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I use a Functional model to guide and support women over 50 reclaim their health without medication. We put the brakes on ageing!

[11/09/19]   "I'm thankful for my struggle - without it I wouldn't have stumbled across my strength"

Not digesting well?
Let's build you some diverse colonies!

Insider tip: Eat a different root vegetable every day.

In order to digest plants we need microbes. The human stomach produces hydrochloric acid which makes it very hostile to plant- digesting microbes.

In the intestines the microbial population gets gradually larger as we move closer to the bowel, where the majority of our gut flora lives.

This is where plants can be digested to some degree to feed the human body.

[11/04/19]   If you intend to heal your hunger, you can no longer afford to dismiss your thoughts and feelings as unimportant.

You can't imagine what fixing the dysbiosis/ mucosal lining of the gut can heal.

I finally met him!

Kiran Krishnan!!!!!!
My hero!

My hero!
Satchin Patel!
FDN conference in San Diego.


Scientific American, the Oldest US Monthly Magazine, Issues Chilling Warning on 5G

What's all the controversy?
The danger is real!

themindunleashed.com In a recently published article entitled, Scientific American magazine issued a stern warning about the known and potential dangers of 5G technology.


A single night of partial sleep deprivation induces insulin resistance in multiple metabolic pathways in healthy subjects. - PubMed - NCBI

This disruption occurred in healthy people.
Our circadian rhythm must be honored if our goal is to slow down ageing.

ncbi.nlm.nih.gov J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2010 Jun;95(6):2963-8. doi: 10.1210/jc.2009-2430. Epub 2010 Apr 6. Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't

[10/25/19]   Client's excited, as she should be!
And about the reflux, she can heal that too!

" had my colonoscopy and EGD today and my entire digestive system looks terrific! My Eosinophilic esophagitis is gone and my colon is healthy with a healthy mucosal lining. I'm just guessing, but I assume the mega mucosal along with the rest, has something to do with it! My doctor was upset that I went off all my meds this summer, but after the procedure he said I didn't need to be on any meds! I still have nodules on my vocal cords, and my next step is to raise my bed. I think it's silent reflux in the night causing it. "

[10/23/19]   Everyone knows that their body can conduct electricity.

But did you know that the electrical potential of your body plays a vital role in your health?

We never talk about this because we are so focused on biochemistry.

The water molecules in your body can actually become this incredible biophysical layer called the EZ or Exclusion Zone. Sunlight aids in the charging of the zone.

EZ water is the water contained in each of our cells. Due to the hydrophilic quality of our cells, the water becomes negatively charged while any molecules that remain positively charged get pushed out of the cell and eventually eliminated from the body. this is effectively creating an "exclusion zone" within the cell where only the negatively charged H2O resides - hence the term EZ water.

The greater the level of EZ water within our cells the better our cells work, and in particular our mitochondria.

For more info, check out Dr. Gerald Pollack’s book - The 4th Phase Of Water.

Whatcha got goin' on in there? Inflammation is a topic at the forefront of health conversations. Food sensitivities are one source. The more damage in the gut, the greater number of foods we react to.

[10/15/19]   A single night of missing two hours of sleep will reduce overall testosterone by 30 percent, your overall growth hormone by roughly 20 percent, increase hunger by 30 percent, drop insulin sensitivity, reduce executive functioning,” shared Doc Parsley. “It’s across the board on everything and actually changes the flora of your gut significantly. He's an ex-Navy SEAL and developed his sleep formula to help SEALS deal with the demands of their job.


The Biophysics of Fluoride by Neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse

Do we really understand the dangers of fluoride?

The Biophysics of Fluoride by Dr. Jack Kruse

[10/13/19]   If you fight for your limitations

You get to keep them

No microwave
No worries!
Iron skillet with a tight fitting lid heats up leftovers in just a few minutes.

[10/09/19]   Client SUCCESS!!!!!
"Driving home today on Cantrell it just hit me out of nowhere that I could see good. Everything around me was well-defined. It was amazing. Felt good. I have had more energy- lighter on my feet! I don’t know that I have lost weight, but feel lighter…. My legs are not heavy anymore- (fingers crossed.) I don’t feel timid on my feet- I feel more sure footed. Co-ordinated. NOT dizzy! (Vertigo) Sometimes I do things I wait for the dizzy- I expect it nowadays…… not happening- (again fingers crossed.) Even my head feels lighter! My brain is lighter (yes I have one) & my head is not so heavy on my shoulders….. weird! No, I’m not on drugs….. Just dumping tons of crap (toxins) (pun intended!) Yay!"

[10/08/19]   Magnesium malate
is formed when magnesium is attached to malic acid (an organic compound found in fruits and vegetables, especially apples).

Here are 5 surprising benefits to using magnesium malate:

Magnesium malate has the ability to bind to toxic metals, like aluminum, and excrete them from your body.*
Magnesium malate is great for your skin, it helps exfoliate and give skin a youthful appearance.*
Because of the malic acid, magnesium malate plays a vital role in supporting healthy relaxed muscles and overall muscle performance.*
Magnesium malate promotes the production of saliva, which helps control oral bacteria.*
The malic acid in magnesium malate plays a central role in the energy production cycle and is particularly important for healthy energy levels.*
It's important to be sure you are choosing a good form of magnesium, like magnesium malate.

Other cheaper forms, such as magnesium oxide, are poorly absorbed in the body and come with unwanted side effects such as diarrhea.*


MSG Causes Nerve Cell Damange - Complete Oriental Medical Care

Chips and a diet soda

orientalmedcare.com Study shows additives aspartame & MSG cause nerve damage. Can increase neuropathy, numbness & tingling. Minneapolis acupuncture clinic Complete Oriental Medical Caare treats these conditions.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Wondering about FDN? The world is in desperate need of Functional Wellness practitioners.

Here's me and info about the program.


If you are signing up use this link please!!!


Lets talk and we can visit about it.

Watch The Real Results Show Wednesday at 5pm PST / 8pm EST featuring Elene Murray, FDN-P for insights about how to get REAL long-term, sustainable health results for your clients and yourself!


Your Bugs Are Screaming for Sugar (why gut microbes are making your kids PICKY) - Health, Home, & Happiness

1. Remove inflammatory foods that are difficult to digest and high allergen: Gluten, other grains, sugars, and chemicals in non-food items (food dyes, preservatives, etc)

2. Provide foods that supply easy-to-digest nutrients to the gut to facilitate in repair and healing: Chicken stock, gelatin, fresh juice, healthy fats.

3. Provide probiotics that re-populate the gut with healthy flora.

5. Depending on your symptoms, you may be able to modify this protocol and still see great results; possibly just removing gluten, any known allergens (often eggs or dairy), and increasing probiotics for a time.

healthhomeandhappiness.com Share & FollowPicky eating starts in most preschoolers as they learn that they don’t always agree with their parents. Picky eating almost always starts as a combination of asserting independence and ‘picky eating gut flora’. Unfortunately most methods of parenting children that are picky eater...

Lookee here! Tune in!

Have you wondered what the health coaching journey looks like? Wish you had some insight?

Now you can!

On the next The Real Results Show Wednesday guest Elene Murray, FDN-P will be sharing insights about her journey with FDN, how she runs her practice now, and details on how to get REAL long-term, sustainable health results for your clients and yourself!

Want to learn more? Just let us know and we will send more info in FB Messenger.

[09/23/19]   Costly misconceptions made when choosing a functional wellness practitioner...
MISCONCEPTION #1: You should wait as long as possible before making an appointment
No. Your health is your most important asset. Your body is fighting hard for you on daily
basis to allow you to function normally. Chronic disease places a huge burden on your
body’s systems (digestive, immune, cardiovascular, neurological, etc). The longer you wait
the more damage may occur and can further delay the healing process.


Functional Diagnostic Nutrition – CONFERENCE – Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Health coaches and aspiring health coaches!!!!! Here's where to be! Heading out to San Diego Nov. 30 to learn from experienced practitioners. Come with me! We have space in our room!


Hoping your immune system is working at top efficiency.
FYI: more than 70% of your immune system is in your gut.
Need some help with that?


Implications of Diet and The Gut Microbiome in Neuroinflammatory and Neurodegenerative Diseases. - PubMed - NCBI

It is so great to see another paper talking about the link between our gut microbiome and the level of inflammation in the brain and speed of brain shrinkage. The evidence grows that the microbes in our gut speak directly to our immune cells and our brain cells. Even more exciting is the evidence that our microbes influence our ability to repair our myelin.

If you'd like to make great improvements to your microbiome, I can help with that!

ncbi.nlm.nih.gov Int J Mol Sci. 2019 Jun 25;20(12). pii: E3109. doi: 10.3390/ijms20123109. Review


Statin Scam Exposed. Cholesterol Drugs Cause Rapid Aging, Brain Damage, Diabetes

Say the drug company runs 20 studies on a drug to be approved....18 show little efficacy or even unacceptable side effects and 2 studies show that the drug works to an acceptable degree. The 18 are thrown out and the 2 are used to prove that the drug is useful. Consider the side effects before you put your life in the hands of another person. Question EVERYTHING!!!!! Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Reduction and Supplements to support are the GO to. You have power! I URGE you not to give it away.

realfarmacy.com Statins are prescribed to patients who suffer from high levels of “bad” cholesterol,…

Think about the fact that our children and grandchildren are exposed to this in EVERY ASPECT of their little lives- that their tiny livers and developing bodies are having to fend off these toxins (and hundreds of others) ALL DAY EVERYDAY... the levels of toxins and poisons in our environment is unprecedented in history... a loving, concerned and aware adult MUST be on guard constantly... this is why FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HUMAN HISTORY the coming generation will have a shorter lifespan than their parents,and their quality of life will be much worse... it’s horrifying.

[09/11/19]   Government: Your child needs to eat this trail mix. It is very healthy. If they don’t eat it, we have the right to deny them basic government services.

Moms: Oh! Ok. What’s in it?

Government: You don’t need to know that. It is very healthy. It will make them healthy. The entire scientific community agrees.

Moms: (looks up nutritional facts label online) WHOA. There’s aluminum, formaldehyde, known carcinogens and aborted fetal stem cells in that trail mix. How can that be safe?

Government: Don’t look at that. Trust us. It’s very safe. Trail mix makes your kids healthy AND as a result, the whole world healthy.

Moms: Oh! So there’s been safety studies?

Government: ............

Moms: Like, studies that show that each ingredient is safe? That maybe compare children long term who have and have not eaten the trail mix? That have made sure that children with compromised immune systems or common genetical differences won’t have any short or long term issues as a result of eating this trail mix?

Government: .........

Moms: Ok, so if my kid DOES have a reaction to this trail mix, can I sue the manufacturer for liability?

Government: No. We have exempted them from all liability.

Moms: Wait...who IS the manufacturer of this trail mix?

Government: Just the top four snack manufacturers. They make all snacks.

Moms: Don’t those guys get sued all the time? Haven’t they been convicted of falsifying research? Bribing government officials? And now you have exempted them from all liability on this trail mix?!?

Government: Yes. But this product is healthy and very safe.

Moms: But what if my kid DOES have a reaction? The nutritional label lists all sorts of horrible possible side effects.

Government: They won’t. Or if they do, we’ll try our best to convince you it was just a coincidence. If you’re REALLY persistent, we might award you some money.

Moms: How much money have you given so far to parents of children who had reactions?

Government: Eh...4 billion or so.

Moms: 4 BILLION?!? What percentage of reactions do you think are reported?

Government: About 1%, we figure.

Moms: Wait, wait, wait. So kids ARE having reactions....there have been NO unbiased, double blind placebo tested safety studies, the manufacturers have been exempted from all liability, those same manufacturers have been convicted of bribing officials & falsifying research, the ingredients (once I found them on my own since you wouldn’t provide me the nutritional label) are concerning, and you STILL WANT MY KID TO EAT THIS TRAIL MIX?

Government: Yes. It is very healthy.

#justasking #believemothers #trueinformedconsent #somethingsmellsfishy

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[09/11/19]   Your presence
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Challenge: How To De-Clutter Your Home in 30 Days

Decluttering is a health building practice!
I have worked on this a LOT in the last month.
Reducing overwhelm!

healthyholisticliving.com Clutter isn’t just ugly, turns out it can actually cause you physical stress. Take the 30-day challenge and declutter your life!


Environmental Toxins: Steps for Decreasing Exposure | Chris Kresser

Read up!
Reducing the body burden is critical.
The liver can only process so much...like a funnel that is narrowed at the bottom.
When it overflows the toxins are stored all over your body....especially in fat.....brain? it's made of fat.

chriskresser.com Industrialized society has exposed us to thousands of toxins. But there are steps you can take to protect yourself. Read on to learn how.


47 Facts About the Gluten Free Diet That You May Have Never Learned From Your Doctor | Gluten-Free Society

Share this with your peeps!
#34. As many as 92% of the people following a gluten free diet continue to have health problems because of cross contamination, processed food, and consumption of corn, rice, sorghum and other grains.

glutenfreesociety.org 47 Facts About Gluten You Need to Know Alright, I


Heartburn drugs linked to fatal heart and kidney disease, stomach cancer

Want heartburn?

This is a functional gut problem.
Work with a Functional practitioner to solve the problem. Stop the downward spiral.

medicine.wustl.edu Death risk increases the longer such drugs are used


Unique Hair Testing Project Reveals High Levels of Glyphosate in Members of the Japanese Parliament - Sustainable Pulse

Links at the bottom to test ourselves.

sustainablepulse.com A unique testing project involving 23 members of the Japanese Parliament, has shocked the country after it was revealed that the majority of the


Frying oil consumption worsened colon cancer and colitis in mice, study shows: Research compared effects of fresh and thermally processed oil

Cooked vegetable oil worsened inflammation in the colon, enhanced tumor growth, promoted gut leakage, and caused harmful bacterial products to leak into the bloodstream in mice.

This study used canola oil which is high in polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) as are other vegetable oils such as soy and corn. PUFAs are prone to oxidation which was shown to be the mechanism causing damage in this study.

Other cooking oils and fats that are not high in PUFAs such as avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and butter are not likely to have the same effect. One thing to keep in mind is that olive oil has a low smoke point so when frying things at very high temperatures avocado oil may be a better option since it has a high smoke point.

sciencedaily.com Food scientists have shown that feeding frying oil to mice exaggerated colonic inflammation, enhanced tumor growth and worsened gut leakage, spreading bacteria or toxic bacterial products into the bloodstream.


Fibromyalgia Linked to Gut Bacteria for First Time

Research is catching up with what sufferers have known for ages. insights.ovid.com
PAIN-D-19-00258_pap 1..14

technologynetworks.com In a paper published today in the journal Pain, a Montreal-based research team has shown, for the first time, that there are alterations in the bacteria in the gastrointestinal tracts of people with fibromyalgia.

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