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Climb Every Mountain - Susan Boyle - Lyrics

The message in this song is amazing. Sometimes I think I want this at my funeral as a reminder to my kids. Follow your dreams no matter how difficult. The rainbows are golden. I hope you all follow your dreams as well.

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[06/26/19]   Today I want to lightly touch upon energy. In the book I am writing I go into a much deeper explanation. But for now I’m asking that you set aside all previous beliefs. For your beliefs have developed out of what you were taught. As a newly arrived child/soul, you had no actual physical or earthly beliefs other than what you were taught. However you also carry deep within your previous experiences from other incarnations. Together this belief system establishes your current values and beliefs. Your ego keeps you alive and brings forth through law of attraction the life experiences. The soul also participates through law of attraction but desires a different perspective. It is seeking a desire to evolve and to understand unconditional love without judgement. For the Divine Infinite Source has no judgement of anyone or anything. All energy has a higher side and a lower side. Both polarities. The only way to evolve is to actually experience both. The lower side of energy is often referred to as negative energy. This lower energy is what helps propel you forward. And as such you are pushed forward to a higher level. This is evolution at its core. Lower energy is less evolved. It does not understand love. But eventually each and everyone does evolve. If you desire to understand more spiritually, then you must work at achieving detachment from all judgement. After all, everything is flowing in Divine order. All is well with all people, places and things. Namaste and blessings.

[06/23/19]   I recently had someone ask about finding dimes. Dimes and pennies are two coins most often used by our loved ones on the other side and the Angels (Spirit). I shared a story some time ago about finding a penny on the day my father passed away with the year 1986 on the penny. It was the same year he passed. It was found under a chair that I rarely move to vacuum because of its weight. Needless to say, finding that penny was bittersweet. I smiled and I cried at the same time. The next time you find a coin stop and think about your current thoughts close to the time you find it. Is there a special connection to the day you find it or the location it is found. Look at the date on the coin. Does the year connect in anyway. And lastly, read the words written on the coin. In God We Trust. Perhaps that is the entire purpose and message of the coin. Your faith is currently being tested. Have trust and faith all is well. Only you will know according to your current life experience and how it fits. The other side loves you and will do everything in their power to send a big hello. It really is that simple. Blessings to you all! I hope you find many pennies and dimes in your future.

[06/12/19]   What I am writing about today may seem a little different. Currently I am experiencing a tooth problem in which I am having the tooth removed tomorrow. I have always known our physical body is directly affected by our emotions and thoughts. How could it not. It is all connected and makes me who I am. I always knew the teeth are connected to the 5th chakra which is the throat. It can be the fear of not speaking up for our beliefs. Did you also know that the right side has to do with masculine, therefore your father. And left side feminine, your mother. Each tooth also has a direct connection to parts of the body and specific emotions. I do understand I created my own issue. But dang it’s hard to change my thoughts and emotions. So now I’m wondering if the tooth gets pulled is my problem over? lol I’ll keep you posted on that one. Hahaha! I’ve come to the conclusion if I can’t change my thoughts and emotions, pull the tooth. 😊
But my guides are saying, “Not so fast Sherlock. It doesn’t quite work like that.” 😳 Can’t blame me for trying. lol

[06/03/19]   Thanks a million to everyone who attended the Iowa Metaphysical Expo
It was great seeing you!!!

All set and ready to go. Speaking tonight at 6:00 pm. Lots of awesome things to see and do.

Another exciting year in Des Moines. Hope to see everyone there.

I would like to thank everyone for your overwhelming support and participation on my first video. In order to be fair I let a computer program choose the names. If your name is chosen please have the person you nominated contact me via messenger.

My first video. lol. Not great, but perhaps a start for me. 😬

It’s so exciting to hear validation that someone’s life is about to change for the better. I’m so happy for Anastasia. Just wanted to share. Good vibes and healing sent your way Anastasia!!! ❤️❤️❤️

So true! 😂

On occasion I have someone’s pet who passed show up in a reading. As an animal lover myself, the pain of losing an animal companion can be heart wrenching. I still think about each and every one I lost. They took a piece of my heart when they left. I still miss and love them.

[05/20/19]   Many people think and believe if they become more intuitive and psychic their own life will be a breeze. That somehow that is the answer to everything going smoothly. Well I am here to tell you that is anything but far from the truth. We, along with everyone else do have unique and special gifts. But we also experience all the emotional highs and lows of things affecting our own lives. We are on the same roller coaster ride with everyone else. The difference in the successful outcome is the desire to help another out of love and compassion. We don’t always love ourselves or have compassion for ourselves and therefore we can become blocked and blind to our own lives. Mediums, psychics and intuitive readers are all here to learn and grow as well. Loving yourself and the desire to help and love others will open many doors for you in learning to tune in for yourself and others if that is what your seeking. Each of us is a work in progress. One lesson and experience at a time. ❤️

[05/07/19]   There are days when we all question “what the heck?” And yet you continue on struggling trying to make sense of it all. If only we could understand why bad things happen to good people. The reality is bad things happen to everyone. When something is occurring in your life that is emotionally devastating, don’t try to make sense of it. Acknowledge your feelings and thoughts. You are not crazy and eventually you will move beyond the feelings and into a state of acceptance. Just be patient until that occurs reminding yourself its only a matter of time that I can cope and understand. Acceptance does not mean it goes away. It just means you are consciously agreeing to move beyond and integrate what you have learned and thereby have grown as well from the experience. Always remember you are never alone. Both sides of the veil have your best interest at heart even though you may at times lose sight of that fact. Your feelings and thoughts are real and they give you the gift of knowledge and evolution. May your troubles be brief and your joys last a lifetime.

[04/29/19]   I just wanted to share a recent review. I feel so blessed and honored to be a channel for loved ones to communicate from our side to theirs. Your loved ones are truly much closer than you realize. Have a day filled with happy memories of your loved ones on the other side. Blessings

I felt immediately comfortable around Kim, and she was able to bring up incrediblely accurate details about a loved one who had passed on, things no one else would know. A handful of things in particular were so spot on and random that I got goosebumps. I highly recommend Kim, and will definitely be going back to see her again some day.

I can relate to this. lol

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I often think how the movie, The Wizard of Oz, is a mirror image of our life. We all arrived not knowing where we are. Our goal is to get home, The Emerald City. And so we follow the path. It leads us on a journey of ups and downs. Dorothy met the Lion looking for courage. We too are looking for courage to move forward and do what we came to do. The Scarecrow is looking for his brains and we are always trying to conquer our own inner thoughts. Our mental state. The Tin man is looking for his heart. You as well must find your heart and love one another as well as yourself. The journey will be marked with difficult junctions as you encounter a wicked Witch. Thank goodness you will also encounter friends who wish to help you. Even that special friend who you feel so much love for and keep them close. That friend is Toto. Never giving much of an opinion. Just a loyal companion. Eventually you see behind the curtain, the thing you have been searching for to help you get home is just another person also on his own path desiring to learn and grow as well. This beautiful story is you, your life. The ending is spectacular. The Wizard helps you realize what you are looking for has always been within you. You have the power to return home anytime you wish. The ruby shoes are yours and yours alone. You arrive home safe and sound. But you are also changed forever. This is your life. Keep your heads up and just follow the yellow brick road. It will lead you home.

Oh my gosh! Fargo, you are super supportive. What an awesome day!

BodyLabUSA ND & MT

I’ll be there!

Thank You ND Today for having us this morning! Be sure to come out and see us in Fargo on Saturday!

[03/26/19]   At some point everyone begins to question their own existence. By doing so, you are opening the door into your own consciousness. The same consciousness that connects us all. Think of it like your body. You have a foot and you have a hand. They are separate but yet they are part of the same. This is the same concept when you interact with another. If you mistreat another, in essence you are doing it to yourself as well. You cannot disconnect yourself if you tried. On one hand the world seems to be more destructive and on the other hand the world seems to be more evolved. What you are witnessing is the separation beginning from 3rd dimension consciousness to 4th dimension consciousness. The shift is very subtle but is occurring none the less. The more you can shift your thoughts to love and understanding for each other, the more you will expand your own ability to move into the 4th dimension giving you access to the universal consciousness and all who exist on both sides of the veil. I hope this gives you a better understanding. Have a blessed day!

St. Cloud show was amazing! Thanks to everyone who made it super special!

I will be in St. Cloud this coming Saturday. Can’t wait to return.


So close!!! 😊

SUPERIOR, WI- We are coming to you on March 16th, 2019, from 10am-5pm at the UW Yellowjackets Union!!!

Come to explore Everything Spiritual and Holistic. We will have a variety of vendors offering Psychic, Tarot, & Angel Readings, Aura Photos, Various types of Energy Healers and Crystals, Gemstones and much much more.

We will also have a Group Gallery event with Kim Weaver Evidential Medium and Channel as well as 5 FREE Lectures. $5 Entrance Fee. FREE gift/swag bags to the first 25 people. We have something for everyone!!

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[03/14/19]   I apologize to anyone who has sent a message. Facebook is not working right now. Please be patient. ❤️

Super excited to be returning. 😍

S1 E8: THE REALM WALKER with Kelly McCarville | Numerology with Kim Weaver

Join Kelly LIVE on Episode 8 of The Realm Walker as she speaks with Kim Weaver about NUMEROLOGY!!. Kim is a Psychic Medium. She has spent years learning different divination systems. One of which is Numerology. Numerology is the ancient study of numbers and how they affect our lives. They can teach....

Let it snow! Let it rain! I will be there no matter what the weather delivers. 😊

[02/13/19]   There are times in our lives that are more difficult than others. And yet, somehow we survive. It isn’t easy and you may even feel like giving up. Just know there are family and friends that support you. They love you and only want the best for you. Love is what it is all about. Allow it to surround you and comfort you. Even though your loved ones are no longer with us in body, they are with us in Spirit each and every day. I don’t know about you, but I miss them all terribly. May your day be bright and full of love today. ❤️

Many wonderful things here today! Hayward, Wisconsin. Flat Creek Inn

Hope to see you there!

[02/01/19]   Staying detached without allowing any form of judgement to creep in is a very hard thing to do. It is easy to get caught up in a group consciousness that negatively affects your emotions on a profoundly deep level. It then becomes hard to know what are your own beliefs and what beliefs do you hold because others have influenced your thoughts. This is a herd like mentality. In order to raise your vibration and become more enlightened, you must break free of this. For a few days pay attention to this. Do you believe something because it is your own belief or because someone taught you that belief? Where do your thoughts originate from? If you spend some time with this, the answers will come from within and that is the path of enlightenment. Have a fabulous weekend.

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