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Cosmetic & Laser options to look and feel your absolute best We manage cosmetic treatments including Botox and Dermal Fillers, Laser Hair Reduction, Skin Rejuvenation, Professional Peels, Microdermabrasion, Anti-Aging treatments, Medical facials, Acne treatment, Skin Resurfacing for Acne Scars, Mesotherapy etc.

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Melasma | American Academy of Dermatology Melasma causes brown to gray-brown patches on the face.

Melasma | American Academy of Dermatology Care taken for melasma Melasma causes brown to gray-brown patches on the face.

[01/02/18]   Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that moves hair follicles from a part of the body called the 'donor site' to a bald or balding part of the body known as the 'recipient site'. It is primarily used to treat male pattern baldness. In this minimally invasive procedure, grafts containing hair follicles that are genetically resistant to balding, (like the back of the head) are transplanted to the bald scalp. We offer hair transplant with follicular unit extraction FUE technique. To book your appointment please call: 0336 1548811

[01/01/18]   Happy New Year to everyone. We are offering 5% off on all the services in the month of January 2018 on the occasion of new year

[01/01/16]   Happy New year to everyone from NoraDivas team.T Best wishes and lot of Happiness. Thanks for all the support and likes. We will always look forward for your support and prayers

[12/06/15]   Welcome to NoraDivas where a professional and highly trained practitioner, committed to providing you the highest quality of care, support and a friendly environment. We are here to assist you in making informed decisions about your skin care and cosmetic treatments.
Here at NoraDivas we have a many ways of helping people with different skin concerns. We offer peels, microdermabrasion, and facials to name a few. These treatments help with the appearance of the skin working from the outside. Usually best results with a course of treatments.
Laser Hair Removal Procedure
Skin Peel
Injectable Wrinkle Treatment
Skin Rejuvenation
PRP Hair Growth
Many More


We have a booking system, which will minimise waiting times. You can book your appointments Online or call: 0336 1548811

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[06/21/15]   ScarLet – the hottest treatment on the market

ScarLet is a new technology that delivers fractional radio-frequency (RF) directly into the dermis through micro-needle electrodes. It is used to stimulate collagen formation in order to improve saggy skin, wrinkles, acne scars, large pores and stretchmarks. Minimal downtime, no pain and great safety profile make this treatment very popular among patients with all skin types.

What conditions can be treated with ScarLet?

Skin sagginess of the face, neck and eyelids
Acne scars
Large pores

What kind of results can I expect?

The results vary between individuals, but most patients report improvement in the skin texture within several days. As it takes some time for your body to produce collagen, the tightening effect and final results are going to appear gradually over six months.

How many sessions are required?

It depends on the treated skin condition, but usually 3-4 sessions on monthly basis will be needed to provide significant results.

Is the procedure uncomfortable?

ScarLet is very well tolerated by most of the patients without any topical anesthesia. However, more sensitive individuals can apply a numbing cream for 30-60 min, which will make it painless.

What should I expect after treatment?

Immediately after the procedure there will be slight redness and possibly minimal swelling – all of which should resolve within minutes to hours. The treatment will be finalized by application of vitamin serums and powerful hydrators to optimize the results.

How can I book the ScarLet treatment?

You should call NoraDivas clinic to arrange a consultation with our dermatologist. During the consultation the doctor will assess suitability of your skin for the treatment and discuss before and after-care. ScarLet is done exclusively by doctors specialized in this treatment at NoraDivas.

[05/07/15]   Prevent hair loss, hair care

Most people think about preventing hair loss only after they have lost a lot of it. But if you start early (like when you still have a head full of hair) it works out a lot easier both emotionally and financially. In fact, the truth is - preventing hair loss is a simpler process than treating hair loss. Plainly put, it all boils down to some sensible hair care - if you take care to keep the hair you’ve got, you will be blessed with better looks and healthier hair. So here are a few things you can do to prevent your hair from falling:

1. Follow a healthy lifestyle,
2. Take care of your hair,
3. Avoid things bad for your hair, and
4. Adopt simple Home treatments.

1. Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

Hair, like your skin and your nail, is often a barometer of general health. If you are healthy, your hair will probably look good. And if your hair is falling, it could be a sign of possible health problems.

So everything you do for good health also applies to hair: eat your fruits and vegetables (Vitamin B, Iron, Calcium and Zinc have especially been linked to healthy hair); always consume a protein-rich diet (hair is made of proteins), and drink adequate water.

Hair Loss

2. Take care of your hair

Dirty hair is more likely to get infected and more likely to fall – so keep your hair clean. Buy good-quality shampoo and hair products (in the long run this is cheaper than treating hair that is already half gone). When you shampoo your hair, concentrate on the scalp and hair roots. When applying a conditioner or hair lotion, it is better to concentrate on the ends of your hair (which tend to dry out faster and are more vulnerable to the damage that comes from exposure).

Trimming you mane regularly helps your hair look and feel better. Besides, it’s also a long “bye-bye” to those annoying split ends!
How to Prevent Hair Fall - Slideshow Quiz On Hair Loss
3. Avoid things that are bad for your hair

This seems so obvious it should not need telling. But it apparently does need to be told again because many of us unknowingly adopt several unhealthy hair-practices:

Wearing styles that pull the hair tight (usually into braids or pony tails). Many women pull their hair so tight it actually comes out of its roots. If you change your hairstyle soon enough, your hair will recover. Otherwise, your hair might permanently stop growing from the areas it is pulled most from.
Any chemical treatments (even so-called ‘herbal’ ones) designed to drastically change the way your hair looks (styling, perming, straightening, hot-oil treatments, hot ironing).
Blow-drying your hair – this dries out the scalp and damages hair follicles. Allow your hair to air dry at least part of the time, or change the heat setting on your blower to the lowest.
Combing your hair or rough toweling when its wet – this will put out some hair strands from the roots and stretch and break others

Even the habit of pulling out hair might do more harm than you realize (some people actually go bald from this).

The idea is to be gentle with your hair. Do nothing that might harm your hair in any way.

4. Home treatments for healthy hair

Here we’ve mentioned a few home treatments that generations of Indian women have relied on. Give these ancient secrets a shot yourselves!

Make a paste of henna, curd, soaked and ground fenugreek, ground hibiscus flowers, ground gooseberries, and egg (all of them or any one) and apply it onto the hair and scalp for about an hour before shampooing. Done regularly, this will make your hair stronger and better-looking. But remember that henna is suitable only for dark colored hair because it tints hair red.
Wash the hair out with decoction of tea or a bit of lemon squeezed into the water in which you will bathe. (for dandruff).
Apply coconut or almond oil. If doing this daily does not appeal to you, apply the oil on the scalp overnight before shampooing, or apply a drop to the top of your head before you comb out your hair.

Never ever take your hair for granted. The adage “Prevention is better than cure” fully applies to your hair too. Remember, you will sorely miss those beautiful tresses if you let them go away!

[04/09/15]   Tips for skin care in summer
1. Exfoliate for clearer, smoother skin
What it does: Exfoliation removes dead, dulling skin debris to prevent congestion and improve hydration from toners and moisturizers.
When: Perform in the mornings prior to toner, moisturizer, SPF and make-up application. Tip: Make-up will last longer on an exfoliated skin!
Don’t forget: After you exfoliate, follow with a hydrating body cream to seal in moisture, and always shield freshly exfoliated skin with an SPF.
2. Keep skin hydrated
How: Up your regimen’s level of hydration with mild moisturizer, perfect for use one to two times a week. Serums containing vitamin C works best when layered underneath a moisturizer. Toners are a refreshing moisturizer prep, working to even out skin porosity. Tip: Refresh with a revitalizing toner at your desk, in the car, at the gym.
3. Make friends with Water
Why: Higher temperatures and more time outdoors leads to internal dehydration, which can result in headaches and dizzy spells!
What you can do: Eight 8-10 glasses of plain, filtered water every day help maintain critical moisture balance of the body and skin, and assist in detoxification. Tip: If you drink caffeinated beverages, you must triple the amount of water you drink!
Recommended: Plain and pure water!
4. When in doubt, apply (and reapply!)
Why: It’s not enough to just apply sunscreen: you must apply enough, and apply frequently. Studies indicate that most people do not apply nearly as much daylight protection as they should.
How much: A teaspoon for the face.
How often: Re-apply every two hours. Tip: Stay out of the midday sun from mid-morning to late afternoon whenever you can.
Sophisticated formulas and technology let you select sun protection that works with your skin condition. That means you can choose oil-free formulas, extra emollient formulas for dry skin, or chemical free formulas for sensitized, reactive skin.
Recommended: At least SPF 60.
6. Repair and treat sun damage
What causes skin damage: UV light causes photoaging in the form of brown spots, coarse skin and wrinkles, whether you have burned your skin or not. When sunlight comes in contact with skin a cascade of damage results (including the stripping of barrier lipids) causing inflammation, production of reactive oxygen molecules that affect healthy cell growth, and stimulation of collagen destructing enzymes.
What to do: A tan may be a popular summer look, but it indicates damage. Bombard your skin with age-fighting ingredients to help undo any damage that may occur, and to further protect it from the aging effects of UV.

Our Story

We started to serve our clients since 2010 with basic aesthetics procedures. After the encouragement and satisfaction of our clients we scaled up our cosmetic treatments and services including Botox and Dermal Fillers, Laser Hair Reduction, Skin Rejuvenation, Professional Peels, Microdermabrasion, Anti-Aging treatments, Medical facials, Acne treatment, Skin Resurfacing for Acne Scars, Mesotherapy, Radio-frequency treatment, PRP treatment for hair restoration and skin rejuvenation, thread lift and treatment for cellulite reduction and many more. Further, Hair Transplant gives a diversity of population as we are trying to serve our male clients too up to their satisfaction. We feel contended when are clients are happy with our work.

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