Tejomaya Yoga and Ayurveda

My dear friends – I really hope you are all in a safe place and feeling well!
This is such an intense time for everyone but I believe that we all have the inner energy to get through this special chapter of our lives. And I also believe that we have inner power to build a calm, loving environment around ourselves, inside of our houses and expand it to everywhere around us. If we don’t have it inside, it can’t be outside… We always have a choice in how we react to different situations, events, things that are happening around us. Most of us here have children now and I always think of them - how are they affected by the energy that we, as parents create in the house and not only there. I am sure they feel if they are nourished with love, harmony and peace. And the same concept works for pregnancy – if the mother is in balance, her baby is as well.

I’ve been thinking of how I can be helpful to my friends and to everyone who will benefit as well and decided to host 2 FREE yoga classes this weekend.

***Prenatal class on Saturday at 9am PST and
***Hatha yoga on Sunday at 9am PST.

If you feel like this is something your mind and body need this weekend, please send me a direct message here and I will reply with all the details and link to the class! I wish you all peaceful rest of your day and I will talk to you soon!

When a difficult phase of your life is happening – what do you do?
Do you feel like you need extra nourishing for your mind?

I always do. It feels to me that if I am connected with myself during turbulent moments, I can hear my inner voice guiding me through them. But to hear this voice I need to tune in 🧘🏻‍♀️

Here is what I found helpful for me:
✨ Nice morning meditation with Three-Part yogic breathing.
✨ Spending some time in pure silence at home. I like to lay down flat on a soft surface with arms and legs spread apart allowing myself observe my mind, breath and body.
✨ Walking in nature, enjoying birds singing and long distance views
✨ Forests, mountains and the ocean are my favorite places to go to. I feel like walking there alone helps to recharge and feel one with nature.

Would love to hear what you like to do for your inner-self? Please share in the comments 💜

My dear friends – during this virus epidemic I really want to share with you some Ayurvedic tips to support and boost your immunity. If our immunity system is strong, it will support and help our body stay healthy and fight off the bacteria.

But before covering what can boost the immunity system, let’s look first at what can actually weaken it:
🔻 Being in cold, windy environments for a prolonged time
🔻 Eating mostly cold foods and drinking lots of cold water
🔻 Eating incompatible foods and overeating (I will share a separate post about compatible foods soon)
🔻 Stress and worries
🔻 Lack of sufficient sleep – one of biggest factors that can weaken our immunity and nervous system. And if you felt exhausted and sleepless just recently, perhaps you can take advantage of this lockdown time to catch up on sleep, to recharge and nourish your body.

These are just some examples of what can cause imbalances in our bodies and slow down our digestive system, which weakens our immunity as well.

Now, let’s see what can be beneficial to our immunity and help strengthen it.

* Lifestyle *
🌟 Getting enough rest is number one!
🌟 Moderate exerce
🌟 Positive and loving environment around you!
🌟 Massaging your feet with warm oil and wearing socks after

* Diet *
🌟 Eating fresh and cooked food. Food full of prana (life energy)
🌟 Adding turmeric to your diet. Cook with it. You can also make a paste with turmeric powder and honey in a 1:1 ratio
🌟 Tulsi tea will help to support immunity and respiratory systems
🌟 Make ginger tea. But don’t make a strong one if you have Pitta constitution. Tea recipe example: ginger root, cloves, cardamon. Boil for 2 minutes.
🌟 Echinacea extract or tea
🌟 Chew clove sticks, but remove little ball on top. It is also very good for your gums. Cloves are a magical antibacterial spice
🌟 Dates nourish our deepest tissues in the body and Ojas which is the essence of our immune system
🌟 Don’t forget about Vitamin C and D. Amla is amazing source of Vitamin C. 100 gr of berries contents 50 times more Vitamin C than one orange.

Supporting our immunity system doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Even adjusting our lifestyle a little bit, going to bed earlier will make it stronger, but if we add positive thinking, freshly cooked food and some herbs – oh how powerful it all can be!

So grateful to my teachers for sharing this so I can share with you!
Please share it with others and try some new things today :)
May all being be happy and healthy 💓🙏

The beauty of yoga practice in our time is that we have an opportunity to try a variety of yoga styles, studios and environments created by different teachers. And I think it is very important to find a teacher whose energy and approach resonates with you. ✨✨✨
I am very grateful for all of my teachers. Each of them has helped me discover something new about me, about my mind and my body. The special techniques I learn from them, I constantly apply them to my life, my practice and my teaching. Being able to help others as well is one of the best gifts I can receive. 🧡

What does Tejomaya mean?

✨ Tejomaya is a Sanskrit girl’s name, which means made of or filled with light, radiant, bright, full of energy, splendid ✨

These are the words I would use to describe the energy of my dear yogis and the atmosphere we all create together – a place where we can feel recharged, connected with the light within us, be ourselves and radiate with love, kindness and joy 💜

I am happy to welcome you to Tejomaya Yoga and Ayurveda!

My name is Yulia and I very much look forward to sharing with you my love for Yoga, Ayurveda, Prenatal/Postnatal practices and care here! My approach to practice interconnects yoga and Ayurveda together and I absolutely love this union of ancient knowledge, to which we thankfully have access to today. Let's connect. Join me here!

Tejomaya Yoga and Ayurveda

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