While no organization is immune from bullies, some are less likely to attract and hire a bully. We can help you eliminate workplace aggression and adult bullying behavior to create BullyFreeWork at your organization.

Discover how to prevent bullying behavior, intervene effectively if you have a bully, and redirect your organization to focusing on productivity and a healthy work environment.

Mission: Welcome to BullyFreeWork! The intention of this page is to provide a forum to share tips, tools, resources and news. The issue of bullying in the workplace is quite prevalent. With support and education, we can all strive for happy, healthy and safe work environments! Share with us your healthy, productive success stories.

Jason Collin Photography

Photo shoots with me on location in your office are fun and interactive! Making this team group photo for Keystone International, Inc. involved first getting the lighting right, then getting everyone lined up well and smiling (if they so chose to do so!). I like getting to visit a business' office and getting to know the team through photography.

Thank you Jessica Troy for making these BTS shots and assisting on the shoot!


How Well Do You Handle Difficult Bosses?

Perhaps your difficult boss is a bully... How well do you handle it?

hbr.org Find new ideas and classic advice on strategy, innovation and leadership, for global leaders from the world's best business and management experts.


Research: Your Abusive Boss Is Probably an Insomniac

Does poor sleep quality really explain abusive boss behavior?

hbr.org And sleep quality matters even more than quantity.

Keystone International, Inc.

We are getting great response to this program. Let us know if you have any questions or would like a registration form.

Resiliency is something you DO, not something you have or don’t have. Becoming more resilient is a process, not a program or outcome. It’s a muscle that gets stronger when you focus on it. You can strengthen your resiliency muscle by working to develop your unique combination of inborn abilities and focusing the daily choices you make.

Keystone International, Inc. is offering an interactive 8-hour class is divided into two 4-hour sessions. In the first session, you learn specific tools to strengthen your innate resiliency muscle and then you have the opportunity to practice those tools daily for 3 weeks. When you return for the second class, you will continue to build on what was learned and practiced in the first session.

This course is taught by Anne Lightsey, an exceptional trainer, who provides practical and easily applied learning.

If you'd like more information about this excellent course, please call Keystone at 505-797-8881.


Barudin Law | Personal Injury Lawyer/Attorney in Albuquerque, Gallup, and Window Rock New Mexico...

An interesting job opportunity with great benefits. Please pass on if you know the right person for this position.

barudinlaw.com Barudin Law Firm are Personal Injury lawyers in Albuquerque, Gallup and Window Rock New Mexico serving New Mexico residents in all aspects of New Mexico Personal Injury Cases. Call us today at 888-298-1180 to talk to an Albuquerque Personal Injury Attorney/Lawyer today.


The Terrified Bully - BusinessWeek

A paragraph from this worth reading article: "Dan helped me cultivate a new lens on leaders that day. The person who knows who he or she is, who stands in himself or herself, and who operates from trust at any level in an organization—that’s a healthy person. The one who operates from fear, seeking out and neutralizing potential predators while terrorizing underlings and offering scathing criticism of his clients behind their backs—that’s an unhealthy person, and organizations that collect such folks are dens of unhealth (if that’s not a real word, it should be)."

businessweek.com The day the author learned the truth about that pompous, overpaid, oft-promoted jerk we've all worked for


The Bully Panic Button

This is an new smartphone app designed for kids but there is a good chance adults who are bullied at work will download it too. What are your thoughts on it?

portfolio.com A new app is designed to give victims of bullying a sense of control during what can otherwise feel like a helpless situation. Data collected at the moment of bullying is instantly transmitted to parents and teachers.


2011 June « Horizontal Violence:

It's no secret that workplace bullying runs rampant, but the profession of nursing seems to see high percentages of such behavior - they call it lateral or horizontal violence. This article has great information and tips that can translate to any workplace.

horizontalviolence.wordpress.com Oppressive behaviour and attitudes of nurses have been so pervasive that it often goes undetected. Without having addressed the systemic issues, the effects of LV and HV have begun to erode the nursing environment, affecting everyone (directly or indirectly). The discipline of nursing was created ...


Women Missing at High-Growth, High-Tech Startups

Another article showing the impact of bullying in the workplace and the importance of a good organizational culture.

portfolio.com The playing field appears to be tilted against women and minorities in the high-tech, high-growth arena. And studies show that's not good for startups.


Some of these signs could definitely be characterized as bullying behavior, and some may just be due to lack of skill and self-awareness. What makes a GOOD boss?



Nice Guys Finish Second, Women Finish Last | Income and Salary | Workplace Discrimination | LiveScie

While "disagreeable" people are not necessarily bullies, there is an interesting link to be considered.

livescience.com Disagreeable people earn more at work than agreeable employees, but the disagreeableness advantage is three times stronger in men than in women.


The Silent Epidemic: Workplace Bullying | Psychology Today

Very informative blog in Psychology Today about the affects of bullying in the workplace. There is also reference to a number of helpful books on the topic. Check it out!

psychologytoday.com Workplace bullying is the silent epidemic By Ray Williams...


Bad Bosses Beware

Study results indicate that 80 percent of employees lose work time and 78 percent are less committed to the company after bosses behave badly.

Tell us your bad boss story.

portfolio.com A new comedy tells the story of three workers' attempts to kill their terrible bosses. But employees in the real world would never actually consider doing in their superiors—or would they?

Draft Policy 2240

Congratulations to UNM and Jacqueline Hood, UNM Professor, Department Chair and Keystone consultant, for creating the first ever bullying policy on a U.S. college campus!!! This is BIG and wonderful news!

unm.edu Authorized by UNM Regents' Policies 2.4 "Diversity and Campus Climate" & 2.5 "Sexual Harassment"Process Owner: Vice President for Human Resources

Even Mr. Incredible can succumb to the effects of bullying in the workplace. It can happen to anyone!


The Smart Way to Handle Bad Bosses | Employment | Career | Mainstreet

It is interesting that this article disusses smart ways to "retaliate" against bad bosses and only "up to a point." While retaliation is certainly not recommended, what are some things that do tend to work against bad bosses?

mainstreet.com We've all fantasized about exacting revenge on a bad boss, but experts at Monster and Spherion.com advise against it, saying the best course for disgruntled employees is to simply change their behavior.


Doctors Behaving Badly? They Say It Happens All The Time : Shots - Health Blog : NPR

Another cost of bullying in the workplace....patient care.

npr.org A survey finds more than two-thirds of U.S. doctors see other physicians disrupting patient care or collegial relationships at least once a month.


New policy targets workplace bullies in Norfolk

A bit of progress for Norfolk?

wvec.com The city of Norfolk is drafting a new policy that would include bullying as a type of harassment for city employees.


News Articles: Workplace Bullying: Psychological Violence?

Have you ever wondered if what you were experiencing or witnessing was actually workplace bullying? Read Steve Opperman's article for example and affects of bullying behavior at work.

fedsmith.com Bullying in the workplace is a form of workplace violence and can include


Bullies could face 10 years in jail

Australia is beginning to address the consequences of bullying behavior in the workplace. According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, no U.S. state or federal law has been enacted.

abc.net.au Bullies could face up to 10 years in jail under changes to stalking laws being introduced to the Victorian Parliament this week.

[04/06/11]   Welcome to BullyFreeWork! The intention of this page is to provide a forum to share tips, tools, resources and news. The issue of bullying in the workplace is quite prevalent. With support and education, we can all strive for happy, healthy and safe work environments!

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