:

Things to consider:

1. It is serious.
2. Do not panic. But be realistic.
3. Take precautionary measures.
4. “Expect” illness in yourself or one of your close ones if you see symptoms.

People at highest risk of complications are:

1. Age > 65
2. Comorbidities such as Diabetes Mellitus, Heart Disease, Chronic Autoimmune Diseases, Lung Diseases such as Asthma, IPF, TB etc.
3. High exposure eg. Health care professionals, jobs with higher degree of human contact.

Precautionary measures to consider for the common person:

1. Wash hands regularly especially after returning home BEFORE any greetings. Wash For 20 secs. Thoroughly. (Corona virus breaks down on contact with soap!)
2. Avoid touching your face with your hands.
3. Avoid shaking hands and hugging; use verbal salutations.
4. Keep a hand sanitizer handy and in offices and your car.
5. Keep disposable alcohol wipes with you.
6. Regularly disinfect phones, laptops, desks, door handles, taps and publicly used surfaces.
7. Avoid contact with sick people
8. Practice social distancing. Avoid public gatherings and places eg. the gymnasium.
9. Elders and people with a chronic disease, wear masks when going out in public.
10. If possible, self-quarantine for the next two weeks to protect yourself and your loved ones from getting sick.
11. It is a good idea to get a few masks, ( Do not buy the entire store and burden the hospitals and health providers by causing a shortage. You don’t need it) extra tissues, wipes, water, trash bags, disposable plates and cups, dry fruit, grains, pulses and any other food to last you a good amount of time, incase you contract the virus and have to self-isolate.

Precautionary measures to consider if you’re a Health Care Worker:
1. Wear a mask at all times!
2. Examine patients with gloves and dispose them off immediately. Follow with washing hands every time.
3. Wear a lab-coat/scrubs and wash them every day.
4. Enforce screening for the virus(fever, cough, SOB) and masks for all suspected patients.
5. Avoid contact greetings and enforce verbal salutations between colleagues and with patients.
6. Remember, COVID-19 is a droplet infection but can get aerosolized in a hospital setting hence, wearing a mask is crucial.
7. Wash your hands when coming home and dispose off hospital clothes before meeting the family.

Note: There may only be 20 reported cases in Pakistan until now but keep in mind these are only the few tested for, fewer detected patients of the even fewer patients presenting to the hospitals for these symptoms. Consider this disease to have already spread in the country and take measures accordingly.

Protect yourself and your loved ones.

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کورونا وائرس، حقیقت کیا ہے؟۔۔۔تحریر و ترجمہ: دانش بیگ

mukaalma.com حال ہی میں ایک وبا ووہان میں پھیلی جو سنٹرل چائنہ کا ایک شہر ہے اس وبا کی وجہ نوول کرونا وائرس ہے۔ آج کل میڈیا پر یہ ایک ہاٹ ٹاپک بن چکا ہے کرونا وائرس کے متعلق بعض جگہ غ...


KKR ENT Hospital & Research Institute

The Department of Head & Neck Surgery at KKR ENT Hospital


Medcity International Academy

Cotton Swabs: Are They Doing More Harm Than Good

Credits : Curejoy


ENT Specialist/Surgeon

very informative video for those who are planning to get their tonsills removed.



When a full grown MOTH gets stuck inside your ear. NOPE. 😨😬



In Australia you will have to wait for years to see a specialist, In Indians & Pakistani can have liberty to see specialist doctor at their will and even beat them up at their will.

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Tonsils Removal in Adults - Medical Videos

medicalvideos.com Video source: https://www.medicalvideos.com/video/9808/adult-tonsillectomy Adults have a high rate of complications after getting their tonsils removed, so plan for adequate recuperation after the surgery, researchers say. “Most of these are not life… Continue reading "Tonsils Removal in Adults"


ENT Specialist/Surgeon


ENT Specialist/Surgeon


ENT Specialist/Surgeon


Doctor Chhun


In The Know

Get your tissues, these kids are able to hear for the first time

via Ma Baby Love



The new way ear wax gets blocked...

What are your complaints?
Ear pain,Ear block with hard of hearing....
On examination?
Wax occluding the whole external auditory canal....
Do you have the habit of using Ear buds?
No sir,never have used ear buds...
Do you use in the ear earphones(headphones)?
Yes sir,for many hours....
Please stop using them and start using on ear or over the ear type of headsets.....
Problem solved!!!

This is what is happening recently and we are seeing more patients and more in the age group of 20-30 years...


Dr. Mo

How Hearing Works


Shifa International Hospitals Ltd.

Here are some things that could help your child be less vulnerable to sexual abuse:

• Teach children real names for their body parts, including their private parts, so they can talk about things that happen to their bodies in a way others will understand.
• Explain the kids that only their parents can see them naked. Any and everyone else should only see them with their clothes on. Explain them their doctor can see them without their clothes because their parents are there with them and the doctor is checking their body.
• Inform them not to let anyone touch their private parts and that no one should ask them to touch somebody else’s private parts.
• Explain them adults are not always right. Let your children know that if they say they don’t feel right about something a grownup says or does you will believe them and not be mad at them. Tell them that you love them and will help keep them safe. Remember that most adults touch children in appropriate ways, but some adults are mixed up and don’t make good decisions about touching children.
• Tell them not to go away or get into a car with a grownup they don’t know, no matter what they tell them. And that even if they know someone they should not go with them without their parents permission.
• Explain your children not to keep secrets . Encourage them to let you know if a child or adult plays secret games or tells them something bad will happen if they don’t keep the secret. Children often don't say anything because they think they would get in trouble too. This fear is often used by the perpetrator. Explain your children they will never be in trouble if they tell you a body secret.
• Discuss with your child how to get out of scary or uncomfortable situations. Some children find it hard to say “no” especially to older peers or adults. Tell them that it’s okay to tell an adult they have to leave, if something that feels wrong is happening, and help give them words to get out of uncomfortable situations.
• Explain your child that these rules apply even with people they know and even with another child.
• Repeat simple safety guidelines often.

(Information endorsed by Dr Fawad Kaiser, Psychiatrist SIH Islamabad)

#JusticeForZainab #ChildSexualAbuse


Videos Ki Dunya

خوراک کھانے سے لیکر ہضم ہونے تک کے عمل کو پہلی مرتبہ بہترین انداز میں اس ویڈیو میں دیکھئے اور شیئر بھی کریں تاکہ دوسروں کو بھی اپ کے شیئر کرنے سے معلومات پہنچ جائیں ۔ شکریا ۔



Wait for it... 😬😬



She went to the doctors with a headache and they found this in her ear... 😳😰



Daily medicine

Use of ear buds for wax

Your ears are designed to clean themselves by gradually pushing earwax out, but by using buds you might be pushing all that excess wax back in.

Earwax isn't the most pleasant substance to think about, but it does an essential job of keeping your ears healthy. The substance not only cleans out the ears, but stops them from drying out, and helps the ears to sweat naturally.

Please go for a check-up if you notice a build-up of earwax, hearing loss, or ringing in your ears.

[10/04/17]   Dear friends! I would emphasize that the idea behind this page was to provide general information related to common ear, nose and throat diseases.Also we provide guidance related to ent problems through quieries of general public. This page is not meant for advising you medicines or treatment based on symptoms. You need to see a well qualified ent specialist in order to get definative treatment for your ilness. Also we can book an appointment with our worthy ent specialst if you wish so. I request all friends who send us your quieries to bear this thing in mind and do not ask for medicines or tests for your symtoms.


how to use a nasal spray


how to use ear drops


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


water from brain leaking through nose( CSF leakage)



Amazing, Foreign body removal

Videos (show all)

how to use a nasal spray
how to use ear drops
water from brain leaking through nose( CSF leakage)
removal of foreign body from nose.
some areas of face where infection cane be life threatening.
first aid for nose bleeding
useful tips for pollen allergy patients
its pollen season in Rawalpindi/Islamabad
bionic ear( cochlear implant) for deaf childeren
useful information about hearing aids



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