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For the very first time in wazirabad
Poultry postmortum facility is available at Al-Haiwaan Veterinary Services Wazirabad.
Get you birds early diagnosed by postmortum facility and be safe from Big losses.
Wazirabad Poultry Concerns


Parvo patient a bit relaxed after treatmentπŸ•πŸ§‘β€πŸ³

Photos from Al-Haiwaan Veterinary Services's post 22/09/2021

A dog is presented at Al -haiwaan veterinary clinic with painfull forelimb swelling due to injury,
On x -ray examination the dog was diagnosed with both radius and ulna fractured.
Now the bones have been placed together to their origin and POP has been done.
Waiting for speedy recovery
Get well soon.....
Regards:Al- Haiwaan vet services


Good News!!!
For all Pet Lovers in Wazirabad
In such a hot humid weather get your Beloved Pets Hair trimmed to avoid severe "Heat Stress" which is queit lethal for your Pets..
Hair trimming facility is now available at Al -Haiwaan veterinery clinic.
Home service is also available..
For appointnment at home You can contact us on following numbers:
Book your appointments Now


One vacancy for staff member at Al-Haiwaan Veterinary Services

Competitive Salary Package

Minimum Qualifications:

Individuals with relative work experience in pharmacy/medical stores will be preferred.

Apply now:
03328331014 or DM at our page


Good news for all the Pet lovers..
Mr pet cat food is available in stock at Al-haiwaan Vet services..
Get the best Deit for your pets to get them healthy.


Photos from Al-Haiwaan Veterinary Services's post 04/11/2020

Al-Haiwaan Veterinary Services is now providing all the veterinary facilities (Medicines,Machinery,Minerals,Toxin binders,Bypass Fat,DCP, Imported Semen,Farm consultancies)
Upto commercial farm level under one umberella.

All you need is to get focused.
No need to get yourself confused.
No need to Waste your time.
All you need is just there under a single Umberella of Al-haiwaan.
For any quiries:
Dr khayyam Haider(03319653921)
Junaid Irshad Cheema(03328331014)

Photos from Al-Haiwaan Veterinary Services's post 01/11/2020

A case of Auricular Abcess was presented to Al-Haiwaan veterunary services.
Upon carefull examination Team Al-haiwaan drained all the abcess by proper antiseptic measures and cleared all the pyogenic membranes carefully.

Al-haiwaan provides you all the veterinary services under one umbrella..

Dont worry, Because your animals are our responsibility.

Photos from Al-Haiwaan Veterinary Services's post 30/10/2020

A case reported to Alhaiwaan veterinary services with history of fresh calving and unable to stand.
Team Al haiwaan reached out there.
On clinical examination the cow's suffering from tachecardia and unable to stand.
The case was diagnosed with Milk fever.
Treatment has been done and the cow is now completely fine.

Al-haiwaan provides you the best veterinary services Treatment,Feed formulations,farm consulancy,Breeding plans,surgeries,Medicines, All under one amberella.
Because your animals are now our responsibily.

Photos from Al-Haiwaan Veterinary Services's post 16/10/2020

"Bella" was presented at Al-Haiwaan vet clinic with signs of :
Severe Itching and Hair loss.
On clinical examination Bella was diagnosed with "Scabies"
Treatment Has been started.
Will be recovered soon.

Your pets are our responsibilty.

Photos from Al-Haiwaan Veterinary Services's post 03/09/2020

For your own ease and accessibilty we proudly announce our Home Delivery Service of all of pet accessories, medicines and pet feed.
Place your orders and get them all delivered at your doorstep!
Order Timings: 08:00 am - 09:00 pm
πŸ“ž 03319653921
πŸ“ž 03328331014

Photos from Al-Haiwaan Veterinary Services's post 24/08/2020

Great news for Pet Lovers in Wazirabad!!
We are your ultimate Pet-Stop now!
First & utmost in the city to proudly pioneer the availability of all pet accessories, toys & everything your cats 🐱 & dogs 🐢 need.

1-Pet best dewormers
2-Vaccination (Primodog,uricane,Biofel,Rabicin)
3-Cat litters(Scented,non scented)
4-Cat litter trays
5-Cat shampoes(Black catty,Ecotic)
6-Cat collars
7-Cat leashes
8-Cat food(Mr pet,Meo,Royal canin,Mera)
9-Cat play toys
10-Cat grooming combs and brushes
11-Cat nail cutters
12-Cat harness
13-Cat feeders
14-Cat feeding bowls
15-Soft puppy collars
16-Adult dog collars
17-Dog leashes
18-Dog food

Photos from Al-Haiwaan Veterinary Services's post 13/08/2020

To all the meows out there, we got you covered!!
Brand new addition of cat accessories you don't want to miss out!

Feed your cats in a decent way in specially designed Feeder Trays.

Cleaning up has never been easier before, place our unique Cat Litters anywhere suitable and let your cats do the rest. Use special Shovels to do the cleaning afterwards.

Keep your cats nice & tidy with these accessories.

Photos from Al-Haiwaan Veterinary Services's post 08/08/2020

A pub has been presented at Al-Haiwaan veterinary clinic today.

Diagnosed with severe "Allergic dermatitis" due to use of Human side soaps for bathing.

Please strictly avoid using Human side shampoes and soaps for pets bath.
Use shampoes which are specific for pets.

Protect the little souls.

Regards: Alhaiwaan veterinary services.

Photos from Al-Haiwaan Veterinary Services's post 07/08/2020

Today Al-Haiwaan veterinary services visited "Ahsan layer farm" with history of blakish combs and open mouth breathing.

Upon visit at farm and postmortem of mortalilty air saculitis and hammeorhges were found on meat,so the birds were diagnosed with Heat stress due to poor ventilation.

Efforts had been done to improve ventilation and decrease the heat stress.

Alhaiwaan always step ahead.

Photos from Al-Haiwaan Veterinary Services's post 06/08/2020

Al-Haiwaan is now also providing services at your doorstep.....

"SUZI" is suffering from eyes infection and "Maggot wound"

Maggots are now cleared and wound will be healed soon.

Al-haiwaan is always ahead in serving your Animals.

In case of any emergency just call Al-haiwaan helpline.

Timeline photos 05/08/2020

"TOM" presesnted at Al-Haiwaan veterinary Clinic
With " Eyes infection " and "Allergic Dermatitis"

After through examination ,speicific treatment has been started for speedy recovery..

We deliver the best for you Animals.

Timeline photos 04/08/2020

A Goat presented at Al-Haiwaan veterinary clinic with signs of:
Severe cough
Nasal discharge

Upon Carefull Examination by Dr khayyam haider the goat was diagnosed with Severe Drenching pneumonia.

Treatment has been started and will be recovered soon InshAllah.

Your Animals are our Responsibility.


We wish you a very Happy Eid-ul-Adha πŸŽ‰ 🐐
May Allah accept our humble sacrifices and guide us all to the right path.

Regards: Al-Haiwaan Veterinary Services

Timeline photos 30/07/2020

"JACK" came for "Deworming" and "General Examinatiom" at "Al-Haiwaan vet clinic"

Now ready for vaccination.

"Your pets are our responsibility"


High Quality and Highly Productive Cattle Feed & Minerals are available!

Photos from Al-Haiwaan Veterinary Services's post 30/07/2020

All kind of dewormers, vaccinations, livestock & poultry medicines, Imported pre-breeding injectors, antibiotics and injections of all needs are available


All kind of birds medicines and vaccinations are now available!

Photos from Al-Haiwaan Veterinary Services's post 30/07/2020

We have high quality Cat Feed .. Me-O, Mr. Pet and Royal Canin to name a few.

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