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You might want to get rid of your dark complexion but you don't know how attractive you look in your skin colour,because it is in synchrony with your features.It might be a dream for a fair coloured person.Allah has created us in best of our forms.We must take care of our skin but never try to change what Allah has gifted us..Stay healthy, stay
contented ,be thankful to Allah..


Skin deep: Delivering beauty in a bottle | The Express Tribune

Important information on ingredients of different creams.Avoid fair n lovely products, rest of the article information is correct.

tribune.com.pk Do you know what ingredients go into your concealer or hand cream?


This page is for the service of patients suffering from skin diseases.If you or any of your loved one ,any person around you are having skin disease feel free to contact on the watsapp number mentioned.In sha Allah will answer when available.Send text message or voice message with the picture of skin affected.
Or inbox your problem.
No fees on watsapp consultation.
Kindly no forwarded or greeting messages and no calls please,otherwise number will be blocked.
Wait for reply it may take 1 day depending on severity of disease/problem.Emergencies are dealt earlier.


[07/21/20]   📦Free online consultations from 1st Zilhaj till 10th zilhaj.
📣Feel free to discuss yours and your loved ones skin issues.
✉Send your queries through message on this page.

[06/05/20]   Assalamualaikum
Due to the increasing number of Covid patients we are launching facility of online consultation from today onwards.You can have consultation with skin specialist from your home without coming to the clinic.
For consultation you have to register yourself through this page and you will be given appointment for live consultation with Dr Shyna Shahid
Kindly inbox for your appointments.

Skin care in Ramzan
1.Keep yourself hydrated by frequently drinking water between iftar and sehar.
2.Use a good moisturizer after you do ablution(wuzu).
3.Apply petroleum jelly on your lips if you feel your lips are drying out or cracking.
4.Use a good Sunscreen like Uveil forte sunscreen or Protesun sunblock or any good one you have whenever you go outside in Sun.
5.Take good sleep of at least 6 hours at stretch at night or anytime you think feasible for you.Otherwise you may see eye bags developing under your eyes(khudanakhasta).
6.Take proper nutritive Iftar and Sehar.Avoid fried foods and sugary drinks.
7.Namaz and long prostration (Sajda) has many benefits to skin.Don't miss your prayers while fasting.
Remember your fellow muslims, deceased muslims, Pakistan in your prayers.Lots of prayers for you.

Dr Adnan Khan Page

For newly appointed Medical officers.
...Common OPD cases with management..
By.. Dr Waseem Khan

This is the rash which can occur during Corona virus.Such rash can occur in any viral infection.It resembles measles or Dengue fever rash.


I am sharing medicines for your emergency skin conditions so you don't have to go to hospital.
If not severe like not very deep apply
Dermazine cream twice daily.
Hirudoid cream at night.
Tab paracetamol for pain.
🎯Eczema/Allergic/contact dermatitis
Apply clobederm cream in small amounts twice daily.
On face apply advantan cream twice daily.
Tab softin 10mg once daily
🎯Fungal infection/white areas in between your toe nails.
(round lesions with less itching)
Apply Lemisil/Cutis cream twice daily
Take tab softin 10mg once daily at day
Tab piriton at night.
🎯Acne /pimples
Apply cosmin gel/isotrex gel/cleret gel
At night on them.
🎯Sunblock=Uveil forte sun screen./
Protesun sunblock
If you have any emergency you can send message on this page.In sha Allah will respond soon.



To everyone concerned,

At this point in time, I have taken the very difficult decision to close my clinic from yesterday onwards. For the past few days, I and my staff were taking all the required precautions as explained in the WHO guidelines so that we may make sure there is no spread of infection at our clinic. However, seeing the effects of the pandemic worldwide I know that we as doctors have to do more. As a doctor, I feel it would be socially irresponsible to continue to work in such conditions as my patients do not fall in the urgent medical care category. However, if there is an emergency, I will not refuse a patient who requires medical care and will carry forward with the necessary precautions.
I feel it is my civic duty to help in any way possible to reduce the spread of this virus. All it takes is one patient to spread the disease. Risking the health and wellness of any staff or their families or the patients who may be taking this lightly is simply not worth it.
It is your duty now to stop going to hospitals and clinics unnecessarily.
Stay safe and healthy.


[03/14/20]   Hope all of you are taking precautionary measures against Corona virus.Please wash your hands frequently but avoid medicated soaps like "Safeguard,Dettol and Lifebouy" etc.Use soaps like Dove or Lux,palmolive,capri etc.Otherwise you can develop "irritant hand eczema" which can be troublesome.Stay safe, may Allay protect you against all ailments.

[03/11/20]   Just a Quick lookout on our services at the clinic:📣
🔘 Acne treatment
🔘Acne scar treatment
🔘Melasma & Freckles treatment
🔘Mole removal
🔘All sort of hair thinning issues
🔘Skin rejuvenation /
anti aging treatment
🔘 Fillers/Botox
🔘Burn treatment
🔘Head lice management
🔘Eye lashes treatment
🔘White heads/Black heads removal
🔘Open pore treatments
🔘Scar management
🔘Skin whitening treatments
🔘All skin & Nail problems
🔘PRP & Mesotherapies (new techniques added)
Call on our appointment numbers to book an appointment or inquire further if you wish to do so. Or drop by to get a personalised skin care regime by Dr.Shyna Shahid

Dr. Eric Berg

Onions are used from a long time to treat bald patches and to increase hair growth.In my clinical practice it is indeed useful.

In this video, I explain the best remedy for alopecia.

Not all aesthetic procedures are costly.You can have an awesome skin in sha Allah in just 3 sittings of our BHA peels(made in France).
Don't DIY,come visit us and see amazing version of yourself in pocket friendly offers.
Contact 03215545451.
Hope clinic Peshawar road Rawalpindi.

Instead of stuffing your closets with the outfits you will wear for few occasions, invest in something which you carry 24/7.Must address your acne issues,premature aging,hair fall,pigmentation etc.Instead of using home remedies must consult a qualified dermatologist.Don't buy over the counter substandard products.

Free consultant and 50% discount on any procedure of choice.Including hydrafacial,mole removal,skin tag removal and skin rejuvenation.🎁🎉
For Appointment 03215243529
Hope clinic Peshawar Rd Rawalpindi.

Head lice,a very common public health threat.If not treated can lead to many skin and general health issues.Use following treatment at home.
Apply Coopex lotion for 2 hours then wash and apply conditioner also.
Remove the lice(jun) with lice comb and for nits (lekhen)manually."Nits will be not be removed through comb"
Repeat this process after 10 days again.Remove nits daily.

Congratulations Saima Mushtaq you are our top fan...
Wait for your surprise gift in coming week😊

Pigmentation can be because of many different causes.
Birth Marks
Due to use of substandard cosmetics and creams.
Treatment is according to the cause.Never use over the counter medicines for treating your pigmentation.

American Academy of Dermatology

Children with eczema should take bath less often.In winters once in 5,6 days and in summers twice a week.

Does your child need to take a bath every day? You might be relieved at the answer: https://bit.ly/2ivUDGN

[01/12/20]   Instead of searching for different hand creams and doing experiments with your hands make your own personalised hand cream.
Cilix cream 20gm
Skin A cream 10gm
Neutrogena hand cream(or vaseline petroleum jelly or dove ,Nivea cream)50gm
Dispense above creams to make your own hand cream having vit C,vit A and emollient.
Here you go and don't forget to pray for me when you see the results in sha Allah✌

For hand care follow these tips.
Exfoliate(scrub) hands once a week.
Apply good Hand cream after every hand wash.
Sunblock is a must.
Avoid having regular manicures from parlours.
Rather do it yourself.Excessive cuticle removal can cause nail infections.

[01/11/20]   Causes of skin damage
.Excessive sun exposure
.Poor nutrition
.Over the counter creams
.Sleep deprivation
.Expired cosmetics

[01/11/20]   Regular skin care tips
1.Thank Allah
2.Wash face with neutral soap e.g Dove soap
3.Apply sunblock
4.Refresh sunblock after 2 hours.
5.Cleansing once a week
6. Toning once a week
7.Scrubbing once a week.
8.Appropriate mask once a week.
9.Night cream with Vit A.

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Microneedling for Acne scars and fine lines for smoother and glowing skin.
For Appointment contact 03215243529
Cost is Rs 5000 per session.3 to 5 sessions required.


Can the right diet get rid of acne?

aad.org Read about how poor diet choices can contribute to acne.

Acne no matter how severe is treatable.Pricking acne or using home remedies can cause scarring,pigmentation and life long disfigurement.

Allah has created us in the best form and we must have believe in this.Address your skin issues but don't try to change yourself cause you are in the best form already.💕

Dr Shyna Shahid dermatology clinic

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