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Retroperitoneal lymph node dissection for NSGCT


colonoscopic rectal polypectomy

colonoscopic rectal polypectomy


Humans of RMU

How was your experience in RMC?

"RMC was an excellent experience and it started with the fooling. At that time, RMC had quite high fooling rate. First day I remember after entering RMC I went back home after two days. The reason was I was taken by seniors to hostel for ragging. I didn’t take lectures in 1st month because I was out all the time being dragged by the seniors for fooling. Finally, after one month I came to know that there were some lectures and attendance issues."

What do you feel about ragging in RMC?

"It was great in a way I came to know about many seniors and above all I am still in contact with those seniors. They guided me in every aspect throughout my stay in RMC."

Any single incident during your student life that you still remember?

"In our 1st year we had head & neck stage which was a big nightmare for me. Despite Dr. Maimoona taught us but still one night before the stage it was 1st time in my medical career I had 'Suicidal Tendency' because of too many foramina in the skull." *laughs*

Why did you choose general Surgery as your specialization after MBBS?

"I got engaged with my class fellow in 3rd year and her father was a professor of surgery (Dr. Asif Zafar). I wanted to go to pediatrics medicine. Although she didn’t ask me but somethings don’t need to be asked. *laughs*. Alhamdulillah, I am very satisfied with my decision."

Secret behind your success?

"Being a Muslim we all believe in Allah for all of our success and there is of course, parent’s 'Dua'. But I want to mention one thing that being in government hospitals we have a lot of potential to help our patients. Stay dedicated to your patients and profession and one day you will get paid for it in one way or another."

Any Message for students of RMC?

"There are a lot of messages but one thing I want to highlight is that there is lack of bonding between seniors and juniors. Unfortunately, the way we used to respect our seniors there is nothing left like that. I must mention that do give due respect to your seniors."

- Dr. Qasim Ali
(Consultant General Surgery)
Senior Registrar, Surgical Unit 2,
Holy Family Hospital, RMC.


Rhomboid flap for pilonidal sinus


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Laparoscopic Associates of Pakistan

18th National Minimal Access Surgery Workshop, Swat
Media Report


18th National MIS workshop
Saidu Shareef hospital
Day 1


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Colonoscopy workshop day 2


1st day of colonoscopy workshop


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Photos from Standard surgery's post


Mobile Uploads


Photos from Standard surgery's post


Standard surgery's cover photo


Mobile Uploads


Standard surgery


Standard surgery

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colonoscopic rectal polypectomy




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