Doterra Essential Oils With Angela Sparks

doTerra Essential Oil w/ Angela Sparks takes us to the basics! Enhance your body's abilities to protect itself. For more information message me here.

Mission: Lifestyle changes happen simply by taking the first step and making them happen. Being a mom of three boys, a wife, and photographer-I started to notice that I did not recognize the woman in the mirror anymore. Today that changes! Join me in not only looking for new alternatives of taking care of your home and family, but to also LOVE YOU and take CARE of YOU! -Angela

The Results Are In

CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) Essential Oils is Part of doTERRA's Promise to You

Why DoTerra?

Providing CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) essential oils is part of doTERRA's promise to you to give you the best the world has to offer. doTERRA is ...

dōTERRA Spa Now Open! 20% Off All Services in October!

Let's go to Utah! I am ready!!!!! dōTERRA Spa Now Open! 20% Off All Services in October! dōTERRA Spa dōTERRA Spa Services dōTERRA Spa Pricing & FAQs We want to make your dōTERRA Spa experience unforgettable, and answer any question you may have. Meet the dōTERRA Spa Team All dōTERRA Spa technicians are licensed in the state of Uta…

Yea!!! I am excited about the Ginger Oil!

The Real Truth About Essential Oils that Nobody Talks About Despite the fact that thousands of people report successful use of essential oils to help treat various health ailments, mainstream medical community tries to dismiss their claims. Essential oils are everywhere; if you follow any blogs, you will find them in DIY, survival, natural health, and mom…

Place a $75.oo order with Doterra Essential Oils With Angela Sparks and get a FREE Wild Orange Oil with your order! Placing orders tomorrow at 5pm. Message me here to place your orders. Below in comments are the benefits of wild orange.

Wild Orange Essential Oil: Uses, Studies, Benefits, Applications & Recipes (Wellness Research...

5 days left to get free book off amazon. Wild Orange, or Citrus sinensis, has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine. Orange was used primarily for digestive purposes, to stimulate the digestive tract and to reduce spasms. Wild orange does more than that, however; its antibacterial, antifungal, and antidepressant properties make it...

David Gillespie

Interesting read on sugar. David Gillespie has taken up arms, figuratively speaking, against what he says is the nutritional villain of our times: sugar.

Easy Tips to Get Your Body Ready for Spring by Eating More Raw, Fresh Foods

Ready for warmer weather and a smaller body! Great article with recipe ideas! Need a reboot? Give your body a jump start into spring with more raw, fresh foods – the easy way! Here are 5 steps to help you get there.

Essential Oils: The Parent's Guide to Using Essential Oils for Children

FREE: Essential Oils Guide for Parents. Great read. Check it out. Again FREE! Leigh Ann Comer Matt Vorst Tami Stewart Christina Nina Dycus Lisa Garvey Lisa Sills Megan Wray Pulliam Learn how essential oils can help you and your children Of late, quite a number of people are giving special attention to cleaning and essential oils around kids. This is coming at a time when the modern parent is getting more concerned about the products being used as essential and cleaning oils...

[03/04/15]   "Today is a good day for a good day!" - Aromatherapy Tools and Resources!

Great site to buy all your essential oil accessories! Discover fantastic aromatherapy tools and resources at Find low prices on essential oil diffusers, books, essential oil carrying cases and display racks, glass and plastic bottles, and other great aromatherapy accessories.

Notice!!! Never drink out of your plastic bottles and use oils! The oils break down the plastic which in turn you are ingesting into your body. Time t buy some glass bottles.

I just got my samples of this tooth paste! I love it! It will be the next purchase for my family! The taste is amazing! I can tell a big difference in just a week using it.

Love this toothpaste.

Quirky Momma


Several of these we use daily. Love.

[02/26/15]   I used too much peppermint this morning and am STUCK in my office! HELP!!!!!!

Natural Tinted Face Lotion Recipe - Wellness Mama

This is a great article on making your own make up. Safe a natural. This homemade natural tinted face lotion is a great daily-use face lotion with a hint of color from natural mica and cocoa powder or mineral powder.

Can Nutrition Affect Mental Health? - Wellness Mama

What we eat can effect our mental health. Research suggests that nutrition can have a big impact on mental health and that deficiencies in certain nutrients can lead to mental health struggles.

[02/20/15]   QUESTION: What would you like to learn more about essential oils?

[02/14/15]   If you would like to place your own orders today you can either message me your contact information and what time is best for me to call you today and Ill take care of it for you, or you may visit my website and order here:

[02/13/15]   There are 15 days left to opt into the NEW YEAR NEW YOU opportunity with doTERRA!!!! That means you can have $100 in FREE products! Let me help you join the doTERRA family and get on the healthy living wagon.

How Toxic Are Your Household Cleaning Supplies?

For the past two weeks I have been posting natural, organic ways to make your own household cleaners. Here is an interesting blog about how toxic out household cleaners really are! Keep your family safe....stay educated! THE PROBLEMS Personal Health When consumers buy commercial cleaning products, we expect them to do one thing: clean! We use a wide array of scents, soaps, detergents, bleaching agents, softeners, scou

If doTERRA Had a Commercial

DoTerra users aren't crazy!

Presented by Mandy Kuhn at the Truman Team Training 2014. Enjoy! Camera work by Alan Gibby

DIY: Fridge Refreshers | dōTERRA Blog

How fun! Make some Fridge Fresheners! I think wild orange would be great for this! With all the different food items, it's only natural to have a smelly fridge, right? Well, not anymore! These easy to make fridge refreshers are a simple way to

113 Year-old-man reveals his secret: 5 Foods for long life

Advice on what to eat from a 113 year old man..... Bernardo LaPallo is not an ordinary man. Born in 1901 and at 113 he is older than any of you and tha...

Spring Cleaning: Natural Cleaning Solutions for the Bathroom | dōTERRA Blog

Get ready for your spring cleaning today! It is just around the corner! Cleaning the bathroom is not an experience people look forward to very often. Being stuck in a small closed space with harsh chemicals not only makes it hard to

How To Make Automatic Dishwasher Detergent using dōTERRA oils

Make your own dish detergent! Gotta Love that lemon!!! One drop of oil equals 5 whole lemons! Order your today or better yet!!!! Be a part of our team and sign up. If you are interested let me today! Last night my son informed me that we were out of detergent for the automatic dishwasher. Of course this news came without any warning, as is standard operating procedure with teenage boys I presu...

Feb. 10 - doTERRA Product & Business Training Class

It is class time again! This Tuesday night form 6 to 8:30ish. Let me know if you are interested in going and Ill get you signed up. At Union University 6:00-7:00 Product Class - Incorporating Essential Oils Into Your Daily Routine - Hope Reasons 7:00-8:00 Business Class - Questions & Answers by Panel of Leaders The classroom, D-52, is in the Pennick Academic Building which has the Chapel, library and pool. It's in the back of that building and ki…

How to Make doTerra Laundry Detergent

Do you prefer the powder laundry detergent? Here you go! I have used this alot. Let me know if you use have used this! Message me here for product ordering. Assemble ingredients: washing soda, fels-naphtha soap, borax & doTerra lavender or purify + a large mixing bowl & a cheese grater. You'll need 2 bars of either the fels-naphtha or scent-free Castile soap.

Liquid Homemade Essential Oil Laundry Detergent

This is the best smelling laundry detergent ever! Message me for orders today! doTERRA Essential Oil Recipe Liquid Homemade Laundry Detergent You need a 5 gallon bucket for this homemade laundry soap recipe. Somebody on one of the forums suggested asking a restaurant for thei...

DIY: Homemade Cleansing Wipes | dōTERRA Blog

Wipe the FLU away with these natural cleansing wipes! Order your product today by messaging me here with your contact information. Or better yet become a doTerra Rep. Ask me how! � � What you need: � Essential oils can be purchased , or from any of our Independent Product Consultants.

DIY: Wood Furniture and Floor Polish with Essential Oils | dōTERRA Blog

Furniture and floor polish is here! Let me know if you tried this! Placing orders on the 15th for oils! Is your wood furniture or flooring starting to look dull and lifeless? Wood furniture is an investment and it is important to take care of it. Although

DIY: Make Your Own Natural Window Cleaner | dōTERRA Blog

My Momma always told me growing up. "The best window cleaner is vinegar! It doesn't leave streaks." Well here is a recipe that also smells good! Order your lemon today! Message me here! Ill be placing an order on the 15th. Americans spend over 5 billion dollars a year on cleaning products, with the average household spending close to $700 dollars a year on just cleaning supplies

I have had a few inquiries about joining the doTerra team. Easy peasy basics.....

DIY: Use These Two Ingredients to Say Goodbye to Dust Mites and Hello to a Cleaner Mattress |...

Say good bye to dust mites naturally! Why not sleep well while you are at it! If you need any product or are interested in signing up by contacting me through messaging me here! I'll be placing an order on the 15th. You often sanitize your counters, scrub your bathroom, and vacuum your floors—but how often do you clean your mattress? Most people spend around eight hours

Laundry Essentials: DIY Natural Alternative to Fabric Softener and Dryer Sheets | dōTERRA Blog

This is awesome! Make your own Laundry Fabric Softener! This is a Sunday Rainy Day Craft! If you need any product let me know through messaging me here. I will be placing an order on the 15th.

Are you interested in becoming a part of the DoTerra Team? We are having a free class on February 10th at Union. I'll save you a seat! You bring your questions!!! And if you decide you want to be a DoTerra Rep. at this time then I can share with you how to get 100 DoTerra points (which equals $100.00 worth of FREE oils! This never HAPPENS! Message me your email. Ill send you details about the class and get you signed up!

We are happy to announce our promotions for February! The Verage Hydrating Serum is our 10 percent off product, and Cypress is the Product of the Month. Check out the business blog for more information about the New Year New You promotion:

This week I am posting recipes for making chemical free cleaning products. Feel free to share and print. If you need any oils let me know by messaging me here on:Doterra Essential Oils With Angela Sparks

Makeover #3 – Diaper Bag

NEW MOMMA'S this is for you! Give your diaper bag a make over with with natural chemical free products for your precious baby! Makeover #3 – Diaper Bag Stay Hydrated! Dehydration can lead to exhaustion. Add essential oils, such as lemon or wild orange, to your water throughout the day. Diaper Cream Our recipe is free from petroleum and artificial ingredients that can further irritate skin. Peppermint Beadlet A burst…

[01/28/15]   ARE YOU INTERESTED IN SIGNING UP FOR doTERRA? For the next 2 days we have a special deal for you. If you sign up with $100pv (product value) and make a $100pv LRP order next month you get $100 free in oils. If you have any questions or would like to sign up message me HERE with your number and a good time to call!

4 Beauty Benefits of the Sage Leaf | Wellnessbin

Love God's natural ways to take care of our body!!! Sage leaf or salvia officinalis (sage) has many health and beauty benefits. Its a grayish green leaf native in Mediterranean region. The plant sage or 'salvia' in Latin means 'to save' because of its healing properties. The sage leaves are done by crushing it and put in a boiling water and use to tr…

How Fresh Ginger Can Help You Enjoy the Winter Months I know this might sound crazy, but bear with me and I will explain. You may be wondering, “how can ginger help me enjoy the winter months?”. I am fully aware that most people brace themselves and hibernate until the Springtime, due to the Winter months being cold and gloomy (well, in most places).…

Candy Cane Sugar Scrub | dōTERRA Blog

I have loved sugar scrubs since I was a teenager! Now using sugar scrubs with Doterra Essential Oils make sit even better! Looking for a festive and fun way to spread Christmas cheer? Try this fun candy cane scrub made with Peppermint essential oil! This scrub takes only a few

Slim & Sassy - Lifestyle Change Competition

Here are a few fun and healthy recipes! Can not wait to try the almond oatmeal bake!!! -----------------Slim and Sassy blurb---------------

Charcoal and Clay Facial Soap Recipe - Wellness Mama

Has anyone every tried this? This facial soap recipe uses activated charcoal and bentonite clay with a base of coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil and essential oils.

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