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Pleiadean cosmic peak, high manifestation period opens tonight 🌙💫🔮⚡️✨


LIVE meditation coming up soon from Our Enchanted Forest 🌳 “Bosque Rio Abajo” with sound healing and Reiki! Stay Tuned!
Love and Light to all! 💜🌀💗




According to Western astrology, Leo season lasts from July 23 until August 22 each year. On August 8 (8/8), the Sun, Sirius (the brightest star in the sky), Orion, and Earth completely align with each other. The Lion’s Gate Portal refers to a period of days before and after—from July 28 until August 12—when the power of Sirius is believed to be activated by the Sun. Which can cause extreme energetic enchantment to your life.
Because the Lions Gate Portal is believed to be a powerful and lucky time, it's a great time to create a vision board for your goals, work on yourself, have meaningful conversations with loved ones, be creative with projects, explore your spirituality and boost any manifesting you've been trying to procreate.

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"I attract the job/business that is in alignment with my deepest truth. Business opportunities are constantly flowing to me. My job/business is prosperous and fulfilling. I am connected fully with my purpose. I am open to success." ~Ara

💎Use Citrine, Sunstone, Carnelian, Golden Healer Quartz, Pyrite, Green Aventurine, Auralite 23, Jade, & Tiger's Eye for business and career affirmations

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Crystals 💎🌀🤍💗

Crystals 💎🌀🤍💗

Learn about the power of crystals for manifestation, healing, and alchemy: About Gaia:Gaia offers the largest resource of c...



Blessed be full moon

Y ahora también tenemos Pomarosas!!!! Aquí pomarosas, tomatoes, aguacate, y limón de nuestra finca!!! Un pasito al frent...

Y ahora también tenemos Pomarosas!!!! Aquí pomarosas, tomatoes, aguacate, y limón de nuestra finca!!! Un pasito al frente para no comprar en el supermercado más. Orgánico y libre de pesticidas! Salud total.

And now the Pomegranates gave birth! Here in the picture we have pomegranates, tomatoes, avocado and lime all from our House Farm in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 yesss! One step closer to not buying at the stores.
Organic and pesticide free. Total Health.
Con Carlos Rolon 💗🙌🏽💪🏽




You are in the process of a higher awakening and experiencing a shift to an elevated vibration. As you awaken into this next time line you will initially feel disoriented and out of alignment. Many gifts, abilities , powers, and codes within you have awakened into this new timeline resulting in a transformation of your inner energy flow.

Your energy body is now reacting differently to Planetary energy, as you navigate through the world in a totally new way. You are activating in your new lightbody, and you are beginning to connect with it.

Like someone awakening from a long sleep we are attuning to our capabilities, powers, gifts, and our own energy frequency,It may seem like the waves of light are more intense, this is because Ascending souls have leveled up and can now sense and benefit from them more fully.

The inner lightbody has always been with you; you are now learning to consciously tune into it use it, and align with it. Whether you are still going through shifts or have already received this transformation, everything is progressing as it should.

Revelations are illuminating the unhealthy habits that have been hindering our success. Recognising and accepting this truth empowers us all to make the necessary changes and progress towards the rewards that are ahead.

You are supported in unearthing the underlying causes that have been revealed, which may possibly be linked to the ancestral father wounds. The new Earth energies presents an opportunity to heal the inner masculine energies within you Bringing in energetic union with the inner feminine.

Starseed ascending souls will now experience more inner freedom with their Divine Masculine power this establishes necessary boundaries and brings honour into your purpose as an Ascending being. The unification codes will activate the inner masculine and feminine aspects to complete your ascension journey on this Earth School and into the Light Body.

Challenges often provide opportunities for higher levels of growth at an accelerated pace. It’s now about holding the vibration of love amidst challenges, you open yourself to receiving deeper insight and blessings. Every challenge holds a silver lining and hidden blessings, awaiting your awareness.

This powerful planetary shift allows you to claim the seeds of your creation , power, As fragments of light, and codes of consciousness are always within the challenge. Cleansing old energy and making way for your inner light is an ongoing process, not a one-time endeavour.

In each moment and situation we have the ultimate choice to respond with love or react with fear. Love expands our energetic fields and propels us forward, while fear contracts and limits our true potential.

Spirit are always standing by ready to be of assistance , Because Ascending souls are now choosing love , they will experience the profound effects it brings in to new life .

Many are already feeling the effects of The next full moon known as the Buck Moon, it will occur on Monday, July 3, it is a supermoon, it will appear much bigger and brighter because it will be at the closest point to Earth in its orbit. This amplified Lunar energy is going to bring in major awakenings and changes for many .

In Loving and Devoted Ascension Collective Service . Channeled / written by Ascension LightWorkers . Copyright ©️



Solstice-Buffet of Andromedean+Blueray Sirius+Pleiadian Emerald Sun LightCodes

☀️On Solstice, from the Earth's perspective, the Sun-Energy of Life Force and Transformation appears to Stand Still for about 3 days before reversing its direction-A Sacred Pause in the Time Space Continuum when veils thin allowing Light Portals to beam Cosmic downloads into the Crystalline Gridlines via The Frequency Holders and Light Warriors. It was shown to me (via Thoth and Anubis) that The New Moon in Gemini/ 18th June provided great assistance to this process by activating the Earth Altars (-node points of the Crystalline grid responsible for receiving and disbursing downloads) in preparation for these Cosmic Downloads.

🔥The Cosmic Downloads to the lead up to this Solstice have been a Buffet of primarily The Aquamarine (via Andromedea Gateway) LightCodes for The Age of Horus which are upheld by the New Earth Diamond /Platinum -Gold Light Codes of The Age of Ma’aT , BlueRay Sirian Codes( Builder Codes) and The Emerald Sun Codes of Pleiades (Foundational Codes) carried via primarily via The Dragon and Lion/ Feline Energies.(reason many could have been feeling tired and exhausted prior to solstice)

✨Transformation is the buzzword for this Solstice as we weave mega endings into Rebirth into the Next higher octave of Soul Growth and Expansion, each weave building on the Foundations of the Souls Learnings from The Past. Some Karmic cycles are reaching a conclusion, while some are being repeated where lessons remain unlearned.

👑This Solstice coincides with Venus/ Inanna reaching the Crown Chakra on June 21 where She will be Coronated as Queen of Heaven and Earth (with Mars, Venus n Moon all in Leo) -The Culmination of The Second Synodic Cycle of Venus as the Capricorn Metagoddess which began in Jan 2022. As the Capricorn Metagoddess , Venus / Inanna imbued us with the Qualities of The Wise Woman / Record Keeper to lay the Foundations of The Divine Principle Aspect which further supports/births The New Age/ Earth/Horus. This Journey has reached its culmination Now ( venus will remain at Crown Chakra for the next one month) and the New Synodic Cycle of Venus Begins in August 2023 as the Leo Metagoddess ie Energies of Sekhmet- The Spiritual Light Warrior of Courage and Compassion.

⚔️As mentioned before, this Solstice Gateway has a generous sprinkling of Aquamarine, BlueRay , Emerald LightCodes and Diamond Gold ie The Divine Feminine Sophia Aspect is Now well Anchored which allows The Divine masculine Energies to move into a greater functional position than before to uphold the Age of Horus/ Balance and Union. Ie The Blue Ray Lion/ Feline Dna activation via the Solar Plexus upgrades enables the Light Warriors to Now begin the task of translating the Foundational Blueprint (brought in via the Capricorn Metagoddess Archetype/ Emerald Sun/ Pleiadian Codes )into actual Building Blocks. The Sirian and Andromedean FelineDna upholds the Blueprint while the Lion Dna is associated with the grunt work of the Actual Building Process. And it is This process which is supported by Venus / Inanna in her third Synodic Cycle as The Leo Metagoddess/ Sekhmet- Solar Plexus Powered Courageous Action guided by The Heart Centered in Compassion and Grace!!

🔥🌀And since we are Talking of the New Age Construction based on Balance and Union, The Solar Plexus/Sekhmet upgrades come in conjunction with Ptah/ Throat upgrades- ie Intention matched with Action For manifestation and CoCreation of The New Age of Horus upheld by the Principles of Maat.

Art by Laila Savolainen

EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy
Be The Change You Want To See


Sa Kei Na

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"The Sun enters Cancer which shines a light on our emotions, our feelings and our relationships. Cancer wants us to get to the heart of the matter when it comes to our feelings for others. This is a good time to look at relationships and see them in a deeper truth. Cancer wants us to look at our home and to focus on making it a harmonious sanctuary that feeds us instead of drains us. This can be a call to look at connections in the home and where there needs to be boundaries in place if things are off balance. Get complete Astrology guidance in my Astro Forecast Publication here:" ~Ara

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I Am and if you are here Tou Are also 🌀🤍☘️

I Am and if you are here Tou Are also 🌀🤍☘️

"You are a goddess, a fierce warrior queen and a Priestess of the Earth. When you remember this great truth, I pity anyone who tries to take you for granted or underestimate your strength." ~Ara

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"I bring my truth and my dreams into being. I am connected to my inner wisdom and guidance. I speak my truth fully and completely. I am supported fully by the Universe." ~Ara

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Que durmiera sobre lavanda.
Que me dé un baño de flores para sentirme hermosa y amada.
Que comiera miel para recordar lo dulce
que es la vida.
Que me hiciera de comer para recordar
que también me tengo que consentir.
Que enmarcara mi foto y le encendiera una veladora, para no olvidar que estoy viva.
Que cantara en la regadera, para no tener palabras guardadas queriendo salir.
Que bailara sin zapatos, porque me hace falta conectarme conmigo y la naturaleza.
Que riera sin motivo, para no hacerme amargada.
Que diera vueltas hasta marearme, para recordar que todos los caminos no tienen
que ser rectos.
Que jugara con mi perro, que por dentro
sigo siendo una niña.
Que me llueva encima y me embarre de lodo, que abra los brazos para que me acaricie
el viento.
Que vea el amanecer y el ocaso.
Que duerma bajo estrellas.
Que descanse en la playa.
Que suba un cerro.
Que nade desnuda.
Que viaje lejos.
Que perdiera el control.
Que acepte la vida....





Colour of the season: Red
Music theme: Tremble for my beloved-collective soul

🔺Work on healing and strengthening your root chakra.
🔺Tie up loose ends.
🔺Ask for forgiveness. And forgive yourself for all the times you feel you let yourself down.
🔺Learn from past mistakes and try something new this time around as the universe presents you with a second chance.
🔺Let go of what is no longer working for you.
🔺Expand beyond your ordinary.
🔺Take a leap of faith. Travel the roads less travelled.
🔺Don’t loose yourself in the process of fulfilling your duties.
🔺Find a good balance between who you are and who you need to be in order to create the life of your dreams.




"I open to new possibilities. I attract employment that resonates with me and supports me. I embrace the opportunities that are flowing to me. I trust that there are doors opening for me. I know I am worthy of good things. Abundance flows easily to me. I appreciate all that I have and open to the blessings of the Universe." ~Ara

✅Use Citrine, Green Aventurine, Malachite, Pyrite, Sunstone, Tiger's Eye, Emerald, Jade & Ruby for employment manifestation. Find these stones here in my Etsy shop:




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