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Result of final year MBBS Supplementary exam session 2016 -17

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Scholarship for nursing students...


Uni remain closed on 4rth april .


Let's offer acclamation to the brave soul who not only survived in the judgemental society like ours but also made history by becoming the first ever transgender doctor in Pakistan.
Dr. Sara Gill , on Tuesday, graduated from Jinnah medical and dental college , Karachi, Sindh became the groundbreaker for transgenders in setting the precedent for them. Moreover , Sara has become the flag holder of gender mainstreaming that clearly signifies the potentiality and competency of the neglected genders.

"Gender equality is the goal that will help abolish poverty that will create more equal economies, fairer societies, and happier beings."

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Official notice
Exam schedule of All Batches

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Hurry up guys ❤️and best off luck juniors

Gear up medicose... Here we announce the most awaited and most important event for you... If you are still confused and disappointed regarding your career and environmental circumstances... We are bringing to you the tons of amazing students who have done terrific work in the same conditions and have contributed to the society...
Grab your registration forms as soon as possible and join the venture... ✌🏻

For online registration:

Last date for the registration:
2nd August 2021


Ist and 2nd year supplementary exam date ..


Supplementary exam of 3rd and 4rth year


Classes will b suspended due to covid at clg

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Result of final year mbbs of cmc batch 44 /gmc of batch 13


Here is some advice for failure improver and fresh coming students.
Must must read last paragraph specially for this time unselected students.

those who are giving 2020/2021 Medical exams,💕 Starting with what should ur strategy be, Stay Calm and composed😇. Don't panic about the syllabus being vast. Just chill and think U can conquer this🤜🏻🤛🏻. U r amazing in whatever u do👌🏻. So just concentrate on ur goal and don't ever lose focus bcoz of some distraction.📚 ❇️Physics❇️: Endless practice is the key. First go through ur theory well, jot down formulas and know the derivations of them. Solve several questions the same day. Don't leave the chapters that u do for more than a week or u will let go the concept out of ur mind. Stick the formulas in ur room so that whenever u pass u can have a look at them. ✳️Chemistry✳️: Formulas of physical chemistry should be done well. Practise questions thoroughly. Keep memorising inorganic part as it requires u to retain info. So do revise those chapters in short intervals. For Organic chemistry, know ur concepts very well bcoz questions are usually based on ur knowledge of the chapters. Understand the mechanisms properly. 💠Biology💠: It is a subject which everyone likes. I don't think I need to suggest much but still. Ppl tend to make the mistake of thinking bio to be easy and leaving it for the end, don't do that it will cost u heavy. There are things interlinked in biology so simplify ur notes so that it is easy for u to grasp. Regular revision is again very important. Don't miss out on the tables or diagrams. 🌈General advcie for all 3 subjects🌈: Set timer for urself so that u can time urself in exam too. Give short mock tests of each chapter that u do. Periodically give full length tests too, to check ur progress. Ur notes can be made by putting in flow charts, short tricks and important points of the chapter. Stick to study text first. If u are very sure that u r through with study text then move to reference books and don't use many of them too. Start with chapters that have higher weight age in the exam. Go through previous papers very well. Utilize ur coaching material if u have any. Have ur biology very very strong if u r aiming for MBBS bcoz it holds the maximum marks.All the very very very best😊✌️.....

If u don't fare well in any of ur exams plz don't have a mental breakdown or get depressed😔😧. Trust me, u r billion times more worthy of happiness than depression😘💕. Accept ur faith bcoz God only plans the best for u💚💛. Thinking about su***de will lead u nowhere, it is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. So stand up strong, show the world what u got🤜🏻🤛🏻🔥. Failures are just stepping stones to success🌟. If u feel pressurised or uneasy talk to ur parents, they will surely understand u💞. Always work hard and smart. Don't failures bother u. Learn from them and move ahead💯. Stay motivated🤗 and have a smile☺️ on ur face bcoz it suits everyone...


Best of luck


Result of ist year supplementary exam 2020


Freedom is for everyone. It doesn’t see colors or shapes. We’ve had enough of hate and violence, and now we need to build our new future, full of love and understanding. Let’s raise our glasses on Independence Day! ( From GMMMC sukkur to all of u ❤️ )


Supplementry date for ist and 2nd year
Good luck supp holders


|SINDH MDCAT 2020-21|

♦People's University Of Medical & Health Sciences Nawabshah Will Conduct

🔹Govt Of Sindh Authorized as dealing with Admissions in & in All Public & Private Medical Universities Of Session 2020-21

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Pharmacology ospe of CMC


Cmcian and gmcian be ready for supplementary exam

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Medicine ospe special class held at CMC

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11batch GMC ..annual key of pathology


Notice for all students of CMC /GMC &GIMS

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Pathology preproff
Batch #40

Photos from Gmcian / Cmcian doctors's post 22/03/2020

2nd year anatomy proff


سنڌ جي هن وقت لڳ ڀڳ سڀني ميڊيڪل ڪاليجن ۾ فائنل ايئر جا ايگزمس ۽ سپليمينٽري پيپر ٿي چڪا آھن ۽ رزلٽ به ڊيڪلئر ٿي ويا پر چانڊڪا ميڊيڪل ڪاليج ۾ هفتو اڳ رزلٽ آئي ۽ سپلي ايگزمز جو ڊيٽ به انائونس نه ٿيو آ ڪرونا وائرس جي وبا جي ڪري ،
ٻين يونيورسٽين جا سپلي هولڊر شاگرد هن وقت هاؤس جاب پيا ڪن پر هتي اڃان سپلي جو ڊيٽ ئي ڊسائيڊ نه ٿيو آ۔
وبا جي ڪري شهر بند هجڻ ۽ گهڻي ميڊيڪل اسٽاف جي ضرورت جي ڪري خدارا ڪو ماڊرن وي آف ڪنڊڪٽنگ ايگزم استعمال ڪري سپلي جو پيپر ورتو وڃي جئين بروقت ضرورت سپلي هولڊرز زميدار شھري ٿي خدمتون سرانجام ڏين۔۔
وائس چانسلر صاحبه کي رڪئوسٽ ٿي ڪجي ته زير بحث اشو تي سنجيدگي سان غور ڪن ڇو ته شاگردن جا مستقبل لاڳاپيل آهي هن مسئلي سان

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Official result of 2nd year mbbs

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4rth periodical test of pharmacolagy held at GMMMC sukkur

Photos from Gmcian / Cmcian doctors's post 11/02/2020

Best combination of pharma for 3rd year mbbs students


Gmcian sukkur / SMBBMU larkana






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