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Lee Harris

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Big LOVE from Malibu, California! 🌺 Thank you for joining Lee Harris and the team this afternoon. Hope you are all resonating with Lee's message. Please share this with your friends and loved ones ☀️❤️
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The Cosmic Dancer

Everything that seemingly happens externally is occurring in order to trigger something within us, to expand us and take us back to who we truly are.

~ Anita Moorjani

[Art: Amir Ershadi]

Project HEAL

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Keeper of The Diamond Light Codes

~ Lyra Star-gate ▲ ~

Lyra is the 12th dimensional star-gate. It is the gateway to higher dimensions outside of the 12 dimensional energy matrix of which the Earth is part. Currently the Earthy exits within a three dimensional wave form pattern of energy. The first dimension relates to the inner Earth kingdom and the second dimension to the Great Central Sun.
Star-gates or inter-dimensional energy portals have been progressively opening and allowing ever higher dimensional energy into Earths atmosphere since January 2000. These star-gates will continue to progessively open until December 2012, affecting the Earths energy fields and preparing the Earth grids for a shift to a fifth dimensional energy patterning.
These star gates are:
4th dimension Sun or Sol
5th dimension Pleiades
6th dimension Sirius
7th dimension Arcturus
8th dimension Orion
9th dimension Andromeda
10th dimension Lyra/Vega
11th dimension Lyra/Vega
12th dimension Lyra
The purpose of embodied souls on Earth is to return to the fullest expression of their soul potential within the 12 dimensional system. In doing so they return to the pure image of Adamic creation. (creation in the form of Adam or the Atom). But this not all. Our purpose is to now move beyond this 12 dimensional energy matrix through a 13th aeon or 13th stargate.
Within the Song of Lyra are the keys and codes of light, sound and vibration which will enable the DNA patterning to change and therefore the cells of the body to begin to be rebuilt according to an altered biological design. This will give rise in the time ahead to a new biological pattern and evolutionary cycle for mankind along with the Earth our home.
This new biological patterning will be through a 72 cell light grid structure instead of the present 64 cell light grid structure. The 72 cell light grid will allow for an altered ratio of the constituents of biological composition of the human body, namely the nitrogen, oxygen, carbon and hydrogen ratios.
The alteration in cellular biology and chemistry of the body with light passing through a 72 light cell grid will pave the way for altered biological form. This alteration in biological form will take three generations to stabilize as the body must alter genetically over time, however the Earth Shift of 2012 will initiate and require marked physical change. I am told that within 100 years the people of this planet will look different. They will function on a higher dimensional waveform energy pattern and hold a much higher light quotient within the cells of the body. The cells of the body will also function more efficiently. The people of the future will therefore live longer and be healthier.
In the next five years I belive that there will be many changes on Earth as people are polarised towards love or fear. Remember that there is only really LOVE. FEAR is the really an illusion that something bad may happen. Please understand that you are no longer the YOU you think you are. You are moving rapidly into your souls true beingness. Be aware that even though you are living a human existence and are of the Earth, you are also of the heavens.
It has always been part of a greater Divine plan for this entire galaxy that the human creation, the human being, should go through a process of evolutionary change and experience aligned with the conclusion of this Annus Magnus or great year cycle of 25, 920 years. An evolutionary upgrade for Earth and her people is soon to occur as has been written.
As part of the physical remodelling of man to allow for existence on a fifth dimensional Earth with its faster pulsating energy wave form pattern, the energy anatomy of the physical body, the DNA patterning or coding function and the cells of the body must be upgraded. The chakra system of the body and the axiatonal feeder line system, the incoming energy feeder lines that come into the body from the higher dimensions must be prepared to synthesise and pull through the physical body and energy circuits more energywhich is more light.


Within the Song of Lyra are the keys and codes of light, sound and vibration which will enable the DNA patterning to change and therefore the cells of the body to begin to be rebuilt according to an altered biological design. The Song of Lyra is a real song. It is the sacred song of the soul. It is about coming home to our Godself.
The Song of Lyra activates soul memory, leads to soul expansion and ascension.
This will give rise in the time ahead to a new biological pattern and evolutionary cycle for mankind along with the Earth our home Enjoy beloved ones !!!
Judy Satori

~ Judy.Satori

In Universal Service▲ Keeper of The Diamond Light Codes

Light Encoded Picture By : Ulrikke Aagaard
Keeper of The Diamond Light Codes

Calmer Choice

Emotions are not good or bad, they are simply emotions.

Calmer Choice

Some great ideas instead of saying "Calm Down" That statement never seems to work :)

ॐ Spiritual Bliss ॐ

♥ lis

ॐ Spiritual Bliss ॐ

♥ lis

Keeper of The Diamond Light Codes

"Observe entire timelines and see what's distorted in your own Universe/World. The REALIZATION is enough for you to shift the entire timeline yourself. It is that easy.... when you are ready " ↓ ↓ ↓

We've Entered Into Huge Template Re-Writing Phase(s) that Affect Everything: Your Body, Your Earthly Experience & Cosmic Remembering Processes too as we Continue Through Huge Timeline Splits

July & August Template Upgrades/Rewrites shall be HUGE...
The corridor now underway, we enter into Body Template Rewriting and Deep Re-Gridding Processes, which normally would be this entire week or so, yet because of the magnitude of the phase we are in, with Inner-Eclipse Season and Inner-Planetary Retrogrades (which reverse everything, then reverse again when all goes direct), the importance of these awesome re-writes and body re-configurations on every level, are understood as each tunes into their own Physical LightBody and honors the DEPTH at which these Cosmic Codes work.

When Purity of Your Soul is where you function from, then Purity is what you/each require as your entire reality. It IS this SIMPLE.

Everything each has cleared recently, represented density/unconscious programming held within, emanating from each's Cosmic Akashic Recorded Systems of all existences, combined with Infinite Matrixes held within each's cellular body make-up, that is re-written every time the old is cleared and makes way for "new" to emerge/come through/birth from within, in order for each to physically MOVE into LIVING in Higher Frequency/Consciousness Bandwidths.

These MUCH higher bandwidths won't allow for any old unconscious Matrix Programs to play out, so all of those heightened emotions that many are experiencing, are to clear their own ego distortions of old illusory simulations, which were "practice", for our "real" realities, if you will.

The "test" of each to actually CHOOSE which existences/timelines they exist in... whether unconscious or conscious, both are important for the purposes that they serve, as a part of the bigger picture here. All of those clearings of unconscious programs, make way for more consciousness to come through, as each completely releases all of the energy that "tied them up" in the stories that they held onto of "real"ity, until each is READy for all new realities to replace those, and let go of the victim mentalities or holding onto old timelines that have dissolved.

This TEMPLATE RE-WRITE focuses on connecting each's entire heart quadrant area (arm to arm/front to back, not just the physical heart that's now being opened up fully for many to encompass the whole section of the body that now links up to Gaia Consciousness), while also bringing Higher-Mind-Consciousness further online within each, as well as throat clearings for SPEAKING TRUTH through Purity, while clearing the lower quadrants of the body (organs/intestines/womb), of old "injustices" held onto, control issues, body issues, compromise and succumbing to any manipulation energies, where each was still living out dis-empowered states of unconsciousness before.

BODY CLEARINGS can get intense, where the body still held these old programs and need to be released, for the physical body to be able to vibrate at a higher oscillation rate than before, because of old outdated programs/beliefs/mentalities still held onto by each out of fear of standing in their own power before. The extremes in polarity necessary to purify and cleanse to balance everything out, so that Unity can occur, can be quite intense in various phases, as each awakens to understand "how" the CLEARING OF DISTORTIONS PROCESSES occur on every level and every way, because of HOW MATRIXES WORK.... It's beyond important for each to learn to TUNE INTO THE BODY and honor whatever phases/processes each is moving in/out of, to accomplish these huge tasks of ENTIRE COLLECTIVES MOVING/SHIFTING/TRANSITIONING OVER to all new existences now.

Continual Acceleration of Matrix Distortions:
On a multi-dimensional level, we can see distortions on every level and where they were anchored, weaved, embedded and woven to CREATE REALITIES that now reconfigure constantly as each distortion is RECOGNIZED for what it is... a DISTORTED VERSION OF REALITY, a timeline, a vibration, a belief, a mentality carried forth to hold/create what is EXPERIENCED AS REAL....

The immense increase in PHOTONIC ACTIVATIONS, offers so much to us all. The beauty of RECOGNITION means that each now truly has the CAPABILITY of CONSCIOUS CHOICE....

It takes TOTAL PRESENCE TO OBSERVE and truly SEE.... and then to OBSERVE Y/OUR OWN EGO PROGRAMS... by way of our thoughts, feelings/emotions, stories, actions in order to see what we used to ACCEPT AS REALITY and "kept going" by allowing our own energy to "get caught up in that" and keep it going, due to some distorted view/perception and lack energy we held within. The MOMENT WE REALIZE it's a program, a distorted anything.... that's the moment we shift our own overall vibration and transmit out the NEW PROGRAM for what will come to play out.....

It's been a powerful "time" of moving old out, letting all go that's no longer vibrationally aligned with our "newest" awarenesses, which has created a huge TIMELINE SPLIT that grows vaster as we move into a whole new Unified Timeline that is not affected by the lower timelines, because we leave them and let them play out somewhere else.

THE HARDEST PART FOR THE HUMAN EGO ASPECT is that they cannot see, therefore understanding is limited, so holding on is stronger out of fear. First each's heart must open fully, then vision comes through.... as each's human body evolves their own Crystalline LightBody, for holographic access to become the "normal way" of functioning, over the old ways that the "asleep" and dense human body did not physically have the capability to "do". The fact that this is a PHYSICAL EVOLUTION, as much as it is a CONSCIOUSNESS ONE.... it takes each COMMITTING to doing the DEEP SOUL WORK on their own, before NEW EARTH CAN BECOME A physical reality. Until that time, it's an etheric "concept" or "nice thought" or "weirdness" that each judges, because it doesn't "fit into" their/the ego's perceptions of what anything is.....

INTENSIFYING HEIGHTENED EMOTIONS (are of the EGO Matrix), and just the beginning for many, now powerfully in the THROWS of a huge up-shift right now. These emotions are important to honor, understand and allow, yet HOW WE PROCESS will dictate how all affects our own realities/lives.

The "unequipped" human-ego-aspect will not understand, and frankly, doesn't want to, as there are built-in resistances and "refusal to listen/see" programs held within. These linear constructs create a MATRIX BODY that "binds" or "continually expands", to constantly re-align each's REALities, dependent on how conscious each is within each moment.

The more the human ego aspect tries to hold on, the more every reality is affected, which creates the "collapse effect" that many experience to bring all into full consciousness. Move with me here as we travel through some more "hows"....

Human ego aspects are unaware that everything has/is a Matrix... and intricate, and brilliant SYSTEM for how all realities are created, work and function. The Old Earth Matrix was fixed, harsh, disconnected and held together by each's fear and lack..... lack of love, lack of respect, lack of integrity, lack of honor, lack of connection, lack of everything.... because of where all emanated/originated from..... this "Lack of Awareness" means that the human aspect SEPARATED their "realities" out and "believed/thought" that they could control each reality separately, not understanding that each is a part of an ENTIRE SYSTEM that IS REALITY..... This SYSTEM is A LIVING MATRIX that breathes, moves, contorts, bends, stretches and reconfigures constantly. It's an organic and natural one, that is aligned with all as LOVE, aligned on an OverSoul Level, which is a Cosmic One. Human ego aspects are unaware that each reality is inner-twined and that every thought, every breath, every action AFFECTS THEIR ENTIRE REALITY on a whole. The human aspect "thinks" it can control "one reality" or "many realities" and inner-fear with a process that's already been determined and already AT PLAY and occurring on a COSMIC (Quantum) LEVEL for all. When in fact, on a Cosmic Level, each's reality is being re-configured, re-calibrated, re-coded to align with our PUREST EXISTENCES by making visible all that is not PURE.

The human ego aspect does not understand that every decision affects the outcome of every reality.... so if one is "separating" out their realities and trying to control any of them/hanging on to old ones and not fully consciousness within each, then every reality is then affected and the TIMELINE ONE EXISTS IN IS PHYSICALLY AFFECTED......

An unconscious choice creates an unconscious reality experience... that then shifts each into an unconscious timeline to experience, until each reality is brought fully into consciousness again. Holding full consciousness for EVERY/ALL REALITIES SIMULTANEOUSLY takes all of our energy when there are distortions present..... because we can see all of our other realities and how this "one" (or many distortions) affect every one of them.... which is why those who are fully conscious will "eliminate" the entire distortion and every one in it, if necessary..... First we offer every opportUNITY FOR EACH TO BRING THEMSELVES and their entire reality into full consciousness, so that we can all UNITE and focus on accomplishing the vastness of what we came here to fulfill/do.... yet, where this is not possible yet, we understand and we will let the entire TIMELINE GO and shift into a completely different one... one that IS FULLY ALIGNED THROUGH PURITY and LOVE and is easier, because it's each's ego that distorts everything to start with...

Human aspects do not understand that everything/everyone exist within VIBRATIONAL TIMELINES that are either PURE or not. Our Pure Timelines don't "allow" for impurities to play out, which means that WE HAVE TO CHOOSE and in order to MOVE TO AN ENTIRELY ALIGNED TIMELINE, we choose to let go of everyone/everything in the old timelines that "need" to play out somewhere else....

Human aspects will try to hold onto their own old realities, affecting every timeline, which means that THE PURE ONES are unable to fully anchor in/materialize into form for very long, because the distortions are still too strong.... which is why others/things will come in and leave, come in and go... materialize and dematerialize, because, the whole body-being was unable to achieve the level of purity overall to hold that reality in place permanently for co-existence to occur.

Our infinite realities are visible holographically and vibrationally by way of TIMELINES that we live in, play out, allow, experience and dictate with our own vibration (level of consciousness) in every moment. If we go unconscious, all of our realities are affected, not just one. This is because realities are vibrational, then physical... which is the "other way around".

WE don't have the luxury of allowing others to go unconscious in our realities, because the COST is too great. Everything we've dedicated ourselves to, for humanity/all dimensions/each other, our work, our whole everything is vibrational and each in our reality must be fully conscious too. If we see unconsciousness, we call it out (as love), we deal with ours and allow all others to deal with there, which is a part of the re-empowerment/Sovereignty process and each "learning" how to PROCESS THEIR OWN EMOTIONS and DEAL WITH/SHIFT THEIR OWN DISTORTIONS....

Anyone playing in the old, automatically carries wounded/distorted/victim/POWER DISTORTIONS that each must internally resolve. A massive part of coming into full consciousness is seeing EVERYTHING AS A MATRIX PROGRAM and realizing that the GEOMETRIC MATRIX (GEOMETRIX is my new word), CHANGES when we change our own vibration and what we will allow and INVEST ourselves in.... Old earth realities or NEW...

Unconscious human aspect (ego) cannot understand that the CONSEQUENCES to their choices/actions and ENERGY is an unconscious timeline to live out.... until each becomes conscious, whether intentional or not. Human aspects do not understand EMOTIONS and PHYSICAL PAIN, or their body or realities or anything.... actually. Technically, not meant to be a harsh statement, but a "true" one... because as we all come into full consciousness, we understand, the immensity of the entire ego matrix program....

Right now... the CURRENT TIMELINE SPLIT grows vaster.... PURE OR NOT PURE.... there really is no confusion with this. The "issue" (program) is that human aspects are not ready to actually deal and highest align their own reality on a Soul Level, because of amount of ENERGY that they still hold, which play out in their own realities still.

The BEAUTY is our NEW EXISTENCES and how Pure they actually are, how those who have truly done the deep inner SOUL work intentionally are able to come together to create, accomplish, support, receive, share and contribute substantially, without the ego games and distortions present anymore.... This is because we don't bring distortions into any of our realities, yet we are very aware when a distortion presents, that we must resolve it immediately within ourselves and our physical reality too. This alignment often means letting completely go and shifting our focus on what is highest aligned, in order to INTENTIONALLY PULL those realities into our physical through our own PURITY EXISTENCE HERE.

When each is going through a template re-write process, to upgrade all realities to "new higher aligned", it can be challenging because our whole body-field is going through an entire reconfiguration process that CORES through our cellular body and reconstructs the MATRIXES of our whole body and field that has to occur. Linear matrixes break down, while the body "forms" crystalline matrixes and a whole new Plasma Networking System that encompasses every particle/gland/organ/flesh/bone/muscle/skin/oxygen/blood and how the body's circuitry communicates on a multi-dimensional level, something our carbon-based bodies could not accomplish, because of the matter-to-mass-density-ratio that is ever-changing, as the BODY LIGHTENS and PHOTONIC LIGHT runs through us to constantly recode our DNA/Genetics and entire physical make-up on a continual basis, as more dimensions become available to us all.

We've had many powerful activations lately, so honor you and your body, while observing your own reality too. The body will "overwhelm" often, if you allow external stimuli to become to much, don't allow for enough alone/tuning-time for you, keep bringing/allowing distortions into your own field, especially while your multi-dimensional body is re-tuning itself. The release of all of the suppressed emotions, when photonic light is moving through you and catalyzing a dimensional shift, can become overwhelming to all who do not yet fully understand how their ENERGY BODY WORKS FROM WITHIN THEIR PHYSICAL BODY for multi-dimensional existence here. Complete re-wiring (and opening) of our neural pathways and pathways to/from our hearts, under the skin and neural receptors/transmitters and how "pain" works in the body waking up fully and releasing all that was housed/stored/held unconsciously before. Fully feeling realities means that we have to FEEL EVERYTHING to re-connect with our highest dimensional existence through Purity, yet to "get here" all that is not PURE LOVE must be cleared/cleansed from our physical bodies and are ALL OF OUR EXISTENCES stored in our cellular bodies, which UNIFIED into our CURRENT body, under your "one roof" for clearing every existence through the human experience, as that is the CULMINATION of all existences playing out in each's CURRENT REALITIES/TIMELINES NOW.

Observe entire timelines and see what's distorted in your own Universe/World. The REALIZATION is enough for you to shift the entire timeline yourself. It is that easy.... when you are ready.

I love you all and it's an exciting time to be in, where each can totally (re)create their entire whole new reality at will....

SOURCE: Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

In Universal Service▲ Keeper of The Diamond Light Codes

Light Encoded Picture By : Ulrikke Aagaard

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