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The Wellness Connection


Have you been to the Wellness Connection lately? Do you know that we offer traditional, talk therapy, as well as holistic, energetic healing? Come and enjoy accupuncture, cranial sacral therapy, and yoga right in Stone Ridge! This week’s yoga class schedule can be found here: Happy Sunday!
“Yoga in schools has a profound impact” Another reason to try our kids workshops, starting up this fall at The Wellness Connection!!
Have you checked out our yoga classes yet?! This week’s schedule can be found on the following link: Tuesdays: 7am & 8:30 am Thursdays: 7am and 7:30pm Come and enjoy community yoga classes for $20 a session or 10 for $150. Yoga is shown to decrease stress by 50%! That is a good deal :)
COMMUNITY YOGA CLASSES START THIS WEEK !!! Email [email protected] to get on the mailing list for all updates and events! I can’t wait to share yoga with the community to de-stress & reconnect! Special workshops will start at the end of June, “Yoga for anxiety & stress” for kids, teens & adults!
Alright, everyone! It’s Finally happening! I will be opening a “yoga studio” community at the Wellness Connection. The first class is this Tuesday at 7 am. The rest of our schedule is attached! $20 for a drop in and $150 for a 10 pack. Can’t beat that right in the neighborhood! Not listed, but I am thinking of adding a Sunday Yin class as well! This weekend I will be Sending a mass email to all those interested. Please email me at [email protected] if you want to get on this mailing list. Classes are for all levels, ages 12 and up! Don’t forget to check out my anxiety workshops, as well!

Your one stop shop to feel better faster, stay better longer

We offer Child, Teen, Family & Couples Counseling, Adult & Child Psychiatry, Workshops, Grief, Parenting, and Women's Groups, Nutritional Counseling, Occupational & Speech Therapy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage, and host the Stone Ridge Farmer's Market

[03/12/20]   As the situation surrounding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) continues to evolve, I wanted to connect with you about how we are addressing these concerns at The Wellness Connection. The health and safety of our clients, their families and our staff is extremely important to all of us, which is why we wanted to offer options for care moving forward. We are committed to providing the highest level of care with safety being our highest priority. As of today, we are planning to keep our doors open to provide comprehensive services and programs to the community with a sensitivity to the current events. Teletherapy (video or audio) is always an option for any of our clients, so please contact your clinician to learn how to accommodate that request.

We are monitoring the directives and guidelines put forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as local health officials.

Immediate actions taken by The Wellness Connection in response to the current climate include:
Increased, regular sanitation of our lobby and therapy offices

Increased measures to remind staff and clients about ways to prevent the spread of germs

Asking clients to refrain from coming to our center if they are exhibiting fevers, colds, or flu-like symptoms

Discouraging the shaking of hands or making contact with others

Providing teletherapy options for clients who would prefer to do sessions from their home. When in doubt, please consider utilizing our teleterapy sessions if you have any signs of illness (coughs, runny nose, etc).

More than anything, we want you all to feel safe during this anxious time. At the Wellness Connection, we are here for you to navigate any negative emotions you may be feeling. If you are a client, tell us how we can help support you, and if you have friends, neighbors or relatives, who could benefit from talking to one of our counselors, we would be happy to schedule a teletherapy session with them to offer skills to manage any anxiety they may be feeling.

Take good care and stay tuned for any updates.

The Power of Positive Reinforcement

We have 5 seats available for today's Lunch and Learn on using positive reinforcements with your kids. Lunch will be served at 12pm. Please RSVP to [email protected] to book your spot and we hope to see you at noon! Positive reinforcement is the essential foundation to build upon in teaching children, teens, and adults prosocial and adaptive skills. Learn how to implement positive reinforcement strategies across multiple environments in varying modalities to increase the frequency of constructive behavioral cho...

EMpower Yoga Therapy & Wellness Services

The next FREE Community yoga class is scheduled for Sunday, August 25th at 5pm. Sign up using Schedulicity to reserve your spot today! (Link below)

The Wellness Connection is dedicated to building community through outreach events and workshops. Come and check us out at the weekly Farmer’s Market as well, Saturdays from 9am-1pm!

Help us build a community and enjoy some fun and relaxing wellness perks at the same time! EMpower Yoga Therapy & Wellness Services was created out of a passion for healing and balancing the mind, body & spirit. Yoga therapy uses yoga practices to help empower the client to create healthy lifestyle changes, to feel better than ever.

Like & follow the Wellness Connection page for updates on all things integrative wellness related! We will be posting special events, articles, and highlighting our amazing practitioners each month. Don’t miss out on being the healthiest you you can be!!!

Our first FREE community yoga class is tonight! Space is limited and the class is full! So make sure if you plan to attend, that you have signed up on the Schedulicity app or site!

If you didn’t sign up but wish to come, don’t worry, we will be offering more community events!

Madison, our Yoga Therapist, is so excited to meet everyone and share a little about holistic yoga!


Our first FREE community yoga class is tonight! Space is limited and the class is full! So make sure if you plan to attend, that you have signed up on the Schedulicity app or site!

If you didn’t sign up but wish to come, don’t worry, we will be offering more community events!

Madison, our Yoga Therapist, is so excited to meet everyone and share a little about holistic yoga!


Eastern Iowa teachers turn to yoga for kids with trauma and anxiety

More and more, yoga is being studied as an alternative therapy. This article highlights the importance of yoga for children, especially in the school systems.

We offer eight week “Yoga for Anxiety” workshops, here at The Wellness Connection. We offer these groups for kids, teens, and adults. Our next series will begin the second week of September, with our Yoga Therapist, Madison Tuohy. Sign up today and learn how to prevent stress from wreaking havoc on the systems of the body & mind! CEDAR RAPIDS - Teachers, on hands and knees, took a deep belly breath before springing forward - sticking out their tongues, crossing their eyes and letting out loud, raspy exhales.

2 more days to sign up for our Intermittent Fasting group with Laurie Lewis!! I’m feeling better than I have in years so if you have been thinking about it, call our coach at 646-884-2997! Join the many folks who have adapted this simple program that doesn’t matter where you live because the group is done via Zoom so you just dial in. Here are a few of the benefits...

I posted about doing an 8 week Intermittent Fasting group before the holidays, and we are getting ready to do our 2nd group - mainly because our 1st group was so successful. Intermittent Fasting has changed my life, and the lives of so many people I care about. I have lost a total of 15 pounds and it was the easiest program I have ever followed. The best part is I also have mental clarity, strong nails and hair, and my skin looks younger and more clear because of the many benefits of giving my body the pause it needs to heal itself. If you are interested in joining our 2nd group, with the help of a qualified coach, we are starting our next 8-week workshop on Thursday, January 24. You can call Laurie Lewis direct at 646-884-2997 to register, or call our main number at The Wellness Connection at 703-327-0335. We meet via Zoom so you can join from anywhere in the country, in the comfort of your home....or car....or office. Make yourself a priority in 2019 and simplify your approach to nutrition - no scales, or counting points, or deprivation - simply select a window when you eat! Having a coach to guide you through the process makes all the difference...The dates are:

Jan 24, 31
Feb 7, 21, 28
Mar 14, 21

The Wellness Connection has partnered with Laurie Lewis to understand the science behind Intermittent Fasting because it works! Join us Thursdays at 8:15pm via ZOOM and learn the "How's" and "Why's" of Intermittent Fasting with a supportive coach and group. Develop a daily fasting regimen, gain no weight during the holidays, and enjoy the holiday foods you celebrate and love. Call us at 703-327-0335, and select option 1, so we can schedule your intake!

Lose weight and feel energized and confident over the holidays!

Lose weight and feel energized and confident over the holidays!

If you were to ask yourself if you are well...all over well - could you answer yes? If that voice in your head keeps nudging you to take that first step towards all over wellness, give us a call at 703-327-0335. We will care for your emotional, physical and spiritual needs and support you as you walk towards simple feeling well.

Yoga is Back at The Wellness Connection!

Yoga is Back at The Wellness Connection!

Dementia and Diagnosis | We Care Management

Dementia versus Alzheimer's you know the difference? Take a look below to read more from this informative blog post about eldercare support! People can get confused with all the terms used for illnesses these days.

[09/20/18]   Do you care for an elder, a child, clients, or someone in need? Then it is important for you to also remember to take care of yourself! Just as the the flight attendants advise you on an airplane to put your oxygen mask on before helping someone in need sitting next to you. If you do not take care of yourself you can not do your best in caring for others. Self-Care is defined as anything good you do for yourself. There are many benefits of Self-Care, but here are the highlights; better productivity, improved health, improved self-esteem, increased self-knowledge, and more to give to others. Self-care can come in many different forms; sensory, emotional, spiritual, physical, and social. For example, sensory self-care can be a massage, a bath, smelling essential oils, or being in nature listening to the birds or looking at the flowers while feeling the sun and breeze on your skin. Emotional self-care can be laughing, talking to a therapist, letting your anger out in a healthy way by hitting a pillow, or forcing yourself to smile and think positive things. Spiritual self-care can be meditating, praying, or being in nature. Physical self-care can be exercising, sleeping well and eating healthy. Last but not least is socializing with people who enrich your life with love, joy, support and laughter. If we put more effort in our self the rest will fall into place. Please find ways to take care of your self!

Join me for yoga at 8am at The Wellness Connection with Treehouse Fit! Classes started this week, so start your Saturday with yoga and then head to the Farmers Market for seasonal treats! Megan Megan Miller Lamb is teaching this morning, and she is AMAZING! Hope to see you there and the first class is FREE!!

There are 7 million caregivers in the nation who provide caregiving from long-distances. In these situations there is increased stress, as the worry is more extreme when you cannot physically be present to support an elder in their home. Please consider establishing a relationship with a Care Manager who can ease your worries. Some think of a Care Manager as the specialist who oversees all of the moving pieces of eldercare. Similar to how a Primary Care Physician oversees your health and wellness, and your Accountant your finances, a Care Manager will help oversee eldercare! In most situations, elders have the goal of remaining in their homes for as long as possible or to live out their last days at home. Home care for elders is very possible with the right resources. Care Managers hear many questions that ask, when is the right time to implement various resources. Questions about what resources to choose because there are too many options. And also, how to convince the elder to accept and pay for these resources. Care Managers have the skills to assist individuals in recognizing and accepting the resources they would benefit from. One of our Therapists, Amanda Babineau, is also a Geriatric Care Manager.

The Wellness Connection will be presenting at the Women's Health & Wellness Seminar at the Dulles Marriott this Wednesday. Join us as we talk about leaning into discomfort so we can heal and grow from difficult experiences. Rewrite your story and learn to love all that is uniquely yours!

Come Join Amanda Babineau, LCSW, for a new group starting April 12th for women, about women, and in support of women. Flyer is attached..

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in our Wellness Connection family. We feel incredibly blessed to serve this wonderful community, and we wish you and your families a blessed day full of laughter, family, and friends.

Today is National Hunger Awareness Day...we have neighbors in Loudoun who are Hungry so connect with Loudoun Hunger Relief and make a difference! What can't you do when you are hungry? #loudounhunger

Best of Suburbia 2017

The Wellness Connection was recognized by Posh Seven Magazine as the Best Mental Healthcare Provider in the DC Suburbs. We are so honored to be recognized and feel blessed to be able to work on this important topic and serve all the amazing communities throughout Loudoun County. FROM NATIONAL FRANCHISES TO HOME-GROWN BUSINESSES, WE’VE GOT IT ALL. AS THE DC SUBURBS IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA CONTINUE TO GROW, NEW BUSINESSES CONTINUE TO POP UP ALONGSIDE LONG-ESTABLISHED MOM-ANDPOP SHOPS. LOUDOUN COUNTY AND SURROUNDING AREAS

Farmacy vs. Pharmacy - Wellness Connection

"Headache? Take some of this. Common cold? Try these pills. Stomach ache? Take this syrup. High cholesterol? Take this everyday. Arthritis? Take two of these daily. Heart disease? Inject yourself with this 3x daily. That should take care of it. For now." Sound familiar? This is worth the read. #enlightenyourself #choosefarmacy #Tiptuesday

"When we help these children survive and thrive – academically, socially, and emotionally – we are reminded of the beliefs and passion that power our work as educators. All kids can learn. We know how to teach them. Together, we have what it takes." What a great reminder that we are all working together. #Fridayreads #allthefeels

He is ours...
For my friends who are counselors.
For my friends who are teachers.
For my friends who are parents.
For my friends who are employers.
For my friends who ever interact with teens.
He belongs to US.

Loudoun Youth Inc.

Calling all #teens!!! You won't want to miss this wonderful event with Loudoun Youth Inc.! It's tomorrow, 3-8pm, at The Barn at One Loudoun (20450 Savin Hill Drive, Ashburn). Hope to see you there!!


Our Marketing Manager, Sadie Bauer, had the pleasure of working with Cara, when she chose The Wellness Connection to volunteer with for her Capstone Project. Cara is such a talented, sweet young lady and we know she will do great things in her life! If you want to learn more about her volunteering journey, check out her awesome website! My experience with the Wellness Connection completely blew me away. Before I even volunteered, I was a client first, due to the fact that I needed a little extra help. My therapist, Dina, has been...

Cultivating Couple Connection in the Midst of Postpartum Depression - Wellness Connection

#PostpartumDepression is on the rise, and this article gives great insight on how it affects relationships and how to get through it together. #Fridayreads Postpartum depression is characterized by sadness, loss of interest, appetite disturbance and sleep deficit beyond that required for the care of baby.

Summer Groups are now enrolling!!! Our "Healing From Trauma" group is brand new, and more information on it can be found here: and "The Compass Program", is an on-going group, and more information can be found here:

Healing From Trauma - Wellness Connection

Have you experienced trauma? Our new group, led by Alonda Alloway, Ph.D, LSW, may the be the perfect place for you to find healing! Click below for more information. This group is for adults whose previous exposure to/experience with trauma (i.e. abuse, family violence, loss) is impacting their current functioning. Group members will be able to express their personal narratives and start the healing process in a supportive environment. The group is led by Alonda...

We love celebrating special events with our "work family". Today, that means cake, and lots of it! We are so proud of our graduating interns!!! We wish you the absolute best on your journey!

A Step-By-Step Guide To Dry Skin Brushing

Want to get more radiant skin and excrete toxins at the same time, all in 5 minutes or less? Add dry bushing to your morning routine and let the results speak for themselves! Learn more about it below. #Wellnesswednesday #tipoftheweek What if I told you there's a simple wellness trick that only takes five minutes a day, costs nothing, and helps cleanse your body, inside and out? Dry skin brushing has a number of health benefits

Loudoun Youth Inc.

Calling all teens!!!! This is such a great event put on by Loudoun Youth Inc.! There will be several awesome bands, a nerf shooting gallery, human bowling, food trucks, and more! You won't want to miss this!

Our YouthFest poster just went out to all middle and high schools in LCPS. I hope you'll join the thousands of teens who will be listening to 11 youth bands, our headliner Cruisr, doing human bowlng (it's totally a thing!). Buy tickets today with coupon code peachjar and get $2 off. Thanks for your support, The Official Loudoun County Public Schools!

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