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Counseling Psychotherapy Behavioral Health Wellness and Recovery Tranquility Mental Health Counseling and Wellness Center LLC is an individually owned and operated practice which offers mental health therapeutic treatment.

I am a fully licensed clinical social worker with over 10 years experience in the mental health field. I have worked with various population groups and have experience with all age groups. Extensive training and experience has helped me to shape my therapeutic approach to what I offer today. Please visit for more information

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Why It's So Hard to Accept the Randomness of Life ... but why doing so can free you from self-blame.

How to Understand the Angriest People in Your Life Why untreated anxiety or depression may manifest as anger.

4 Ways to Help Someone Build Mental Strength 4. Try to be an example, but never lecture.

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Social Anxiety Disorder 2. It's not just being afraid of other people's judgments.

The Most Dangerous Word in the World Negative words interfere with our decision-making, memory, and emotional center.

Why Relationships with Narcissists or Gaslighters Can Be So Devastating 1. They can change your view of people being generally good.

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It's World Kindness Day which is a good day to practice random acts of kindness not only to those around us, but also to ourselves. Share a smile with a stranger then take yourself for a peaceful walk. What acts of kindness did you commit today? đź“·: IG @hinman4373

What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life? If you think it's fame and money, you're not alone – but, according to psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, you're mistaken. As the director of a 75-year-old study on adult development, Waldinger has unprecedented access to data on true happiness an...

Dear Christine: How Can I Get More Sleep? Christine Carter reveals the underlying beliefs and assumptions that can thwart our attempts at habit change.

6 Ways to Stop Putting Off Important Decisions If you put off decisions, try these strategies.

Psychology Today

Is she with a charming narcissist? Is he with a calculating sociopath? Understanding the difference can help you look out for those you love.

365 Days of Thank You: Brian Doyle at [email protected] 2013

Inspired by the spirit of gratitude that is amplified each Thanksgiving day, Brian Doyle set out to extend the power of gratitude beyond one holiday in his u...

Darwin’s Bucket List It's not about swimming with dolphins, skydiving, or seeing the Rolling Stones.

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The greatest challenge to overcoming social anxiety is dealing with our own worrisome thoughts. This approach should help.


Psychology Today

New research finds that adopting a pet may have a significant effect on clinical depression.

When A Narcissist Says These 10 Phrases, This Is What They Really Mean When a narcissist’s words are translated into their actual meaning, the results are frankly disturbing.

Why Exercise Is So Essential for Mental Health New research shows why physical exercise is essential to mental health.

Hashem Al-Ghaili

Leg Exercise is Important to Your Brain Health.

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Research shows that it can take from 11 weeks to 18 months to get over a breakup. Your results may vary. This is why.

The Daily Goalcast

What if you could use every trait you’ve ever inherited to your advantage?

Seth Godin interviewed by Tom Bilyeu

Fear and anxiety often go hand-in-hand with dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. The good news is that we can observe our reactions without letting them consume us.

Psychology Today

Narcissists can be both easy and hard to love. Here's what's to be expected from relationships with them.

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A rough breakup affects the brain in the same way as withdrawal from a drug. To get over an ex, then, borrow these lessons used to fight other addictions.

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Mental Health will be the #1 Issue we face in 2019.

Depression, Anxiety, and Panic Attacks are NOT signs of weakness, they are signs of trying to remain strong for far too long.

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Are you ready to clear the clutter out of your mind (and maybe your house) and focus on what really matters?

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Do you know someone who should give this a try?

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2. You aren’t responsible for other people’s expectations.

Living Yoga on Gaia

When it comes between danger and a crazy day at work, would your body know the difference? Learn more:


"I was tired of trying, of putting more effort into life than everyone else and falling farther and farther behind." — Jessica McCabe, How to ADHD

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The average mom reportedly works the equivalent of two full-time jobs per week The average mom works the equivalent of two full-time jobs.

When we’re at work—especially on a Friday—home is not far from our minds. We yearn for some down time. Bringing mindfulness to this experience can help us savor and appreciate the final hours of the day. You made it through the week, and you deserve a happy hour (or three!). Bring these three mindful tips home with you and see what you notice.

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You aren't responsible for other people's feelings. Once you realize that, your world may open up.

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