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We realize that long-term living is something we have compassion for. We like helping people who have challenges and difficulties living their daily lives.

Keep Your Senior Adult Safe from Choking Hazards

Many senior adults are at risk of choking, especially when they're food is composed of large chunks of meat. You must make sure that each dish is served in small pieces to avoid choking.

Do you need a caregiver to supervise your senior loved one during mealtime? Contact us today!

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Take a Break from Your Duties

Having a family member with a physical disability will require time from you so that they can live comfortably at home. Helping them is, of course, fulfilling. However, there are times when you need your rest. Allow Crawford Care Senior Services to give you respite. Get in touch with us today!

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[10/17/19]   Quality Companionship for Your Loved One

Sometimes, it's hard for senior adults to be alone at home with no one to talk to about their ups and downs. Hiring a caregiver can secure them with quality companionship daily. Contact Crawford Care Senior Services today!

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Hygiene Routines Are Important for Older Adults

Some older adults neglect their hygiene because they're having a hard time taking a bath without assistance. If you see signs that your senior loved one is struggling in the bathroom, encourage them to accept a personal assistant who can attend to their hygiene needs.

For inquiries about our care services, please get in touch with us.

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Visit Centers That Promote Life-Changing Programs

Numerous centers have programs that assist individuals with physical disabilities in different regards like recreational activities, financial assistance, and more. If you are struggling with adapting to your current situation, it can be beneficial for you if you sign up for one of these programs.

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Walking with Balance and Confidence

If your senior family member likes to be able to walk well without fear of falling, accompany them to their doctor. That way, they can get prescribed exercises and physical therapies to improve their balance.

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A Few Common Reasons Why Seniors Become Depressed

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Caregivers Can Complete Errands

People have those errands that they need to do, including older adults. However, you can help improve your senior loved ones' life quality if you hire someone who can complete their errands for them. That way, they can do other fun or relaxing activities. Hire a caregiver today!

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Give Yourself Some Time to Rest, Too!

Relaxation helps family caregivers regain the strength and energy that they need to fulfill their caregiving duties to their senior loved ones. Utilizing respite care services can give them that opportunity. If you need to hire a respite care professional, contact us today!

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[09/17/19]   Take Your Parents Out to Dinner

Older adults tend to become more home-bound as time goes by. As a result, they may feel isolated. Don't forget to visit your aging parents and invite them to go out. A pleasant dinner at a restaurant would be nice!

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Your Life Can Still Go On

If you have acquired physical disability, you might think that your life is over. However, there are still many enjoyable activities that you can do. The key is to adapt to the changes and, of course, seek guidance and support from your loved ones, friends, and care professionals.

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Remind Them That Life Is Beautiful

If your senior loved one is still able, remind them to take care of themselves and enjoy life. If they keep on staying indoors, encourage them to pursue a hobby or go for an adventure. That way, it can boost their confidence and have a sense of fulfillment even in their elder years.

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Indoor Plants Can Improve a Home

If your senior parents don't have an allergic reaction to plants, adding them inside their home can improve the environment and air quality.

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Older Adults Need Transportation Access to Socialize

One of the most common reasons why older adults stop socializing is the inaccessibility to transportation. If you can't always give them a ride to social events, Crawford Care Senior Services offers transportation services for your senior loved ones. Call us today for more information.

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A Decline in Physical Strength Can Result in a Fall

Due to the decline in physical strength, some older adults eventually start using crutches or walkers to get around the house. If you have a senior loved one living with you, you or a professional caregiver must aid or supervise them at home to make sure they don't fall.

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[09/02/19]   Labor Day Greetings

To the people who make a great effort to provide for their family, have a joyous Labor Day!

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Transportation Access Is Crucial for Appointments

Older adults need to go to their doctor's appointment for regular checkups. However, many of them can no longer drive and don't have easy access to transportation. As a result, they need to call up their children to give them a ride. If none of them are available, their appointment tends to get postponed.

Our care agency offers a variety of services, including transportation. Call us today!

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Decide Together as a Family

If your senior parents need help to stay safe and healthy at home, set up a family meeting as soon as possible. That way, everyone can share their ideas before deciding what the best care options are for them. Whether you may end up sharing the responsibility with your siblings or hiring a care professional, the important thing is the entire family agrees and commits to it.

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Don’t Slip or Trip Over the Rugs

If there are rugs at home that can't be taped down, replace them with non-slip ones to avoid anyone from slipping or tripping.

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Remember to Take Regular Breaks

No matter how amazing you are at taking care of your loved one at home who is dependent on someone else's assistance, it's unhealthy for you if you don't share the responsibility with others. Taking regular breaks is a way for you to get enough rest and focus on your well-being.

If your family or friends can't be there to take turns with you, you can always utilize our respite care services. Contact us today!

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Caregivers Make Things Easy for Their Clients

Although people with a walking disability can still get around the house with the help of mobility devices, there is only so much that they can do without tiring themselves. Having a regular companion at home who can assist with things like answering the phone or door, reaching the items at the top cabinets, and vacuuming the floor can be a big help for them. Hire a caregiver today!

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[08/22/19]   Don’t Feel Guilty Hiring Outside Help!

If you know you’re not the best person to provide your aging parents with personal care, it's not selfish if you allow a professional to do it for you. On the contrary, you're letting them receive the best care there is!

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Tips on How to Manage Caregiver Stress:

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Home Support for Older Adults

Many older adults worry that their children will eventually send them to nursing homes, which is why they do their best to stay as independent as possible so that they won't have to leave their home.

Our care agency understands how much staying at home means to a lot of older adults, which is why we offer in-home support to families. Call us today!

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Hiring a Caregiver Is a Way of Giving Back

It's only natural that you want to give back to your senior parents. After all, they have played a significant role in your life. If you want them to live a more comfortable life at home, hiring a caregiver is a suitable option. For inquiries or appointments, please call us today!

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Establish an Exercise Routine for Them

It's always helpful to plan activities to encourage your senior loved one to stay physically active. Try working with experts to choose specialized exercises for them.

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Outdoor Activities for Older Adults

Many older adults no longer have access to most of the outdoor activities because they're advised not to drive anymore. Through our care services, we can escort your senior family member to places they'd like to go like shops, parks, or galleries. Contact us today!

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Attending Social Gatherings

If you have a loved one with a physical limitation, they may sometimes hesitate to attend social gatherings. Don’t let them. Give them a makeover to boost their self-esteem!

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Exercise Is Encouraged for Older Adults

Exercise is something that needs to be encouraged for older adults. Lack of activity can cause their muscles to waste away and bones to weaken. Enroll your senior loved one in a dance or yoga class specifically for seniors. Otherwise, you may encourage or join them for regular walks in the neighborhood every morning.

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[05/12/19]   Happy Mother’s Day!

Spending quality time with them on this special day is far more valuable than any gifts. Don't forget to thank them personally for everything they've done for you.

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Support a Loved One with Physical Limitations

When a loved one has physical limitations, it can be hard for them to get around the house without a little help. Ensure that they have mobility devices handy all the time. Likewise, it may be more beneficial for their safety and convenience if you also hire a care professional to assist and supervise them daily. Call us today!

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Cooking and Meal Preparation

Many older adults love to cook at home, and they take pride in it. However, if they have developed hand arthritis, the task can be quite challenging, leaving them not only frustrated but hungry.

Ensuring that your aging parents eat their meals on time should be a priority. Let our professional homemakers give a hand in meal preparation.

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Balance Exercises for Seniors

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Taking Care of Our Family Caregivers

Our family caregivers prioritize the needs of others before themselves. However, straining themselves too much might cause stress and fatigue. To get over these, they also need some time to take care of themselves.

When your family caregiver is having a break, we can provide in-home respite care services to ensure that your family member is safe and well taken care of.

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Socializing Reduces the Risk of Depression

Our seniors often spend time indoors because of physical mobility limitations. This situation might make them feel lonely, and the loneliness might even develop into depression. It is important that we encourage our senior loved ones to spend time outside their homes and interact with other people to lift their moods. Spending time and socializing with good people will definitely help in reducing the risk of depression in older adults.

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Owning a home care service was a dream I had since I attended high school. I started pursuing my dreams in 2005 when I graduated from Community College of Philadelphia, where I received my Associate degree of Arts in Business Administration. During that time, I was working as a staffing coordinator where I knew I wanted to pursue my long-term goal of my own home health agency.

A few years ago, my father became very ill in Jamaica and because of his illness, I had to travel to Jamaica to take him back to the United States for him to have intensive treatment and care. While experiencing the need of taking care of my father, being a mother to my children, and working full-time, I realized how much I loved and appreciated taking care of someone who needed my care and help. Taking care of my father made me more of a responsible individual and I did my duties without a second thought. This experience defined me as a unique person who was pleased to remain motivated during difficult times. This experience has also molded me and started me on the right path. It led me to enroll at the University of Phoenix, where I completed a bachelor’s degree of Science in Health Care Administration in Long-term living. Since my experience in home care, I have met some amazing people, heard very touching stories, and met some outstanding healthcare professionals. After the completion of a bachelor’s degree, I further my educational journey by earning a master’s degree in Health Administration/Gerontology (the study of aging and older adults).

I thank my lucky stars for giving me the wisdom, knowledge, and strength to pursue my dream. In addition, I must thank my family and friends who have been supportive of me throughout my transitioning. I am now able to open the door of opportunities for others. I look forward to becoming an inspiration in people’s lives and to improve their well-being.

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