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ABC Fertility and Wellness is an online education program for midwives and other providers. The courses combine Traditional Chinese Medicine with midwifery to teach holistic techniques to diagnose and treat infertility, along with other health issues.

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Why we started Allen Fertility and Holostic Wellness...

Why we started Allen Fertility and Wellness...

How Traditional Chinese Medicine Is Used to Treat Different Conditions 03/07/2021

How Traditional Chinese Medicine Is Used to Treat Different Conditions

At ABC Fertility and Wellness, we have a certified traditional Chinese medicine specialist available to help you with your specific needs. This article explains the basics of TCM.

How Traditional Chinese Medicine Is Used to Treat Different Conditions Get the lowdown on traditional Chinese medicine, an age-old healing system used for everything from asthma and arthritis to depression and diabetes.

[02/28/21]   Fertility rates are up 0.06% from 2019!

Holistic Fertility 02/10/2021

Holistic Fertility

Check out our video that explains what we do to help with fertility!

Holistic Fertility Chinese Medicine does not look at fertility issues the same way as conventional Western Medicine. When a couple is experiencing difficulties conceiving, this...

[04/08/20]   How many of you are seeing infertility clients? (Midwives, nurse practitioners, nurses, doulas, etc). Doesn't have to be for medical issues. Could be for mental health or support. 04/04/2020

Pushing for First-Time Moms • Midwifery Today The expulsion of a first baby from a woman's body is a space in time for much mischief and mishap to occur. Read more…. Pushing for First-Time Moms


Safe, natural, chemical-free, vegan skin gel. It's great to prevent or treat stretch marks and tighten your skin after pregnancy! Grab some the next time you go to Allen Birthing Center. 04/01/2020

Need to Boost Your Immune System?

These suggestions are awesome for boosting your immune system!! Have an amazing day and stay healthy. If you want to learn how to boost your immune system, look to these 19 herbs, foods, supplements, essential oils and lifestyle factors. 03/31/2020

What is holistic facial diagnosis?

We're so excited to share this free webinar with you! Many people have asked, "What is holistic facial diagnosis?" This is one of the techniques we use to diagnose infertility, hypertension, diabetes, depression, anxiety, and more. It's super interesting and so useful to add to your practice. This free webinar demonstrates how it works! Check it out. Free Webinar demonstrating facial diagnosis and how it can be beneficial in your practice.


We have received tons of thanks and positive feedback on our free Telehealth webinar!! So glad you enjoyed the video. It will remain on our Teachable site. You can always access it or send an invite to a friend to watch it.

We were so excited about the first webinar, that we wanted to offer another FREE WEBINAR! It will be posted stay tuned!!


With allergies, viruses, and colds, many clients are looking to take a natural remedy. These decoctions are all natural, safe for pregnancy, vegan, alcohol-free, and even safe for a newborn! We have them in stock at the birth center.


FREE WEBINAR: This is a free 10 minute webinar discussing guidelines for telehealth use for pregnancy visits and tips to pass along to your clients to keep them safe and healthy.


Vitamin D boosts the immune system. Get outside for 15 minutes today to get your immune system going!!

[03/23/20]   Thank you for your interest in ABC Fertility and Wellness for Midwives. We look forward to assisting you in all of your holistic education needs! Please contact us with any questions!

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ABC Fertility and Wellness Course 1

This introductory course for midwives teaches Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques to holistically diagnose and treat infertility, diabetes, hypertension, and other disorders causing high-risk pregnancies. It also teaches you how to grow your practice using these techniques.


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Why we started Allen Fertility and Holostic Wellness...
ABC Fertility and Wellness Course 1