For the Love of Veggies

This page is designed to help with making better decisions about your health and nutrition. On this page we will include motivational images as well as information about healthy diet, exercise and maintaining a balanced and happy life.

Collective Evolution

It doesn't take long for whatever you put on your skin to enter into your blood stream..And that included bug spray!

Energy Therapy

Having a sinus infection is by far one of the most irritating things to have. Aside from just making you feel gross and affecting your breathing it can also lead to a variety of other illnesses.

Fact Rider: A Dandelion Cures Cancer, Hepatitis, Liver, Kidneys, Stomach … Here’s How To Prepare Dandelion is an extremely beneficial plant, which effectively detoxifies the liver, treats allergies, has diuretic properties, lowers cholesterol, stimulates the formation of bile, and is extremely useful for pregnant and postmenopausal women.,

How to Make Lavender Lemonade to Get Rid Headaches and Anxiety Flavoring your lemonade with lavender is a great way to utilize the amazing medicinal properties of lavender. Lavender is a wonderful aromatic herb that calms the senses. Pure lavender oil is an incredible essential oil...

18 Mind Blowing Uses For Aloe Vera – You Will Never Buy Expensive Products Again

Aloe! It is speculated that aloe vera originated from Northern Africa. The first recorded use of aloe vera as an herbal medicine comes from the ancient Egyptian papyruses called ebers where we can find twelve different recipes with aloe. This succulent plant has been used all around the world as both a decorative plant and a […]

A 3-Minute Total-Body Workout In Just 3 Moves The benefits of exercise go far beyond the body and extend into every aspect of our lives — the psychological, spiritual, professional, personal. Exercise not only makes me feel body confident, but

Costa Rica Is Now Running Completely On Renewable Energy

Amazing :) It has emerged that Costa Rica has been using renewable energy since the beginning of this year, which many environmental activists and campaigners have welcomed. The Costa Rican Electricity Institute (CREI) said last week that the country has been using nothing but renewable energy for …

5 Tips To Let Go Of The Past & Live A Happier Life The effects of being dragged down by your past are far-reaching: a distorted view of yourself, stressful relationships, squashed dreams, everyday sadness and frustration. And all of it is unnecessary.

6 Quick Yoga Moves For Neck Pain & TMJ Relief

Yoga If you suffer from temporomandibular joint dysfunction, commonly known as TMJ, then you know as well as I do how painful and frustrating it can be. For me, it's important I practice these simple

How To Get Rid Of Skin Lumps (Lipomas) Naturally! Skin lumps on the head, underarm, neck or arm are a benign growths that can appear at any time. In medicine these growths are called lipomas.

The Anytime Snack You Won't Feel Guilty About Eating

Yummy Whether you're between meals or craving a midnight snack, there's no need to feel guilty about getting your fill. This healthy, spiced snack is lower in calories...

How To Eliminate Your Cough In One Day After a while coughing can get annoying, while it is a perfectly normal occurrence it should be treated if it persists for more than a week.

21 Healing Mantras For Natural Weight Loss If you want to lose weight naturally, you need to become aware of the thoughts that are circling inside your head. Psychologists estimate that we each have around 60,000 thoughts a day. Most of these

The Need-to-Know On Yoga Teacher Training | Become a Yoga Teacher Before you sign up, spend some time contemplating your options.

5 Yoga Poses for Insomnia | Yoga Sequence for Better Sleep

Insomnia? Try this relaxing practice to decompress before bed for a better night’s sleep.

Infographic | Jason Crandell's Yoga for Immunity 'Tis the season to feel sickly, but luckily yoga can boost your immune system. Jason Crandell put together an immune boosting sequence to help eliminate winter illness.

10 Reasons to Do a Headstand Every Day Headstand (Shirshasana) is often referred to as the king of all yoga poses. Here are 10 reasons why headstand should be practiced everyday.  1. By reversing the flow of gravity, a headstand

Yoga Inspiration: My 25 Favorite Yoga Quotes Yoga Inspiration: My 25 Favorite Yoga Quotes

Better Than Coffee! Maca Hot Chocolate I am totally in love with this vegan hot chocolate. I wanted to find a substitute for coffee, which I was enjoying a bit too much lately, and this has just been totally amazing.

5 Yoga Poses To Help Alleviate Anxiety Anxiety can be a bit of a hassle. Whether you suffer from a generalized or acute anxiety disorder, it can create feelings of limited control, low self esteem, persistent fear, panic, anger and defeat.

16 Natural Ways to Stop Muscle Spasms - OMTimes Magazine Everyone gets muscle spasms, and there are some great ways and natural remedies to stop those gripping pains in the middle of the night.

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Acushnet, MA
Other Acushnet clinics (show all)
Crabbe Chiropractic Crabbe Chiropractic
132 South Main St.
Acushnet, 02743

MISSION STATEMENT: We strive to help our patients achieve OPTIMAL HEALTH though chiropractic care, nutrition, exercise, and stress management. We are dedicated to your health and bringing the highest quality of natural health care to families.

Inner Healing and Growth Wellness Center Inner Healing and Growth Wellness Center
32 Nye Avenue
Acushnet, 02743

Individual, family, couples, coaching

Center for Holistic Arts Center for Holistic Arts
132 S Main St Ste B5
Acushnet, 02743

We provide therapeutic massage, Ayurvedic services, hatha yoga classes and yoga therapy to the South Coast community

Elder Care Massage Elder Care Massage
Main St.
Acushnet, 02743

A Licensed Massage Therapist & Cert. Compassionate Touch Practitioner with an A.S. Degree in Human Services, Diane specializes in Elder Care Massage.

Collective Souls Collective Souls
59 Main St
Acushnet, 02743

We are available by appointment Tuesday-Saturday for Readings, Astrology, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Henna and more!

Lauren's Massage Therapy at Crabbe Chiropractic Lauren's Massage Therapy at Crabbe Chiropractic
132 Main St
Acushnet, 02743

Deep Tissue Massage to reduce chronic pain, Sports Massage to boost athletic performance, Therapeutic massage to promote relaxation, and Cupping Therapy

Country Cottage Massage Country Cottage Massage
819 Main St
Acushnet, 02743

Call Country Cottage Massage today. Come enjoy the many benefits of massage, including diminished aches and pains, improved flexibility and reduced tension. You’re sure to leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.

Tranquility Counseling and Wellness Center LLC Tranquility Counseling and Wellness Center LLC
32 Nye Ave
Acushnet, 02743

Counseling Psychotherapy Behavioral Health Wellness and Recovery

Yoga With A Twist Yoga With A Twist
166 Main St
Acushnet, 02743


Shruti Sound Medicine and Reiki Shruti Sound Medicine and Reiki
88 Mill Rd
Acushnet, 02743

Offering sound medicine and Reiki services.

Kim Laughlin Coaching Kim Laughlin Coaching
Po Box 30194
Acushnet, 02743

Health Coach with you in mind.

Peace Love & Energy Medicine Peace Love & Energy Medicine
Acushnet, 02743

On this page you will find information and updates on self-care, energy work, reiki, and crystal healing techniques.