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LivGr8 is a Wellness Center, Inn and Spa providing personal coaching for weight loss, nutritional supplementation and skin care.

LivGr8 and 2LivGr8 began when a significant weight loss of almost 60 lbs, an increase in breathing from 42% to almost 90% on spirometry tests and no longer having the need for pain, Asthma or COPD medications occurred after beginning a weight loss program including nutritional supplements and eating low glycemic and non-GMO. If you've gone through an incredible change that you didn't think was possible yet you achieved it, you want to share it with others.

Livgr8 - Lifestyle Empowerment

I'm Baaaaaaack 😉

Hi, it's Tia. My docs used to say "you are the healthiest sick person I know! Thank you #Usana😎 #CellYes! #Cellsentials #LivGr8

USANA CellSentialsâ„¢: Premium Minerals and Antioxidant us en | USANA Video

Hi, it's Tia. My docs used to say "you are the healthiest sick person I know! Thank you #Usana😎 #CellYes! #Cellsentials #LivGr8

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What Nutritionists Eat When They Want to Slim Down - SELF

#HealthyEating- Try the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time eat the best you can and 20% of the time, well... :) Start with baby steps if need be! After an indulgent vacay or even a few too many dinners out, your bodys probably craving a diet cleanup. Nutritionists go through this cycle, too—but the good thing is, we have training and knowledge thats taught us how to slim back down in a healthy way. So Ive asked some of my favorite registered…

Chewing gum may have played role in teenager’s death, inquest told

14 sticks of chewing gum a day is about 16.8 grams of #ArtificialSweeteners Samantha Jenkins, 19, who chewed up to 14 sticks a day, suffered fatal convulsions that might be linked to consuming gum to excess, says coroner

Your Alaskan king crab may not be from Alaska The truth is, there isn’t just one king crab, and yours may not be from Alaska.

ALERT: Certified Organic Food Grown in U.S. Found Contaminated with Glyphosate Herbicide

Not trying to scare, but it's important to be aware! Even #CertifiedOrganic may have #Glyphosate ALERT! Think you can avoid glyphosate by buying organic? Think again. A shocking new investigation by Tropical Traditions reveals that many products in the organic grain market in the U.S. contain glyphosate residue at levels almost the same as conventional grains.

Dr. Oz Fights Back: His Exclusive Reaction to His Critics

It's my RIGHT! Dr. Oz reveals his reaction to the GMO movement, alternative health and his critics.

Tylenol Kills Emotions As Well As Pain, Study Reveals

I used to pop Advil like candy during my #AnkleReplacement days. Not only did my stomach and liver get seriously messed up, but from this report, it may be why I felt like such a zombie. #WhatYouDontKnowWontHurtYou For decades Tylenol has been used as a pain-killer, but new research reveals it has psychiatric side effects including dulled emotional responses to both positive and negative stimuli.

Sanoviv Webinar - March 18, 2015 by Anthony Daum

April webinar-#ChronicBackPain. Elizabeth Hernandez, one the #Sanoviv (Tia's #FavoriteHealingPlace) resident Chiropractors, will share with you the steps you need to take to feel better and release back pain for good!

This webinar will be on Wednesday, April 15th 5:00 p.m. (PST)
Here is the link for the Access the Webcast Room Link:

Watch Anthony Daum's Sanoviv Webinar - March 18, 2015 on

‘Death by a thousand cuts’? Class actions follow NY AG’s herbal supplements ‘sting’

#WhatsInYourVitamins? For years I took #GNC hoping to get healthier. Only a few days on #Usana and I felt amazingly better and have not looked back! I always figured...but now I know why. It was only a matter of time… Class actions against some of the retailers involved in the recent investigation by the New York Attorney General have been started across the country, from Florida to Illinois, and from Washington to California.

USANA Health Sciences – Your Health. Your Life. Your Way.

Surprise Appearance by Dr. ??? on the #NewVideo at How we help you #GetHealthy! USANA offers a personalized approach to nutrition, business and customer care. Discover your opportunity today at the official site of USANA Health Sciences.

Sanoviv Nutritional Advisor Invite February 2015

#ChangeYourLife with this #HealthAndBusinessRetreat

LivGr8 invites you to a health and business retreat at Sanoviv Medical Facility in Mexico

Guide to Joint Support

Did you see #DrOz today? The #KneeJointSupport information and explanation using the real knee was really cool! Learn how to promote and maintain healthy joints at any age with these healthy tips from Dr. Oz.


Learn #CleanEating with #LivGr8 at #SanovivMedicalInstitute February 14-18, 2015. Your Guide to Clean Eating and Gluten Free Recipes


Join us :)) This is an amazing and healthy way to #Reset your weight and life.

Have you ever been to Sanoviv? Now is your chance to win this once-in-a-lifetime experience! Opt in to the RESET Nation Challenge to lose weight and win big!! #RESETNATION


Turn Your Life Around! 2015 Health and Income Retreat

Join us in Mexico for a 5 night International Health and Income Retreat at Sanoviv Medical Institute. At this retreat you will detoxify with clean food and green juices, learn from medical and nutritional experts, enjoy spa services, pools, saunas and much more. Learn cost saving health and wellness tips for boosting retirement savings, lowering taxes, increasing your income, planning for the unexpected and more! Only a few spaces remain for our February 14-19 Retreat. More information can be found at Make 2015 be your year!

After You Read This You'll Never Look At Milk The Same Way Again!

What's in your milk?? After You Read This You'll Never Look At Milk The Same Way Again!

The Digestion Sessions: A FREE Online Event from Underground Wellness Discover How to Fix Your Digestion Naturally in This FREE Online Event!

Regulatory roadblocks to AquaBounty's GE salmon ‘seriously damage the global credibility of FDA...

#GenitacallyEngineeredFish. Is this a strange concept to you? 90 scientists have written to President Obama urging him to press the FDA into making a decision, one way or another, on whether AquaBounty Technologies should be allowed to introduce the first genetically engineered (GE) animal to the human food supply.

The USANA Test Kitchen: Something New and Fresh - What's Up, USANA?

Serious Yum!! Chocolate Mint #MealReplacementShake (who has time for lunch lol) and Avocado #ChocolatePudding The latest From the USANA Test Kitchen: Two new healthy recipes to keep you motivated and shake up your routine a bit.

The USANA Test Kitchen: Something New and Fresh - What's Up, USANA?

Here are a great #MealReplacementShake recipe and Avocado #ChocolatePudding recipe. Enjoy :) The latest From the USANA Test Kitchen: Two new healthy recipes to keep you motivated and shake up your routine a bit.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Don't get #GMOs??? Just this sentence should be powerful enough to get your attention. "Potential health risks to humans include the possibility of exposure to new allergens in genetically modified foods, as well as the transfer of antibiotic-resistant genes to gut flora." Is this why #DigestiveDisorders, #StomachProblems or #IBS are rampant?! We at LivGr8 encourage you to read on for your and your family's health. :) If you could save lives by producing vaccines in genetically engineered bananas, would you? What if that meant exposing other organisms to foreign proteins and potentially upsetting the ecosystem? People have been altering the genomes of plants and animals through traditional breeding techniques for…

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Visitors love our passion for guest service, the eclectic décor and incredible breakfasts. Our 100 year old Inn boasts antiques in a relaxed atmosphere As a traditional B&B, we have plenty to share with guests. Hot tub, Wii, WiFi, Guest Lounges.

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