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Mission: The intention of Niakwa Healing Arts is to share the medicine of ancestral ceremonial practices, rituals, and spiritual healings, thereby encouraging the preservation and continuation of ancient medicine ways. Various tools are shared with the concept in mind that emotional and physical well-being are seated in spiritual wellness. This concept is integral in creating harmony in our lives, so that we may be in alignment with our destiny.

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I am in so much gratitude for yesterday’s workshop. It was incredible to witness each other in potent spaces of love and vulnerability. A deep bow to each of you, for your willingness to show up, and take the necessary time for yourselves. It is an honor to be on this journey with each of you. May the healings and transformations that took place yesterday continue to ripple forth throughout your lives, and the lives of all you touch. May you always remember Love as your home. May your Ancestors continue to guide and bless you. ❤️

Niakwa Healing Arts

Our time here on this earth plane can often be consumed by the many-layered complexities that we must navigate, while on our sacred journey of healing and empowerment. These complexities can be dizzying and overwhelming.

In my own journey, I find that in order to stay grounded, it is necessary to return often to the "simple" things. It is within these spaces of simplicity that I am able to clean my mind of the clutter and chatter, so that I may continue to walk my path with clarity. I can see and feel what my personal truth is.

Often, in our communion with the simple and the pure, we find that which can have the most profound impact and relevance in our lives.

May you find joy, today and every day, in the simple things.

Our time here on this earth plane can often be consumed by the many-layered complexities that we must navigate, while on our sacred journey of healing and empowerment. These complexities can be dizzying and overwhelming.

In my own journey, I find that in order to stay grounded, it is necessary to return often to the "simple" things. It is within these spaces of simplicity that I am able to clean my mind of the clutter and chatter, so that I may continue to walk my path with clarity. I can see and feel what my personal truth is.

Often, in our communion with the simple and the pure, we find that which can have the most profound impact and relevance in our lives.

May you find joy, today and every day, in the simple things.

[04/16/19]   Hi Folks,
Just a reminder for those of you interested in attending the workshop, there is an early bird special until 4/20 in which the energy exchange for the workshop will be $107 or $167 for the workshop + a 1 hour personal consultation (1 hour consultations are usually $95-$125 sliding scale).
Also, 3% of the profits will go towards the Nalima Foundation. A scholarship fund I am starting for womxn of color and/or marginalized communities to attend my workshops,receive healing sessions, or holistic wellness coaching.
Please message me if you have any questions!!
Donations for Nalima Foundation are also gratefully accepted!!
In love and light,

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The ocean. She has always been my mother💙

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Blessed Solstice!!!

"Solstice is a time of rest and listening as we collectively incubate the dreams to be birthed in spring. Celebrate plants as the light returns."

~ Susan Leopold from United Plant Savers

Callejon de Hamel

!!! Homenajé a Babalú Ayé en su día, Ashé para todos sus hijos, desde el Callejon de Hamel!!!

Hilo Shala

Come dance with Angela Cruz & Benjamin Sands this Friday!!!!


Egbe Egun-Ancestral Society

ELLE Magazine (US)

"I am a woman with dark skin, curly hair, broad shoulders, a small chest. It's taken me a long time to really understand how precious my body is." Rachael McLaren is a dancer with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and she is absolutely mesmerizing:

[08/18/17]   It's been an incredibly powerful summer of ceremonies. Time to get back to work. Our Women's Ancestral Ceremony is taking place this Sunday and there are still a few spaces available. Please contact me if you are interested in participating in this beautifully potent time.

Energy Medicine Workshop!!
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[05/22/17]   Mahalo to all of the women that come to our Women's Ceremony: Working with the Ancestors! It was an incredible day of sharing laughter, tears, song, music, dance transformation,and just pure love. Prayer and Ceremony. Medicine for our souls. Medicine for our Ancestors.

[04/26/17]   Aloha Ohana, our Women's Ceremony is just a few days away! I'm looking forward to sitting with you all and sharing this potent work of healing with our Ancestors. It is such a blessing and an honor to be a part of these transformative times.
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Grand Voyage Mongolia

An article about a Mongolian shaman

Amulet tree

Munkhbat Sodnom is a traditional shaman from Northern Mongolia. He has seen much change in his long life, from the times when shamanism was heavily persecuted by the Communists, to today’s time of shamanic freedom and revival. He spoke to BlueSky Shaman about his life and told him/her his story.

It is hard to believe that someone, who was once just an ordinary school teacher, would be calmly sitting under a tree decorated with what seems like a hundred thousand silk ties and metal
amulets, telling you this story about the other ‘magical’ universe. The whole universe is wonderful and full of fascinating things and events. I am so lucky to have been born into the Darkhad people, at a place called Buren Khaan, which is near Khövsgöl lake in the heart of our beloved Mongolia. I have seen the blossom of flowers in seventy summers, and said goodbye to the leaves of seventy autumns. I am the shaman son of the shaman Sodnom, of Khövsgöl province. Norov, the famous Darkhad shaman, is my grandfather. Shaman N.Tumuruu and the shaman-bonesetter N.Sandag are my uncles. My father, Sodnom, used to make it rain in dry, hot summer carry home firewood by sleigh in the middle of a hot summer. My mother gave birth to tensons and four beautiful daughters. The households at that time used to have many children.I remember fondly the passage of childhood in my beautiful homeland. We always remember childhood as being bright and joyful. Perhaps that is why I have not mentioned that the things my father and mother were doing were prohibited. It was the period when the Communists were in control, but my father used to do black shamanism and he was famous for it; as famous as So shaman, as people called my father Sodnom. My mother used to do some magical work too, doing divination by using cards and astrology. At that time, if you were caught doing shamanism or astrology you would be strictly punished by the Communists. While he was performing his
secret rituals, my father used to involve me, but not the other nine children. I used to do small things to help him, and I would accompany him all the time, except when I had to go to school. When I look back on that time, it seems that he was preparing me to be someone special, as he chose only me out of all his children to be educated. Before I started at the village school, my father asked a craftsman called Sonom to make a wooden box for me. This was not an ordinary
box, but a special one, because when opened, it looked like just a simple empty box, but when my father pulled out four nails from its corners, he revealed another, secret partition. The box had a double bottom, and in this secret compartment my father put various things representing his spirits. On handing the box over to me he told me: “You should keep these spirits. Protect your mother, brothers and sisters, and help and inspire them. You will be the last one of my children to die. When they pass away, do not be sad to lose them. My son, you will live a wealthy and nice life without shortage other than for one thing: you will not have your own child.” As a small boy - as I was at the time - I could not imagine, or think seriously about the distant future, and so my father explained more to me: “As you are little, you have not asked
the reason for this, so I will tell you the reason now. The shamanic spirit helper will disappear at the ninth generation; there will not be a tenth generation. The spirit helper is from the Ninety-Nine Skies 1, and here, helping us for nine generations. At the time of the tenth generation, this
spirit helper will turn bad, and do bad things to the people instead of helping the people like it had before. You, my son, are the ninth generation. Therefore you cannot have a child, because if you do the child will live only for one hundred days, so please adopt a child instead.” The words he said to me that night were harsh, but true. I can see that now as I recollect them and look back on my life.


This amulet tree I sit under is strengthened by the numbers of wishes that have come true, and
the problems that have disappeared. It is supported by people’s prayers and their belief that it is a sacred tree which removes aliments and fulfills wishers. This sacred tree inspires me to create ideas, and gives me the strength to tell you about them. In Mongolia we have an ancient wise saying that goes “a man grows, and a piece of felt stretches.” I grew up and took a wife. In our
forty five years together we saw happiness, complaints, setbacks and new beginnings. We made our home and raised our own household. But we did not realise what destiny had in store for us. I did not remember my father’s warning and we hurried to start a family. But the universe is like a mystery and we can’t understand our part in it sometimes. We had a son, who gained the full love of us, his parents, and gave us all the happiness possible when he was born. But the days of his mother’s love and his father hugs were few. When we awoke one morning our son had already passed away in the night. For myself, having grown up with many sisters and brothers, and for my wife, who wished to have the everlasting joy of having a child, it was really hard to be without him. People even accused my wife of having suffocating him with her breast. It was a hard time for us. My brothers and sisters had many children, and our utmost wish was to have even just one child. And so, the next year, my wife became pregnant again, and a daughter was born. We tried very hard to care and protect our daughter from everything, even from the shadow
of a bird. My own mother cared for her with us, and together we did all we could, but again, one morning when we arose, our daughter would not awaken. At that time I finally remembered the words of my father again, remembered the past events, and counted the days. Our son and daughter both passed away on the hundredth day after their birth just as he predicted. My mother, who did not know what to do, went with me to see a woman shaman called Dayan. We told her that any children of ours would not live and asked her the reason why, and asked how we could have a child. Dayan, who in the past actually used to be an apprentice to my father, performed shamanic rituals and said: “So Shaman willed that the spirit helper was to be inherited for nine generations and made a warning to not have a child, because you would not be able to keep the child alive. I am not able to correct or reverse this, so it will be better if you adopt a child if you
still wish to have one.” We had been married for three years when I full realised this reason as you why we could not keep our own children, but I did not dare tell the truth to my wife. I was
so young and stubborn at that time, and it was really hard to recognize all of the hardship to come, the hardship of living my life without having my own child. But I had to tell my wife something, so I found another way to explain it to my wife. I told her: “Our bloods do not mix well, and so a child we have together cannot be kept alive for long.” Then I said to her: “If you want to have your own children, please marry someone else. If you wish to stay with me, do not try to become pregnant again.” My wife didn’t say a word about marrying another person, but I was so afraid that if she knew the real truth she might leave me, so almost half a century passed
before I could tell her the full story, and I imagined in all those years that it would be an everlasting secret from her. But life went on. We never had any shortage of food, clothes or
wealth, but sometimes I felt angry that our two children were taken away, and it made me feel deeply sad. However, what can we do against the law of the Upper Sky and the teaching of my father, which were irreversible. So instead of having our own children, we adopted a boy and a girl who would warm our hearts. During this time I also realized that the fact that I had been sent to school, unlike my brothers and sisters, was important too, because it meant that I was able to learn about shamanism, and about the spirit and Sky, and this was the reason that I could be the
successor to my father and the inheritor of the spirit helper.


So many years have passed since I left my birth place, and my wife and I settled down, here at our own place, the place that received us and gave us the warmth of our Mother Land. When I sit, beneath my amulet tree, from whom I do not have any wish to be separated. The sound of its falling leaves seem to drive away all my sorrows and sadness. I remember one time I was talking with my friends from my home land about a lake, which we call the Tsetsegt Nuur, ‘the Lake
with Flowers.’ In this lake many. many five pettled flowers grow, and so I asked my friends, “What would you think of a place where coloured flowers were all growing, and yet when you stepped on them, the field of flowers became a deep blue lake?” All my friends were surprised and none of them believed me that such a place existed, so I promised to show them the lake, and we set out to go to it. It is a natural, beautiful event. A beautiful deep blue lake appears, after all the flowers are hidden at sunset when the shadows come. As a child, I swam in the lake with all the natural curiosity of childhood, to see where such beautiful flowers grew from, and of course learned later, that the flowers were water lilies. So, I went with my friends to the lake, who, because they did not believe me, wanted to see the reality with their own eyes. As we travelled, we came to a camp of the Darkhad people, who are reindeer herders; and in this camp we found a woman called Ambii, a Darkhad shaman. Ambii was very famous, but she was very old and near to her death. She was so ill that she had ordered her children to not let anyone visit her at all, but I passed word that I had prepared something to give to her, and had come to see her.

Then, upon hearing my words, Ambii got up, saying: “The one has come, for whom I have been waiting.” So I was able to meet with her. It is lucky to meet with a person with such powerful connection to the Sky Spirits, and so I ask after my brothers and sisters who had died at this time
and were up in the Heavens. Ambii was so sick she was barely able to sit on her bed, but
she told me before I had even asked any question “All of your family has passed away, and now
your turn has come. Find the hidden spirit of your father and open it to the wind. By this you could stop your death and suffering. At this time you should find the spirit which is hidden
behind the enormous water, and at the top of a high mountain. Find the spirit and bring it to me before I go to the Sky”. I asked to come again the next day and went away. When I came the next morning, Ambii was nicely dressed in a blue cotton deel - Mongolian national dress - and was waiting for me. Then, Ambii began to pray, saying: “My children, please let me see you quickly, I ask for a time as short as the sun between clouds in which to see the destinies.” Then she started to meet me and the other people gathered, and she saw the past, present and future.
Ambii saw that the holy spirits of my parents were at the Bayan Mountain, behind the Khövsgöl
Lake. It was not an easy task to find the spirits as they were hidden many years ago. I had heard about people we call ‘Sky messengers,’ who look for, and find hidden spirit items, but I
did not ever dream that I would meet one myself. Then Ambii told me: “Your family members are fond of hunting. Someone will appear, someone who will guide you and show the way. They will show you the road and say to you “Don’t be confused and shoot me!” I did not understand who would appear and how they would guide me and show me the way, or why I might shoot them. From the group of friends who came with me to the Darkhad camp, I took my nephew with me, and together we went the way that Ambii had told me. Eventually we reached a low hill where we stopped, when suddenly a fox appeared before us and jumped and scared the horses. Somehow, it did not seem an ordinary fox, and my nephew was attentive and stopped me when I said “Let us shoot it.” I was glad I listened to him, because we both suddenly realised that the fox was a spirit, and that Ambii was guiding us. And so, we decided to follow it. The fox guided us to the top of Bayan Uul, which we call Rich Mountain, and then, at the top, it just disappeared. We rushed over to where it had vanished and found the revealed place it had shown us. We saw a previously prepared and well decorated stone house, there at the top of the mountain, and so
we went inside it. Once we were inside, we were very surprised to see sacred objects, shaman’s drum, shaman’s armour and clothing. But they had been there a long time, touched by the winds and the rain, and unfortunately they had become so brittle that when we touched them they broke apart. Because they were all too fragile to take with us, we thoroughly inspected them, taking note of the way they were all made, and drawing pictures of them to help us remember. Ambii had asked us to come back as soon as we could upon finding them, and we knew she was close to passing into the Sky, so we quickly left the building at its contents, but even so, we could not
manage to return quickly enough to her, and when we did finally reached her, Ambii had already gone to the Eternal Blue Sky. I still feel a deep sorrow that we could not return quickly enough to
see her while she was still alive. When I was back, I remembered all the shaman’s things I had seen on top of the mountain, and I recreated all my parent’s spirit items, just as I had seen them.
Up until this time, although I had an interest in shamanism, I had never called a spirit, but one day I felt brave enough. I wore all the sacred clothing I had recreated, and called the spirits to come to me, but nothing happened. But soon afterwards, I was taught how to call the spirits properly by a well known shaman. The shaman told me I was was to call the spirits at a crossroads at midnight. Doing as he had told me, I fell unconscious, there at the middle
of the cross roads, and while I was unconscious I met my first spirit. I have always thought that if I had managed to have seen Ambii while she was still alive, she might have respectfully invited the spirits to come to me then, because later, when I met relatives of Ambii, they handed over to me many sacred shamanic objects, and I keep them all now at a place hidden from other people’s eyes, just as she had willed me to. My life has made me a person who reveals things for people, treats people’s illness, cures them and makes magic for them, all done with the support of my spirit powers, and I do all that I can for the well being of the people who I care for. It is a powerful thing to realize and to understand that when you practice as a shaman, personal interests never can be maintained, and the help and well being of other people becomes your
esteemed mission, and this is not to be changed by any treasure. Everyone was scared of and avoided this place where I sit now, under the sacred amulet tree. At one time it is where people put their dead ones openly instead of burying them, even animals did not dare to come close. It was a place where horrifying sounds were heard and cold terrifying multi-colored lights were seen, and when I dared to call to the spirits and seek to understand the reasons of those things happening, I was born again as a shaman. I transformed this place to the sacred place it is now - instead of a place which people and animals feared - by digging out of the earth some human bones. It was the spirits associated with these bones who created the frightening lights and the terrifying sounds. And when I had collected them, I dug a hole and put into it a black caldron,
with the bones inside it, and then put another black caldron on top of the first, upside down, and buried both. Then I tied seven colouring swathes to the tree, and begged, prayed and implored the lords and spirits of the place to remove the spirits that scared all the people and animals. Since that time, the tree has changed from one which terrified all who came to it, to a place of peace, the amulet tree, where many people come, gather and pray. The years when I have been
respected by the people for what I do, and they have called me a shaman, are long, but the loneliness after I suddenly lost my wife and started to live alone, seem to be even longer.
Telling this story was difficult because of this great sadness I feel, but I managed to do it, with the support of my spirits and the inspiring Eternal Blue Sky, that sees me, and the amulet tree that protects and always supports me.

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