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A CLOSER LOOK: What to do if your dog suffers a heatstroke

With temperatures in the 90;s this weekend- please read this article and keep your pets out of the heat!!!

nwahomepage.com We’re in the thick of summer, and your dogs are vulnerable to the dangers of intense heat.


This dog and her owners helped develop a cure for congenital blindness

What am amazing story!!!

smartbrief.com A Swedish briard dog born with Leber's congenital amaurosis that was one of six dogs successfully treated with an experimental gene therapy has died at 12 years old. The genetic condition is a common cause of blindness in children, and the gene therapy was tested in people -- and eventually approved...

From Doc 🤣


Pig ear treats for dogs linked to human salmonella infections

Be Careful!!

smartbrief.com At least 45 people have been sickened by multidrug-resistant salmonella in 13 states, and the CDC believes the cases may be linked to exposure to pig ear treats for dogs. Investigators found 34 of the people who became ill had been in contact with a dog, 17 of whom reported contact with pig ear dog....

[07/08/19]   Since dogs do NOT need to be on grain free- until this is figured out, I am recommending just doing REGULAR diets that are NOT grain free! Simple fix for now!


Bring your dog to work at these pet-friendly offices

We get to do this EVERY day!!!

smartbrief.com Ahead of Bring Your Dog to Work Day, which is Friday, Rover.com has released a list of companies it says are home to the most dog-friendly offices, based on metrics such as the total number of pets permitted in the workplace, perks for owners and office amenities for animals. Amazon, home to 6,000 r...


Science offers explanation for puppy-dog eyes

smartbrief.com Domestic dogs have a special set of muscles around their eyes that wolves lack, and those muscles operate together to widen and open the canine eye, contributing to a larger, drooping appearance that many people find irresistible. The retractor anguli oculi lateralis and levator anguli oculi mediali...


Cornell LIVE: Vet

This is a 2 hour program from Cornell's Vet school but you can scan through and listening to interesting discussions!

live.alumni.cornell.edu Watch the Cornell LIVE: Vet live streams here.

Cat Care Clinic of the Nyacks

Our newest little sisters! They LOVE each other and are so adorable! They are tested and wormed and vaccinated. Born about April 12th!!


What happens to your pets after you're gone? Here's how to protect them

Good thing to get taken care of before something unexpected happens to you!

nbcnews.com Informal and formal arrangements, like a pet trust, can help ensure your pets are provided for if you get sick or pass away.

[06/07/19]   This could be a problem, especially in Rockland County where there are SO many stray cats, but thankfully, we RARELY see this happen!


Special puppy finds special home, learns sign language

This is wonderful!

smartbrief.com An abandoned puppy that survived parvovirus and seizures is learning sign language from his new owner, a 31-year-old man who was born deaf. The puppy is also deaf and is learning to sit, lie down, come and bark on hand cues.

Importance of Wellness Exams

Regular preventive care is key to a healthy and long life for your pet. It can catch problems early before they become even bigger -- and costlier to treat. That's why wellness exams are so important for pets. If it has been a year or more since your pet's last checkup, call us to schedule an exam now. May 6-12 is National Pet Week®; what better way is there to show your pet you care?

avma.org Veterinarians recommend regular wellness exams for the same reason your physician and dentist do: if you can detect a problem in its early stages...


How Dogs Find Their Way Home

nytimes.com Lost dogs rely on a fine sense of smell to map their location.


Men's beards may be less clean than dogs' fur


smartbrief.com Researchers swabbed neck fur from 30 dogs of various breeds and found high bacterial counts in 23, but they found high bacterial counts in swabs from the beards of all 18 men tested, and the beards of seven of those men had dangerously high bacterial loads. The researchers had been seeking to learn....

[04/22/19]   Informative!


CDC warns against kissing, snuggling hedgehogs

I haven't seen a pet hedgehog in years, but spread the word to friends who have hedgehogs as pets!

smartbrief.com The CDC says 17 recent infections with Salmonella typhimurium have been reported, including two that required hospitalization, and many of the cases were linked to contact with pet hedgehogs. The CDC says people should wash their hands after handling hedgehogs or items that hedgehogs have contacted,...


Ear canal ablation a last resort for pets with chronic ear problems

We try to avoid this procedure but when an animal, especially a dog, has horrific ears, doing an ablation can make your dog feel like a puppy again. No PAIN anymore!

smartbrief.com Total ear canal ablation, or the surgical removal of the entire ear canal, is a last resort for animals with malignant tumors or chronic infections, but it can significantly improve the animal's quality of life, says veterinary dermatologist Elizabeth Layne. Though sound may be muted after the proce...


Raw, fresh pet food trend grows, despite concerns about nutrients, bacteria

Still true!!

smartbrief.com A growing number of pet owners in the US are rejecting packaged kibble in favor of commercially made and homemade fresh food, including raw meats, believing that fresh foods are more nutritious and better mimic ancestral diets. However, established pet food companies base their recipes on decades wo...

We also have to wish Lola Franklin a very happy 20th Birthday. She keeps young because of her 2 younger brothers!

Time for cute pictures from the office!!


FDA finds salmonella in raw chicken, turkey foods for dogs

If you are feeding your pup this, double check your lot numbers!

smartbrief.com The FDA detected salmonella in samples of Darwin's Natural Pet Products raw chicken and turkey foods for dogs and advises people who bought specific lots of the products to discard them in a secure container that prevents access by wild or domestic animals. Salmonella can be harmful to humans and an...


Animals from abroad might carry infectious diseases

Thankfully, our distemper vaccines should be protecting our own dogs!

smartbrief.com A dog that was probably among a group rescued from a South Korean meat market and sent to North America last year had the Asia-1 strain of canine distemper virus, which is unlikely to affect dogs vaccinated for canine distemper but could be harmful to wildlife and would be nearly impossible to eradi...


“She’s special,” Local rescue shelter takes in dog with 2 mouths

Lucky Toad!!!

kfor.com OKLAHOMA CITY - A local rescue shelter has made an unusual discovery - a dog with two mouths. A 5 year-old mutt, Toad was a stray, but she found her forever home in Oklahoma City. Toad has a second mouth growing on the side of her head where an ear should be, and it even has teeth and salivates.


Meet 8 of Colorado’s hardest working ski dogs

I love it! Skiing and dogs-two of my favorite things!!!

theknow.denverpost.com The dogs who work hard every day at Colorado resorts helping skiers and snowboarders have at least one thing in common: They're adorable.


Ram from 1968 fathers healthy flock of lambs


smartbrief.com Semen taken from a ram and frozen in 1968 was used to impregnate dozens of Merino ewes, birth rates were comparable to those involving semen frozen for 12 months, and the resulting lambs are healthy. The findings could have implications for breeding, conservation and human health in the case of trea...


Checklist helps owners know when it's time to say goodbye

I try to discuss this but I like this checklist as a help!

smartbrief.com Although many pet owners prefer the idea of a "natural death" for their animals, the reality is that letting nature take its course in companion animals often involves prolonged suffering that animals tend to conceal. Veterinarian Alice Villalobos urges owners to think about pets' quality of life wh...


Wolves' cooperative nature probably enabled domestication


smartbrief.com Gray wolves raised alongside people are willing to cooperate with people but are also likely to initiate action on their own, while dogs tend to follow the human's lead, according to a study published in Scientific Reports. As wolves and humans began to interact some 30,000 years ago, people probabl...


Sled dog dies of pneumonia after Iditarod

So Sad!!

smartbrief.com A 5-year-old female dog died Saturday at an Anchorage, Alaska, animal hospital after completing the Iditarod race. Veterinarians examining the dogs after they finished the race spotted signs of aspiration pneumonia, and the dog was transported to the hospital, where it died a day after arriving.


Meet the latest stars of the USDA's beagle brigade

Good for the beagles!

smartbrief.com Chipper, Marlee, Chaze and Cardie are about to start new careers at airports in Atlanta and Chicago, joining the hundreds of USDA beagles protecting ports of entry in the US and abroad. The dogs were found at shelters and trained to detect plant and meat products that could carry disease or invasive...


Whale found with 88 lbs. of plastic in its gut

Horrible and tragic!

smartbrief.com A Cuvier's beaked whale that washed ashore and died in the Philippines had 88 pounds of plastic in its gut that prevented it from eating, marking one of the worst cases of plastic ingestion by a marine mammal in a decade.


Cat owner's personality may play a role in pet behavior

For those of you that are only like SVAH and not the Cat Clinic also! Very interesting and totally believable

smartbrief.com Researchers who studied 3,000 owner-cat pairings determined the personality of the owner seemed to influence the behavior of the pet. Greater conscientiousness on the part of owners was associated fewer anxious, aggressive and avoidance behaviors among cats, while owners who had higher neuroticism s...


Potentially dangerous bacteria found in array of raw meat dog foods

Be careful with handling raw food!

smartbrief.com An analysis of 60 frozen raw meat foods for dogs made by 10 manufacturers in Europe revealed the presence of dangerous bacteria in many of the products, including salmonella, campylobacter, enterobacteria and Clostridium perfringens. The findings, published in Vet Record, highlight the importance of...


Adventurous dog tries out for Iditarod solo

That's one way to check out the Iditarod!!!

smartbrief.com A wandering dog started running alongside two Iditarod teams as they left a checkpoint and followed them for about 30 miles before the mushers stopped. The dog was taken by snowmobile to a plane and flown back to his home.


Consumer experts: Compare pet insurance policies before buying

We think pet health insurance is worthwhile! But , you should really check and spend time deciding between the potential policies.

smartbrief.com Pet health insurance is sold as a hedge against unexpected bills for conditions that are very expensive to treat, but not all pet insurance policies are equivalent, says J. Robert Hunter, director of insurance with the Consumer Federation of America. Consumers' Checkbook senior writer Jeff Blyskal s...


Chihuahua dog recovering after eagle mistakes it for dinner

How lucky!!!

smartbrief.com A bald eagle apparently picked up a 15-pound Chihuahua dog from its backyard in Platte City, Mo., and dropped it about a block away. The dog survived but has a broken leg, lacerations and an infection.


Want a good night's sleep? Let the dog on the bed, researchers say

I don't know if I believe it!

smartbrief.com Women who allow a dog to sleep on their bed are more likely to sleep soundly than women who allow a cat on the bed or sleep with a human partner, researchers say. A recent study concluded that "dogs have an innate ability to comfort us and help us sleep soundly without disturbing us."


5 Questions With… Paul Wise, DVM, Evers Veterinary Clinic - Veterinary Practice News

I was just with Dr. Ian Wetherly last night who is trying to retire at age 80 yrs. old. We were talking and I said, we, as Veterinarians, never really retire. We work at Vet medicine until we are not breathing anymore,. This is exactly what I was talking about!

veterinarypracticenews.com With more than 68 years of experience in the veterinary field and counting, Paul Wise, DVM, is a force to be reckoned with.


How do dog treats stack up against doughnuts?

Obesity is JUST as bad for your dog as it is for you!!

smartbrief.com A healthy-weight dog or cat has a distinctly visible waistline and its ribs can be felt through its fur, says veterinarian Julie Churchill, an associate professor in the University of Minnesota's Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences. It's easy to overfeed, especially with treats, with one dog....


Clearing up confusion on diet-associated canine cardiomyopathy

This article is to help understand what is going on with cardiac disease and the new boutique diets!!!

smartbrief.com Many people are confused about the association between boutique diets and dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs, writes veterinarian Lisa Freeman, a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Nutrition, who co-authored an article in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association summarizin...


Vaccinate at-risk dogs now, Ind. officials say

Canine Influenza and now Leptosporosis are on the rise! We are recommending any potential at risk 'puppy' be up to date on their vaccines!

smartbrief.com The Indiana Board of Animal Health says spring is likely to bring an uptick in canine influenza, and vaccinating now will offer protection. A growing number of pet retreats and boarding facilities require dogs to be vaccinated against canine influenza, and veterinary technician Meredith Engerski say...


Dogs' brain size related to executive function skills, short-term memory

So who said little dogs are smarter?????

smartbrief.com The bigger the dog, the larger the brain, and bigger dogs perform better than smaller dogs on executive function tests, but brain size was not shown to correlate with social intelligence or inferential or physical reasoning ability, researchers reported in Animal Cognition. The researchers at the Un...


Human-canine partnership may be more than 11,000 years old

Another cool news article!

smartbrief.com Archeological evidence from an 11,500-year-old Neolithic settlement in Jordan known as Shubayqa 6 shows that dogs and humans were hunting together, researchers reported in the Journal of Anthropological Archaeology. Researchers say dogs might have helped people in the village refine their hunting me...

Money Tips for Caring Pet Owners

Well stated!

avma.org Everyone is trying to save money these days, including pet owners. But to cut back on costs, you may hear advice that could compromise your pet’s health.


Dental Health: How to Brush Your Pet's Teeth

Let's see if you can do it!!!-especially AFTER we've performed a dentistry on your little kitty or puppy!

Dr. Sheldon Rubin, speaking for the American Veterinary Medical Association, gives easy, step-by-step instructions on how to teach a dog or cat to accept a d...

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