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Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Therapies for your health and wellness. Experience the beauty of balance. Rauchelle Meschke, MAOM, Dipl.Ac., L.Ac. Alyse Meyers, MAOM, Dipl.OM, L.Ac.

Many Disciplines. One Patient. In the spirit of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a primary goal of Essential Health Acupuncture is to provide my patients with a broader understanding of health and a more lasting sense of well-being. Instead of a disease-centered focus, Traditional Chinese Medicine applies a patient-centered approach that addresses the whole person rather than simply his/her symtoms. Essential Health Acupuncture combines the disciplines of modern science with the wisdoms of ancient healing and takes advantage of the knowledge of several therapies including; acupuncture, tui na, cupping, diet/nutrition guidance, Chinese herbology along with physical, mental and emotional health. Other medical modalities, that are being utilized, are also taken into account to provide the utmost care for an individual. What this means is that patient and provider work together to develop an integrated diagnostic and therapeutic plan that will best address the whole patient.

Thank you to all the Veterans for their service. We have had the great pleasure to get to know you and to help you over the years!

The hidden meanings of yin and yang - John Bellaimey

TCM is based on years old Chinese Medicine and an underlying Taoist belief. This video is such a simplistic but powerful explanation of just one TCM Principle!

The ubiquitous yin-yang symbol holds its roots in Taoism/Daoism, a Chinese religion and philosophy. The yin, the dark swirl, is associated with shadows, femininity, and the trough of a wave; the yang, the light swirl, represents brightness, passion and growth. John Bellaimey explains why we all cont...

The World Kindness Movement


Pranarom USA

One of our all-time favorite essential oils! Sweet Orange's beautiful citrus scent is an instant mood booster. Combine several drops with other spice essential oils (clove, cinnamon bark, nutmeg) for a warming, comforting addition to cleaning products, or diffuse to brighten your day and freshen your air. 🧡

Qihuang Healthcare

#Yinyang Yin and Yang is as the fundamental categories of all phenomena.

In medicine, the concepts of Yin and Yang are generally used to categorize both anatomic parts and physiologic functions. For example, the back is Yang and the abdomen is Yin; the six bowels are Yang and the five viscera are Yin; Qi is yang and blood is Yin; agitation is Yang and depression is Yin. Similarly, diseases may be categorized according to Yin and Yang. @lilianrochareal

Bubbling Spring Tai Chi of the Carolinas

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Bubbling Spring Tai Chi of the Carolinas

From the Tao Te Ching

Bubbling Spring Tai Chi of the Carolinas

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Cinnamon Leaf (Cinnamomum verum)
Main Properties: Broad-Spectrum anti-infectios(virus, bacteria, fungus, parasite)
Uses: Dental infections; abscesses, gingivitis, diarrhea, dental pain, lice, scabies, ticks, shingles, herpes, warts, sinusitis, influenza, bronchitis

Produced by steam distilling the ovate, evergreen leaves of the cinnamon bush, cinnamon leaf oils is very different biochemically than cinnamon bark. The aroma is deep sweet and spicy.

Can be taken internally (diluted) and used topically (diluted). Do not diffuse.

Oil of the day! We carry 30+ single essential oils, stop in to check them out or give us a call 515-295-4469.

Cinnamon Bark (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)
Main properties: Very powerful antibacterial with a very wide absorption spectrum, antiviral and immunostimulant, fungicide, antiparasitic, aphrodisiac, respiratory/nervous system stimulant
Uses: gastro-intestinal infections, bronchitis, flu, chronic fatigue, depression, acne

Distilled from the bark of the Cinnamon Bush, this oils has a bright sweet and spicy aroma. This oils has a long history of therapeutic uses, mentioned as early as 2,500 years ago in Chinese pharmacopoeia. Today it is valued around the world for both it medicinal properties and uses as a culinary spice.

Can be diffused (often used in a blend), internal (diluted), topical (diluted)

Oil of the day! We carry 30+ single essential oils, stop in to check them out or give us a call 515-295-4469.

Cedarwood (Atlas Cedrus atlantica)
Main Properties: vein and lymph decongestant, tissue draining and healing
Uses: Circulation, heavy legs, varicose veins, bruises, cellulite

Distilled part of the plant, the wood. Aroma is warm, woody, honey-like. Native to North Africa, Atlas Cedar trees also grew in Europe. Slender and straight the blue toned needles and short upright branches tolerate cold. They also have bright grey bark that cracks with age and 6cm long cones with a small hollow in the middle.

Can be inhaled, diffused, used topically. Not advised for estrogen-dependent cancers.

Oil of the day! We carry 30+ single essential oils, stop in to check them out or give us a call 515-295-4469.

Carrot Seed (Daucus carota)
Main Properties: Vein and lymph decongestant, anti-inflammatory, good for liver and kidney function, antipruritic
Uses: spider veins, rosacea, age spots, ciruculation, edema, heavy legs, acne, eczema, psoriasis, itchy skin

The herbaceous plant is especially well know for its orange, fleshy taproots; vegetable carrots!! The seeds of the plant are distilled to make the oil.

Dry, sweet, earthy, root-like aromas. Can be inhaled, diffused, used topically and internally.

Oil of the day!

Blue Tansy (Tanacetum annuum)
Main Properties: Anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, decongestant, analgesic
Uses: asthma, bronchitis, dermatitis, rosacea, neuralgia, sciatica, urticaria

A perennial plant of the Mediterranean region, Blue Tansy has alternating jagged-edges leaves and yellow gold flowers that bloom from July-September. It is sometimes referred to as Moroccan Blue Chamomile and is great for itchy skin.

Can be inhaled, diffused, and used topically.

Medicare will pay for acupuncture that is part of low back pain research

Well now, this is a great step forward! I do have to clarify that this is in the early stages, study research only! So that means maybe in the next year or two actual coverage will be offered! Older people enrolled in clinical trials of the controversial treatment will have their costs covered by the government insurance program

Oil of the day! We carry 30+ single essential oils, stop in to check them out or give us a call 515-295-4469.

Bergamot(Citrus aurantium bergamia)
Main Properties: Variable antibacterial, antispasmodic, sedates and calms
Uses: Loss of appetite, difficult digestion, acne, eczema, psoriasis, anxiety, stress, depression, constipation

Like all citrus fruits, Bergamot belongs to the Rutacae family. Native to China, Bergamot's cold-expressed zest has a pleasant and subtle lemony fragrance.

Can be inhaled, diffused, used topically, internally, safe for children.

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Pranarom USA

🍋New on the blog!🍋Lemon is a favorite go-to for fresh air, natural DIY cleaning & a brighter mood. Check out the blog post ( ) for some everyday recipes & tips, & comment with your favorite uses! How do you use this amazing essential oil?💚

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National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Way to go Florida!

The Florida House and Senate both signed off on a bill (HB451) requiring the Florida Department of Health (FS456) to require its licensees, namely any doctor prescribing an opioid, to inform the patient of the alternatives that are available. The new requirement specifically names acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage as alternative options to an opioid. Read more at

Fina a National Board Certified Acupuncturist to treat your pain at,

The Way of Meditation

Way to go North Carolina! Iowa step it up!

North Carolina just passed SB 544 on April 16th, "Establish Non-Opioid Treatment Alternatives" where Acupuncture is listed as NUMBER ONE in the non-opioid directive for providers of pain management care.
North Carolina now mandates:
• Non pharm as a first line treatment
• Coverage for multiple therapies including massage
• No visit limitations
• Reimbursement level comparable to primary care rates

Bubbling Spring Tai Chi of the Carolinas

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Winter is almost over, but pesky sinus issues are still hanging around! Our Sinus Formula blends calming essential oils with olive oil to support the respiratory system & calm unhappy skin around the nose. Check out our blog (link below) for more Sinus Formula tips. 💚🌿

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The Buddhaful Tao

Grapefruit: Natural Cleaning Power

We have Grapefruit just for you!! This uplifting and energizing essential oil is a natural mood booster with powerful antiseptic qualities for organic cleaning . Inf...

A simple concept that we must all remember... #essentialhealthacupuncture #acupuncture


Happy Chinese New Year: The Year of the Earth Pig | TCM World

Happy Chinese New Year! The Year of the Earth Pig brings balance and calmness (Earth) with enthusiasm, fortune and a dose of realism (Pig). Gung Hay Fat Choy!

National Coverage Analysis (NCA) Tracking Sheet for Acupuncture for Chronic Low Back Pain (CAG-00452N)

This is information in support of Medicare Coverage that will be decided on in October 2019 for Acupuncture Coverage. Take a moment and read the proposal and make a comment by following the link provided. We are in very exciting times. Acupuncture is gaining more and more well deserved popularity and mainstream acceptance. Expanded coverage through Medicare and insurance can make acupuncture more accessible to more people. But to make this a reality we need to make our voices heard. We have an opportunity to do just that! The process of this potential change begins with a "30 day public comment period' where we have the chance to show how many people are wanting coverage for their acupuncture treatments.

Please go to the link below and show your support for acupuncture coverage.

Some suggestions for comments by patients:
1.You can leave a comment by telling your story of how acupuncture treatment by a licensed acupuncturist has helped relieve your pain.
2.You can leave a comment stating that the total cost of acupuncture by a licensed acupuncturist is much less than current conventional treatment which is covered by your insurance.
3.You can simply say that acupuncture treatment helped you and you support Medicare coverage. Use this page to view the details for the National Coverage Analysis (NCA) Tracking Sheet for Acupuncture for Chronic Low Back Pain (CAG-00452N)

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ROSEHIP (Rosa rubiginosa) The Gentle Powerhouse.
Rosehip oil is nourishing, restorative, clarifying and brightening. The astringent quality of Rosehip oil enables it to deeply penetrate the skin, carrying along with it vitamins, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants. Gamma-linolenic acid protects the skin against environmental stressors. Vitamins A and C brighten and clear the complexion. Antioxidants lycopene and phytosterals help to restore devitalized skin and lock in moisture. Rosehip seed oil absorbs easily, leaving skin moist and balanced without an oily finish.
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Honoring Veterans, Past, Present & Future. Thank you. We take pride in getting to know our Veterans at our Acupuncture Clinic and being able to provide quality care.

Qihuang Healthcare

Acupuncture alleviates sciatica and MRIs reveal that acupuncture causes important pain relief related changes in brain functional connectivity.

Tai Chi Chuan Bosco Falconeria

Kossuth Regional Health Center

Curious about what causes joint pain? Join Dr. Crane for a free seminar to learn about causes and options for treatment. Tuesday, October 16 at 1 p.m. at KRHC. Read more here:

Essential Health Acupuncture Rauchelle Meschke Dipl.Ac Alyse Kern Dipl.OM

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