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Modern Origins was created to help women find innate strength and wellness regarding their health, fertility/pregnancy, and spirit. Using traditional nutrition and ancestral wisdom, we ground ourselves to our path and dance with whim and light.

Modern Origins was created to help women find innate strength and wellness regarding their health, fertility/pregnancy, and spirit. Using traditional nutrition and ancestral wisdom, we ground ourselves to our path and dance with whim and light.

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FYI: for news articles, links to interesting stories, and more, Modern Origins is also on Twitter! The latest Tweets from Modern Origins (@modernorigins). Melina Bartolomei Wymer, NTP: nourishing women's health with traditional nutrition & ancestral wisdom. New Mexico, USA

Cardamom Ginger Beet Kvass

New journal entry: Cardamon Ginger Beet Kvass recipe! Enjoy your holidays with a little extra digestive insurance. Thanksgiving has come and gone, and now we are in the countdown for Christmas and New Years. The holidays are certainly a time of year when one realizes quite quickly how well his or her digestive...

The globalization of corn means most people have never eaten a real tortilla

Reading about nixtamalized corn many years ago is how I started to delve into the world of nutrition. Most corn is big agra/hybridized/gmo. It is then processed in a way that is completely incompatible with our digestive systems, leading to leaky gut and digestive dysfunction. But for thousands of years, native Americans successfully ate corn with no problem. This is why.

“It’s crucial we differentiate between a nixtamalized corn tortilla and other corn-based products which are not tortillas,” Mier says. Like many, he worries that there are “whole generations of young Mexicans and Americans who have never tasted an authentic tortilla, made from nixtamalized landrace corn, and who think that a tortilla made from Maseca is how corn tastes.” Heirloom tortillas might be the latest food trend, but behind each bite is a more complicated story about Mexico's traditional foodways.

Gaby Hoffmann Wants You to Be in Conversation with Your Desires

Love this conversation with Gaby Hoffmann: about being a foodie, a parent, and a woman in touch with what you want. The 'Transparent' star on how her self-care routine and cooking habits aren't what they used to be.

A Quick Note About My Definition of Health

New journal post on defining what health means to you; also, what an advertisement! An advertisement not even fathomable for today! Part of becoming healthy is understanding that the we have been conditioned for a very long time (perhaps our whole lives!) by stereotypes and other...

Artist Vibrates 48 Water Pools Using Her Emotions

I used to think that controlling every aspect of my diet was the path to good health. However, severe stress regarding perfectionist eating (orthorexia, another topic for another day!) lead me to integrate the emotional aspect to our health. Energy is mostly invisible, and therefore largely ignored. This is an amazing display to showcase how important that invisible mental state is! Futuristic artist Lisa Park created an installation in which she can control 48 pools of water using an EEG device that pickups on her brainwaves.


Why do some have luck with certain diets or lifestyles, when others do not? Answer: it all has to do with that inner voice. The tricky thing about the amount of information we receive nowadays is that it throws off our center. Constant information at our fingertips is a blessing and a curse, but more often than not it...

Herbal Folklore: Juniper by Guido Masé

Currently in New Mexico and loving all the juniper. So fascinating!

Juniper (, these ground-hugging shrubs are common denizens of the temperate and arctic regio...

Shiitake Mushrooms with Temple Chef Jeong Kwan

Preparation as meditation. Your energy begets all things in your life. Buddhist nun and temple chef Jeong Kwan recently visited New York from South Korea to cook a temple-style luncheon at Michelin-starred restaurant, Le Bernardin.

[08/25/17]   Weekend Tip #2: get some noon-day sun! Fall is approaching and soon our Vitamin D source will be waning...

To Get Calcium, Navajos Burn Juniper Branches To Eat The Ash

It's common thought that without dairy, one would become calcium deficient. But not so! Most people get plenty of calcium in other foods (it's just not being absorbed properly, due to so many cofactors - all of which nutritional therapy can address). And then there are the tried and true methods of calcium supplementation of yore: such as juniper ash! Most American Indians are lactose intolerant, which means they need to find nutrients outside of dairy sources. It turns out that a return to traditional cooking methods can be key to good health.

La Cultura Cura: How Latinos Are Reclaiming Their Ancestral Diets | Smithsonian Folklife

#Abuelita knowledge is the best knowledge. Whole Foods didn't invent chia seeds

[08/18/17]   Weekend Tip #1:
Savor your meals slowly, sitting down, with great deep breaths and gratitude for your nourishment.

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