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Free DSM 5 and material, games, books etc. to use with children. 713-254-1930
I have retired and have many books and things to work with children.Lots of activities to use with Children. Have a DSM-5 also. They are all free j call 713-254-1930 FREE materials for working with children
Hi all, I have started my page on Instagram. It’s a writing page which deals with controlling and handling YOUR OWN SELF. Most of my writings are based on depression, anxiety, childcare and pretty much deals with all human counseling thesis. So it would be great if you follow and share my page to your friends and colleagues. Your small contribution would help me achieve my goal. Thanks in advance ❤️
Interesting article.
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Hi Everyone! We are so excited to share a new mental health podcast hosted by Brittany Miller and me. The trailer is coming soon and first official episode shortly after that! Brittany and I want to highlight the field, and provide a safe space for dialogue and resources for the community. We would love your feedback and ideas/advice. Please support us by following @agraypodcast on Instagram and passing along the information!
Hello Everybody! My team and I are working on an app that will teach you the tools and methods of developing an unconditional love towards self and others. As part of our research, we are conducting a survey. We are asking people to do us a favor but not giving them anything to incentivize them. “We are building an App that will help you get the unconditional love you deserve from people in your life. 1st 10 people to take the survey will get a free year to use the App. Click this link to take the survey." It would really help us if you could take this anonymous survey by following this link:
"98% of people surveyed indicated they would like more love.” How do you feel about it? Would you like to know how your feelings about love compare to the general population? Take this survey. We are doing a research project with global implications for emotional, mental, and physical health and would very much appreciate you taking 4-5 minutes of your time to fill out our survey. Totally Anonymous. People who have taken it have found it highly thought-provoking. The survey allows you to receive the results. Our organization is a 501(c)3 human development research org. Use this link to access the survey. #mentalhealth, #research, #marriage, #relationships, #love, #nurture, #family #awareness, #resilience, #health, #wellbeing, #suicideprevention, #unconditionallove, #Compassion, #empathy, #Self-love, #Self-esteem, #Self-care, #Self-worth, #altruism, #parenting,
iso of people professionals to connect with in Kentucky
We need an increase. In mental health care and involvement. Put mental health professionals in the police departments.
I am incredibly concerned about the news of potential rule changes that Licensing and Regulation Affairs (LARA) is trying to make that would seriously and negatively impact mental health providers with the LPC license. This would drastically impact the livelihood of nearly 10,000 counselors in the state of Michigan, but the impact on clients who see them would be tenfold. (There are 150,000 Michigan citizens currently seeing LPC's.) If this change were to be made, it would cause a mental health crisis wherein many existing clients of LPC-licensed counselors would face abandonment at no longer being able to maintain long-established relationships with their counselors. This will also leave us with significantly less providers to assist in battling the opioid epidemic! This email is a plea for you to air a piece on this! We are asking citizens to write/call their representatives to OPPOSE these rule changes at the forthcoming LARA public hearing on October 4th. Come to the hearing and voice your opposition! Remind your representatives that the 160,000 people this will impact, fund their campaigns and believe in them to advocate for your wellbeing! I can imagine it will be hard for anyone to get re-elected if the this does not pass QUICKLY, as it will make mental health care less accessible than it already is! Encourage your representatives to PASS HB 4325, introduced by Rep. Aaron Miller (R-Sturgis) BEFORE OCT 4TH, which would negate the need for LARA’s rule changes altogether. It is important for those who join us in advocating, that they make it clear that HB4325 IS NOT an expansion in the LPC's scope of practice, but merely maintaining what it is currently our scope of practice. Please educate Michigan citizens on the impact this will have not only on us 10,000 LPCs but the people (& the overall wellness of the economy/society) who depend on and need our services!! Justina Crow, MA, LLPC, CAADC, NCC
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#SpotlightOn👉 Counseling Today’s May cover story: “Exploring the ties that bind” #BeKindToYourMind

The historical roots of racial disparities in the mental health system - Counseling Today

"Focusing primarily on the race of the provider and the client, while valid, is an approach that does not consider the system itself, the functions of the diagnosis, and its structurally developed links to protest, resistance, racism and other associations that work against the therapeutic connection." Understanding the past enables new ways of addressing current implications and identified barriers, including how schizophrenia became a “black disease,” why prisons emerged where hospitals once stood, and how racial disparities continue to exist in the mental health system today.

Bundle of joy? - Counseling Today

Today is World Maternal Mental Health Day #maternalMHmatters One of the most important things counselors can do for postpartum clients is to create a welcoming space and foster a therapeutic bond so they are comfortable talking through the good, the bad and the ugly of their experience. #CounselorsHelp The arrival of a new baby is cause for celebration, but it also comes with night feedings, diaper changes and, often, a host of psychological stressors, from intense feelings of self-doubt to struggles with identity.

Mental imagery as an intervention for emotion regulation disorders - Counseling Today

Imagery work integrates a person’s cognitive, emotional and somatic aspects, with primary focus placed on the emotional aspect.
Although clients might rationally “know” that something is true for them, they can still remain “emotionally stuck” in their past maladaptive behaviors. Counselors who work with images may be able to get around the rational “knowing” and actually address clients’ emotional connections to their images. Many clinicians in the field tend to neglect mental imagery despite evidence suggesting that it can be very helpful for clients who do not respond well to CBT ‘thought’ interventions.

Engaging avoidant teens - Counseling Today

"Many teenage clients simply aren’t interested in counseling, let alone creating connection or building rapport with some strange adult... Building effective therapeutic alliances with these youth can seem daunting to even the most seasoned counselor." By using practical, attachment-informed approaches, counselors can build effective therapeutic alliances with youth frequently dismissed as being ‘resistant.’

Supporting families on their autism journeys - Counseling Today

Having a child with autism affects the entire family system. It affects how parents interact with each other, how parents interact with each of their children, how siblings interact with each other, and how the family interacts with extended family members.
Counselors must take a wide-angle and long-term view when determining how best to offer guidance and encouragement. Having a child with autism affects the entire family system, meaning counselors must take a wide-angle and long-term view when determining how best to offer guidance and encouragement.

From the President: Rising to the challenge - Counseling Today

"We don’t know what will happen with the global pandemic in the future. However, we do know that we will need to attend to mental health — now possibly more than ever."
-- ACA President Heather Trepal Alongside handling our worries, fears and anxieties in response to this ever-evolving situation, we need to practice self-compassion and make self-care a priority. As counselors, we must nurture our own well-being. In these unpredictable times, please remember to take care of yourself. Your wellness...

CEO's Message: COVID-19 represents an inflection point for the profession - Counseling Today

"During the past two months, I have seen the care and compassion of our members and countless other mental health professionals play out over and over."
ACA CEO Richard Yep's May message: The coronavirus serves as an inflection point for all of us, raising questions about how we operate, how we communicate and how we socialize.

Our May cover article, on family issues:

Life after cancer - Counseling Today

"And then, suddenly, the merry-go-round stops, and survivors are left standing still, yet psychologically awhirl with everything they’ve lived through." For cancer survivors, the in-the-trenches treatment may be complete, but their processing and healing are just beginning.

Jane Myers and Tom Sweeney: Servant leaders and advocates for the counseling profession - Counseling Today

A look at the work and legacy of Jane Myers and Tom Sweeney, the only husband and wife couple who have both been presidents of the American Counseling Association. They made substantial contributions to the evolution of the counseling profession in addition to their work during their presidencies and as active members of ACA’s governmental structure. Jane Myers and Tom Sweeney are the only husband and wife couple who have both been presidents of the American Counseling Association. They made substantial contributions to the evolution of the counseling profession, in addition to their work during their presidencies and as active members of ACA’...

The psychosocial impact of COVID-19 on Asian Americans: Counselor interventions and considerations - Counseling Today

Stress-based responses to dramatic environmental changes can lead to a dissolution of coping skills that previously have served as protective factors for Asian American clients. Knowing the multicultural considerations of the Asian American population -- and prioritizing culturally sensitive treatment approaches -- has become an essential service now and for the foreseeable future.

The key to good mental health in quarantine is in the food you eat

From Counseling Today: "Digesting the connection between food and mood" 🧠🍎🥞🍔🥗🍦

Exploring the ties that bind - Counseling Today

“One of the reasons I love relationship counseling so much is that instead of working with one person, you’re working with multiple people. But more importantly, you’re working on the *space between* people. It’s really dynamic and powerful work.”
Our May cover story, on family issues: Viewing clients, and their presenting issues, through the lens of their family systems often leads to insights and understandings that might remain obscured otherwise.

Keep an eye out for our May magazine, arriving in your mailbox soon! 📪👀 #CounselorsRock #BurnBrightNotOut

Marathon vs. sprint: Building a sustainable career as a professional counselor - Counseling Today

#FridayFeeling from our April cover story:
"I have truly come to believe that everything you ask a client to do, you better have done yourself. Whether that’s a sand tray therapy exercise, an expressive art technique, thought stopping, or getting to the gym, you have to do the work too." ACA members share personal stories of what they have done (and are currently doing) to stay fresh, inspired and energized over the long haul of a counseling career.

Using nature as a therapeutic partner - Counseling Today

On Earth Day, a look at the benefits of incorporating nature into counseling #CounselorsHelp #EarthDay2020 #Ecotherapy 🌿🌎 Counselors don’t have to be extreme adventure guides to help clients experience some of the mental and emotional health benefits of reconnecting with nature.

Adjustment disorder in the time of COVID-19 - Counseling Today

"We [counselors] must take care of ourselves before we can help others (similar to the guidance we give to our clients). We must practice self-care. We must resist the urge to assuage our lack of control with overexposure to the news. We must resist the downward spiral." #BurnBrightNotOut As professional counselors, we are braving telehealth, juggling our own mental health needs amid those of our clients, and helping friends and family members adjust to uncertainty and unemployment, all while trying to pepper in some self-care and generally navigate this unprecedented time for oursel...

Voice of Experience: It often comes down to grief - Counseling Today

"I’ve begun to believe that some of the dysfunction we see clinically is actually grief... Addictions, affairs, anger and depression — to name a few things — may really be the client’s attempt to manage grief." If we can see how grief might be driving our clients’ dysfunctions, then what we should be treating is grief rather than just depression, addiction or other symptoms of grief. We cannot change loss. Facing it and finding ways to cope are the keys to resolution.

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How Gaming Can Strengthen Family Bonds During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Shoutout to ACA member Steve Kuniak (whom we talked with in 2017 for a cover article on pop culture + counseling for his recent piece in The Mighty: "Without ever leaving your home, you can explore new worlds and take on engaging adventures."

Make your go-to resource for the latest and best information on professional counseling, including web-exclusive articles you won’t find in our print magazine.

The counselor’s role in community outreach and resiliency building - Counseling Today

Through education, outreach and advocacy, counselors can encourage the communities in which they live and work to develop trauma-informed programs and early intervention efforts.
[*This was written earlier this year, before in-person interactions were curtailed by the risk of COVID-19, but it's still relevant and needed*] Through education, outreach and advocacy, counselors can encourage the communities in which they live and work to develop trauma-informed programs and early intervention efforts.

The need for standardization in suicide risk assessment - Counseling Today

"I’m hoping that in the not-too-distant future, therapists will be saying, 'Remember back when there was no standard for suicide risk assessment? Unbelievable!'" When mental health professionals are left to base their decisions on what they feel or think is effective rather than on the results of research and standardization, they are putting their clients — and themselves — at greater risk.

How to help domestic violence clients during shelter-in-place situations - Counseling Today

"Shelter-in-place mandates aren’t a good thing for women and children who are the targets of abuse... There is no 'how-to' manual to deal with the current situation, of course, but the safety of this vulnerable population demands us to do our best." How can the counseling community help domestic violence clients who are trapped at home with their abusers? There is no “how-to” manual to deal with the current situation, of course, but the safety of this vulnerable population demands us to do our best.

How do counselors support clients during the coronavirus pandemic? - Counseling Today

It is crucial to understand the social ramifications perpetuated by this outbreak so that we can promote optimal care for the clients we serve. It is crucial to understand the social ramifications perpetuated by this outbreak so that we can promote optimal care for the clients we serve.

Spotlight on: ACA Future School Counselors Award winner - Counseling Today

Congratulations 🎉 to the winner of ACA's recent "Future School Counselors" essay contest, Rebecca Alexandra Smith of East Carolina University! Award-winning essay by Rebecca Alexandra Smith of East Carolina University

Interstate compact plan provides hope for licensure portability - Counseling Today

“What is being proposed is what we expect the licensing boards will agree to given their input. That’s why it’s the best option.” ACA has invested in a multiyear project that would finally allow professional counselors to move seamlessly from one state to another without jumping through hoops to secure a new license.

A note of encouragement for counseling students during COVID-19 - Counseling Today

Keep a schedule. Check in with classmates and colleagues. Seek counseling, if you're struggling.
Counseling grad students, we're in this together: "The bottom line is that as a counseling student today, you will be even better prepared than some licensed clinicians once you enter the counseling field. You will be able to show great empathy to clients when they seek services to manage the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic."

From Combat to Counseling: Survivors guilt, shame and moral injury - Counseling Today

A service member or veteran can have PTSD without moral injury, can have moral injury without PTSD, can have both -- or can experience events that meet criterion A, yet have neither. Moral injury is a cluster of symptoms that is linked to but separate from PTSD. There is an emerging effort to distinguish between the two and recognize moral injury as a common and distinct syndrome that requires targeted treatment.

CEO's message: This is your month — celebrate and enjoy - Counseling Today

ACA CEO Richard Yep's April message: This is your month — celebrate and enjoy! #BurnBrightNotOut I believe Counseling Awareness Month could also be “Counselor Appreciation Month” because that is what I feel about all of you. I hope you will “celebrate yourselves” by recognizing each other in some special way.

Spotlight on: ACA Tomorrow’s Counselors Award winner - Counseling Today

Congratulations 🎉 to the winner of ACA's recent "tomorrow's counselor" essay contest, Adriana Walsh of Wake Forest University: Award-winning essay by Adriana Walsh of Wake Forest University

Recovering from the trauma of infidelity - Counseling Today

“Infidelity is an awful event, but it doesn’t have to be devastating. It actually has a silver lining...If treated appropriately, it can actually enrich people’s lives and make them more resilient and make them better in the long run.” Professional counselors play an important role in helping couples and individuals process and heal from the emotionally charged experience of confronting a betrayal in their relationship

Counseling clients into new territory: Five steps to redefine a foundation - Counseling Today

As clients explore new territory, it is not uncommon for them to face new challenges, feel like quitting or even decide to no longer seek counseling. Here are five easy ways for counselors to encourage change and facilitate clients toward redefining the foundations of their lives. How can you encourage your clients in every session to explore something new for themselves?

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