Bridges Animal Hospital at Ada Village

Bridges Animal Hospital at Ada Village


I saw that the FDA published a list of dog foods that are associated with heart disease. We feed Hazel Fromm’s, should we stop? How worried should we be? (Because you know I’m a crazy dog mom)
Happy World Veterinary Day to everyone at Bridges Animal Hospital. Pippa and Gigi thank you for taking such good care of them. We thank you for being there for all our past pets.
I feel very confident that this is true
* * * U R G E N T * * * MY DOG GRETTA IS MISSING. SHE WILL DIE SOON WITHOUT HER MEDICATION. SHE HAS A BRAIN TUMOR AND HEART DISEASE. PLEASE HELP FIND HER BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. LARGE CASH REWARD.*** County last seen in: Kent City last seen in: Kentwood Location last seen near: 52nd and Kalamazoo Date last seen: Saturday, October 13 Name: Gretta Gender: Female Breed: Cross between Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Miniature Poodle Coloring: could be described as cream, tan, beige, off-white, gold, blonde Age: 9 Weight: 16 pounds Microchip/other: no microchip or collar unfortunately Contact: Amy at 616-238-9549 or [email protected] Additional information: needs medication urgently Most people don't know this about Gretta, but she is a licensed therapy dog through West Michigan Therapy Dogs. She has provided love and therapy for people her whole life. Now I just want to provide love and therapy for her.
Mom and daphne are ready for some football Go Blue!
To my favorite veterinarians, korey has been limping/ licking his paw (always does), found a hot spot! He is uncomfortable, gave him his tramadol. Can put anything on it and how can I prevent him from licking it off? Happy Sunday
With Patty Marshall Dubinshak, Thank you Dr Witthoft, and Judy for seeing our new rescue "Amber Rose" today for her first exam, and also for all of your helpful re-training suggestions for "us" to apply to her upbringing. It was an awesome visit and we appreciate you and Judy so very much for helping us get started on the "right track".
Up from Texas visiting for Christmas! Love Dr. Denise and Staff❤️ Stopped in for yearly check up for Abby.
Today my Star had a small tumor removed from her belly/inner thigh area. She does about as good with a cone on her head as a cat does on a leash, lol! We modified a long tank top for her to cover her stitches. She's not that impressed, but at least she can't lick!
Missing: Last seen together Sunday morning :-( Ada, MI - Off of Michigan between Crahen and Grand River. Abby - 10 year old black lab with white on her muzzle. Izzy - Reddish/Yellow lab 10 months old. No collars 616-893-1159
Morning! If anyone calls about finding a friendly green little parrot, could you let us know.
Love Dr. Marshall!

Bridges Animal Hospital at Ada Village is a full service, family-centered veterinary hospital located in the heart of Ada Village. -Dr. Marshall and Dr. Witthoft are the hosts of the WOOD 1300AM Saturday morning radio show, "The Pet Files". -Dr. Marshall can also be seen on FOX 17 morning news and WGVU TV "Ask the Vet".

Operating as usual

It might be a few days late, but it is such a good meme, it needed to be shared. Hopefully everyone had a safe and happy weekend

Bridges Animal Hospital at Ada Village's cover photo

Bridges Animal Hospital at Ada Village's cover photo

Just a notice for all of you that are actually still paying attention to what day it is out there: The 4th of July is coming up here. We will be here this week, our normal hours through until Thursday July 2. We will be closed Friday July 3rd and the weekend of course. We will be back on Monday!

[05/29/20]   Next Monday, June 1 st , our office is taking another step towards fully re-opening the hospital. Below are
the changes that we are implementing as well as the additional safety measures that we are taking to keep
you and our team healthy.


Hours of Operation: We are expanding our hours and will be open 7:30 am to 5 pm on Monday and
Thursday and 8-5 on Tuesday, Wednesday and 8-4:30 on Friday. We will re-evaluate closing time after
June 12 th when the current stay at home order is due to expire and we hope to be able to extend our hours
further at that time.
We will continue with CURB-SIDE for the next two weeks. Please call our office when you arrive
(616)682-5005 and we will take a history, come to your car to pick up your pet and provide care. The
Doctor will return your pet to you with information from the exam and will be available to answer any
questions that you have. We hope to transition to client and pet in the office after June 12 th —if the current
EO regarding Stay at home Stay Safe is not extended we look forward to once again welcoming you and
your pets into the office.

Daily questionnaire for team members regarding current health and recent exposure risk.
Daily temperature checks for all staff prior to starting the day’s work.

Disinfecting—Our team has a disinfecting protocol in place to maximize safety inside the building.
Masks—We have provided all employees with masks and they are required to wear them during
interactions with you.
Washing Hands—All team members wash their hands frequently and after all interactions with pets.
Social Distancing – We are requiring the 6 foot distancing rule at all possible times
Client Restrictions—We are restricting access to the hospital at this time. As we move forward we will
have in-clinic visits with ONE FAMILY member only. We will reach out to you when we make this
transition. At this time we are targeting June 12 th as the start date. We hope to get back to multiple family
members in the hospital with their furry friends ASAP.
Safety Meetings—Each day our team holds a health and safety meeting to discuss COVID 19 news and
to continually update staff on changes to protocol.
Thank you to all of our clients for your patience as we work through this transition. We are all looking
forward to seeing you and your pets in the office—together—soon. We understand how important it is
for us to all be together during the examination and treatment of your furry family members—it hasn’t
been the same without you!

Bridges Animal Hospital at Ada Village's cover photo

Walking with your pet

Our National Pet Week post for today is about exercise! We know that everyone is walking more than ever these days and who better to keep us company than our dogs. We have been getting a lot of calls about dogs acting lame or a bit sore and if all of a sudden you have gone from maybe walking once a week, to three times a day that is not an unexpected outcome. Just like with us, our dogs need to be worked, gradually into an exercise program or we can see soreness or outright lameness issues. Below is a link that outlines a plan to start on if maybe walking is a new habit that you plan on keeping! Walking is healthy for you and your dog. Not only is it physical activity, but it’s mental stimulation for your dog.

Puppy Socialization: How to Socialize a Puppy

It is still National Pet Week! Today's theme is socialize now, new does not have to be scary!
Given that we have seen so many people adding a new fuzzy family member, we cannot stress enough how important socialization is. Below is a link to the akc website, that mostly addresses puppy socialization and yes you can socialize to lots of things without even coming into contact with other dogs or strangers...and even with an older dog, working on socialization will make adjustment into the house that much easier as well. Don't forget to call with any questions or concerns that you may have! Learn the best time to socialize your puppy, how to do it right, and why it's important from AKC's dog training experts.

Selecting a pet for your family

National pet week starts this Sunday. This is the week that we have set aside, to really appreciate the companionship, love and joy that our pets add to our lives. With a lot of people being home, we are seeing a lot of people deciding to add a new pet to their family. Here is a link with some excellent questions that you and your family should talk through before adding, or maybe even deciding not to add a new member to the family.

Bridges Animal Hospital at Ada Village's cover photo

Getting and Raising a Puppy During COVID-19

We are seeing a lot of new puppies right now which is awesome, and while this is a good time since for some people they have nothing but time, if you aren't planning for a time when we will be out of the house, you may have a hard time with the dogs adjusting to a new schedule. Crate training is still very important and something that we shouldn't ignore.
The link has a number of really good suggestions and things you can do with the new youngsters to help socialize them in this time of social distancing. Don't forget to give us a call if you find yourselves needing help! Learn what considerations you should take before bringing a puppy home and tips for what to focus on with your puppy during the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing.

Happy Friday again! Hope that this finds you all safe and well. As of right now since we are still in the midst of all of this fun quarantine stuff; right now things have not changed with how we are handling things. Give us a call if you do have any questions.
We are a little late with this, but we do believe that it is very important thing to talk about. Even good dogs can bite. Since most people do have a little extra time on their hands right now and we are seeing a lot of puppies going home with people, it is important for everyone to learn how to approach dogs they don't know and even in this time of social distancing to make sure that you are properly socializing your dog, even if it is just within the family.

The Dog's Breakfast Grand Final

Just a little fun for a long week:

I usually broadcast actual sport: The Olympics, Wimbledon, The Masters, 6 Nations, that sort of thing. But sport has disappeared for a while, so here instead...

Bridges Animal Hospital at Ada Village's cover photo

Lovely Lilies and Curious Cats: A Dangerous Combination

Here is a link to information on lilly toxicity in cats since we have had a couple of questions regarding this! Lilies in the “true lily” and “daylily” families are very dangerous for cats.

Hope that everyone is still staying sane and healthy out there. With the extension of the shelter in place order it means that we will still be conducting business as we have the past few weeks. No one in the building, essential appointments, rabies vaccines and the like; no changes. We are following the guidelines that were set forth in the previous executive orders.
If you have any questions, of course, about anything please do not hesitate to give us a call. Otherwise stay happy and keep everyone out of the kid's Easter baskets! No chocolate, no Easter grass for cats, or Easter lilies for cats!

Just remember, any questions please give us a call!

Bridges Animal Hospital at Ada Village's cover photo

Happy Friday! Here's hoping that you all made it through this long past week still knowing what year it is.
Regardless of things that you might have heard, we are able to remain open to see certain things within certain parameters. We also are maintaining our policy of curbside service for everything. We will be updating you on any changes that might occur with our hours or scheduling as things occur. You can always watch for any information here on facebook, download our AP if you have not already (found on the ap store) or check out our website.
Continue to stay safe everyone!

Just checking in with everyone. All of us here hope that you are all well and happy and not going to crazy with cabin fever!
Don't forget that we are here if you have any questions or concerns.
For those of you that might still have questions about whether this corona virus can affect our pets or not, this is an interesting study that was put out by one of the leading veterinary laboratories in the country.

We are pleased that Governor Whitmer has deemed Veterinary Medicine an essential business. Because of this we are open and able to continue to attend to your pet’s needs. We have altered our office ours and staffing to abide by the personal distancing recommendations. Our office hours for the next three weeks will be 8am to 4pm. This may change depending on demand. We are available to assist essential care workers outside of these hours on a limited basis, please call us if needed to set something up.
Please plan to keep yourself safe—do not come into the practice. We are limiting lobby activity to keep everyone safe. Call us from your car and we will be right there for you.
Our office is available for appointments to keep your pets healthy. Call for appointments as you normally do. We will set up an appointment that fits into your schedule. When you arrive please call 682-5005 and we will take a history and answer any of your questions. We will then take your pet into the office, perform medical tasks and return your pet to you with an explanation of our findings. You will be able to speak with the doctor at every appointment. Thank you for your patience with us as we navigate the new way of practicing medicine.
We will be postponing all elective surgeries until mid-April. If you are on our schedule we will be calling you to set up a new surgery time.
Our office is open for medication refill and food pick up. Please call ahead to place your order and we will take payment over the phone. When you arrive simply call 682-5005 and let us know that you have arrived. We will bring your medications / food to you. No need to get out of your car!
If you or anyone in your house isn’t feeling well please reschedule—there will be plenty of time to get your furry family member in when you are well.
Please reach out with any questions or concerns. Our goal is to continue to provide needed medical services for you and your pets while abiding by the “New Normal” that we all find ourselves living in. You and your pets are ALL very important to us and we will continue to serve you to keep them healthy.

Just a little humor first today. We are all hoping that all of you are doing well and adapting to the new normal.
No one loves our clients more than we do, and we are DEEPLY appreciative of all of you, but speaking of the new normal there are just a few changes that we feel we need to implement to continue to be as safe as possible for both all of you and our staff.
As of right now we are still keeping normal hours.
We are really trying to keep traffic down in the clinic, so: if you need medications, please call ahead we will ask you for your credit card. Call us when you get here and we will run things out to the car.
If you forgot to call ahead, or want to use a different form of payment, then just call when you get here and we will still run things out to you.
For surgical appointment, come in as usual.
For all other appointments, please call when you get here and one of the staff will be out to take a history and we will bring the pet in. If you feel that you need to be in with the pet, that is fine, but please have only 1 family member accompany the pet.

[03/17/20]   Our client's and pet's health is important to us. We have adjusted our staffing to ensure that, at Bridges, we will have no more than 10 people gathering at any time enabling 6 foot personal distancing for the safety of clients and staff. Please know that we are happy to take your pet from your car, deliver services and return them to you if you would prefer not to come into the practice. Just let us know by phone when you arrive and we will take it from there. As always, please call us with any questions or concerns. Thank you.

Just a note for all of our clients

The health and well-being of your pet is our top priority. As news of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in our community continues to develop, we are monitoring the situation closely.

At this time, our clinic remains open and is operating under regular business hours. We have adjusted our staffing to ensure that, at Bridges, we will have no more than 10 people gathering at any time enabling 6 foot personal distancing for the safety of clients and staff. Please know that we are happy to take your pet from your car, deliver services and return them to you if you would prefer not to come into the practice. Just let us know by phone when you arrive and we will take it from there. As always, please call us with any questions or concerns. Thank you.

🐶😸Here is a reputable link for the latest updates on Corona virus and pets. or consult the cdc website as well.

🐾There is still no evidence that pets get COVID-19

If you or someone else in the home is having symptoms, it is recommended another individual in the home takes care of the pet(s) and contact between the infected individual and the pet(s) is limited until we know more.

🐾If you are symptomatic, please stay home unless seeking medical care. It is advised to call your healthcare provider first so that your healthcare team can reduce risk of transmission while providing care
Please do not hesitate to contact the clinic if you have any questions at all; that is what we are here for.

It's supposed to be nice this weekend! Spring might actually be coming; although it really was not a bad winter this year.....For those of you that maybe were a little more lax in getting out and walking with your dog, remember dogs have to condition themselves to exercise just like people do.
We see a lot of "sore" dogs this time of year as both people and dogs weekend warrior things after not doing much!
here are just a few recommendations from the AKC to help condition:

Bridges Animal Hospital at Ada Village's cover photo

Happy Birthday (tomorrow) to anyone that might be a leap year child out there! Does anyone know if their pet might be a leap year pet?

our phones appear to be working again, so phone away and thank you for your patience!

Please excuse us, we currently are experiencing a phone outage here at the clinic. It does appear that our internet is still working. We hope that it is resolved soon. We will be leaving our gmail up so if you try and call and can't get through then feel free to send us an email if you'd like. Sorry about the inconvenience

National Love Your Pet Day 2020 - National Awareness Days Events Calendar 2020 - UK & US

Not that this isn't everyday, but today is officially National Love your Pet Day! So squish your fuzzy family member just that one extra time today or take the time to go a little longer on the walk...we can't love them too much can we? February 20th is Love Your Pet Day and it’s a great day to show your love for our little furry friends. Whether you’re a cat lover, a dog lover or you’ve got a family of chimpanzees sharing your home with you, today’s the day to spoil them even more than you normally do and show …


I've been surprised by all the comments about folks regarding the dog that won Westminster dog show this year. It is surprising to me that even doodle owners were horrified that the poodle won; that's 1/2 of your dog! It seems though that the vast majority of folks hate the poodle hair is cut that way for a reason, but the poodles do not have to be cut that way!
If you are interested in why they do cut the hair that way, or have any other questions or would want to see the group showing, the westminster website is really a great source of information!

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