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Tomorrow is National Sunglasses Day! Remember this essential rule when it comes to shady style - not all sunglasses are created equal. It’s imperative that the shades you wear offer 100% UV protection. This article via WestGroupe breaks down everything you need to know before you buy:

Before National Sunglasses Day this Thursday we have your shady roundup via Eyecessorize!

We celebrate our shades annually on June 27th, but it’s our chance to remind everyone of the importance of wearing sunglasses year-round. Take your pick:

Myth: The darker the lens, the better the protection.
Truth: UV protection has nothing to do with the darkness or color of a lens. Dark lenses without adequate UV protection can actually be worse than no sunglasses at all!

Happy 1st Day of Summer! Celebrate your shades all season long.

The countdown is on! One week until our favorite eyewear holiday. 😎

Over 70% of Americans report they have not discussed their digital device usage with their eyecare provider.

There are solutions available. Get the facts so you’re prepared for your next visit to the eye doctor:

Thema Rolls Out New Tech to Win Eyewear Market Share

Thema Optical is leaning on emerging technology to stand out from the eyewear competition. The Italy-based company rolled out new virtual try-on technology to customize eyewear perfectly fit for you!

Watch the interview with North America CEO Giulia Valmassoi discuss the innovation and new IGreen Eyewear. Thema Optical is leaning on emerging technology to stand out from the eyewear competition. The Italy-based company rolled out new Virtual Eyewear Assistant technology, and North America CEO Giulia Valmassoi joined to discuss the innovation.

Children typically receive more annual sun exposure than adults because many of their activities are outdoor-based. This increased exposure to sunlight means increased exposure to damaging ultraviolet (UV) light which can lead to cumulative vision problems.

Join us in celebrating and spreading the word about National Sunglasses Day, coming up in 10 days (June 27th!). Celebrate your shades!

Father’s Day is near and come Sunday, it’ll be time to celebrate dad with something special! Check out Eyecessorize's selection of gifts, including stylish eyewear of course, that will put a smile on your pop’s face:

National Sunglasses Day is just around the corner (2 weeks, but who’s counting)! Start practicing your #SunglassSelfie.

Sunglasses should be a part of each day’s “out-the-door” routine. The simple act of grabbing your shades before heading out the door can help prevent UV-related eye damage for years to come. #NationalSunglassesDay

If you prefer reading on a tablet there’s an extra factor to consider when it comes to reading glasses - digital eye strain.

There are specially-designed e-reader glasses with advanced technology to help reduce screen glare and symptoms of eye strain. Talk to your eye care provider about your personal needs.

We celebrate eyewear every day, but today we are celebrating #NationalEyewearDay with Zyloware Eyewear! Every day is a beautiful day when you take care of your vision. Tag us in your eyewear selfies. 🤓😎

Tomorrow is National Eyewear Day! Get ready to show off your specs and shades.

Only ONE MORE DAY until #NationalEyewearDay! Keep your eyes on our social channels for an exciting eyewear giveaway with Zyloware Eyewear tomorrow. 🕶👓

Today is National Running Day! Hitting the pavement? Don't forget one of the essentials: sunglasses!

When it comes to the sun and going for a run, we often think about protecting our skin from UV rays with sunscreen and hats, but your eyes need that same protection. Learn more:

Dramatic changes in your vision could indicate the onset of low vision. Learn more about the impairment, low vision aids and find a specialist near you:

Give your eyes a t-eye-me out! About 80% of American adults report using digital devices for more than two hours per day.

Digital device usage can have a major impact on the eyes for adults, teens & kids. Get the scoop:

In a month we will be celebrating National Sunglasses Day! Get ready to take those #SunglassesSelfies and show us how you are protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. 😎

Enjoy your Memorial Day vacation while your kids enjoy theirs -- not squinting. Protect their eyes like they were your own!

For your getaways remember to pack sunglasses that offer UVA and UVB protection for the whole family.

Over 150 million in the U.S. wear eyewear to correct refractive errors such as nearsightedness or farsightedness.

Different lifestyles, occupations and activities require different types of both eyewear and lenses. Good news is, there IS something for everyone. Learn more:

Reading outside can be a nice change of scenery - but don’t let glare give you a case of the sunlight squints.

Polarized, full-frame reading glasses are your best bet - full frame lenses create a wider line of vision and the polarized lenses will reduce the glare.

Did you know that lenses with blue light-filtering and anti-glare properties can be incorporated into ANY pair of frames? You don’t have to sacrifice style for health.

Learn more about what can be done to alleviate digital eye strain:

Catch eye disease before it blindsides you! You might be at higher risk for vision loss if you have a family history of eye disease, diabetes, or are 50+.

During Healthy Vision Month, make an annual comprehensive eye exam to determine if you’re seeing your best.

Prolonged exposure to UV can cause serious long-term damage to the human eye, but the negative effects can take years or even decades to show and can have a big impact on vision health later in life. A good pair of sunglasses can help minimize the risk of eye disease.

Mark your calendars to help us celebrate National Sunglasses Day next month on June 27th!

Give your mom the gift of eyewear! Show mom that you appreciate her and everything she does with ultra-chic eyewear and other festive goodies.

Check out Eyecessorize's complete Mother’s Day Gift Guide:

Using contrast is a key coping strategy for those living with low vision. For example, when pouring a light-colored drink, such as milk, use a dark glass. When pouring a dark-colored drink, such as cola, use a white glass. Avoid clear glasses as they tend to disappear from view.

Get more tips at:

The Pantone color report for fall/winter ’19 has arrived! We’re excited to see the beautiful eyewear that is sure to make an appearance sporting the colors below. Make a fashion statement - but keep your eyes healthy in the process. Read more over at Eyecessorize:

May is Healthy Vision Month. Lack of sleep, screen time and not wearing your sunglasses are just a few small things that play a BIG part in the health of your vision. What are you doing to protect your eyes? Learn more:

Your eyes are just like anything else, they age as you age, which means they can change yearly! Love Taza recently shared her story about finding out she had astigmatism at her annual eye exam, something she never realized she had until her vision continued to change after having twins last year. Read more of her story:

(Repost: Love Taza)

Today marks the beginning of Screen-Free Week! As we all know, screens take up a lot of our free. But there are consequences for our health, including our eyes, with over 60% of people reporting symptoms of digital eye strain (headaches, dry eyes, blurry vision, etc.

Join us in using this week to focus on family fun and unplug when you can!

Over 180 million Americans have refractive errors aka nearsighted, farsighted, etc. When this error is present, light entering the eye is not focused, resulting in a blurry image.

An eye exam is the first step to identifying & correcting these issues! Learn more:

Your eyes are put through the ringer every day - especially with the long screen time hours. Here’s a tip! Try to avoid overhead lights and use a desk lamp instead - this will help control glare that might come from any nearby windows.

For more tips visit:

Happy Earth Day! Whether you’re planning to spend the day outside working in the yard or doing your part to clean up around the neighborhood, remember to keep your eyes safe and protected with a pair of shades!

This coming Monday is Earth Day, and we love this Eyecessorize round-up of sunglasses and glasses that will keep your eyes healthy and help keep Mother Earth beautiful. 🌎

Check out out the latest in eco-friendly eyewear:

Sports eyewear, where to begin? Polycarbonate lenses are ideal for high impact sports. Polycarbonate is a strong, shatterproof, lightweight material that is 10x’s more impact resistant and provides 100% protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Let this be a reminder, during Sports Eye Safety Month, to talk to your eye care provider about how to protect your kids’ eyes from sports injuries.

Little eyes are at a larger risk. They are extra susceptible to UV harm - but a small fraction of parents say they do anything to protect their kids eyes from the sun’s UV rays. It’s important to protect them now for less damage later!

Learn more:

Eyecessorize has your festival style covered as weekend 1 of Coachella kicks off! The sun will be strong, so sunglasses will be essential for your health (and style, of course). Take a peek at the concert-ready looks we’ll be pairing with our sunwear:

It’s National Library Week! Did you know there are nearly 117,000+ estimated libraries in the US? Grab your readers and take a visit to support your local library this week!

If you think you may need reading glasses, visit an eye doctor to figure out what style and strength will work best for your needs.

Steph Curry, greatest shooter in NBA history, just fixed his eyesight. Record books beware.

There are better (and easier!) ways to correct your vision other than squinting your way through life...get your eyes checked!

"Curry, 31 and in his 10th NBA season, said he had been dealing with a condition called Keratoconus (KC)...To cope with his issue, Curry had developed a habit of squinting...” - until now. Believe it or not, Curry has been dealing with a condition that has impaired his vision. He has been more accurate since getting contact lenses.

As you age--your eyes age too. Aging eyes are prone to develop impairments, and low vision is often caused by eye diseases like cataracts, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma.

Regular eye exams are imperative to diagnosing and treating diseases early in the progression to delay or prevent vision loss. Learn more:

Unexplained neck and shoulder pain, headaches, dry eyes -- these are just a few of the symptoms that fall into the realm of digital eye strain.

Lenses featuring magnification, plus anti-reflective and blue light-filtering capabilities can be incorporated into any pair of frames at a variety of price points to fit all needs. Don’t suffer any longer!

April is Sports Eye Safety Month. Each year, 42,000 sports-related eye injuries in the United States require a trip to the emergency room – that’s the equivalent of one serious eye injury every 13 minutes!

90% of these injuries are preventable with the proper eye protection. Learn more:

Sun glare can pose big problems on the road. "I think that every driver should be equipped with a pair of polarized sunglasses. The polarized lens actually is going to decrease the intensity of the source of the glare because it's a tinted lens, so it's blocking some of that intense light.” - Dr. Justin Bazan, OD (Medical Advisor to The Vision Council)

Read more:

If you aren’t able to read up close without stretching your arms to the limit, it may be time to consider reading glasses. Now what? Get the scoop:

Over 50% of Americans spend 5 or more hours a day using digital devices. Scary, right?!

In addition to chatting with your eye doc and creating a plan of action for preventing and treating digital eye strain, follow these daily tips:

Protecting your eyes from harsh UV is always in style, but Lil' Thoughts with Jen (repost) has us wanting to step up our shade game with these Nicole Miller from L'Amy America frames. 😎 Eyecessorize Vision Expo

Eyewear doesn’t have to be boring! Caring for your vision begins with correcting or treating vision problems as they arise. Eye-cessorizing is key, and Kayleigh Harrington (repost) has the right idea sharing these stylish frames at Vision Expo! Shwood Eyewear Eyecessorize

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