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Homeopathic Treatment is a complete system of healing through harmless medicines. Dr. Amina have gr

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symptom and their medicine

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Infertility is a condition where you cannot get pregnant after one year of trying to conceive. In women, cause of infertility can include endometriosis, uterine fibroids and thyroid disease. Men with fertility problems may have a low s***m count or low testosterone. The risk of infertility increases as you age.

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یہ دوا عورتوں کے حسب ذیل امراض میں خصوصیت کے ساتھ استعمال کی جاتی ہے
مزمن سیلان الرحم جس سے اندام نہانی کے عضلات میں تشنج دار کھنچائو ہو۔ رحم کا مزمن ورم اور رحم کا باہر نکل آنا، اندام نہانی کا سخت ہو جانا، خصیتہ الرحم کا سخت ہو جانا اور ناف تک پھیل جانا،خصیتہ الرحم میں پانی پڑ جانا،اندام نہانی اور رحم کی گردن کی زخم جو رحم کی سوجن اور رحم کے سخت ہو جانے سے پیدا ہو جائیں،رحم کا باہر کھسک جانا اور سبزی مائل زرد رطوبت کا خارج ہونا، یہ تمام شکائتیں اس دوا کے اندرونی استعمال سے دور ہو جاتی ہیں اور مریضہ کو کھل کر بھوک لگنے لگتی ہے۔


یہ دوا ہمارے خواص الادویہ میں درج مصفی خون ادویات میں سے امتیازی صفات کی حامل شمار کی جاتی ہے۔ سر چہرے اور گردن کی جملہ جلدی بیماریوں میں کثرت کے ساتھ زیر تجویز آتی ہے۔تر اور بدبودار جلدی ابھار جن پر بھورے یا سفید رنگ کے کھرنڈ بن جاتے ہیں۔ اس دوا کے بے خطا استعمال کی جانب رہنمائی کرتے ہیں۔
مقدار خوراک: مدر ٹنکچر کے ایک تا پانچ قطرے تازہ پانی کے ہمراہ دن میں تین تا چار مرتبہ دیں۔



It is a medicine of the day. Useful for cardiac muscles suffering from fatty degeneration. It is known for regulating pulse and increasing the power of contraction of the heart.

Adonis vernalis Linn. of the family Ranunculaceae is a perennial herb upto 50 cm in height. The stem may be simple or branched and longitudinally grooved, soft and weak; the leaves 2 to 4 by 1.5 cm are pinnately divided into several segments with terminal yellow flowers. It is found in Northern Europe and Asia.1 In history & folklore, false hellebore’s botanical name refer to Adonis, a figure in Greek mythology associated with the seasonal renewal of plant life. It signifies strengthening / revival of old.2

It contains cardiac glycosides similar to those found in digitalis purpurea. These substances improve the heart’s efficiency, increasing its output while at the same time normalising its rate. Unlike Digitalis, its effect on the heart is slightly sedative and it is generally prescribed for patients with hearts that are beating too fast or irregularly. It is also recommended for certain cases of low blood pressure. It is strongly diuretic and can be used to counter water retention, particularly in cases of poor circulatory function. It is used in homoeopathic medicine as a treatment for angina.3

Homoeopathically it is indicated when there is a failing or broken cardiac compensation, the arterial tension is lowered and cardiac dropsy is present; the functions of the kidneys are interfered and anasarca results. The urine is scanty, there is great dyspnoea, and the pulse is irregular. There is often a headache, the pain extending from the occiput around the temples to the eyes and across the front. It is of service in cases of mitral and aortic regurgitation, when there is a precordial pain with painful throbbing of the blood-vessels and headache. It relieves the sense of increased intra-cardiac pressure, and is useful in interstitial myocarditis, when there is irregularity of the heart action, with dyspnoea and dropsy. The cases of aortic regurgitation, in which it appears to answer best, are those in which the lesion is due either to a traumatic rupture of the valve, to a chronic aortitis, or where it has arisen independently of rheumatic endocarditis. In case of fatty degenerations of the heart, pericarditis, simple hypertrophy and certain atheromatous conditions, or for its diuretic action, the tincture is used.4

Prescribed dose: 5-10 drops of the tincture (William Boericke). 10-60 drops of the tincture (Blackwood)

Caution: Adonis Vernalis should be used under professional supervision.


A Heart Remedy
Adonis vernalis is a homoeopathic remedy which acts distinctively on the heart.
Dr. Jus writes in his book “Praktische Materia Medica”: “This remedy is a heart tonic
… it regulates the pulse and increases the cardiac contractility.”Our knowledge about
Adonis is based on clinical experience. There has been no HP of its use in potencies.
The Dr.B.K. Bose Trust had already organized the proving of Amylenum nitrosum,
another heart remedy. That is why in 2003 the foundation decided to conduct a
proving of Adonis vernalis according to the laws of homoeopathic proving.
The substance Adonis vernalis 30C was proved in a double-blind, placebo-controlled
trial for a period of 6 weeks.
Neither the supervisor nor the provers knew which remedy was to be proved; or
whether the drug or the placebo was being administered.
The provers were healthy volunteers; that being an important requirement for a HP.
They were homoeopaths or students of homoeopathy and had to meet severe
criteria. Each prover was interviewed personally by the supervisor before the trial.
18 provers were given Adonis vernalis 30C; 5 provers were given placebo. Every day
they rote down their symptoms in forms (journals), using their own words.
This article is a summary of our HP. A publication of the original detailed version is
Adonis vernalis, the plant
Common names: Pheasant’s Eye, Sweet vernal, False Hellebore
The plant got its name from a Greek legend (Ovid’s Metamorphoses)
Adonis, lover of the goddess Aphrodite was killed by jealous Ares, who had
transformed himself into a wild boar. Where Aphrodite’s tears, mixed with Adonis’
blood touched the soil, the flower grew.
“vernalis” translates “spring” and relates to the flower’s blooming season.


for female






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