Breathing Room. A Holistic Life Coach and Organizing Company

A Mindfulness and Positive Psychology based support service. Supports clients in decreasing clutter in their minds in order to create balance, clarity and organization in their lives.

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This is such great advice!! And... just think... you won’t ever have to declutter and give these gifts to the local thrift shop. ❤️


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Good morning everyone! I love this organization and Mindfulness so this is a win win! For my local friends, please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding Mindfulness. I love to share this wonderful tool!! Have a wonderful Sunday full of beautiful moments.

Today is the beginning of #MindfulMarch! Check out the classes in your neighborhood to attend, or donate if you can't join us for practice.

[03/02/17]   Good morning everyone!! I know, I know... it has been a long time since I have posted anything on my page. The reason for this was so I could focus on some of the most important things in life; my daughter, my self worth, and my inner tribe of family and friends. So after this much needed, and motivating hiatus, I am ready to share with you some of the tools and inspirations that helped me get to where I am today. So where to begin... well the beginning of course, and for me the beginning is MIndfulness. Much like Whole Language in the 90s (for my teacher friends and colleagues) people think Mindfulness is many different things and many of the thoughts are just not accurate. So, I thought I would start the first day of my new intiative to write a note everyday on this page with where it all began for me, with Mindfulness and a short article that outlines what MIndfulness is; why it is such a "trend" and will be for years, decades and centuries. Also, to hopefully shed a light on something that will help all of you in some capacity of your life. Have a fantastic day full of kindness, awareness, and deep breathing.

[07/31/16]   Hello North Country friends! I will be back in the area next week starting Tuesday, August 2nd for about 10 days and I would love to help any of you who may be struggling with clutter. This is the time of year that we want more time...more time outside....more time on the river...more time with family enjoying the weather. Being mindful or aware that the clutter is taking away precious time to do all the above is the first step. Please let me help you get back your precious outdoor/river/family time. Call me or email me at 267 994 7429 or [email protected] so we can take back your suumer!


Power of Positivity

Do you feel anxious a majority of the time? Do you buy possessions to impress others more than yourself? Do you lack clarity in your life?
Do you feel cluttered and cramped? If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, Breathing Room. A Holistic Organizing Company can help you to gain exactly that back in your life... breathing room to be able to live your life with less anxiety, more clarity, more happiness, love and connection with yourself. #declutterorganizelive

5 Signs It’s Time To De-Clutter Your Life:


Here are 10 reasons to clear your clutter. As a holistic organizing coach I would also add...decluttering will also add more energy, more clarity, and more joy. I would love to help you live a life that resembles this list. Please email me or call so we can begin the journey to your best life. #livingafulllife


Hello everyone! There are so many benefits to Mindfulness, but one is being non-judgemental of others and most importantly of ourselves. In order to evolve, change and move forward, it is more important to recognize that we are all special gifts this world and our weaknesses absolutely do not have to define us. When going through the process of decluttering with the support of MIndfulness, Breathing Room. A Holistic Organizing Company helps you let go of the self loathing and bring in the curiousity, compassion and love for you and ultimately for the life you are meant to live. #loveyourselffirst


Clutter can get in the way of our want and desire to evoke, promote and cultivate change and evolve. Feel free to email or call me so I can help you in your journey to remove clutter in order to live your best life.#liveyourbestlifenow


Change begins with being curious and being curious starts with asking yourself questions. These 10 questions are excellent to start your declutting process... be it in a drawer, closet or a full room. I would love to help you and be a guide to you throughout this list of questions. Feel free to contact me so we can begin to add more clarity, more time, more freedom and more joy to your life today! #livethebestlife


This is the philosophy for Breathing Room... Declutter then enjoy your authentic life... the life you were meant to live. #alifefulfilled

[07/01/16]   Hello everyone! Welcome to my new business page! Over the past year I have been rediscovering what makes me happy; what my passions are and reinventing my life! It has been an interesting, fun, exciting and oftentimes scary venture but what it has unveiled is.... that I have a passion to help people. For 25 years, I helped people and children through my work as a Speech Language Pathologist. Now in this new chapter of my life, I will be supporting clients spiritually and mentally through mindful practice in decreasing clutter in their minds in order to create organization in their lives. The result of this is a power shift in your life in order to increase well-being by having more efficiency, more time, more freedom, more creativity, more clarity and thus overall more joy in your life. I ask you, my friends, to follow my journey; as well as contact me if you feel that my business is something that would benefit your life and lastly share and keep sharing my page! Thank you so very much!!


Breathing Room. A Holistic Life Coach and Organizing Company


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