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Appendectomy is done ...


Flu alert msg........ 😷
*بخار، کھانسی، جسم درد، منہ کا کڑوا پن اور سونگھنے، ذائقے کی حس ختم ہونے جیسی علامات تقریباً پورے پاکستان میں پھیل چکی ہیں۔*

*خدارا اپنی حفاظت خود کریں حکومت کے اسرے پر مت رہیں۔*

*1- ٹھنڈے پانی سے مکمل پرہیز کریں*
*2- نیم گرم پانی پیئیں۔*
*3- جوشاندہ پئیں*
*4- گرم پانی کا بھاپ لیں*
*5- انڈے کھائیں*
*6- انجیر کھائیں*
*7- بادام کھائیں*
*8- لونگ، الاچی، دارچینی کا قہوہ پئیں*
*9- مٹن سوپ پئیں، کالی مرچ ادرک، ہلدی ڈال کر*
*10- دیسی مرغی کا سوپ پئیں، کالی مرچ، ادرک، ہلدی ڈال کر*
*11- کیلشیم کسی بھی صورت میں لازمی لیں*
*12- پانی کا استعمال زیادہ کریں*
*ثواب کی نیت سے گروپ میں شئیر کریں صدقہ جاریہ ھے*

*ﷲ تعالیٰ آپ کا حامی و ناصر ہو*
طالب دعاء افتخار احمد یوسفزے

*اس پیغام کو نظر انداز نہ کریں.*
*جزاکم ﷲ خیراً کثیرا*


ماسک کا استعمال کریں، سماجی فاصلے کا خیال رکھیں
کورونا وائرس / مثبت کیسز
خیبرپختونخوا میں یومیہ مثبت کیسز کی شرح 8 اشاریہ 5 فیصد تک پہنچ گئی ،محکمہ صحت رپورٹ
ضلع خیبر میں سب سے زیادہ مثبت کیسز کی 50 فیصد ،پشاور میں 28،دیر لوئر میں 17 فیصد تک پہنچ گئی
صوبے کے 9 اضلاع میں یومیہ مثبت کیسز کی شرح 10 فیصد اور اس سے زیادہ ریکارڈ، محکمہ صحت رپورٹ
خیبرپختونخوا کے 3 اضلاع میں مثبت کیسز کی شرح 5 فیصد سے زیادہ ریکارڈ کیا گیا
گزشتہ 24 گھنٹوں کے دوران اومیکرون کے 15 کیسز رپورٹ ہوئے


How to pass iv line

How to pass iv line to new


Thyroid eye disease (TED) is an eye condition in which the eye muscles and fatty tissue behind the eye become inflamed. This can cause the eyes to be pushed forward (‘staring’ or ‘bulging’ eyes) and the eyes and eyelids to become swollen and red. In some cases there is swelling and stiffness of the muscles that move the eyes so that the eyes are no longer in line with each other; this can cause double vision. Rarely TED can cause blindness from pressure on the nerve at the back of the eye or ulcers forming on the front of the eyes.

TED is an autoimmune disease. It occurs when the body’s immune system attacks the back of the eye and causes inflammation. It is mainly associated with an over-active thyroid due to Graves’ disease, although it does sometimes occur in people with an under-active or normally functioning thyroid. Graves’ disease is the most common cause of an over-active thyroid (hyperthyroidism) in the UK. TED is also known as Graves’ orbitopathy (GO).


Athlete's feet. It is a disease which is cause by fungul infection.
Clinical features.. They are mostly present in toes but some time also infect hand. There is swlleing itching and redness may be occur it the side of infected area.
By using infected person shocks .
By touching infected site .
Diagnose... Diagnose is done through clinical features . skin lesionpottisium. In this test we use koh chemical these chemical destroy cell and only leaving fungul cell.
Some time they are cover with otc drugs .
But some time they required proper treatment.
Anti fungal.
Meconazole etc
Hydrocortisone are also use for pain and swelling .
Brand name anti fungal.
And both anti fungal and hydrocortisone are available in canestem cream or canestem extra


Toxic is usually a complication of inflammatory bowel disease, such as ulcerative colitis and, more rarely, 's disease, and of some infections of the colon, including Clostridium difficile infections, which have led to pseudomembranous colitis.


Tonsillitis. Tonsils are the lymphoid tissve which are present in back of the throat. When these tonsils are infmmed then its called tonsillitis .
Cause.. It cause by bactria and virus.
Bactria name.streptococcus while virus named is epstein.
Investigation. Investigation are done through clinical features ..
Tlc( total lymphocytes) may be raised.
Throat swab
Clincal features.
Swelling occur in tonsils
Problem in swallowing
Problem in respiration.
Fever with chills
Antibiotics are given to cover the bactrial infection .
Analgesic and antipyrtic are given to relif pain and also reduce fever .
If not treated with this then required tonsillectomy.
Tonsillectomy....( surgical removel of tonsils))


Chronic pulmonary obstructive disease. Simple it also called copd..Cause ...cigrate smoking.due to which the bronchus become more contract due to which less blood supply to lung and decrese occur supply of oxygen to lungs.
Types.actue copd are that types which for short duration.
2.Emphysema.. Damage of lungs
Investigation.. Investigation are done through clincal features .but also use pulmonary function test( in this we check how much air exhaled or inhaled.
2, spiromerty.. In this we check only oxygen supply to the lungs.
3x rays. X ray can show the damage of lungs there is white opacity in lungs .
Aviod aggravating factor like cigrate smoking .
Ventolin are given to dialate the bronchus .
Corticosteroid are use for relif of coughing..
Antibiotics are given for secondary infection.
Signs and symptoms.
There is short ness of breath.
Cough .fever .


Larynx.. It aslo called voice box.
Larangatits. When inflammation occur in lanyrx(voice box) called larangatits.
Caused by bactria
Signs and symptoms.
Sore throat
Problem in voice
Problem in swelling
Problem in respiration
Fever with chills
Investigation.. Throat swab
Treatment .
Antibiotics like calamax
Are givenfor bactria infection.
Panadl cp are given to treat fever

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How to pass iv line





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