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My olive tank fit perfectly! Thx!!
A special thank you to my tribe from Yoga Studio43 for the generous love you shared today at our grand opening at Silver Dragonfly Design Studio! A yoga mat basket will arrive soon, so you can stash the mat and shop with both hands. And to Nikki, this world is a better place because of you, thank you for your endless support and for sharing the love with all of us...Namaste
And I overslept again. This is becoming ridiculous
Hi Yoga Studio43 Fam! Nikki has been kind enough to offer up the studio so I can host a winter/christmas wreath making workshop!! I AM SO EXCITED! We have 2 potential dates and times nailed down, we just need to know which one works better for you? Saturday November 16th @ 1pm OR Sunday November 17th @ 1pm If those dates don't work for you,don't worry! I'll be having 2-3 more up at Alexandria Brewing Company but will announce those dates in the coming week! Can't wait to craft with you all! To check out photos from my last event, visit The Festive Design 😀
Hello. Do you have a beginners class that may or may not be geared toward a larger person with no grace? 😊
Well, I overslept and yoga this morning
Happy St. Patty’s Day!! ☘️🍀❣️
YOUR DAILY VOTE for this beautiful woman is greatly appreciated. Debbie Dees Bartlett educates women to learn that most breast cancer is NOT hereditary. She learned this the hard way through her own experience. After 20 years of passing on mammograms (since she had no family history of breast cancer) she finally had the screening done when the HR department at her work provided the most convenient opportunity possible…. A mammogram van came to their very small business! Seven women were screened, and two of them tested positive with invasive breast cancer. Debbie was one of them. While working full time, Debbie waged a courageous battle involving surgery, six rounds of high-dose chemotherapy, complete hair loss, and 20 radiation treatments. Debbie is now doing well. She was the keynote speaker at the unveiling of a new University of Cincinnati Health’s Traveling Mobile Mammogram van in 2018. She is a natural leader, the voice of experience, and an inspiration to her family, friends and our community. This native Kentuckian has the heart of a thoroughbred, helping to save lives by sharing her story of the need for early detection and regular mammogram screenings. She deserves your vote to participate in the Kentucky Oaks Survivors Parade. Please vote for her… on the way to schedule YOUR mammogram screening!
How can something that hurts so bad be so good! An hour at Yoga 43 Studio... that's what...... yep... I hurt during and after barre class this morning.....but feels so good that I went this morning, the laughter, the grunts, and the best hugs ever....... I so love this family I have chosen....... it is more than friendship... it is a family..... one I got to choose.....[ thank you Nikki!!! keep living your dream..... you pass along that dream to many....]
Hi friends! Missing puppy last seen on Poplar Ridge About an hour ago! He slipped out of his collar! Please contact me if you happen to see him!
Nikki Taylor is this Yoga breakfast style lol

Yoga & Fitness Boutique Studio offering yoga| hot yoga| barre| pilates| strength |community

Evolation Yoga Studio 43 is excited to offer a wide variety of yoga and barre classes. Studio owner, Nikki Taylor grew up in Alexandria. She is excited to share her love for health and wellness with her community! yoga for yourSelf. yourSelf for the world.

[06/08/20]   We have 2 spots open for barre this morning at 9:30 and 1 spot for group Pilates reformer at 6! Grab them while you can!

Our June Virtual Pass is now available for purchase! We have a library of 50+ classes to choose from including restorative yoga, vinyasa flow + core, barre, Bootcamp, and Yoga for Runners. Cost is $35 and can be purchased on the MINDBODY app. Message for details!

[06/05/20]   Happy Friday night, friends! We’ve had a great first week back so far! Just wanted to share that there is a waitlist for tomorrow morning Barre at 8am, so if you can’t make it, make sure to take yourself out as soon as possible. We are strictly adhering to our cancellation policy and want to make sure that everyone who wants to get in does. With that said: It is YOUR responsibility to monitor if you get in from the waitlist. You will receive an email letting you know that you are in, but sometimes they go to junk mail. You can check the app, and your schedule will go from “waitlisted” to “booked”
Thanks to everyone for being so patient and supportive. We truly couldn’t do this without you 💜

Thank you, Catherine for leading a wonderful class at the Park 🧘🏻‍♀️ @ AJ Jolly

[06/03/20]   TONIGHT! Don’t forget that barre has been moved to 7:30!!

So happy to be back with the people that we love💜💪🏻

[06/03/20]   We’ve had a last minute cancellation for our 8:30 barre class this morning! Sign up now to grab the spot!

Loved Yoga in the Park this morning!! Thank you to our wonderful instructor Amber for teaching a great class, and to everyone who joined in on the fun💜 You can join us by signing up through the MINDBODY app!

Our June Virtual Pass is now available for purchase! We have a library of 50+ classes to choose from including restorative yoga, vinyasa flow + core, barre, Bootcamp, and Yoga for Runners. Cost is $35 and can be purchased on the MINDBODY app. Message for details!

Fist class IN studio in two and a half months! Welcome back, fam! We missed you💜

[06/01/20]   We are so excited to be opening tomorrow! Just a few things:

-Masks must be worn to enter the building. No exceptions

-Doors will unlock 5-10 minutes prior to class. Please wait in your car until then

-All of the personal belongings that you bring will have to remain in the lobby, so bring minimal belongings with you

-Mats, towels, bolsters, blocks, and straps will not be available to rent or use at this time

-Please do not come to the studio and participate in classes if you have any feelings of sickness, fever, or have had contact with anyone with these symptoms or known exposure to covid-19

We are excited to see you💜

So sad to hear about our friends from Cincy Shirts Now is the time to support them. Even if you don’t buy a Studio shirt, anything will help!

IF you would like to buy a studio shirt, here is the link: It will support both businesses


Guess we’re not re-opening this weekend after all. Sad for our city and our country. Not asking for sympathy. This is just stuff. It can be replaced. Hopefully this will be a wake up call for all of us to just be better to each other.

Just wanted to share that our schedule is up and you are able to schedule classes on MINDBODY!
Before you do, remember,
Things are different. We have much less people that we are allowed in per Kentucky guidelines.
Make sure you check the times of classes because some have changed. Once we are able, most these classes will go back to their normal time.
We are eliminating the use of forced heat and humidifiers for the time being. All of the heat will be coming from our ceiling and wall heaters.
Doors will unlock 5-10 minutes prior to class starting. Please wait in your car until then.
You must wear a mask to come into the building. This is a requirement from the state of Kentucky.
Please only bring in items that you absolutely need. We will not be providing Mats, Bolsters, Blocks, and Straps at this time.
It has been encouraged that Restrooms only be used if absolutely necessary, so please do your business before you come!
Please do not come to the studio if you aren’t feeling well or have had known exposure to someone with COVID-19.
We realize that not everyone will feel comfortable coming back right away, so we are continuing our virtual classes. We ask that you be patient and understanding as we work through everything.
We also ask that you be mindful with booking. Know that we all want our spot, but due to limitations, we all have to work together to get time in the studio.
We will be strictly adhering to our cancellation policy.
All auto-renew memberships will resume normal pricing now that we are open. Please reach out if you would like to stay on the virtual pass.
Please reach out with questions. Can’t wait to see everyone soon💜

Our June virtual pass is now available to purchase! We currently have a Library of 45+ classes to choose from, ranging from Restorative Yoga to Bootcamp. We also feature a Yoga for Runners class that is perfect for all bodies. Cost is $35. Message for details💜

We are so excited to be nominated for the Best of NKY for the second year in a row! Voting begins June 8th. Thank you to our community for always showing up. We love you💜

Our June virtual pass is now available to purchase! We currently have a Library of 45+ classes to choose from, ranging from Restorative Yoga to Bootcamp. We also feature a Yoga for Runners class that is perfect for all bodies. Cost is $35. Message for details💜

How fun?! 🖤

Planting flowers with our neighbor Anita from @silverdragonflydesign on this beautiful Friday. We’re ready for you 🌸 🌺

Excited that the LOVE Alexandria shirts are now ready to purchase through @cincyshirts
A portion of each shirt will directly go to our studio, and you will be supporting TWO small businesses! You can order directly from this link!

Thank you to everyone for your continued support. Because of YOU, we are still able to provide a service to the community that we love so much💜

If anyone needs custom cookies for this weekend, check her out! Marissa Frommeyer

**UPDATE- SOLD** Hi! I know there are graduations this weekend and I am going to have 4 dozen cupcakes up for grabs- 2 dozen vanilla and 2 dozen chocolate! (2 dozen minimum or mixed with cookie order due to size of boxes) Customized with school colors- $15/dozen

Also going to have 3 senior boxes that include 6 custom butter cookies and 6 buttercream cookies- personalized to suit your grad! $20/box

Please let me know before Friday if you want one- thanks! :)

It’s safe to say that the last couple of months have been a wild ride. There have been so many emotions and unknowns along the way. Fear, anxiety, helplessness, hope, joy, and countless others. The one constant throughout, has been this community. We’ve helped each other on the hard days, we made each other laugh with our silly and sweaty selfies, and as always, have been so welcoming and supportive to the new friends who joined in our virtual community along the way. To say that we are proud and humbled would be an understatement.

There are still so many unknowns, but we are excited to say that we will be tentatively opening our doors on June 1st. While this is an exciting announcement, we want to very clear that it’s going to be different than it was prior to Covid19. Our schedule will be much lighter to start, and we will gradually ease in and add classes weekly as long as we are able.

Here is what you need to know:

-Our group classes sizes will be a maximum of 6 participants. Pilates Reformer will be maximum of 4 participants

-We will be taking temperature checks as you come in

-We will not be providing any mats or props. Whatever you need for class, you must bring yourself.

-If you choose to participate in classes held at the studio, it is done at your own risk.

-In order to participate IN studio, you must use a class pass, be a paid in full member, or be on the monthly auto-renew pricing, paying the studio fee. The virtual pricing for monthly members and memberships will not allow you to participate in classes. So, if you’re auto-renew pricing is set to the virtual pricing, you will need to reach out to have it switched back beginning in the month of June(call if you have questions)

-Nothing schedule wise will be released or available to book until we get complete guidance from our governor

Here is what we need from you:

-Patience: We are learning. This isn’t easy or ideal

-Kindness: please don’t book yourself for every class once the schedule is released. We all want our lives back, but we need to share our space with everyone. The schedule will likely change each week as we ease in anyway.

-Understanding: please know that you may not get in to every class that you want to. Both class sizes and offerings are going to be limited for a while. We are hoping that we will be able to gradually build our schedule each week. Key word: HOPING

IF you are not able to be all of these things, or are not ready or comfortable to return, please stay on the virtual pass. We will continue to offer that throughout June. If you are an auto-renew or paid in full member, you will continue to have access to the virtual classes.

All of the instructors will be working on getting a schedule together. We will not release anything until we have our complete guidance from the governor. So, please, do not schedule anything in MINDBODY until then.

We know that this is overwhelming, but it’s progress, and we will continue to keep you updated with new info as we progress. We are excited to see all of you soon! Thank you for the continued support. Please reach out if you have questions💜

Excited that the LOVE Alexandria shirts are now ready to purchase through @cincyshirts
A portion of each shirt will directly go to our studio, and you will be supporting TWO small businesses! You can order directly from this link!

Thank you to everyone for your continued support. Because of YOU, we are still able to provide a service to the community that we love so much💜

Working hard on new material💙

Yoga for Runners was just released in our virtual library! Yoga is great for runners because it counteracts the pounding, tightening, and shortening of muscles. The postures that we focus on target areas of the body that are problematic for runners.
You can get access to this with our May virtual class pass. We will be releasing another sequence later this month!
Reach out for more information!

Happy Monday! We are kicking off the week with a challenge. Now through the end of the month, every sweaty selfie will get you entered in to win a FREE Pilates Reformer private session with Nikki & Mandi! So that’s TWO private sessions!
All you have to do is post your sweaty selfie and tag and check in at the studio. Both things must be done for your entry to count! Drawing will be done on June 1st!

Have you ever wanted to try Pilates Reformer? Now through Friday, we are offering 10% off all Pilates Reformer services.

With gyms being able to open June 1st, we still aren’t sure that group classes will be able to resume at that time due to restrictions that will be placed. We are a small studio, and depending on the restrictions, it may not be feasible to open for our bigger group classes at that time.

We are confident however, that we will be able to ease back in with our Pilates reformer classes. The maximum per class is 4, and we also offer private sessions.

Our Pilates Reformer classes are entirely separate from the monthly memberships that are offered. If you would like more details, please reach out.
Prices are reflected in MINDBODY at checkout, or we are happy to help if you need it. Just reach out.

Happy Monday 💜

Happy Mother’s Day💕

We miss this space being full of mats and smiles. We miss our tribe 💜

Yoga Studio43

Want access to all of these videos? Our May virtual pass is still available to purchase through MINDBODY. Cost is $35. This will give you access to our library of pre-recorded classes that you can take anytime, as often as you would like. Message for details💜

Yoga Studio43's cover photo

[05/05/20]   Studio family.
I’m not sure what we did to deserve all of the love, but we have had multiple donations sent to us to raffle off to current members and virtual pass holders in the month of May. They are intended to be a “Thank you” for supporting our studio in these very trying times. All I can say is THANK YOU to our donors, who all wish to be anonymous. THIS is community. This is why I love all of you so very much. We are here for each other in good times and bad. When I opened the doors 3 years ago, the intent was never to have a “business”. It was always to create community, and I believe now more than ever, that has been accomplished. Thank you all for holding on throughout this storm.
So! The items being raffled off are:

2- $50 gift cards to the studio. 1 to virtual pass holders, and 1 to current members.

1 $50 Zyia gift certificate. Available to everyone in the virtual and member group

2- $25 gift certificates to Silver Dragonfly Design Studio. 1 to a virtual member and 1 to current members

1- 5 class pass(or $75 value) available to everyone in the virtual and member group.

**all studio gift certificates can be redeemed for classes only. Merchandise is excluded**

If you would like to be entered into these raffles, you must be a current member or have purchased the MAY virtual pass. Drawing will begin in May 15th.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support the studio. Everything that you do helps so that we will be here when this does pass. I love you. I appreciate you more than you will ever know💜🙏🏻


Hey!! We were featured on the @localalexandriaky IG page! Give them a follow to see what’s going on in Alexandria! LOVE our community 🥰

Can we talk about how cute this color is?? It was ordered kind of by default, but it turned out to be so cute. It will definitely be in our next round of sweatshirt orders, but if you want one sooner, let us know. We are placing an order tonight for the white tanks, so we can always add this on. It’s heather blue and it’s 😍🔥

Yoga Studio43

Our Story

The meaning behind “Studio43”, is in honor of my dad who passed away almost 9 years ago. 43 was his lucky number, and his retired high school jersey hanging on the wall.

My dad was big in the community; he coached football, was and umpire, taught masonry at the vocational school, and a die hard Camels fan. He loved everyone who he met along the way. He never judged anyone for their background or their life decisions. He LOVED his community. He loved his kids. He loved his wife. Our world was shattered when he died.

After he passed away, I struggled for years to find peace and acceptance with what happened. I was angry and bitter for a long time... until I found yoga. Going to my mat helped me connect with myself. It helped me gain mental clarity and let go of the anger that I held onto for years. Once I found this, I knew I had to bring it to our community.

As much as I hate that my dad is gone, I’m grateful that it led me on this path. I know in my heart that this was the plan all along. I’ve learned to turn that grief and anger into something positive all while continuing my dads legacy.

I miss him a lot everyday, but the studio makes my heart so full�


*we offer free yoga memberships to anyone going through active treatment for cancer. If you know of anyone who could benefit from this, please send them my way*

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