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✯Nebula Creationz can create that perfect gift for you! Our Artisan soaps are created with the finest ingredients! Contact me to get your own custom bars✯

All of my cold process soap contain the following:

✯Organic Coconut Oil✯Extra Virgin Olive Oil✯Organic Shea Butter✯Organic Cocoa Butter✯Castor Oil✯

My soap may also contain one or more of the following:

✯Calendula✯Oatmeal✯Poppy Seeds✯Blueberry Seeds✯Bentonite Clay✯Sea Clay✯White Kaolin Clay✯Lemon Powder✯Annatto Seed Powder✯Chamomile Powder✯Organic Luffah✯All-Natural Sea Salt✯

Operating as usual


It's been too long gang...We are coming back with all new looks and products! It will be a couple months and gears are turning!


Made 3 batches of soap tonight! I'll post pictures once I unmold and cut!


A look at the first soap from my new mold! Topped with rose petals. Also my first attempt at a hanger swirl! I think it turned out awesome!


So the soap I made in my smaller mold is going to be a couple days until I can cut. It ended up being softer than I thought and with it being warmer outside, my soap wants to take a little longer to cure! I should have it cut on Sunday! Pictures to follow :D


Here are the tea infused soaps unmolded! Since I used castor oil, I had to freeze the soap to get it cleanly from the molds. The smell is amazing and I love how rustic and natural they turned out!


Tea Infused Soap


Hello everyone!!

I would like to announce that I am temporarily back in action! For right now, I am only doing private orders but hopefully I can get some stock in the shop.

So if you are interested in my soaps, please feel free to contact me! I have been creating recipes for certain skin types and gathering lots of ingredients and I will be starting to pump out the custom orders I already received. So expect to see some pictures and possibly videos.

Other than that, I am currently working on perfecting my laundry sauce recipe and I recently made a test batch of fabric softener and it worked out really well!



Nebula Creationz will be taking a winter Hiatus.

I have plans for a complete re vamp of my brand. Name change, new product look, and new products!

All of my soaps and such that are currently up on Etsy will be available until 12/31 @ 10pm

After that, I am officially taking the hiatus and everything will be taken down.

So stop on by and pick up some last minute gifts for that special someone, or even for yourself!


☃❅My Holiday Soaps are now available! Head on over to my Etsy shop and check them out! If you buy 3 soaps, you can get FREE shipping! Just use this coupon code: SHIP3 at checkout!❅☃

✯Just click the SHOP NOW button at the top!✯


Here are a few slices of Snowy Extravagance! The swirls turned out awesome!


❄Snowy Extravagance❄

My first ever full size soap cake! I can't wait to cut into this tomorrow morning!


*~*Le Crème De Pumpkin*~*

Indulge in a luxurious windfall of delicious pumpkin with a subtle hint of buttercream! These bars will leave your skin feeling clean and nourished with Nebula Creationz personal blend of oils.

Available November 13th on the Etsy shop! 🐼


Introducing: Toliet Fizzies! They help keep your toliet sparkling white and the essential oils make your bathroom smell amazing! These are to be used 1 to 2 times a week in between cleanings, or when someone leaves an unpleasant odor behind. I have tested these throughout the summer and I absolutely love them!

Available NOW in the Etsy shop! 🐼


Alright folks, I wanted to wait until my pumpkin soap browned a little before I showed you what it looked like. Can't wait to show!

Also I made my first ever soap cake! I am making the frosting today and piping it so it will be up soon as well!

Stay Tuned! 🐼


Hey everyone! I'm cutting my soap either today or tomorrow! So stay tuned for pictures.

We have reached 150 likes! This is so awesome! Thank you all so much for your support! 🐼


Oh my gosh you guys! I can't wait to get home this afternoon and begin working on a new soap! I am also going to be creating some tub and toilet fizzies as well! I am so excited to get back into the game and crank out some holiday goodies for everyone!

Stay Tuned...🐼


I started stocking my Etsy Shop! I will have more up throughout the day! I will also have more soap photos coming here soon as I conjure up some new designs and packaging! 🐼


Hey guys! I just whipped up a jar of my concentrated laundry soap! This was my test batch I made. This batch I did add scent enhancing crystals to, to test for texture and consistency. However, I will have unscented and some with essential oils.

Stay tuned! 🐼


Sorry for the delay you guys! I've been caught up in personal things and been behind :( I apologize, however I have been testing my laundry soap and it is fabulous! I will have pictures up once I whipped it.

Plus I'm working on some...dare I say fall/autumn scents. Since Aumtum official began on the 23rd. It's time to start thinking about pumpkins, warm cinnamon, sweet peppermint, and all sorts of warm and cozy flavors and smells that remind you that colder nights are coming.

I can't wait to start creating some new designs! Stay tuned! 🐼


Hopefully going to attempt liquid soap on Friday (which is my birthday) I will have more on my giveaway and such then!

See you soon 🐼


Oh my goodness you guys! I am almost at 100 likes! I cannot believe how awesome each and every one of you are. I literally got a little teary eyed because I never thought I would even get this far. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart


I reached 100 WAHOOOO!

Stay tuned for more details on my giveaway and what will be in store!


Baby Shower Favors packaged and ready for Sunday! Aren't they just the cutest?!

Client absolutely loves them! She already used her personal soap and she is in love! It makes my day when I can make someone happy with my products :)


My liquid soap is finished!


Oh my goodness you guys! It's been a while! I had an order for baby shower gifts so I was caught up in that (pictures to come).

I started recording my process and my batch started excelerating pretty quick so I wasn't able to get anything recorded. :(

However! Today I am going to try to make some liquid soap today so I will attempt to successfully record that! I cannot wait!

I am also going to start making laundry soap and stain remover sticks! So stay tuned for that!

Thank you to everyone for your continued support!


Today I bring you the following: Citrus Sensations, Spicy Orange Zest for Men, and Blueberry Lemon Tart!


Here is my finished Cherry Almond N Oats soap! It will be available at the beginning of May! If you are interested, reserve your bar now! I have 10 bars :)

"Sweet black cherries meet delectable almonds all wrapped in warm oats and honey."

Reserve yours today!

Cherry Almond N Oats 04/04/2015

Cherry Almond N Oats

Enjoy my first soap making video! I wanted it to be HD, but my video editing software was not having it, so my apologies.

Stay Tuned for the cut! :)

Cherry Almond N Oats Number One of Six soaps I am creating. Sweet delicious cherries meet mouth watering almonds all nestled in the warm aroma of oats and honey. Stay Tuned for t...


Good Afternoon!

So today I decided to make a wonderfully fruity tray mold soap (instead of loofah). It turned out really nice. I used Almond milk and Cow's Milk, Brazilian clay, and Titanium dioxide. The oils/butters I used were: EVOO, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, and Cocoa Butter. I will post pictures tomorrow when I cut into it.


Hello everyone!

Quick Question: What are some fragrances that YOU would want to be in my soaps? They can range from Essential oils to Duplications of perfumes! I want to know what yall are interested in!

I am definitely going to get a few Victoria's Secret dups and possibly some Juicy Couture. I do have some Very Sexy for Men which I made into a Loofah soap. However, my whole batch got sold to one person, because he loved it so much. Even his dad loves it!

I'm going out tonight to buy more gloves so I will be making another loofah soap TONIGHT!

Stay Tuned!


Sneak Peek at some soap from my spring collection. Going to try to get some Cold Process soap done tomorrow so it will be cured in time for Spring!

"Gorgeous tones of Bamboo, Blood Orange, Florals, and a hint of Tea Tree..."

"Florals and Fruits have come together to bring this wonderful soap to life. Mangoes, Strawberries, Bamboo, and Florals..."


Hello Everyone! 😀

I have finally got the time get my soap equipment moved into the kitchen and organized my old soaps and decided that I am going to revamp all my old designs.

I was at the dollar store the other day and they had the CUTEST mini silicone cake and loaf molds. For these two mini layer cakes I used my old pecan strudel soap and added a touch of buttercream to the white, so in time it will discolor but this is more of an experiment to see how discolored it will become.

I can not wait to cut into these and see the sparkle! 24 carat gold mica is just gorgeous!

What do you think of these designs? If I made these and sold in slices, would you be interested in purchasing? Is there a particular scent you would want in a soap cake🍰? Let me know! I love hearing suggestions from you folks.

Comments💬 and Questions💭 are always welcome!

Soap Awesomeness 02/10/2015

Soap Awesomeness

While I have been on hiatus, I started becoming more obsessed with Pinterest. I have a whole board up of awesome soap designs and ideas! Go check em out! I also have a board for Health/Fitness and Simple DIY Life hacks!

*UPDATE* My official first batch of soap I have scheduled to make is the 18th! I'm starting my spring collection along with a few other surprises!

Soap Awesomeness Pins about Soap Awesomeness hand-picked by Pinner Melanie Dedmon | See more about soaps, christmas soap and glycerin soap.


Nebula Creationz is moving!!!! We are moving into a new location, in the meantime I unfortunately can not make soap until we get all settled in. We hopefully should be moved a week after Thanksgiving, keep your fingers crossed!

I will update everyone as soon as I can start making soap! Believe me, this is the longest I have went without making anything and it's driving me nuts!

However, I will be getting more space for my soap and an open kitchen to work so I may even record some of my soap mischief to share with you! :)

I hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

-PB ~Nebula Creationz


My creamy peppermint soap will be up on Etsy on Monday, Nov. 17th!

If anyone wants to preorder a bar, let me know! I only have 9 available!

Plus, if you order at least 2 soaps, I will throw in a special thank you gift! ;)

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