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Salt Friends! Join us this Thursday @5:30pm for a very gentle yoga practice using essential oils. Salt therapy+yoga+oils= bliss 💗
We keep hearing how much you love Halotherapy, Restorative Yoga with Essential Oils! Thank you!!! Practice twice this week with us... 🌟Wed 10/3 @6pm - Mindful techniques w/Charla J Dodson 🌟Thurs 10/4 @5:30pm - Restorative Yoga with Essential Oils w/Maribel O'Brien $20 investment includes Halotherapy session, Restorative Yoga with Essential Oils. We also provide yoga mats, blocks and blankets. Please text Maribel @469-400-6737 with any questions. Thank you 😊
Salt Friends! Please join us for very gentle yoga practices this week that includes your Halotherapy Session! ⭐Wed @6pm - Restorative Yoga & Essential Oils w/Maribel ⭐Thurs @5:30pm - Restorative Yoga & Essential Oils w/Ana Both Classes include Halotherapy session, gentle movement with blankets and yoga blocks to support your practice. Your investment is $20. Please RSVP to Maribel 469-400-6737 Thank You!
Salt Friends!! Thank you for your feedback. We're thrilled to announce...EVENING classes!! ⭐ Every Wednesday @6pm Unwind Wednesday. Meditation and unwinding techniques w/Essential Oils and Halotherapy. ⭐Every Thursday @5:30pm Restorative w/Essential Oils and Halotherapy Classes are very gentle and we provide mats, blankets and blocks should you need. Reservations: Please call 972.912.0019
Salt Friends!! Thank you for your feedback. We're thrilled to announce...EVENING classes!! We start in September... ⭐ Every Wednesday @6pm Unwind Wednesday. Meditation and unwinding techniques w/Essential Oils and Halotherapy. ⭐Every Thursday @5:30pm Restorative w/Essential Oils and Halotherapy Your investment is $20/person. We also provide yoga mats, blankets and blocks should you need them.
🙏🏾 We’re so excited to have Salt of the Earth as an official event vendor for #LorettaDoesDallas2018! Pre-sale advance tickets can be purchased at this link until 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 5 👉🏾👉🏾
Booking this week for our gentle yoga classes! Tuesday @1:30pm - Restorative w/Maribel Thursday @1:30m - Gentle Flow w/Christi All classes include Halotherapy session, yoga and young living essential oils. We provide yoga mats, blocks, blankets, and water bottle should you need them. Sign up today...text Maribel @469-400-6737.
Reminder that Salt Yoga classes are off this week for the holiday... We are booking for: *Tues (7/10) @1:30pm - Maribel Restorative Yoga with Essential Oils and Halotherapy. *Thurs (7/12) @1:30pm - Christi Gentle Flow with meditation and Halotherapy. Thank you!!
Salt Friends! We are so grateful our salt yoga classes have been well received...Thank you!!! If we added classes to the schedule, what time of day would you be likely to attend??? Morning, Afternoon or evening...Please comment below! :-)
Hi Salt Friends, We are booking Yoga/Halotherapy classes for... Tues, 6/19 @1:30pm - Restorative yoga w/Maribel. Thurs, 6/21 @1:30pm - Gentle Flow w/Christi. **All classes include Young Living Essential Oils, Halotherapy and bottled water. Yoga mats, blocks and blankets provided. No experience required...Everyone welcome. Your investment: $20 Questions: Contact Maribel @469-400-6737. Photo Credit: Ali Kruger
There are still a couple of spots open tomorrow for Yoga and Halotherapy. Very slow flow with Essential Oils. 1:30pm $20 investment
Another great session today, Salt of the Earth. Thanks! Will return often!

The benefits of salt therapy are wide-ranging. Salt levels affect our cell activity, energy and blood sugar levels. A natural disinfectant for your body.

By appointment only, Please call or message 24 hours ahead of time. (Do you suffer from any of these conditions?) Asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, Chronic ear infections, allergies to dust, pollen, pets, or chemicals, hay fever, smokers cough, chronic cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, runny nose, snoring, recovery after acute pneumonia, cystic fibrosis, chronic rhinitis, tonsillitis, eczema, psoriasis or acne. (Benefits of salt therapy) On your road back to wellness, salt therapy will benefit your seasonal airborne hurdles and chronic ailments. It will provide a fast, more effective and natural alternative to steroids, breathing treatments, inhalers, and prescribed medications. ​​​​​(Using salt therapy as a preventative) Salt therapy can help prevent respiratory viruses, including the common cold and flu. Children and adults who experience chronic or multiple colds throughout the year due to day cares, schools or poor ventilation in the work environment can benefit greatly from salt therapy.

Operating as usual

Hey guys I know how you're feeling! These allergies and pollen are out of control! Lets take action and kick this pollen in the Bee-Hind 🐝🐝

Call- 972-912-0019 so we can take the first step of breathing easier!

$25.00 Off at Salt of the earth

We’ve got the presents to make mom’s day. We know those allergies are a kick in the bee-hind!

Shop and save with this special deal for special moms who keep getting stung by allergies! Click here for a free $25.00 coupon at Salt of the earth!

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Hello everyone POLLEN is in the air, and once again is leaking havoc in our communities and daily lives! If you are having any aliments such as coughing, congestion, inflammation please give us a call at 972-912-0019! Lets get you back to you TODAY!

One tap of this tree triggered a POLLEN STORM! This is an allergy nightmare!

Long Brothers Tree Service

If your sinus are acting up this may be why

Just in case anyone needs a reminder why their sinuses are acting up..

5 Day Pollen Allergy Forecast for Plano, TX (75025) |

Well guys spring is here and looks like our allergen forecasts are going in the red this whole week! Make sure to stop by salt of the Earth so we can help with your allergy needs! Get 5 Day Allergy Forecast for Plano, TX (75025). See predominant allergens and allergy forecast discussion to better prepare for next day.

National Geographic Magazine

Travel deep underground into a defunct salt mine of the Transylvania region in Romania to find this bizarre, futuristic amusement park.

[10/17/18]   Good Afternoon everyone! I hope you are staying dry on this wet & cold day! just as a reminder we have a deal of a lifetime for you guys. Yoga class with salt therapy and essential oils is tomorrow @ 5:30 pm. We hope to see you guys and get ahead of the allergies this fall!

[10/11/18]   Just started our Thursday yoga class! Always good to see happy faces, if you have any questions on our restorative Salt Therapy yoga with essential oils classes please reach out! We are more than welcome to answer any questions or concerns.

[10/08/18]   Salt of the Earth is hosting Salt therapy Yoga with essential oils in Allen! For the deal of 20$ per session!

-Wednesday’s @6pm. Mindful Techniques with Essential Oils and Halotherapy(Salt Therapy).

-Thursday’s @5:30pm
Restorative Yoga with Essential Oils and Halotherapy(Salt Therapy).

Call 972-912-0019 for a Appointment.

[10/03/18]   Autumn is here and so are those allergies! Here is your chance for a free salt session. This next week from October 4th - October 11th we willl be giving away free salt treatments!

one per customer and you must use code "salty" upon arrival.

for booking please call 972-912-0019

Looks like fall might be hitting us north Texans sooner than expected! Gear up for fall with salt of the earth! We all know when the allergies are about to hit let us help you be prepared whatever fall throws at you❤️

Ready for #fall? Computer models are showing a strong cold front toward the middle of next week with temperatures dropping into the 50s and possibly upper 40s! It's time!

Sinus issues? Wildfire smoke and high pollen count may be to blame

are some sinus issues messing with your head? this might give you some answers! Air quality around Wisconsin continues to be "moderate," according to the EPA.

Saharan dust causing allergy problems for North Texans

Have you been congested? Have a cough you can’t shake? Come see us so we can help you breathe again! Dust from the Sahara Desert is drifting over North Texas for a second time this year.

[05/15/18]   Hello fellow salt people, we have new offerings!
Tuesday's @1:30pm-
Restorative Yoga with Essential Oils and Halotherapy.
Thursday's @1:30pm-
Gentle Flow with meditation and Halotherapy.
May 25 from 6-7pm-
Basics of Essential Oils and Halotherapy.
May 30th from 6-8-
Introduction to Raindrop technique using Essential Oils and Halotherapy.
Please call 972-912-0019 for any questions or inquiries.

Salt Of The Earth In Allen Texas

Do you have Congestion? Would you like to be able to breathe freely? Come to Salt of the Earth in allen for a all NATURAL treatment! Our Salt Caves will promote your respitory health and clean your epidermis. We also provide yoga classes twice a week and offer contemproary cupping! Please call 972-912-0019 for any questions or inquiries!

Hey guys we are coming up on allergy season!!! I don’t know about Y’all but that rain front this past weekend definitely stirred up the air!

Here is the allergy forecast from yesterday and today! Along with the top allergens, is the best way to forecast what’s going on in your neck of the woods❤️


Do you suffer from sleep paralysis? Do you lay awake at night with shadow man at your door clinging onto your eyes for dear life not being able to move... Sleep paralysis is something that effects millions of people around the globe. Salt of the Earth can help you immediately giving you a perfect nights rest!

Have you experienced sleep paralysis? Tell us your story.

The Results Are In!!! 2015 POTS Syndrome Survey

Do you suffer from from P.O.T.S. or Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome? (POTS is a form of dysautonomia that affects the flow of blood through the body, thereby causing dizziness when standing. Technically, someone has POTS if their heart rate increases by 30 beats per minute or their heart rate is greater than 120 beats per minute within 10 minutes of standing up.)

But did you know that Salt Therapy can Reduce symptoms or even make these symptoms dormant? CLICK our BOOK NOW button if you are struggling with POTS!

ABC News Video

Ever wonder What is Salt Therapy or Halo therapy? Please watch this short film, for your better understanding of salt therapy and the amazing effects you receive from this practice!

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

Salt Chamber NOW OPEN in Allen TX

Salt Chamber NOW OPEN in Allen TX - Salt Therapy is a ALL-NATURAL alternative to over the counter medications and off the shelf medications with longer and healthier effects. 

5 Day Pollen Allergy Forecast for Allen, TX (75013) |

hey guys here is your 5 day allergy forecast seems like monday will be in the highs with ragweed and juniper trees! that is not a good way to start off your weekend come get salty this weekend, so you can breathe coming into next week! Get 5 Day Allergy Forecast for Allen, TX (75013). See predominant allergens and allergy forecast discussion to better prepare for next day.

Texas Allergy Map |

Pollen is a HIGH today in north texas come get salty! So you can breathe easy again. 5-Day Allergy Forecast for cities in Texas provided by

Cupping Guru

Special price for this Saturday only for a cupping session inside the salt room

Are You One of the 67 Million Americans Suffering from Seasonal Allergies? |

it is ragweed season everyone buckle up. If some symptoms in this link sound like what you are experiencing sounds like its time for you to get salty! Click here for helpful allergy info, including allergy symptoms, allergy treatment, & more. Find the help you need at

[09/05/17]   allergy forecast are HIGH the next couple of days be sure to come get SALTY! Use for your daily and weekly pollen forecasts.

Give us a like to get salty

I had the WORST headache today peeps.. so I decided to come sit in the salt room! In 15 minutes my headache was gone! You may call it salt... I call it magic! Salt of the Earth is looking for YOU to come get salty! We are giving away FREE salt sessions! All we ask is for you to hit that LIKE button on our post and page!!! If you have any questions please contact Salt of the Earth Facebook!

I had the WORST headache today peeps.. so I decided to come sit in the salt room! In 15 minutes my headache was gone! You may call it salt... I call it magic! Salt of the Earth is looking for YOU to come get salty! We are giving away FREE salt sessions! All we ask is for you to hit that LIKE button on our post and page!!! If you have any questions please contact Salt of the Earth Facebook!

[06/30/17]   Hey guys start off your fourth weekend breathing EASY! Before you tear yourself down let us bring you up! Any questions you have we will always be glad to help❤️

[06/27/17]   Hey everyone I see that it is vacation season and I know how a good vacation can get the best of you! If your feeling any jet lag, sinus infections, or just one realllyyy BAD hangover come into the store so we can get YOU back to YOU!

Wallpaper May Breed Toxins: Study |

[06/12/17]   hello everyone! I know monday's certainly drag on, we know you are trying to recover from the weekend! So we are giving another give away!!! WE ARE GIVING AWAY 5 FREE SESSIONS, if you are interested direct message salt of the earth Facebook !

Climate Change May Up Asthma Irritant, Study Says |

"Climate change may increase people's exposure to an outdoor fungus that can damage airway cells, leading to a rise in asthma and allergy symptoms, a new study contends."

[05/31/17]   We are looking for 5 people to try salt therapy free of charge! please message our Facebook, to receive salt treatment and rules! Once these spots are filled we will comment saying this promotion is closed.

Death Rate Drops for Americans Hospitalized With COPD | Better technology may help patients survive complications of the respiratory disease, researchers say

Salt of the earth

Salt of the Earth is now by appointment only! If you would like to make a appointment you can use the link above or our book now button on our page.

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190 E. Stacy Rd Suite#1304
Allen, TX

General information

How does salt therapy work? ​The salt chamber walls and floor are covered with Himalayan salt. Our Halo generators filter micro particles of salt into the chamber, replicating the atmosphere of a salt cave. The particles of salt are inhaled and travel into the deepest parts of the lungs and sinuses. The inhalation of the salt particles reduce inflammation in the respiratory system by opening constricted airways, and increasing the clearance of mucous. This allows the airways to breathe freely.

Opening Hours

Monday 10:00 - 21:00
Tuesday 10:00 - 21:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 21:00
Thursday 10:00 - 21:00
Friday 10:00 - 21:00
Saturday 11:00 - 16:00
Sunday 11:00 - 16:00
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