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Depression kills..and the only solution is to talk to someone who will never judge..I am doing an emotional wellness check-in showing support for one another...I need six people to post, not share, this message to show you are always there if someone needs to talk. ❤️
اپ کو مبارک ھو آپ نے اتنے مختصر وقٹ میں اتنا معیاری ھسپتال بنایا ھے میں ھسپتال دیکھ کر بہت متاٹر ھوا ھوں اتنا صاف اور جدید مشینری لیبز اور بہترین سٹاف بہترین ماحول اللہ تعالی آپ کو دن دگنا رات چگنی ترقی عطا کرے آمین

Medical, maternity & infertilty care

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A C-Section is only recommended in cases where there is a possible risk to the mother or the child.

Unnecessary c-sections cannot only hinder your ability to deliver normally in future pregnancies, and can put you and your child at risk to a series of avoidable complications from infections to post-partum haemorrhaging.

Be your own advocate. Discuss your birth-plan. Discuss your fears. Discuss pain-relief and pain-management techniques and choose the doctor YOU are most comfortable with.

Follow CityMed Hospital - Maternity Services for regular information updates aimed to help you in your parental. Feel free to drop us a message if you have any questions.

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You're eating for two so remember to make smart food choices!

CityMed Hospital - Maternity Services offers all services from pre to post pregnancy. Feel free to message us for concerns, inquiries or appointments. Follow us for regular updates aimed to help you in your pregnancy and parental journey

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is a common, yet very treatable, cause of infertility in women. PCOS affects women between 15-44, but most women realise they have it in their 20's or 30's, when they experience trouble getting pregnant.

Some signs you could have PCOS?
- Hair loss
- Excess body hair
- Irregular Periods
- Mood swings or depression
- Easy weight gain or Obesity
- Acne
- Fertility Issues

CityMED Rawalpindi offers complete gynaecological services. You can reach out to us via message or 051-8733778

3 Things to Know Before an ​​​​HSG Test - from AdventuristaAZ

An HSG (Hysterosalpingogram) test can help identify whether or not your tubes are blocked. This can further help us select which fertility procedures to rule out i.e. those procedures that rely on well-functioning fallopian tubes.
. Part of fertility testing includes a test called a HSG (Hysterosalpingogram) to see if your Fallopian tubes are blocked. The doctor or PA inserts a cath...

The meaning of life

Kick up your feet – your body will thank you! 👣

Your first IVF cycle is understandably disappointing BUT it is not an indicator of your chances of pregnancy. Infact, likelihood of a sucessful pregnancy increases in every cycle so the chances of you not getting pregnanct (between an average of 1-3 cycles) is less than 15%

CityMED Rawalpindi is offering affordable state-of-the-art IVF, ICSI, IUI and other fertility services. Feel free to reach out to us or ask us questions. Our team is always ready and willing to attend.

[12/11/19]   Depression kills..and the only solution is to talk to someone who will never judge..I am doing an emotional wellness check-in showing support for one another...I need six people to post, not share, this message to show you are always there if someone needs to talk. ❤️

In our fast-paced world we need to be vigilant about what we consume.

Its normal and justified to get disheartened after your first failed IVF. We have so many hopes attached to the procedure. But one failed procedure is not the be-all-end-all - the majority of research indicates to expect to go through 1-3 cycles of pregnancy and over 3 cycles the expected success rate is almost 90%.

The success rate of IVF increases with every cycle.

Drop us a message if you want to discuss your case, our team is always on standby.

What in PCOS is impeding ovulation? PCOS is largely associated with weight gain and weight reduction is the first recommendation by most doctors. Why? Because with weight gain, a layer of fat situates itself around the ovaries. Eggs become trapped in this layer of fat and become cysts. Hence the term Polycystic - multiple cysts.

Healthy weight is an important component of fertility and must not be disregarded.

What Happens After Embryo Transfer? My “TWW” FET #2.

What happens after? Stafford Homestead talks about the wait after an embryo transfer.
. My first blood test is only 9 days after embryo transfer… Feels like FOREVER. Today is day eight for me. So how did it all go down after transfer? The day of transfer was excellent, euphoric …

How long does the IVF cycle take?

Reach out to us for any questions or concerns you may have about the procedure - our team is always on standby and ready to assist.

Planning on getting pregnant? Make sure you have all your bases covered!

Reportedly, 30% of all infertility cases are diagnosed as unexplained infertility i.e. we cannot identify what the cause is.

However 90% of cases can be diagnosed within 2-3 weeks.

Proper diagnosis yields successful treatment!

Progesterone is the female sex hormone produced in the ovaries after ovulation. It is essential for regulating your menstrual cycle and for maintaining a pregnancy.

Progesterone's main job is to get your uterus ready for pregnancy by thickening the lining of your uterus, allowing for a fertilised egg to plant. If an egg does plant, progesterone helps maintain the lining throughout the pregnancy so that your pregnancy is successful. It also assists in breast development and breastfeeding after delivery.

Men also need progesterone for the sake of sperm development.

Reportedly, women who presented with infertility were more quickly diagnosed with endometriosis than women who presented with pelvic pain. This is because differentiation between endometrial pain and menstrual pain is supposedly difficult for both physicians and patients.

A good rule of thumb: If your symptom is interfering with the quality or routine of your life, time to see a doctor!

Of interest, the reported delay in the diagnosis of endometriosis is much shorter for women who pre-sent with infertility than for women who present with pelvic pain

Endometriosis is one of the most common gynaecological diseases but can go undetected for years because its symptoms may be assumed to be normal or associated with your menstrual cycle.

If you identify with any of these symptoms, make sure to rule it out during your next checkup!

Yes, Moms are going to be carrying the baby and doing most of the heavy work but Dads and their wellness is just as important! If you are building or plan to build a family then make sure to get your veggies, meat and exercise in and reduce processed as well as tobacco consumption.

Happy dad = Happy family

In atleast 1/3 of cases infertility is a male + female combined problem - thats why its important for BOTH husband and wife to get their tests done and come to fertility consultations together! Treatment cannot be effective if only one partner is being observed.

5 of the most common factors to assess when attempting to dismantle infertility is age, body fat, the condition of the fallopian tubes, internal scarring and your overall general health.

These are the most common factors to look at because in the vast majority of the cases the root of infertility can be found in these.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a health problem affecting 1 in 10 women of childbearing age. That makes it one of the most common hormonal endocrine disorders experienced by women around the world.

Women with PCOS have a hormonal imbalance and metabolic problems that impact their overall health and appearance.

PCOS is a common and treatable cause of infertility.

How to know for sure if you have endometriosis? TheMayoClinic provides a helpful guide of the possible tests that may be presented to you

Miscarriages can be deeply disheartening. But something to remember is that the vast majority of women experience miscarry their first pregnancy, and this can be an indication that your internal systems are working fine.

The uterus is often quoted as 'having a mind of its own' - if it identifies an embryo as weak or 'defective' it will abort the pregnancy of its own violation.

However, if one experiences several miscarriages in a row it is important to check in with a doctor and seek miscarriage management, as several miscarriages in a row can expose women to health risks.

In leui of #ivfawarenessmonth, heres a detail on what to expect during your first cycle of IVF.

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You're almost through the week! CityMED however is open Mondays to Saturdays 9AM - 2PM and 5PM - 8PM.

Drop us a message, our awareness team is always on standby and ready to answer your queries

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Make sure to complete all the tests your doctor recommends you! Only with a complete picture can the best treatment option be chosen which can save you time, money, energy and possibly a lot of unnecessary heartache in the long run.

IUI and IVF are usually assumed as comparable options by interested patients but as the infographic shows, they are a response to very different conditions.

Conditionally, IUI has a 15-25% rate of success whereas IVF has a success rate of almost 80%.

Always discuss your options with your doctor with an open mind. Maybe the procedure you thought you'd have to go for is not what you needed.

For any questions, feel free to drop us a message, our awareness team is always on standby.

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Clomid is the first course of action in many peoples fertility journey. Heres a useful infographic explaining what to expect and what to remember.
Source: ConceiveEasy
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Infertility: IUI - God Size Journey

Going through fertility treatments is emotionally and physically tough. Kami writes about her own fertility journey, going through 5 IUI procedures before turning to IVF. She also answers some questions you may be curious about and some helpful tips she learned during her journey. An IUI procedure often falls somewhere in the middle, costing couples only a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars, still offering a more affordable option to becoming pregnant. So, who can benefit from an IUI procedure, and is it worth it?

Who we are

CitMed Hospital (Khadim Hussain Medical Services pvt. Ltd) is a purpose built project that offers round the clock Gynaecological services alongside state of the art Operation Theatre, Laboratory and a Fully licensed Pharmacy. It registered on 17th September 2018 as a Private Healthcare Establishment with the Punjab Healthcare Commission under Section 13 of the Punjab Healthcare Commission Act (2010).

Our Mission

To deliver safe and high quality community oriented health-care and training.

Our Vision

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